Wilson's Riding

Wilson's Riding

Wilson's riding is a fun simple place where you can schedule your child or self to have lessons, go

Operating as usual

Photos from Sunset Farm - Youth Ranch, LLC's post 06/13/2023

Here's a wonderful camp. Great place! As this year we didn't get to get everything together.


Good afternoon!

I know you all are waiting on a schedule to be posted and sent! I have it written down but the weather is horrible!!!
This coming Wednesday to next Sunday is 50% and more chance of rain and storms.

Please be patient with me


Next week schedule I do have 2 openings! :)

Monday: 8th
Ryder/Ryleigh 6pm-7pm

Tuesday: 9th
6pm-7pm open (can do 1 hour or 2 30 mins)

Wednesday: 10th
6pm-7pm open (can do 1 hour or 2 30 mins)

Thursday: 11th
Makenna 6pm-7pm

Message me about adding to the schedule! I don't see the comments sometimes!


New event we will be attending!! September 2-4.
Come out and enjoy the weekend in Homer!

We will be doing a raffle that weekend! Each ride you buy, you get a ticket (you put your phone number on it) put in a bucket. And at the end of the our last day there, we will call the winner for $50 prize!!! (Cash app, Venmo, or cash (come to my place to pick up).


For my riders this Friday!
Please remember,
1. Pants or leggings
2. Boots or closed toed shoes (no Crocs!)
3. Helmet if you have one. If not I do :)

Please bring bottles of water to stay hydrated! I can bring a cooler with ice to store drinks in if needed! Let me know :)


Group lessons

Riding ($35 per rider) August 5th (6-7:30pm) at the banks county arena

1. Ansleigh Hanson
2. Hadlee Fricks
3. Makenna Peterson
4. Rachel Hardy


Hi everyone!! August is approaching! I am sorry I haven't replied to some messages. Open houses and getting everything ready for school put me in a bind!

I will be posting a few days for lessons tomorrow.

But first! I am having 2 group lessons first! :) 1 ground work, and 1 riding.

For my groundwork lesson,
- I'm looking for 4 students to join me.
They will be learning...
-leading, loading, tying, lunging, saddling, picking feet.
I will show them how first and each student will get a turn at doing it! We will do questions and answers to help each other!
This lesson will be for 1 hour and 30 mins. That way each has time to do things! The price is $20 per student. (New waivers have to be signed for 2022)

My riding group lesson,

I'm looking for 4 riders. Any level is perfect.
I will show what we are doing by riding first. Then each student will take a turn.
The others are gonna help me "teach" the lesson and make sure the rider is doing what is needed (they learn both visual and on hands) it's a great experience! Each student will get to teach and ride!
Questions will be given for each to learn!
The lesson is 1 hour and 30 mins also.
It's $25 per rider!

The dates are August 4th, 2022 for the groundwork lesson, and August 5th, 2022 for the riding lesson.

Time is 6pm-7:30pm.

Please only let the kids participate if they are ready to learn! (No running around, playing on toys etc. 😁)

No one is allowed to make fun or be a bully about others riding. Everyone rides different and takes different times to get something correct! This is way group lessons are great. We can see how each other is doing!

If you rather do it at the arena in banks county. Please let me know! It will be $30 per groundwork student and $35 per riding student (sorry just helps the fuel cost and the horses time) but it's more open and dirt! (I just have to fill the spots up to do it here!)

Also! Walker will be home Thursday Morning! So he will soon re enter the lessons for my more experienced riders :)


Good morning! I'm still working on the booking button! I have fb helping me now!

But I am working on my August schedule with everything!

Yoda will only be used for my experienced riders as he got overworked with being my only lesson guy when cracker left.

Brooks (new guy) is my beginner and up riders!

Walker will be back and for my advanced beginners and up!

Photos from Wilson's Riding's post 07/16/2022

Come on out everyone!!! 10-3 today!


We will be here Saturday!!! $5 kids $8 adults! Come out to see us!

Photos from Wilson's Riding's post 07/14/2022

Hello everyone!

I'm fixing up the page. I'm trying to add the book button! It's giving me a problem but I will be booking rides!

