Maya Institute: Cultivating Compassion in Health Care, Isle la Motte, VT Video March 13, 2018, 3:25pm

Videos by Maya Institute: Cultivating Compassion in Health Care in Isle la Motte. Our one goal is to change the landscape of health care delivery through cultivating compassionate care, one person, one encounter, one moment at a time

Cultivating Compassion: Self Love comes from love and valuing the self not from others

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Honouring the Self
Self compassion in challenging moments Self compassion-what is it? It means to extend love, care and support for one's self when expericing pain, suffering, or perceived inadequacy. Why is it- that we are so competent and capable of loving and honouring others -family, friends, even those we dont know who are suffering- but we dont do so for ourselves? I thought I had been on this deep journey of self love and self compassion; but I was fooling myself. It took a profound act of another major life threatening event to set my soul in a new direction. In the last 24 hours I have experienced a prolonged episode of cardiac arrhythima, and during that time I was unable to function, I was weak, dizzy, pale and unable to cope. I struggled with getting the care I needed over the care my father with Dementia needed. I struggled because I did not have enough support to make it work, to take care of me and my father. I struggled with another potential trip to the ER and hospitalization. I struggled so much... and I chose his needs over mine. My distress in that choice today, left me beyond overwhelmed and upset that I would put my well-being and needs over another; when my own outcome was potentially dire. How could I possibly do that? Why would I do that? This has left me with such insight into the depths of care I offer others and not myself. And today... the decisions had to change. That I cannot provide care at my own expense and well-being. That I cannot honour some one else's needs over my own, even when I feel obligated to do so. Because I am the individual left to suffer. And so, after incredible distress, and releasing of this anguish, and many decisions.. a new direction will be forged for care for my father. Because, I cannot die in this process so that he may be comfortable. I must honour and love myself more than I ever have, and I must make the decisions that are hard, but right for me. This struggle is so real for us all, the caregivers of our loved ones

Compassionate Care for the Dementia Caregiver
Being a caregiver for a loved one with Dementia or Alzheimer's disease is a marathon of love, patience, compassion, and caring; yet it takes its toll on your wholeness and well-being. Change the experience, and return to yourself.

Cultivating Compassion: Are we walking each other home?

Cultivating Compassion: You cannot comprehend the level of exhaustion, the ongoing crises, the demand for constant monitoring of those with dementia. There is this world that you live in that is like no other- where you have to find patience, tolerance, and compassion when you are barely able to hold yourself up from exhaustion. Where both day and night you have to mitigate disaster. The emotional and physical toll leads to rapid burn out and illness. In this country alone there are millions and millions of family members struggling with these same challenges. Do you know what I have learned? - that many family caregivers fall ill, many are hospitalized, and many have little to no support from other family members. I have two elderly parents who both have dementia now, and every day is a new challenge. It is a journey beyond comprehension for most people. All I hope for each day are no injuries, that they are well fed and dressed in clean clothes, and that I get some sleep.

Cultivating Self Compassion
Cultivating Self Compassion; comes from within. To these amazing women, whose self love and compassion is evident and who demonstrate it daily. Here's to your self love <3. May it ever grow.

Cultivating Compassion: Self Love comes from love and valuing the self not from others

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