Maya Institute: Cultivating Compassion in Health Care

Our one goal is to change the landscape of health care delivery through cultivating compassionate care, one person, one encounter, one moment at a time

We use evidence based mind-body approaches to preventative health and wellness care.We specialize in working with complex chronic conditions including cancer, cardiac and respiratory disease, and autoimmune disorders. We have spent decades studying, participating and leading scientific efforts to better understand disease and the human condition. We have evaluated physiological, psychological, spiritual/religious, and environmental conditions to understand how these aspects contribute to disease and wellness. We offer educational programs, workshops, healing therapies and retreats based on our understanding of the complexity of the multifocal aspects that contribute to disease.

Mission: The Maya Institute for Cultivating Compassion in Health Care, is driven by one goal: to change the landscape of health care delivery through cultivating compassionate care, one person, one encounter, one moment at a time. We are a collective group of health care professionals, patients and family members who believe that the highest quality of health care delivery begins and ends with respect, compassion, and love. It is our mission to cultivate compassionate health care in every relationship, service, and management system across the spectrum of health care delivery.

I am taking part in Blackout Tuesday across all of our brands and platforms today to show solidarity with people of colour, not only in the US but across the world.

I have seen the acts of police brutality and acts of racism and like you, I am disgusted and outraged.

I personally am deepening my commitment to represent voices of ALL people, to be more honest and understanding and to feel the pain and suffering of ALL people more deeply. I we will be reaching out, and having more conversations to ensure that I can help instil lasting change.

Enough is enough. Black Lives Matter.

Ram Dass, Love Serve Remember

We all know our humanity all too well. That is why we put the focus on recognizing that part of us that isn’t in the human-ness. Not to deny the humanity but to bring a balance about. Because that’s what you offer another person. When I look at some of you and I know you have problems with addiction and problems with sexual obsessions and problems with loneliness and problems with anger and problems with diseases and problems with frigidity and tightness. And I look and I see the whole sea of stuff or you tell me about it. And I just see curriculum after curriculum after curriculum after curriculum.⁣⁣
And I just see a group of beautiful souls on earth each having its own karmic work to do. At the same moment when you present it to me, my heart hurts. You don’t protect your heart from breaking because in a way a broken heart is like cracking a shell to let the deeper heart come forth. Because compassion is like the monk who is crying because his son has died and the student comes up and says, “What are you crying about? You know it is all illusion.” He says, “Yes but the death of a son is the greatest illusion.” And Maharaj ji crying when I was hurting.⁣⁣
🔶🔹🔶 ⁣⁣
You don’t close off your humanity by any means but you balance your humanity and if you don’t balance your humanity you burn out. And if you don’t balance your humanity you armor your heart and if you armor your heart you starve to death and that’s why you burn out because you are not getting fed.⁣⁣
You have to avert your eyes from the suffering of the world. You can’t look. You can’t look at the have-nots in the world. You can’t stand it. You have to look away all the time. You have to avert your eyes from Central America and from India and from all those places because you just can’t stand it. Because you feel so impotent to do something to take away the suffering.⁣⁣
If you are going to be free, your freedom means that you do not avert your eyes from anything, in yourself or in anyone else. Freedom means to be a free awareness with what is. No aversion no attachment. ***Continued in Story***

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reads Kansas farmer's letter who donated extra N95 mask | ABC News

Compassionate acts of love

"It's that love, that courage, that generosity of spirit that makes this country so beautiful." New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reads a letter from a farmer in Ka...

The Dalai Lama on Why We Need to Fight Coronavirus With Compassion A compassionate act has the potential to help many

COVID Pandemic Exposes the Ugly Secrets Hidden in America’s Healthcare System: A Physician Speaks Out, Healthcare Workers Unite

4,500 retired doctors and nurses sign up to rejoin NHS in just 48 hours The London Economic | Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it was ‘brilliant support in our national effort’ to tackle the virus | News

'Let This Be the Moment': Dr. Abdul El-Sayed Says Coronavirus Makes Undeniable Case for Medicare for All "This system is just unsustainable, it is not working."

Coronavirus crisis: compassion is in order, especially in government Some empathy and understanding in these extraordinary times will go a long way, especially in governing, to forestall panic and help everyone pull through.