Look on the services tab, you'll see all of them :)

My hours will only be week day afternoons. And some weekends.

I'm sorry for the wait. I had to get a good lesson horse as Yoda wasn't liking all the riding put on him.

I also had to reset my phone due to too many scams. (706-914-1273)
If you have messaged me before and for the new ones. Please put your name and the students name so I can re save all the numbers!

I hope to see you all soon! And again please excuse my absent!


Good evening!
So I have been working on the schedule and will be posting it Sunday morning!

Today's lesson has been changed due to the bad weather.
Tomorrow is looking like rain also. But not as much as this afternoon so hopefully it doesn't ruin tomorrow.


Y'all come out on the 21st to the back yard grill and chill in Maysville! Free to attend. But vendors require payment. Lots of good food and kid activities going on!

Nick and Madison will be there with Brooks and Walker!

They are only accepting cash for the rides since I won't be there.

$5 a ride.

Hope y'all get to go. And get a pic to share in the comments if you do. I'll love to see!!!


Good afternoon everyone. I'm sorry for the schedule not posting. My page was put in fb jail due to "selling of animals" when I posted my pony parties! And looking for help. 🀦

I will be out of country till Monday the 23rd.

The 25th, 26th, and 27th. I have 1 lesson slot open all those days from 7pm-8pm.

Then the 30th on. I will have 3 up to 5 a day. 3 days a week.

Some of those days will be the group lessons so that the kids can learn together and be able to visualize how the others are taught and how everyone rides a little different! :)

Saturday and Sundays I will fit some in here and there, but we have shows, vacay, and parties planned.

Message me on my page, if you'd like 1 of the day and times for the next week! (Finally fixed)

If those fill up and I have more interest in that week. I can do a few later ones 8-9 that week.

Also, I will be hauling to the arena to have more of an area to ride (that will be beside the day so you know)

And I am getting ready to do 1-2 hour trail rides off property too!


Posting this week schedule today! Sorry day late. But everything bad that could happen. Happened today! So please bare with me. But it'll be up!!


I'm planning a few group lessons :) including.

1 - lunging (working a horse on the lunge line, something great they should learn)
2 - grooming (learning the whole routine, how each tool is used, how to clean and pull oil on the feet, and I can add bathing!)
3 - giving each other a lesson. (This helps with the one who's giving a lesson, learn what the rider is doing wrong, help correct them and when they change out, that rider can also visualize and correct the rider who was there coach.) This one I can't wait to do!

I will be allowing 4-6 each for the lunging and grooming lessons. And 4 max for the Giving each other lessons lesson.

How many are interested?

I'm working on a few days. I will be unavailable the 19th of may to the 24th of may due to a trip.

Also planning most days at the arena so we have a better area to ride!


I will be looking for someone who can help with pony parties if my husband can't! :)
Person that would fit....
Volunteer spot
- 16 years and up (parent permission and liability form signed for under 18)
- friendly, outgoing, smiles, and doesn't mind a crowd
- can lead a horse and pony and help pick up littles onto the horse/pony

This is mainly a weekend spot.


Good evening everyone. πŸ™‹ I will have a couple days between April the 19th to May the 13th available. I'll post them before the date so they can be taken :). I have a couple of pony parties, festivals, birthdays also this month and next! So I'm working around those.

May the 19th to the 24th will be a week of no lessons due to our of the country.

I'm also picking up a pony carousel Friday!

If you'd like to have a pony party, let me know! I bring up to 2 to hand walk. But i will be able to bring up to 4 on the carousel! 🐴 🐎

I will be doing camps this summer! (Another with the farrier!)

We are losing walker on the 15th till August and he will be back (he's going to a summer camp!)

I am also looking for someone who would like to ride, that would exchange riding for work (grooming, lunging, bathing, helping clean up the pasture, feeding, etc.) Not hard work. And not needed every single day. I'll work with you. But you have to be experienced with horses to be to do the riding on your own. (And having your own tack is a plus)


Lessons will start up again end of April to middle of May.
I am working around losing walker till August and when I get my job back, that schedule!
We have a new man Brooks for the lessons. And Yoda is off due to having fits.


Camp is cancelled!!!


