Denise Morrison for KISD Board of Trustees

My name is Denise Morrison, and I am running for the Klein ISD Board of Trustees Position 4. This pa

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Please Please attend if you can and support Kristin Cobb!




Kristin Cobb for Klein
Find her in FB and share her page. Help us get the word out please!!


I heard recently that Klein ISD is the best school district in the Houston area. Well I went to find out if I had missed something. On, I found the following:
Tomball ISD and Katy ISD have an A+ rating
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD and Conroe ISD have an A rating
Klein ISD has an A- rating
Spring ISD has a C rating and
Aldine ISD has a C- rating

In our area of Houston we are not the best. And when you look at the areas considered for the rankings it seems a bit disturbing.
B+ in Academics - shouldn't that be the focus and an A+?
B+ in Food & Resources and Facilities - well they got their bond to help - right?
B- in Health and Safety - again bond was voted in?
A in Clubs & Activities and College Prep - not disturbing
A- in Teachers, Administration and Sports
A+ in Diversity - LET THAT SINK IN!

Our rating should reflect what we focus on in this school district. If it does, I consider this a failure.

Go check it out for yourself:


Attending school board meeting.

Markets tumble worldwide, bear market growls on Wall Street 06/13/2022

Record inflation
Gas prices climb everyday
Groceries are ridiculous
Our economy is at best struggling but more likely headed on to a major recession
Washington idiots have no idea what they are doing to resolve these issues that THEY caused
And internationally we look like fools! Who knew it would only take 18 months …..

We the people need to take control back so pay attention, do your homework and vote educated in November!!!!

Markets tumble worldwide, bear market growls on Wall Street The center of Wall Street’s focus was again on the Federal Reserve, which is scrambling to get inflation under control.


May 7, 2022 is a voting day. There are many agencies having elections including ESD 16. ESD 16 contracts with Klein Fire Department to service the area I live in. If Klein also services your area, please make a point to go vote for the two commissioner seats that are open.

9755 Landry Blvd which is behind the Klein Fire Station in Memorial Chase. Early voting is April 25 - May 3rd 9am-5pm, Sat April 30 9am-Noon, and May 7. I will get time for May 7. I will be voting for the incumbents this time. There is a lot changing right now and a major change will not make it a smooth transition for anyone.

Klein ISD trustees to consider calling bond election at Feb. 15 board meeting 02/15/2022

If you followed the school board election, the incumbents plus one all ran on how they saved you money on your taxes. Do you remember? If this passes the article states that a home valued at $255,000 will raise your school tax $196. Well how many of you in Klein School District have a home now valued at $255,000? It all was just ploy by this board to get you to vote for them. Now PLEASE PLEASE go the Board meeting tonight. And then in May, vote NO! They need to manage what they receive before I give them more.

Share this and get the word out!

Klein ISD trustees to consider calling bond election at Feb. 15 board meeting Klein ISD trustees will consider calling for a $1.1 billion bond election to be held May 7 at its regular board meeting Feb. 15.

Custom Public Notices for December 13, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting - BoardBook Premier 12/11/2021

Dec 13, 2021 6pm CST
Klein ISD Board of Trustee Meeting at the Klein Multi Purpose Center
Calling all parents! With this week's threats against Klein Cain and Klein H.S., it is imperative you plan on attending this meeting. I will be speaking during the public comments at the start of the meeting related to these incidents. I am sure you have concerns as well so please plan on attending and show the Board you are concerned and watching!
Feel free to share and or tag other!

Custom Public Notices for December 13, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting - BoardBook Premier


Congratulations to the new Klein ISD school board.
Doug James
Chris Todd
Dustin Creager
Ronnie Anderson


WOW! What day today has been. Started at the Multi Purpose Center for a few hours and met some great people. Then moved to Lonestar Creekside. Met and talked to several Klein folks! I met Bob running for position on the Township Counsel. Good Luck Bob. Then rest of the day at Barbara Bush Library. What a crowd this afternoon! Heard a lot of concerns and some encouraging words too! Now we wait for the tally - GOOD LUCK TO ALL!



Who decides if a child is being bullied? The one on the receiving end scared to go back to school? Or the one performing the act? Or the teachers? All children deserve to feel safe at school! PERIOD!


Come on guys time to vote today! Did you know that they are expecting the lowest voter turn out in history in Harris county? Don’t let it be you - come vote for Denise Morrison Kristin Cobb Natalie Pilkinton and Matt Skaggs. Let’s be the wave that starts the turn around in this country!


EVERYTIME I get down and think this is too much or not worth it, the Lord sends me encouragement! I sincerely thank each and everyone of you supporting me! If you have voted encourage others to understand why it is important to vote and to go on Tuesday!!!


Tuesday, Nov 2 is voting day! If you did not vote in early
Voting, please please go vote Tuesday!

I want our children to get caught up, I want the stress on our teachers to become manageable, I want our children taught strong Christian values (kindness, truth, honesty, and respect), I want protection against violence, and most of all I want our children to succeed! I believe that is what you want too! If so please vote and let your voice be heard!!!!!

