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Rapha Group, LLC is a veteran-owned small business specializing in medical and tactical medical training. Founded in 2015, Rapha Group, LLC is a veteran-owned small business focusing in medical and tactical medical training in the Charleston area.

Rapha Group, LLC is capable of providing training at their Johns Island training facility or via mobile training teams depending on the client's needs.


We’re all thankful Charleston and the coastal areas affected by Dorian faired well through the storm! Earlier this afternoon, a contact for the Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department sent word that they are in desperate need of supplies. We are In the works of spearheading a collection of specific medical and daily utilities they are requesting. Once we have a compiled list and a Medical Point of Contact established, we’ll start requesting every day items and OTC items as well as Items from our Partner Medical Suppliers. Please help and share. Charleston has known this devastation many times over. Let’s help our friends out In their time of need!



“If you don’t have a Response capability, you don’t have anything.”

Most institutions will spend huge amounts of money on security equipment and technology, but almost nothing on the human capability to prevent or stop an attack. What they forget is, the equipment and technology is only ever as good as the people who are using it.

An attacker will not be stopped by a camera. He will be stopped by a determined, trained human.

This week started our newest Rapid Response course. 5 years ago, the idea that you would have a response capability within your institution seemed crazy. But now, corporations as well as places of worship, and even schools have begun to recognize the need to have well trained, armed personnel protecting their people. Now, instead of cowering in the corner and being subject to the will of some evil perpetrator, these institutions are standing up and taking control of the safety of their own communities.

If you plan on doing these organizations harm, you better think twice.

An attack here won’t end well for the perpetrator.



Did you know that many of the security concepts being taught to schools, churches, and businesses are just plain wrong, and will actually get people killed?

That’s right.

And most “experts” don’t know.

This week we trained another 3 schools and a large corporation.

Little by little - the RIGHT way will become the standard.



THOR - Trauma Hemostasis & Oxygenation Research Network

Salt water is for cooking pasta. Blood is for bleeding. It’s that simple.

readywarriorllc.com 07/10/2019

The Physics of a Gun Shot Wound

readywarriorllc.com Anatomy and Physics of a Gunshot Wound (GSW) Gunshot wounds can be devastating. From the immediate impact on the organs of the body to their long-term consequences and lengthy recovery time, no GSW follows the exact same wound pattern. Knowing some basic ways in which bullets tend to operate can hel...

prolongedfieldcare.org 06/08/2019

Podcast Episode 51: Tropical Medicine Considerations with CAPT Ryan Maves

Tropical medicine isn’t as attractive as trauma but it can decimate combat effectiveness just as quickly as an MCI.

prolongedfieldcare.org Not all PFC is trauma. Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and others will take you out of the fight if given the chance. In this episode CAPT Ryan Maves talks about some of the more concerning and prev…


Next Generation Combat Medic

While we are on the topic of NSAIDS (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs):

1.) You have decided your soldier/patient may need an NSAID. What do you use to decide between Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Naproxen or a more selective COX-2 inhibitor such as Meloxicam?

2.) What do you tell your patient(s) about taking these meds, before giving them? How long of a regiment do you give?
(Hint: Effective dosing, benefit vs. harm.)

3.) Could you give an NSAID + Acetaminophen at the same time? Never, Rarely, Sometimes? Why?

While you don’t necessarily need to know the Arachidonic acid cycle and Cyclooxygenase (COX) 1,2, or 3, you can understand that they work differently and have different side effects. This explains why some people benefit more from one and others benefit from the other choices. Know more than just names of medications and what they are generally for, that is algorithm based medicine and we are clinicians more than technicians. Know how they work and why you're using them.



You’ve heard of REBOA but have you ever heard of Foley Catheter Balloon Tamponade (FCBT)? Using a Foley catheter to control hemorrhage non-amendable to a TQ. Check this case study because it’s pretty remarkable.


academic.oup.com 06/03/2019

Prehospital Interventions Performed in Afghanistan Between November 2009 and March 2014

academic.oup.com AbstractObjective. Care provided to a casualty in the prehospital combat setting can influence subsequent medical interactions and impact patient outcomes; the



Just in case you were still confused.

Your security and safety, and that of your community, is your own responsibility.





Today, on Israeli Memorial Day, we remember all those who fell protecting us against the forces of evil. And in particular, I remember a brother, Ehud Efrati.

I can still smell that night.

I remember the blood soaked Earth.

I remember everything.

I'll see you on the other side.

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov 09/10/2018

Prehospital Plasma during Air Medical Transport in Trauma Patients at Risk for Hemorrhagic Shock. - PubMed - NCBI

“In injured patients at risk for hemorrhagic shock, the prehospital administration of thawed plasma was safe and resulted in lower 30-day mortality and a lower median prothrombin-time ratio than standard-care resuscitation.”

