Patterson's Firearms Training

Providing Concealed Pistol License Safety and Training courses. Approved by MCRGO and NRA. Specializing in small class sizes. Patterson's Fi****ms Training is a didecated to providing fi****ms training to
small groups of people interested in improving shooitng skills, preparining for compentitions,
and obtaining their Concield Pistol License.

[11/19/19]   We will be closing our Training business. We are selling off our equipment. If you are interested please send us a message.

[10/14/19]   Thanks to all of our customers this year. It has been great getting to know you all. We are not planning on conducting any more Concealed Pistol License training. We will be disposing of much of our equipment. If you are interested in any of it please give a call.

[09/22/19]   One thing I like about an all women’s class like we had today is that they are always sooo much fun.


Patterson's Fi****ms Training

Patterson’s Fi****ms Training
Course: MCRGO’s Concealed Pistol License Safety & Training
Program Date: Oct 12, 2019 (Last class for this year)
Time: 8AM to 5:30PM
Location: Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Course Tuition: $100.00 (Non-refundable)
Students will receive a copy of the course materials on the day of the class. There will be a written and fi****ms proficiency test that the student will be required to pass to complete the course.

[09/18/19]   Patterson’s Fi****ms Training
Course: MCRGO’s Concealed Pistol License Safety & Training
Program Date: Oct 12, 2019 (Last class for this year)
Time: 8AM to 5:30PM
Location: Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Course Tuition: $100.00 (Non-refundable)
Students will receive a copy of the course materials on the day of the class. There will be a written and fi****ms proficiency test that the student will be required to pass to complete the course.

[08/28/19]   Got this in an email from one of our students. Makes all the hard work worth it.

Hi Pat and Jill,

Thank you both for providing the best CPL class I have ever attended. You both are made me feel welcomed and the quality of training and customer service provided was Top Notch. I will gladly share and recommend with folks I associate with or meet about my experiences with you both!

[07/01/19]   We are taking registrations for our July 27th CPL training class. Class is from 8 to 5:30 pm or until finished. Cost is $100. Non refundable. Contact us for more information.

[06/21/19]   We have added an additional class date. We now have a CPL Class on July 27th. If you are interested in obtaining your CPL contact us for registration information. 06/14/2019

MCRGO Instructor Application | MCRGO – Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners

MCRGO Instructor Workshop July 13th and 14th In Iron Mountain. You need to be approved by MCRGO to attend. No cost to apply. Apply at: » MCRGO Instructor Application |


A Gun is NOT Enough! | 3 Essential Self Defense Layers

Check this out. I like KJW videos

3 Essential Self Defense Layers to keep you protected anywhere! SimpliSafe is award -winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's r...

[05/22/19]   Women Only
Course: MCRGO’s Concealed Pistol License Safety & Training
Program Date: June 22nd Women Only
Time: 8AM to 5:30PM
Location: W7336 Sportsmens Club Rd Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Time: 8AM to 5:30PM
Course Tuition: $100.00 (Non-refundable)
Location: W7336 Sportsmens Club Rd Iron Mountain, MI 49801
Students will receive a copy of the course materials on the day of the class. There will be a
written and fi****ms proficiency test that the student will be required to pass
PM us
Email us at [email protected]
Call 906 221 9826 05/01/2019

Top USPSA Iron-Sighted Handguns In 2018

If you can afford any of the guns mentioned I am sure they are all great to shoot. There's still many action pistol shooters using iron sights, this article is a breakdown of data from Limited, L10, Single Stack and Production gear surveys at the 2018 USPSA Nationals 04/11/2019

Studying Self-Defense: Do Your Homework

Theses should be a good read. If you have a solid defensive firearm and have taken training classes, you're doing better than most people. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't stop studying self-defense. Here are a few reading suggestions from the Sheriff. 04/03/2019

Unboxing Your New Gun

Interesting reading You got a brand new firearm, that’s great! Here’s everything you need to do before using it at a match

[03/14/19]   Our First CPL Class is May 18th and is all ready 1/2 full. We do small classes usually limiting them to 8 students. If you are interested in attending this training requirement to obtain your CPL please either send an email to [email protected] or PM us here.
Cost of the class is $100 and that provides everything for the class.


Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners

"BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the United States Congress is requested to consider and discuss whether the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution should be repealed or amended to clarify that the right to bear arms is a collective, rather than individual, constitutional right"

[03/04/19]   Our May 18th CPL class is filling fast. If you are interested pm us. Our classes are small and we provide all the equipment. We provide one of the best trading classes that you will attend.


United Sportsmen Inc.

If you are a member or wish to be a member and helping the club, please plan on attending.

The Election of Club Officers and Board members will be held March 6th at 7:00 pm. All club members are encouraged to attend. There will be many opprotunities for people to help run the operations. Please plan on attending.
All Club Members are reminded that your membership expires on March 1st. Please plan on renewing your membership. 02/25/2019

Armed Citizens Are Successful 94% Of The Time At Active Shooter Events [FBI]

the FBI report indicates that we are safer from active shooters when there is an armed citizen. Contact us about getting your training requirements complete so you will be able to apply for your concealed pisotl license. A deeper look at the FBI Reports on Active Shooters finds that when opportunity is taken into consideration; armed citizens have an extremely high success rate at saving lives in Active Shooter events.


United Sportsmen Inc.

Defensive pistol practice drill this week will be the X drill. Hope to see you there. 6pm Friday’s at the clubhouse. 01/29/2019

10 New Handguns Seen at SHOT Show 2019

New Pistols for 2019. Which one do you want and why? SHOT Show is all about new guns and gear, and handguns are especially hot right now. Here are 10 we saw at the show.

[01/23/19]   Due to our small class size, you should register for our CPL class early. Especially if there is a particular day that you want. See out page for the dates that we are holding classes. 01/22/2019

38 Different 9mm Loads

Interested reading on testing some of the different 9mm bullets that are available. We tested 38 factory 9mm Luger loads with one pistol, here are the results 01/16/2019

9 Things I Learned From My First USPSA Match

Shooting in these events is a lot of fun. You need to try it. This new USPSA shooter had only learned about practical shooting competition a few weeks prior to trying out the sport for himself 01/12/2019

MCRGO Instructor Application | MCRGO – Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners

If you are interested in becoming an MCRGO Certified Instructor you need to follow the application process here: Our UP instructors class will be July 13 and 14 at Stoney Farms Defense in Brimley. » MCRGO Instructor Application |


Powder Valley

All Democratic’s are always anti gun no matter what they say or get elected.

That didn’t take long. 01/02/2019

Everything You Need To Know About Carry Optics And Red Dots

I am a fan of RDS optics on pistols. You have to work with it and not be changing back and forth with iron sites but if you can afford them they are the way of the future. Here's what USPSA's Jake Martens learned about 5 popular red dot sights after 10 months of testing out in the wild at carry optics action shooting matches 12/26/2018

Video: Brian Zins Explains How To Take Your Pistol Grip To A Whole New Level If you’re just learning how to shoot a pistol, this is a good place to start. Everything about your current pistol grip is wrong, Brian Zins can help fix it

[11/28/18]   We have been asked “Why don’t you provide CPL classes in the winter? The short answer is it’s too cold. Michigan Fi****ms law 28.425j (1)(b) states “The program provides at least 3 hours of instruction on a firing range and requires firing at least 30 rounds of ammunition.”
By law you have to spend 3 hours on the range. There are not many indoor ranges that can be used. So it’s just too cold to subject the students to learning the skills needed when they are all bundled up.

[11/25/18]   We have been working with people that are interested in large private classes, such as a family, a company, churches, or just a group of friends. We will be working our regular monthly class around the dates that are reserved for these private classes. If you are interested in scheduling a private class for next year please contact us for details. 11/21/2018

Team USA Wins Most Olympic Quotas At Championship Of The Americas

Congratulations to them. U.S. shooters have now earned 12 Olympic quota slots in total between the 8 at this year's CAT and the ISSF World Championship last September


Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners

"While every handgun is different, basic marksmanship principles remain the same. Nothing beats practice and range time with a trained instructor, but this helpful infographic by the NRA should help you put more shots inside the X-ring." 11/01/2018

