Brain Chemistry Labs, Jackson, WY Video April 2, 2019, 4:31pm

Videos by Brain Chemistry Labs in Jackson. Discovering cures for ALS and Alzheimer's Disease with two drugs in FDA clinical trials. Based of out of Jackson Hole, WY.

Big Pharma is failing us, but our ‘virtual pharma’ is on the cusp of a promising treatment for ALS and Alzheimer’s disease. 🧬 Be part of the breakthrough. Learn more on our website

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Brain Chemistry Labs might be based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but our research can take our scientists to various places around the world. For example, Dr. James Metcalf has spent a good amount of time in Florida as part of his work to better understand BMAA, a toxin in cyanobacteria or blue green algae, and its connection to ALS and Alzheimer's disease. If you would to learn more about Dr. Metcalf's work on BMAA, as well as other members of the Brain Chemistry Labs' scientific consortium, you can go to our library of published papers at

We’ve been honored to have our work included in several news stories and documentaries over the past few years. One of those documentaries, Toxic Puzzle, is from award-winning director, Bo Landin and narrated by Harrison Ford. If you want more information on how you can see the entire film, go to You can learn more about Brain Chemistry Labs at

Toxic Puzzle: Meet Dr. Paul Alan Cox Brain Chemistry Labs, Jackson Hole, WY
It's the first day of fall and we are enjoying the crisp, cool weather and changing leaves here in Jackson Hole. On a beautiful fall morning a few years ago, the producer of Toxic Puzzle interviewed our Executive Director, Paul Cox about why he decided to pursue the field of ethnobotany and ethnomedicine. For Paul, it's a very personal endeavor. Listen to the full excerpt at Learn more about Dr. Paul Cox and our work at Brain Chemistry Labs at

Today, we're going back to the TedX talk that our executive director, Dr. Paul Cox gave in Jackson Hole. In his talk 'Secrets to Alzheimer's, ALS and Parkinson's Disease,' he explains some of the foundational research of The Brain Chemistry Labs. Check out more videos at

Dr. Paul Cox explains how Brain Chemistry Labs’ international consortium was established in this bonus footage from the documentary, Toxic Puzzle. See more at

Our scientific team at Brain Chemistry Labs has discovered that cyanobacteria produce a toxin called BMAA and this toxin has been linked to triggering neurodegenerative diseases, including ALS and Alzheimer’s disease. But, what exactly is cyanobacteria? And why is it a growing problem? Check out this great video that answers these questions and more below. Watch on YouTube:

Dr. Tracie Caller is currently a neurologist at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center here in Wyoming. She is also a member of Brain Chemistry Labs' scientific consortium. Dr. Caller completed her residency in New Hampshire, where her team had the opportunity to discover cyanobacteria and its effects on the population surrounding a local lake. Similar to Dr. Paul Cox's experience in Guam, Dr. Caller's team discovered a link between cyanobacteria and neurodegenerative diseases. Since then, Dr. Caller has moved to Wyoming and we took the opportunity to sit learn more about her research. Learn more below. ⬇️

Clifton Leaf, Editor in Chief of Fortune magazine, interviewed Dr. Paul Cox yesterday at the Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference in San Diego to shed light on radical new approaches to Alzheimer's. 📈 Also present was Mei Mei Hu, co-founder and CEO of United Neuroscience. Check out part of the discussion to learn more about Brain Chemistry Lab's breakthrough approach and how a promising new solution could be one of the answers to slowing disease progression in patients. ⬇️ Watch the full interview on Fortune's site:

Big Pharma is failing us, but our ‘virtual pharma’ is on the cusp of a promising treatment for ALS and Alzheimer’s disease. 🧬 Be part of the breakthrough. Learn more on our website

Radical New Approach to Alzheimer’s
While Big Pharma has invested in more than 500 clinical trials for Alzheimer's drugs, the Brain Chemistry Labs 'virtual pharma' is on the cusp of a promising solution for those with Alzheimer's. 📈

Radical New Approach to Alzheimer’s
When it comes to drug discovery for Alzheimer's and ALS, approach matters. This break-through approach by the Brain Chemistry Labs is stirring up Big Pharma and making national news. ⬇️

Brain Chemistry Labs is at North Logan today for the Lee’s Cares Golf Day. Dr James Metcalf and I are residing over the hole-in-one hole where the prize is a car! So far the closest a player has come is 3 ft from the hole

Giving Tuesday
Today is #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving powered by social media. Please help us by making a donation here! We currently have 2 FDA approved clinical trials for ALS and Alzheimer's disease. And we continue to forge forward in our quest to discover new drugs for brain diseases!

Water sampling after the BMAA conference
You might think our scientists would be ready to head home for a long sleep after a three-day conference, but not those from BCL! These guys always have water quality on their minds and take every chance to check out local reservoirs. Both of these reservoirs are the subject of current harmful algal blooms. Shown is Dr. James Metcalf, a world expert in cyanobacteria and one of our keen volunteers, and also a cyanobacteria scientist, Nara Souza.

Orinda Theatre Screening October 4th
Trailer for screening of Toxic Puzzle at Orinda Theatre, California, October 4th, 7:00PM

Orinda Theatre Screening October 4th
Trailer for screening of Toxic Puzzle at Orinda Theatre, California, October 4th, 7:00PM

Hunt for the Hidden Killer trailer
We're excited for the preview screening of Bo Landin's documentary at the Center for the Arts on June 28th at 5:00pm!

Meet the Institute for EthnoMedicine
Meet the staff of our virtual pharmaceutical firm. Based in Jackson Hole, WY and making progress on the search for cures.

The Institute scientific staff joins in on the ice bucket challenge, inviting some prominent leaders from the Jackson community, as well as some friends from our research consortium.

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