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov N Engl J Med. 2018 Jul 26;379(4):315-326. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1802345. Clinical Trial, Phase III; Comparative Study; Multicenter Study; Pragmatic Clinical Trial; Randomized Controlled Trial; Research Support, U.S. Gov't, Non-P.H.S.



Little trochanter banter with Andrew Fisher!


RR&TG is proud to announce our new Hybrid EMT-B class starting Sept. 4th! Contact us for a course schedule & registration packet.
Also, here are our updated open course offerings for Aug/Sept. Send us a message or sign up through our website. If your company needs off site private training, drop us an email and we will work with your scheduling.

[email protected]


Crisis Medicine

Dragging a casualty with a slung weapon presents a safety problem. #forcemultiplierforgood #TECC #TCCC #negligentdischarge #rescuetaskforce #rtf #lawenforcement #ems #firstresponders #medic #tacticalmedicine #firerescue


Registration for upcoming classes are still available. Contact us today to reserve your seats. Course payments can be made through our online store for your convenience.


Next Generation Combat Medic

#TCCCTuesday 💣 M - Massive Hemorrhage: Junctional Tourniquets
✔ If the bleeding site is amenable to use of a junctional tourniquet, immediately apply a CoTCCC-recommended junctional tourniquet.
✔ Do not delay in the application of the junctional tourniquet once it is ready for use.
✔ Apply hemostatic dressings with direct pressure if a junctional tourniquet is not available or while the junctional tourniquet is being readied for use.

💉 Do you practice packing a wound while having a teammate prep your junctional tourniquet?
💉 How do you teach your medics how to find landmarks for proper placement?
💉 How do you verify proper placement? Palpation of the DP pulse? Doppler on the PT pulse?

Bonus! 📸 Post pics of your training and drills!

Check out the official Tactical Combat Casualty Care - TCCC - DoD Committee on TCCC videos for junctional tourniquets at
🎥 SAM Junctional Tourniquet Application (https://youtu.be/1iP0IbO9Gog)
🎥 Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool (JETT) Application (https://youtu.be/tMVl8g8DwNI)
🎥 Combat Ready Clamp (CRoC) Junctional Tourniquet Application (https://youtu.be/BMvHzEd-pbk)
and the @DeployedMedicine website at (www.deployedmedicine.com/tccc)
#FOAM #TCCC #medic #68W #DUSTOFF #doc #corpsman #corpsmanup #pararescue #pj #soothersmaylive #pedro #SARC #18D


Next Generation Combat Medic

Thoughts? What are you concerns? How would you approach this scenario?

Scenario 1 of 4: 💥 You and your team are on a mission to train and advise local forces in Northern Limaria. One of the local maintenance bays catches on fire, and like everyone else, you curiously walk over to watch it burn. While you're standing there, a Limarian soldier (and amateur firefighter) walks up to get a closer look, and this happens. 👨‍🚒

The soldier is standing upright before you, breathing is a little labored, coughing occasionally, but otherwise alert and oriented, and is responsive to all verbal commands. (🎥Watch the video for initial patient presentation) You are the only medic on the team and the highest level of care in the area. The nearest medical facility is a 150-minute flight North to Donovia.

🔥 What are your immediate concerns with regard to his presentationin this setting?
🔥 BEFORE starting any interventions, how do you begin your assessment?
🔥 What are especially important things to note on this patient that will help drive future management?

And go!


Tactical Emergency Medicine

Shared by several sources, worth a read on junctional and abdominal TQ's.



Tactical Combat Casualty Care - TCCC - DoD Committee on TCCC

The X-Stat hemostatic device is recommended for controlling deep narrow track junctional wounds in the groin or axilla that are not amenable to tourniquet application. This How-To video demonstrates the correct use of the X-Stat hemostatic device.

Link to XStat in TCCC Video on DM: https://deployedmedicine.com/market/11/content/380

Always find the latest on Combat Casualty Care at: www/deployedmedicine.com or download the mobile app "Deployed Medicine".


North American Rescue

Carrying an IFAK could save your life (or somebody else’s)!

#police #sheriff #firstresponders #beprepared #tccc #narescue




The terrifying case of awareness during CPR and what it means for medical ethics and emergency care. #IncidentReport 162




North American Rescue

We’ll take your sucking-chest wound and raise you a fully exposed lung 😳 - Get your medic on!

