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Noah! Wow! Where has the time gone? It is flying by, for sure. You are a great guy, Noah, and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to care for you! You are the first one in my daycare, you have been on my "attendance list" the longest, and it is appropriate that you are the last one I personally mention. I love you 💚💜❤️💙


I am so blessed to be able to care for Parker (aka "Parker Poo, Parker Padoodily Doo, Park-Park, Sam's "Little Buddy")! There has never been a day when he has not brought a big smile to my face and a song to my heart! Watching him grow and mature has been so very amazing. And that hair! Oh my! So blond, so perfect! Always willing to share a kiss and a hug! I love, love, love you! Saying "See you later" is so super difficult. Xoxoxoxo


I will be missing my Amelia, for sure! Looking back over the past four years, I have so many fun memories running through my mind! Seeing this little ginger-haired infant who would wear out the bottoms of her shorts or pants scooting across the floor! Seeing her tongue sticking out while she was concentrating on a "project"! And her hugs. I will miss not being on the receiving end of her hugs on a regular basis. I love you, always, dear girl. 💜💜💜


Dear Callan,
The first time I met your parents, I knew I would love watching their expected baby. And I was right. You have been pure joy. My little peace-making, wonderful mannered guy ("May-I-have-some-snack,-please?), I am grateful for EVERY moment with you. And I admit: I feel a bit envious of your new care-giver. Love you, forever and ever. ❤️


Mackston. A.k.a. "Mack, Mack-Mack, Mackston Michael, Mackston Lane, MACKSTON MICHAEL LANE, and Mr. Blue-Eyes". The lover of oatmeal, banana bread, and most food in general. Reader of books; Sandbox Extraordinaire. You were just about four months old when you were first introduced to my daycare, and here you are today, almost four years old, and a big brother. I will always love you; always be grateful for the small part I have played in your young life. You. Are. An. Amazing. Young Man.
And my heart is being squeezed out of my chest, just sayin'.


I will miss seeing this bright-eyed, happy, smiles-bigger-than-the-moon kind of guy. Remmy, you are so very smart, so determined, and you hold a special place in my heart. It has amazed me to look back over the course of this past year and realize how much you have grown and matured. Best wishes for the present, and the future. I will always have a love for this little firefighter! 💙


Their fun for the day? They found a bit of rain water in the bottom of the pool. They proceeded to carry it back and forth and pour it on to the slide, lol!! Too funny :)


Today, I said "See Ya Later" to this handsome guy. Alex moved in to town, and into my life in January. I knew I would not have much time with him, but what a joy to get to know him. Alex, you have so much potential. I love you and will be missing you. You'll be in my heart . . .


Tomorrow (Wednesday) is my final day caring for these precious girls. Jenssy and Gabby, I will love you forever. Moving is hard; heartbreaking, in fact. But you will both be in my heart; I will still pray for you, still love you. And, always, always, always, I will be on your side, pulling for you. I will send you away with happy smiles, remembering all the fun times.

But, for now, tonight, I cry. This really hurts.


Grammy and Gabby. 💜


A daycare filled with superheroes! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


Loves to dress like a princess :) 💕💕


April Fun!


A week in review!


Fun throughout the week . . .


Q-Tip Flowers :)




Valentine's Excitement ♥️




After spending a good amount of time outside playing in the snow, we came inside, washed up, and made coffee cake for our afternoon "tea".


Beautiful Day!


To warm us on the inside, while temperatures are too cold to be outside! Homemade biscuits and Beef Stew! Now, THAT is comfort food!

[12/15/15]   Today, I was working on breakfast clean-up and we were listening to the Toddler Station on the radio, when what should come on but "I Like to Move It". Immediately, everyone started dancing in toddler/preschool style. I'm not sure what was in the milk, though, because the two girls jumped up on to the table in the middle of the song . . .


Fun to watch these cousins dancing and laughing together!


"J" is for Jellyfish!!




Parker, well, poor little guy is at the mercy of the girls!


Making muffins with Nonna!


The pleasure of making Chicken Pot Pie-- and eating it! Yum, yum!


Rainy Day fun!


Amelia asked that I take pictures for Mommy and Daddy! So, these are for you, Josh Drown and Alice Drown!


November 5, and it is perfect weather! Taking the time to play outside A LOT!


Just a bit batty around here . . .


Columbus Day Fun!

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A daycare filled with superheroes! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Parker, well, poor little guy is at the mercy of the girls!
So very cute!





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