Self-Defense Gun Owner Insurance Programs Compared

If you have a CPL, you might want some insurance. Check this out Over the past decade or so we've seen the invention of a new service related to the fi****ms industry. The need was to have attorneys and the cash to pay for them, when armed citizens are charged with crimes related to their own self-defense. Recent events, namely those transpiring because the NRA d... 10/31/2018

10 Of Our Best Action Shooting Articles

Some interesting articles to read. From USPSA scoring to beating the white steel blues, here’s 10 of our top articles on action shooting compiled here for your reading pleasure

[10/29/18]   We have completed all of our CPL classes for this year. We would like to thank all of our customers, now friends that chose us for their training. 92 new friends and 3 additional MCRGO Instructors. It has been a lot of work but it is all worth it. Thank you all and we hope we provided you the best possible training. We hope to see you on the range. 10/24/2018

G***k G45 what do you think? This Product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other productive harm. For more information go to

[10/21/18]   Had an outstanding MCRGO CPL class today. 8 students. Cold and windy shooting but all qualified on their first try. Had so much fun working them.

[10/14/18]   We taught our All Women’s class yesterday. What a great group of women. We hand a very interactive and fun class. Will have to do more All Women’s classes in the further.

[10/08/18]   From the MCRGO UP Director.

Elections have consequences. And next month's election will prove to have a dramatic impact on legal gun owners.
Our state and country can either pursue a path of liberty laid down by the Founders, or we can descend into a Orwellian socialist system where individual rights are heavily curtailed by ignorance and hate.
Let's imagine it's a year from now, the fall of 2019. We can contemplate two very different political scenarios.
In the first one, Michigan voters have maintained a pro-gun Legislature and elected the first governor who is solidly supportive of self defense rights in a generation. Permitless carry has been signed into law. Michigan's pistol registry has been erased bringing Michigan in line with most other states. Many pistol free zones have been eliminated. Young adults can get a provisional concealed pistol license at age 18. Preemption has been given teeth, making it much easier to enforce.
In the second one, a new governor who has campaigned alongside Moms Demand Action combined with an anti-gun Legislature have adopted the first gun control laws in Michigan in 30 years. Sales of modern rifles are now banned in the state. Pistol free zones have been extended to all public property. Red flag laws result in the seizure of fi****ms without due process. Registration has been extended to long guns. There is now a 30 day waiting period to purchase a firearm. Preemption has been eliminated. Wayne County has adopted a sin tax on ammunition sales which is now only available for purchase from local police departments in limited numbers. Other urban counties are adopting their own restrictions.
The key difference between these two very possible realities is who turns out to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. We hope it will be you and that you'll take the time to review and support candidates who support responsible gun owners.
-MCRGO Director Steve Sanderson 10/03/2018

Front Sight Focus―Why?

Just a short article on Front sight focus. When beginning as a competitive handgun shooter, focusing on the front sight will keep everything line up nicely

[09/26/18]   Our last two CPL Classes are now full. We will not be accepting any more registrations for classes this year. Thank you all for the interests in these classes this year. We already have requests for classes in the spring. Once we have set up our scheduled we will let you all know.

[08/22/18]   I will be on WIKB’s Wishigan Outdoors this Saturday. Have a listen. Thanks Brad and Randy.

[08/20/18]   Got this from one of our students from this last class. I thought it was a great recommendation:
I would also like to thank you for your generous hospitality and for using your profits to enroll us in the MCRGO. You really go above and beyond the call of duty. I really did appreciate that. Your class was so much more than expected. I honestly expected the class to be more of a joke, just enough to satisfy the government for the permit. I learned SO much more than I expected! I want to thank you and your wife for doing such an amazing job! THANK YOU!

[08/19/18]   Had a great bunch of guys for our CPL class today. Glad I could help the begin or continue and improve their shooting.


Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners

MCRGO's petition to support the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court through the conservative site only needs 42 more signatures to hit the 1000 threshold. If you have not signed it yet, please do so today.




MCRGO Advance CPL Class
MCRGO Instructor Certification
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Course
NRA Basic Pistol Course



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