There is love and compassion happening in health care as we come together over this massive pandemic. As nurses and LNA’s gear up to provide daily care; as physicians, PA’s, and NP’s assess and plan treatment; as housekeeping cleans the environment; as lab and radiology, social workers, PT’s, and managers all work together to collaborate in safe and effective ways to get the job done. As a global community we are learning to support each other to survive. This is true love and compassion

America Is About to Get a Godawful Lesson in Why Health Care Should Never Be a For-Profit Business — Buzzflash

Welcome to the land of the rich and the dying poor BuzzFlash

Remembering Compassion in Uncertain Times | Compassion Institute Dear Friends, We are living through an unprecedented time of stress, widespread anxiety and uncertainty. Already, several thousand people have lost their lives to COVID-19 and the WHO has declared the current situation as a global pandemic. Medical experts around the world are doing their best to....

22 studies agree: 'Medicare for All' saves money Whether you call it single-payer or "Medicare for All," it isn’t some socialist pipe dream. It’s a sensible, efficient and effective way to guarantee excellent health insurance to everyone.

Medical Bankruptcy Is Killing The American Middle Class

Our health care system is broken. It is not a system that supports health and wellness; rather it supports the profits of those at the top. We must make major changes so that everyone has equal access to quality affordable care. Furthermore, we must teach our practitioners to provide compassionate care. Too many patients are not heard, their voices and complaints lost in a system too broken to respond Adobe stockA new study has found that a horrifying 530,000 families turn to bankruptcy each year due to medical bills they can’t pay. In the end,.

Dalai Lama: We Need Values Based Not On Faith But Science And Common Sense Sounds like Humanism: The Dalai Lama declares that faith is not the answer and suggests that what we need is science and common sense.

Washington Becomes First State to Approve Publicly Funded Long-Term Care

A momentous start The measure is hailed as a monumental achievement for advocates working nationally to tackle the rising and formidable costs of care work and old age.

In Bhutan, teachers, medical staff will now be highest paid civil servants

Bhutan, a country that understands the value of each individual's health, well-being, and happiness; has increased the pay scales of teachers and health care providers. They state the reason as "higher stress levels and longer working hours " Explaining the improved pay scale, the report states: "The numbers of teachers involved in the hike are huge as there are 8,679 teachers, followed by the medical staff who number around 4,000".

Gratitude Through Darkness
photo credit Cork_daily @catch.cait

It’s Alive: Cautious Excitement Meets Claims of First Effective Alzheimer’s Drug

Promising new drug for Alzheimer’s, yet to be approved American pharma giant Biogen has announced that its therapeutic compound for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), aducanumab, is to be taken to the FDA for approval. Despite being seemingly killed off after a study in March produced disappointing results, new analysis suggests that aducanumab met its target ...

Health care teams turn to CBD oil to treat difficult symptoms of dementia

CBD oil became a powerful tool in our routine in the care of my mother with Dementia. Her fear was so profound that most medications were not effective and only sedated her. The CBD oil calmed her, soothed her and made the days a little easier. This is one of many reasons why I support the use of cannabis for health. This was a compassionate method of care for her Aggression and other disruptive behaviours linked to Alzheimer's disease are notoriously difficult to treat, sometimes leading to patients being restrained or medically sedated, but some doctors are now investigating the potential for success with a new strategy: CBD oil.

Compassion Stimulates the Vagus Nerve The largest nerve in our body is called the vagus nerve, which means wandering in Latin. The vagus nerve has multiple branches which diverge from two thick stems rooted in the brainstem and cerebel…

Dearest friends and colleagues, we live in a time of intense difficulty, anger, hatred, and unrest. Now more than ever the acts of love, kindness, compassion, respect and giving are vital and necessary for our very survival and conscious evolution.
This dear soul, Saral Sharma is an example of living Bodhisattva, he gives, he loves, he shares, and he never stops. He feeds the hungry, clothes the homeless, and he has started a school for the under served children of India. Please. if you find it in your heart donate to support his efforts. We, at Maya have given and will continue to do so.. as his mission is in divine alignment with ours; be love, be compassionate, and heal the world. 💜🕉💜

Distribution Of Backpacks To Some Of The Students Today With The Grace Of God.🙏🏼
Thanks To Our Sponsors.❤️