Haynes: Federal Grants Push Critical Race Theory Into Texas Classrooms - Texas Scorecard 10/29/2021

Educate yourself before going to vote. Did you know that the USDE has grants provided to schools (nothing new) but there are always strings attached. Check this one out:

Klein awarded $72m. But 20% is specific to S-E-L or you don't get the grant. What is more important? The money or our children? I say our children - we can figure out the funds!

Haynes: Federal Grants Push Critical Race Theory Into Texas Classrooms - Texas Scorecard Federal funding to reopen schools could contain a Trojan horse for critical race theory.

Harris Votes 10/29/2021

Are you tired yet?! I feel full of energy this morning. Beautiful cool weather and energized because soon great things will be happening in Klein ISD! Early voting ends today at 7pm! Get out there and vote. Check for locations today and if voting Tuesday check again because the locations will change. I appreciate the support I have received! Let's get our children looking to a great future!

Harris Votes Harris County is stronger when we all vote. This website contains important information to ensure voters have what they need to cast their ballot.The electoral process is at its strongest when our community is informed and engaged. As the Elections Administrator of Harris County, I invite you to lea...


There were some questions submitted last night that were not asked. I would like to address one of them here. The question is: Why aren't there harsher punishments/consequences for bullies at any grade level? Why aren't the parents being held accountable, too?
My response: Today we live in a world that consequences to our actions (for some) are nonexistent. Our society "talks" a lot about being equal but equality is not what they want. What they want is I can do as I please and you can't touch me. We as parents, teachers and administrators need to get back to discipline and respect. We have become to "soft" in teaching our children who are the adults and who are the children. They need to respect authority and be taught to respect themselves and each other. I believe in spanking, but only when necessary. It is a personal choice and I know that. I DO NOT BELIEVE in abuse. The punishment should fit the wrong action. A bully is only a bully because he is allowed to be a bully. If the one being bullied protects himself, their should not be punishment for that. An example: A child bullies another child for a week or so. The child has reported it and the parents have also reported it. There should be documentation for the school administration and the parents of the reporting and any action taken. Then if the child bullies the other one again and that child protects himself then the child being bullied should not be punished. However, the bully should be punished severely, the parents should also have consequences (unsure of how far this can go but worth investigating) and the one being bullied is not punished. We all have a right to protect ourselves. I also believe that a child who has protected himself will increase their self-esteem. I also believe that we should have some self protection classes taught in the school PE classes. Not just for bullying incidents but also because too much is happening and knowing how to protect and defend yourself is necessary. The School Board Members have the responsibility to put policies in place that make bullying an action under solid intolerance.

I would love to hear from you!


Come if you can!

Photos from Denise Morrison for KISD Board of Trustees's post 10/26/2021

Time is running short…. You have until Friday, Oct 29th to early vote! Of course the fun is on Nov 2, 2021 when you can vote on Election Day! Join the fun and have an impact on your School Board - go VOTE!

Find polling locations at


Time is upon us! If you have not voted yet please make time to go! Early voting runs through Oct 29th. And of course voting day is Nov 2nd.

Did you know:
Between Houston ISD, Cyfair ISD, Aldine ISD and Klein ISD there are approximately 500,000 students affected by these school board elections? Your vote counts for these children - so please GO VOTE!

The Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum 10/19/2021

I have been doing a lot of research of my own. When I started this journey my focus was the children and that has not changed. I can say though I have learned quite a bit I never knew about. In part of my research I have discovered the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum -

The most important philosophy included in this curriculum to me is, "It requires a care for the well-being of students, a respect for their inherent dignity and rational yet impressionable hearts and minds, which deserve nothing but the often beautiful but sometimes ugly truth of American history."

This is exactly how I feel and is a driving force of why I am running for Klein ISD Board of Trustee Position 4.

The Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum Designed for teachers, administrators, parents, school board members, legislators, and all other parties interested in restoring American education. Available online for free.


Honored to be endorsed by BIZPAC!

Events - Recover America Now 10/15/2021

This is an important event where you can hear from the KISD Candidates. All have been invited. Be sure to register (it is free) and attend!

Events - Recover America Now © 2021 Recover America Now. All Rights Reserved.Reverent Media | Get Success & Clarity For Your Business!Websites ✦ Digital Marketing ✦ Branding


SAVE THE DATE! Come hear from your School Board candidates!


WELL GOOD NEWS! All signs have now been updated. If you have a sign in your yard and it does not have the stmt in the top upper corner let me know. I will get that corrected immediately. I also delivered signs to those of you who have asked for them. If you want a sign in your yard, please let me know and I will deliver it to you. I so appreciate all your support!

2022 Best School Districts in the Houston Area 10/07/2021

The Niche 2022 Best School Districts in the Houston Area and Harris County came out in September.

It is sad to say that Klein ISD is #13 in the Houston Area and #5 in Harris County. You have to ask why that is?....