Good evening! Schedule got postponed on emergency. Our new rescue was ran through the fence by Yoda. And we had to fix it! I'm fixing it now. And should be up by 8pm.

I know Wednesday is Rain and Saturday is camp. Sunday I have to deliver a horse.

So I think there will only be a Thursday and Friday if weather is good and nothing else on schedule.

Sorry, alot going on and got me a little off! But I'm getting it going.

Pic of new rescue Brooks and our new little farm buddy Buzz.


Nick here.
All lessons cancelled tomorrow. The arena is so muddy and deep the horses had troubles walking in it and couldn't pick up the other paces (trot/canter).

Amy will be making the schedule tomorrow. And she will be sending it out to the ones Today and Thursday first due to cancelation.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Photos from Wilson's Riding's post 03/18/2022

Good morning. Nick here.
I checked the arena for Amy this morning. Pics below. (Plus it's raining again)

She is still doing the rides up there as our property is too slick. (We will be there Sunday morning to see if it's worse or not)

But she said that if you don't want the kids to get a bit muddy. To please cancel (for free this time), and wait on next week schedule. She will be doing another lesson day up at the arena in 2 weekends (as camp is next Saturday).

Please message her number. She will be answering everyone around 7/8pm when she gets home.


This week schedule.

Monday: none

Tuesday: chances of rain is 20% but says afternoon showers. So if it's raining I'll message you!
5-6-- Addi (Morgan)
6:30-7-- Sarah(Heather)

Wednesday : rain chance is 80% so none at the moment

Thursday : chances of rain is 24% also says afternoon rain. So I'll message if raining.
5-6-- Sarah (Heather)
6:30-7 Makenna (Cortini)

Friday : chances of rain is higher than other 2 days. (55%) only will do one as it might be canceled.
5-6-- Brianna (Simona)

Saturday : none at the moment.

Sunday : Lessons at the arena! These are $20 for 30 mins and $30 for an hour!

11:30-12-- Alexandra (Christina)
12-1-- Rebecca (Christopher)
1:45-2:45-- Rachel (Donita)
3:15- 4:15 Makenna (Cortini)
5-6-- Addi (Morgan)

Message me.

*let me for warn you! I have no help with my kids! So while doing my lessons I have to keep an eye on my kids too! I made the times a little later that way I can hopefully have my baby put down for bed.


UPDATE!!!! THIS IS FOR NEXT WEEK SCHEDULE! sorry for confusing everyone.! I am making a pre schedule now! And on Sunday before I post it, I'm checking the weather! To make sure dates and times are still good!

Hi there everyone! So next week is looking wet also. But Thursday(17th) and Friday (18th)are looking to be open!

Sunday (20th)is also looking good. I'm hoping Saturday(19th) changes a bit!

But for Saturday or Sunday. I was thinking of pulling to the arena and doing lessons up there. (Banks County). How many would be interested? Lessons will be $30 for 1 hour, and $20 for 30 mins.

(And my students already learning the patterns, we can work on those at the arena)

Please let me know. :)



FULL!!!! YAY!!!

Date: March 26th, 2022.
Time: 11am-6pm (Drop off between 10:30/10:45am, pickup between 5:30/6pm)
Price: $50 (all proceeds will go to farrier at the end for doing this for us!)

Lunch is provided. Please vote If your child is attending!
1. Hotdogs/hamburgers with chips
2. Sandwich tray with chips
3. Sandwich tray with fruit tray
4. Pizza

Drinks will be bottled water!

Rain or Shine! (We have a covered area for the farrier to work under the pole barn)


1. Ella (Destine)
2. Kayla (Destine)
3. Rachel (Donita)
4. Mikayla (Melissa)
5. Abel (Melissa)
6. Lana (Jess)
7. Addi (Morgan/Cynthia)
8. Ryleigh (Ansleigh)

Shirts: $25 each. Names on the front will now have bleach splatter around the names to give it more style. Colors are blue or pink (can possibly do purple and green). Shirt money is due the day you order as I have ordered shirts for a few people before and they never paid or picked up!

This is a learning camp! Riding will be near the end if there is no rain! But it's all educational! And they will get a homemade packet of horse information with color sheets!

