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Me and God Love everyone here in the USA and there are Terriost attacks on Muslims and Non Muslims here in the USA with the use of VooDoo without FBI knowldge. I have been informed by Apple that Russia and Niggeria hatched my phone.Christains and Jews are also targets from these individuals in the USA. The terriost are using Voodoo to target their individuals. Some schools have knowledge of kids bringing packages in their pocketbooks from their family to school because on one occassion I saw a student into act to throwing a substance and she teacher grabbed her wrist and said, not right now. I was in the Grocery Store and a guy throughed something out his pocket giving off a foul smell. They are targeting God children here in the United States and the Messenger involved. @ I will continue Allah in the streets to help the sick that has been targeted amunst their own people that continued living a revolutionary life, devil worshippers and VooDoo rituals. FBI, CIa and Police Departments must also Boot Up with the Army on our own [email protected] under attack and “I know How to defeat Them with Yall [email protected] did you All implement Voodoo to certain kids through their homework to hurt my [email protected] the FBI and CIA finish with u all the punishment will be severe. Yhere in individuals caring for babies that are damgerous to the child. Babies cry to let hou know sometimg is hoing on. back on the scale [email protected] [email protected] Roman Time

Fe' Anah Bent Maryam 04/09/2018

Fe' Anah Bent Maryam

United States “Rasul”

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!JustFollowMeh... ❤

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I Love to make happy... The Weather today is ☀️




Love is Power..

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Allah is the Creator of the World and EVERTONE MUST know that.♥️🌟❤️👌🏻


I Love being Me.

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My Husband...






Tara Boulevard
Jonesboro, GA

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The Tabernacle of Yahweh The Tabernacle of Yahweh

Our Holy book, the Bible, is the answer to all questions. The great judgment day concerns the wicked

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