“Had a crazy one yesterday that I’ve never seen in military or law enforcement. Dispatched to a wreck called out as a (2) vehicle accident with injuries, motorcycle vs tractor. I was close luckily and an off duty fish and wildlife officer was on scene, as it happened in front of his house. Arrive on scene and found (1) victim with exposed organs, still conscious, breathing, and talking. Nothing really could be done pre-Hosptial but control his breathing and keep him calm.

No major bleeding to control and helicopter was called. Ended up loading and going in ambulance to Hosptial where they stabilized and few to local trauma center and under went surgery.” #traumatuesday #emt #paramedic #firstresponders #medic #corpsman #nurse #doctor #foamed #narescue



If you saw our post on the TCCC Updates, you’ll see that finger thoracostomies are coming down the pipe. Do you know how to perform one? How comfortable are you executing this intervention?

This series is literally amazing! Here is part 1.


Ellis County Fails

Warning Graphic Content.

For everyone who still goes out drinking and rides pumping units. Don’t get me wrong we’ve all done it. This could be the outcome if not worse. Yes he did survive after having a surgeon flown in by helicopter to remove his arm in order to free him. (This was not in Ellis Co.)


Twisted Medic

When Pit Crew CPR meets someone who completely misunderstood “Hands Only” CPR...


Next Generation Combat Medic

*Important scenario*
You administer Ketamine to your patient and suddenly the SPO2 falls to 90%, 85, 80, 75...

1.) Could ketamine cause this, and how?

2.) How could we handle this? (In the field vs. hospital) What is Larson’s Maneuver?

3.) How rare is this?

If you give Ketamine, you should know this! A great scenario for seniors to train juniors, or even to talk through in a small group.

Don’t know?
Here is an article with the answers:

Check out @Next Generation Combat Medics Ketamine article that every medic should read: https://nextgencombatmedic.com/2017/06/07/ketamine-toolkit/


Sign up today and share with you friends, family, and coworkers.


We’ll just leave this one for the Darwinians. Community Bleeding Control course May 30th. Don’t let the untrained ruin great products and lifesaving techniques for the rest of us.

washingtonpost.com 05/20/2018

Analysis | 2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than service members


This is an unfortunate state of affairs and the numbers don't lie. There is no fix-all solution and there certainly will be an increase in these numbers as the 2018 wears on. This problem is multifaceted with a high level of complexity, but this doesn't mean that you don't have the ability to be a part of the solution. Be proactive with your family, students, and neighbors. Be proactive before these events occur is the first step. Sadly, no amount of prevent will mitigate every event, thus high quality training to respond to these events is not just a good idea, but an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY!

RR&TG offers a variety of courses geared for non-medical providers, LEO, Fire, EMS, and Military personnel to respond appropriately when these events occur. Our upcoming class on May 30th is our Community Bleeding Control course. Please take a few minutes to look at the course. As always, please comment, like and share this course with all of your friends, family, coworkers, churches, schools, and small businesses to get the word out.


washingtonpost.com But military service is still much more dangerous.


We also have the new TCCC Updates from H.R. Montgomery. We did have some technical difficulties in the beginning.


RRTG’s instructors at #SOMSA2018 with the new PFC Updates straight from the source.


Next Generation Combat Medic

Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. Unveiling their new Gen4 SOFT-W at Special Operations Medical Association


It was fantastic working with MAJ Andrew Fisher during the FWB Transfusion Lab and fascinating to hear speak on far-forward REBOA! @raphagroup instructors are current at #SOMSA2018 to bring the latest and greatest information back to RRTG Headquarters to incorporate into our training. #bleedingcontrol #firstcareprovider #training #lifesaver #selfreliance #sofmedic #paramedic #emt #firstresponders #soma #somsa


North American Rescue

If you are in law enforcement we urge you to watch these videos, but know they are difficult to watch.

We want to express to the Casper Police Department and Officer Casper that he is in our thoughts and prayers as he continues to battle for his life. He displayed remarkable courage and bravery and stayed in the fight even when wounded.

PLEASE CARRY YOUR MEDKIT/IFAK/TQ on your body - it may mean the difference between life and death!!! #beprepared #tccc #police #sheriff #deputy #lawenforcement #productswithamission #savinglives #narescue PoliceOne.com The Tourniquet Project Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Tactical Emergency Medicine


Videos (show all)

We also have the new TCCC Updates from H.R. Montgomery.  We did have some technical difficulties in the beginning.
RRTG’s instructors at #SOMSA2018 with the new PFC Updates straight from the source.
Sumter County EMS TECC Day 2. #tecc #highthreatmedicine #swatmedic #tacmed #raphagroup
This is why we utilize pig anatomy when doing cric training. #tecc #highthreatmedicine #tccc #naemt #tacmed #swatmedic




3227 Walter Dr, Ste B2
Johns Island, SC

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