(If you have a fold out chair for them to bring, that would be perfect!)

(I'm seeing if my farrier has 8 old shoes for another project!)

Text me if you'd like to be added to the camp! ((706) 914-1273) or if you have any questions!

If parents/guardians would like to stay with kids, it's an extra $10 to help cover food expenses. (Sorry no extra kids)

Thank you!


I wanted to show 1 of my lesson students. Her name is Mikayla!

She did her first show with me this past Saturday! Her first time ever showing. And she only cantered walker a couple times 3 days before the show!

She placed 3rd in arena race and 4th in cloverleaf barrels.

This is way I do my lessons! She enjoyed it so much and worked so well with her nerves that she wanted to keep running that night! Each time she went out, her confidence sprung! And her and walker did better and better!

I'm extremely proud of her.

I can't wait to see you all have so much confidence with something new and exciting!


Good evening everyone! I know I haven't posted a schedule! But it's due to the weather posted below! This is what I'm looking at all week!
But each day I will keep an eye out. If it settles I will post a spot that I can do!

I'm hoping it passes by so we don't miss another week!

(Reposted due to hitting wrong photo)


Camp! I have a date March the 26th!

The camp will be from 11am-6pm. Lunch provided!

First will be the farrier, then lunch (trying to think of other things then pizza, please give me an idea!) And then an activity (I'm looking at creating a learning folder with info about horses in it!) We will go over it (will have coloring pages also. And then last they will get to ride around in the small pen!

This camp is mostly educational about the horses hooves and the activity will have other educational stuff in it about horses!

Price is $50 for the day. (I will order shirts if you haven't gotten one! Blue or pink only this round, they are $25)

I will have only 8 spots. No more.

All profits go to the farrier for doing this for us :)

Message me at (706) 914-1273 if your interested in this camp for your little one!

Ages are 6 & up. (That's ready to learn about care of horses)

Thank you.


Just wanted to update.
Saturday the 5th is the horse show in Maysville GA. Mountain Stream Saddle Club
I will keep updated if it rains out!
But it will be perfect for the little ones to come out, watch anf learn about shows. I will have to update the time but I think it starts at 9am.

There is pleasure events in the beginning. Then running events not before 2:30pm :)

Hope to see yall there :)

So for Friday and Sat I know there won't be lessons as Friday I'll be getting horses ready (I will be letting 1 or 2 come over to help! (Def FREE) just so they can spend time and learn to bathe, groom etc.


Good afternoon. I am getting back to everyone today! This week I'm trying to fit in lessons. We have been busy with walker, trailer, and work.

Last week was off due to weather and horse health of walker.

I am replying to everyone on my phone number today. And if you have wrote me on fb message. I can not see or reply to them! Please message my number on my page :) thank you.


I have 3 more open lessons this week! Look at the post down from here! :) Message me at (706) 914-1273 for a spot!!


Lesson schedule for week of Feb. 14th-20th.


Tuesday: 2 lessons!
30 mins: 4:45pm-5:15pm: Addi (Morgan)
1 hour: 5:30pm-6:30pm: Mekenna(Cortini)

Wednesday: 1 lesson! (Chance of rain, if anything changes I'll message you!)
1 hour: 4:45pm-5:45pm: Sarah (Heather)

Thursday: No Lessons at the moment due to Rain! If the weather changes then I'll add :)

Friday: 2 Lessons! (Chances of rain are on the weather so if anything changes I'll message you)
1 hour: 4pm-5pm Addi (Morgan)
1 hour: 5:30pm-6:30pm: Brianna(Simona)

Saturday: 2 lessons!
30 mins: 10:30am-11am
1 hour: 11:30am-12:30pm: Rachel (Donita)
1 hour: 2pm-3pm:
1 hour: 3:30pm-4:30pm: Mikayla and Abel (Melissa)
30 mins: 5pm-5:30pm: Ella Ryan (Whitney)

Sunday: Right now no Lessons. But will up date if anything changes! :)

Message my number at (706) 914-1273 to pick spots. I am going by who messages me first! Comments I will look at last if spots need filled :)


Good afternoon everyone! We are planning 2 camps! 1 for riding! The other for the farrier!