The Rise of The Shambhala Warriors & Living Bodhisattva The Shambhala Warrior Prophecy: Tibetan legend has it that the Kingdom of Shambhala rises when the world is in danger of annihilating itself through greed and corruption. “There comes a time when a…

Efforts To Prolong My Husband's Life Cost Him An Easy Death

I have SO MUCH to say about this.... but I am not quite yet ready to be eloquent. Needless suffering must stop. I watched my mother suffer for four months, and my father suffer only briefly (thankfully). End of life care teams must learn to acknowledge that a right to die with dignity and without suffering is essential; and sometimes this means allowing a patient to choose to die prior to suffering.
Oh I have so much to say on this.... Death isn't a four-letter word, and doctors need to learn that.

My ER Exit Letter - Jessica Nandino - Medium

The lines have been crossed far too long. The corporate decision making of insufficient staffing for better profits;places patients at risk and the staff suffer. This is not quality in care delivery, this is not compassionate care. This is purely means for profit on the backs of understaffed nursing teams and departments. Dear Hospital,

WJXT4 The Local Station / News4JAX

This is love, this is compassion, this is kindness. Supporting a man with dementia so that he may ride one last wave. A beautiful gift 💜🕉💜

AMAZING🌊💞 - "Yesterday an elderly lady came up to us at the beach and asked if we could help fulfill her husband's wish to ride a wave one last time. She said that he is suffering from dementia and most likely has a year to live. What an amazing experience and on my birthday none the less!" The tweet has gone viral. (Giancola_ryan from North Carolina)

Bridge to Lemuria - Faith Spina, Founder & Author

“Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It's a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.”
― Pema Chödrön, The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times

Today we checked into the McClure Miller Respite House for a respite stay. I found myself so relieved to feel the calming, serene beauty of this new building; and to be so welcomed and well received from staff that I worked with many years past. I had such chaotic emotions and mixed feelings leaving my papa there; was I letting him down, was I too weak to make it through this experience on the heels of mom’s passing, was I breaking a promise to care for him? I held my feelings in check and did not cry while I was there. Tom, our social worker and long time colleague, was firm but kind with me, to remind me that this stay was both good and a necessary respite for us both. I felt like a mother hen, wanting to be sure they knew my papa’s routine, his likes, and his frailties. I know in my heart he is in good hands and will be well tended to. I also know how deeply I need to heal from the long suffering we have experienced these last two years. While I will rest, and play a bit; I will begin to heal my wounded heart and soul. It is is so hard to let go even when we must. Our journey as in- home caregivers is the marathon of years; one that slowly peels back the layers of our vulnerabilities. Yet in so doing we build the strength of lions. Fitting for my father to be in the “lion room”. At some point on this journey, I shall have reached the bottom of my well of grief and I will expand my compassion to rise to greet each moment with fresh new awareness and deep unconditional love. Until then, I will honour these moments as I can, and offer what I have. I remain in deep gratitude for the care, love, and kindness of the hospice team (Michelle, Tom, Kelly, Aliza), and the Respite house staff, new and old friends and colleagues. May our blessings always be so rich 💜🕉💜

Cultivating Compassion: Patience, Tolerance, & More Patience

I have come to the state where I strain to find patience and tolerance. Every act seems like a push to get through, every conversation a struggle, every meal intolerable. My father has moved into a phase of restlessness, limited sleep, increased confusion, and further lack of insight into his limitations and safety. His impulse control center is shot, so his actions are more akin to a two year old than a 92 year old. His behaviors are those of a large toddler with no safety boundaries. He believes he can do many things, and every time he attempts he falls to the left, loses his balance and I catch him. Tonight he was so angry because I broke his fall as he was stumbling and nearly fell all the way down. His perception was that I was walking too fast; when in fact he can hardly lift his legs to move forward. It’s so much easier to blame me than to understand or accept a limitation. That has long been a family dynamic; just pretend it’s not real, not there; or divert the problem to someone else. My ability to find patience and tolerance is further seared by the blaring noise of his radio at top volume, because he refuses to wear his hearing aides. The noise has worn down my nerves. I see now as he fully struggles with his condition, yet refuses to accept its truth. There is his denial. In his own way; he is no different than my mother’s in her struggles. He is grinding against his losses and refuses to give in, when he his safety and ability clearly won’t allow. He does have the cognitive capacity to understand some of it. Yet, he would rather fall down a flight of stairs than be assisted This stubborn Irish heritage and pride shines boldly now. His anger at me for “doing everything” is prominent and part of all conversations.