I believe it certainly shows we fell behind and are not catching up. I believe our school board needs some changes. I believe we need to make sure that the children are receiving the proper education. It saddens me to think we have been ignorant, or at best passive to what has been happening lately BUT I can tell you I am fully engaged now.

Read the attached and then let me hear from you! We are the ones that can make the difference!

2022 Best School Districts in the Houston Area Ranking based on statistics, test scores, and district ratings.


I was informed today by the Texas Ethics Commission that I was missing the required statement on my signs:


I will be printing stickers to add to my signs to be compliant with the ELECTION CODE,

Ignorance to the law is not an excuse and I will correct quickly.

For those of you who have signs in your yard, I will be coming by to place the stickers on your signs, and I wanted you know I would be by. If by tomorrow afternoon (Friday, Oct 8) this statement has not been placed on your sign, PLEASE let me know.

Please note though, instead of being friendly and letting me know I had missed something, one of my competitors thought better to file a complaint that will cost me money. Hmmmm seems someone is worried about the competition for Position 4!

Kevin McCarthy accuses Democrats of seeking to 'silence parents' 10/06/2021

Hard to believe this is happening isn’t it?! Parents are the number 1 in their children’s education and now they want to turn them over to FBI for standing up for their children! Unacceptable! STAND UP - TELL THEM WHAT YOUR CHILDREN SHOULD BE TAUGHT - HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

I hear you parents! Keep it up!

Kevin McCarthy accuses Democrats of seeking to 'silence parents' House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took aim at a new Department of Justice policy intended to crack down on alleged "threats of violence" against school officials, saying it was part of an effort by Democrats to muzzle parents.


Good Morning!

When a child is born, it knows nothing of the corruption and nonsense that we as adults continue to create. This child only knows sight, sound, hunger, and needs its sleep to grow. We as the caring adult has the responsibility to teach this child. So what is the most important to teach? That is what I want to share with you this morning.

I believe the first thing to teach is LOVE. This child learns love from the parents who are caring for him or her. That love should grow to love all human beings that God has made. If you have Christian teachings, you know Christ never spoke about color. So it is important that we teach children that we are all human and made by the great Creator. Therefore, we first love!

If we love first, then our children will also. I want to share a story.
In preschool, my granddaughter showed love to a friend. This friend fell down and scraped her knee and hand on the concrete. My granddaughter ran to her, gave her a hug and said it would be okay, and even somehow managed to get a wet paper towel to put on the scrapes. Love and kindness in its purest form!

Where is this leading? There is a lot of noise, opinions, and even anger over some teachings that are happening. I am speaking of CRT. Although not specifically in the Klein curriculum, there is evidence of what I would call “leakage” into the system. Why would we want to teach racism to a child? CRT is just another form of racism. If a child has learned about LOVE first, if this leakage shows up in the classroom, hopefully they say something to the teacher, Mom, Dad etc. It is our job…..the adults….. to correct and make it right.

It is against the law in Texas to have CRT in the curriculum, but that does not mean required reading and lessons don’t reflect it. Children tell parents, parents should read the required book and if inappropriate first contact the teacher. It is perfectly acceptable to tell the teacher your child will not read that book. If still an issue then next step is to contact the superintendent and if not resolved there then go to the school board.



I have been asked by many my stand on mask and vaccine mandates. Thought I would share my response here.

Masks: I do not believe a mandate is necessary. If you as a parent or teacher believe a mask is best, then by all means wear one. If you want to use a mask and want the best protection, use an “N95”. It is the most effective. (Not a KN95)

COVID-19 Vaccine: This is a personal choice just like taking the Flu shot. Again I do not believe a mandate is required. It is not a vaccine say like the Polio vaccine that keeps you from getting the disease. It is a shot that helps reduce the effects of the virus if you do happen to become sick. Those that have already had the virus should have plenty of antibodies, thus making you better protected than if getting the shot.


If you would like to discuss more, please contact me.


THE YARD SIGNS ARE IN - let me know who would like one for your yard and I will get it to you!
I appreciate your support.


This week has been a busy one for sure! I've seen a few things that I don't particularly support, but I can tell you things are moving right along. I have helpers now getting the word out! BIG THANK YOU TO THEM! I have been talking to parents and getting their input on what is important to them for their children's education. They have full support for the teachers BUT their children are behind. As a Board of Trustee, I would like to work with the Superintendent to start pushing these children. The pandemic set us behind but it does not mean we have to stay behind! KISD has great teachers, great parents, and great students.....LET'S SHOW THEM JUST HOW GREAT!

I ask that you register to vote and then be sure to VOTE. Early voting starts mid Oct and voting day is Nov 2!


Good Morning my friends!
It is 37 days until Election Day!
I need some help in passing out fliers and yard signs - if any of you can spare an hour or so and walk and talk to your neighbors, I WOULD BE VERY APPREICATIVE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
If you can help me over the next 2-3 weeks, please send me a message here or even a PM.
I love you all!

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