Riding camp is for the ones who have already been to camp before or my lesson riders!
We will do Riding, during this. The others will watch and learn and we talk about the different things and help each other correct what they need to work on! I will have learning papers to help show the different tack and body parts of the horses. This camp will be $40 and only accepting 6 campers (so they have enough time to ride and enjoy their time). The time will be 11am- 5pm. (Drop off from 10:30am-11am. Pick up 430pm-5pm)

Farrier camp, I'm trying to get a farrier to agree to come do my horses but on a few of them they can show my campers what they are doing and explain the details of it all. This camp is only for the ones extremely interested in learning about horses and understanding they have to be have, listen, so they can acknowledge what's going on. This camp will be $50 and only accepting 8 campers. This camp I have to get a time once I get a farrier to agree to do this for me!

At both camps lunch will be provided!
Shirts are available for $20 extra.

For the Riding camp it will be in March! Date to come soon!

*pic is not my horse. It's afriend's! !


Good evening!

I'm so glad to get everyone back going in lessons. I would like to let everyone know....

1. Each week is different! I have to go by my kids, family activities, appts, job and just life. (Plus showing season is about to start so I will losing 2/3 Saturdays on the schedule for that) So each week the times and days may not be the same. CHECK SUNDAY FOR NEW SCHEDULE AND MESSAGE ME AT (706) 914-1273 ANY TIME YOU NEED ME.

2. Please read over the prices to update yourself. :)

3. If you have any ideas for me for the program. Just text the number above. And let's talk about it!

I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Photos from Wilson's Riding's post 02/08/2022

Meet the herd!

Yoda: he is our main guy at the moment! He loves the attention. Yoda favorite snacks are apples, carrots, horse treats (any flavor), and nature valley bars.
He loves to go fast! He is a coming barrel horse!
Yoda is coming 16 years old, 14.2 hands, and is an appaloosa Gelding.

Walker: he is one of our oldest. He is a semi retired barrel racing horse! Ready to teach littles how to ride and some to race! Walker loves rice crispy treats, carrots, apples and Popsicles.
He also loves to go fast! But loves to go slow for all the new riders :)
Walker is a coming 28 year old, 14.2 hands, and is a Sorrel QH Gelding.

Ziva: she is the newest. She loves to be brushed and loved on. She will mainly be used for pony rides and pony parties until further trained.
She is a mini pony, 5 years old. Her height is around 32 inches.

Sandy: she is our mini donkey Jenny. She loves the kids to death. She is for our pony rides and pony parties. Also just to be petted and brushed. She is around 20 to 30 years old, 32 inches and a Jerusalem donkey.

Curly: he is our mini donkey jack. He pulls and rides but still in training. He will hopefully join our pony parties and rides. He's around 20 or so years old. 40inches and a Jerusalem donkey.

Trigger: he is our bay pony stallion. He pulls and rides! He is a cutey pie and a looker. He is a coming 28 year old, 12 hand high pony.

Mobetter: he is our light Bay pony stallion. He's the son to Trigger. He is blind. But he rides. He is just our cute pasture ornament. He's coming 25 years old, and 12 hand high pony


Monday 2/7
No lessons.

Tuesday 2/8
4:45-5:45 (1 hour) Mikayla and Abel (Melissa)

Wednesday 2/9
No lessons.

Thursday 2/10
I can do 1- 1 hour or 2- 30 min lessons
4:45-5:45 (1 hour) Mikayla and Abel (Melissa)

Friday 2/11
I can do 1- 1 hour or 2- 30 min lessons
4:45-5:45 (1 hour) Ella (Destine)

Saturday 2/12
I can do 30 min lesson

11:20am- 11:50am- Rachel (Donita)

12pm-1pm- makeena (Cortini)

Sunday 2/13
I can do 1- 30 min and 1- hour lesson.

12pm-1pm - Addi (Morgan)

1:20pm-1:50pm - Lillyana (Starrann)

2pm-3pm - Mikayla and Abel (Melissa)

I will go by who messages me first on my number! (706) 914-1273, as my fb message is on and off and I don't want to miss anyone. So please be patient as everyone is trying to get back in! :)

Thank you all.

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