These lessons, these family roots burn deep as time carries on, and my heart has no time for healing. I breathe, I step away and try to remember the greater purpose here. But in the day to day-ness of it all, that purpose gets lost; and I am back to managing behaviors, safety risk, and my exhaustion. Patience comes haltingly, and I step away more than I wish to. Our cycle is spinning, the energy is changing and I am ready to be done with the care. I don’t apologize for that feeling; it’s far too common among caregivers. We lose all of ourselves in this process, and I am ready to find me again. I breathe, step away, find my center and my own balance; and step back in. Patience, tolerance, patience...the cycles churn.

Hearing the Cries of the World, by Mark Nepo | Parabola Essay Mark Nepo on the many blessings of opening to suffering

The Oaks at NorthPointe

Big news! This group of Slip N' Slide participants was interviewed by the Today Show and Good Morning America! ❤️


We need lots more of this 🤣🤣💜🤣🤣

This care home for elderly people set up a slip and slide for residents and it's incredible! 😂😍

Aurora woman with dementia cited for trespassing after ringing doorbell

One would always hope that by living within a neighborhood, that a sense of community and support would take place. In this situation all of the neighbors except this one, were kind and compassionate and would be aware and considerate of this woman’s condition; except this neighbor...Having compassion within our own community is such an important aspect to our lives. Soon, very soon 1 out of every 2 elders will have this disease; what will we do then if our neighbors and community are not compassionate? AURORA, Colo. -- Nancy Daoust came to Aurora Municipal Court Monday morning to face a trespassing summons. But the 60-year-old honestly had no idea where she was or why. "The fact that this is quote unquote being treated as a criminal matter is very frustrating. You know, I have to lose a day of wor...

Everything in life can be brought to one common locus~that we exist in interrelationship with other living beings. We cannot engage in this world without having to relate to another person, animal, or nature. The essence of our engagements define us, how our existence plays out, and how we form the world around us.

It is deeply disturbing that life has become so disconnected, stressed, and fast.
It is deeply disturbing that so many cannot see nor care about their actions, nor understand the powerful impact those actions have upon others. Actions small and consistent can be as damaging as those large and brazen.

We each exist in our own complex worlds; the lack of understanding our unique influence of action, is dangerous and lacks of compassion and concern for others.

Commitments and promises that are made and broken without concern or thought for the ripples of consequences shows lack of compassion and consideration for others.

Words used in force, as a method of dominance and control, demonstrates lack of respect and ability to offer love for others

Actions taken for the benefit of one over the well-being of others, shows lack of jnsight and understanding of the power of our connectedness. It demonstrates true greed and single minded focus while others suffer. This shows lack of love and caring.

Our world, our universe needs us to step forward; to be bold with offering our love, to be bold with offering or compassion, to be bold with offering our respect. You can do that in every action, in every conversation, and in every commitment you make.

Start by recognizing your influence, and how all you do creates waves of responses; chose to make those waves of love, kindness and respect.

Our Story

Maya originally began as a center for integrative therapies and research in 2004, with a primary focus on providing educational programs, workshops, and integrative modalities to promote health and wellness and to treat complex chronic disease, at our retreat center located in Isle La Motte Vermont. As integrative modalities became more accepted and mainstream within health care, we began to shift our focus on a core foundation in health care delivery: the relationship between the provider and the patient; and the employee and the leader. What we experienced, observed, and validated within the scientific literature and patient report; is that this relationship is lacking in compassion, empathy, and respect. We found that many patients and health care employees feel they have been treated with disrespect, indifference, and disregard.

Every individual from birth has an innate desire to feel love, to be valued and respected; and every individual has some degree of co-dependence upon another to survive. When illness and complex chronic disease consume an individual, these primary needs are heightened. In the current systems of health care delivery, the interactions and engagements for moments of great compassion, empathy and respect have suffered. The system has evolved into one of a rapid-pace machine who has lost its soul to a contrived outcome of profit. The true soul of health care, its relationships, and its true purpose of “caring” are being lost. We believe there is no greater charge, than to change the landscape of health care delivery to a more compassionate, respectful approach; one person, one encounter, one moment at a time.

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