Sensible K9 - Family Friendly Dog Training

Family Friendly Dog Training

Just had the most delightful real-time video lesson 🎬 with THE BEST family and their new puppy! 🤩

It was AMAZING how focused everyone was, including the children, seeing their dog's trainer on the big screen. :)

The puppy was able to focus on his people and the people were able to focus on the task at hand. 👀

If you have been thinking about getting help with your dog but you're worried that distance-learning won't work, I can assure you that in some ways, it's EVEN BETTER 👏than "old style".

🐶Don't put it off any longer! Let me help today!

(puppy pictured is a stock photo, not the client's puppy)

The Play Way for Shy and Fearful Dogs - Whole Dog Journal Play is a widespread feature of social animals. Humans play. Dogs play. Maybe our shared need for and love of play is part of what strengthens our desire to share our lives with dogs. We play together with toys and invent enjoyable games. Many of us make a point to incorporate toy play and fun […]


Hey friends, anyone interested in playing with your dog? Would you like to join a games and challenge club? Let me know!

[05/25/20]   Woof! We passed 500 Likes! Thanks, everyone (and please share - next benchmark, 1K!)

Preventing Separation Anxiety in the Time of Covid

Great tips about preventing separation anxiety (when you eventually leave the house again) while home with your dog now.

[04/16/20]   Hey parents - I'm thinking about holding a dog training class for our youth (12-18) and calling it QuaranTeens Tricks and Treats - anyone think this would be fun to do? Online, connecting with other teens virtually (without being a video game) safe, take a break from schoolwork, accomplish training to keep the dog occupied too... thoughts?

Hey SensibleK9 friends... I'm building an online course to teach other trainers how to coach pet parents. Any former students feel like dropping a few lines to explain how my coaching/teaching made you feel or how I may have positively impacted your relationship with your dog? A testimonial from satisfied clients will go a long way toward giving other trainers confidence in what I'm teaching. Anyone?

WHS Pets and People Ep 15 : Dremels & Desensitization

Trimming your dog's nails? Here is a video I did with Kelsey Weber awhile back to give you some tips!


What did you teach your dog today?!

This dog is elite 😂🙌

(via mathiasberntsen96/Instagram, kiarathevolleydog/Instagram)

[03/26/20]   I'm going to be posting regular LIVE training demos... let me know if there's anything you'd particularly like to see!

[12/13/17]   Do your dog a favor and don't use a bowl for feeding time! Hand feed his kibble (food) throughout the day for every good behavior.

[05/19/15]   All classes at Willamette Humane Society in Salem are designed to meet your needs. I'm mentoring and facilitating great instructors! Check it out!

Heartland Humane Society

Good to know if you hike locally with your dog!

Notice from the Oregon Fish & Wildlife:

We are aware of at least a few dogs who have gotten sick after being in MacDonald forest in Corvallis. What is known thus far was communicated by Corvallis Running Club members and OSU Forestry:

Three dogs drank from a muddy pool and then developed an apparent neurotoxicity. Signs included non-localized pain, a hunched posture, reluctance to move, rear legs more affected, and tachypnea. at the peak of the affliction (6 hours post-exposure), two dogs were recumbent. Signs rapidly dissipated 12 - 16 hours after exposure. The third dog has been affected twice, so it appears to be a point source. One dog drank out of Oak Creek, and started showing symptoms near Price Peak on Starker [private forest property]. There is a pond there as well.

[FYI - Oak Creek runs through Bald Hill Natural Area behind the Benton Co. fairgrounds – a very popular dog-walking area]
OSU vet school reported seeing similar cases, and with liver toxicity and had a death from liver failure.

Some ideas floating around are: herbicide, toxic plant (stinging nettle?), blue-green algae, mushrooms, tetrodotoxin in the water from increased newt activity.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Marine Resources Program
2040 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365
Ph: 541.867.0300 ext. 246
Fax: 541.867.0311

PET Talk Double Feature! - Willamette Humane Society

Great speakers - cool topics and CHEESECAKE for $5, benefiting a great cause? We're IN! See you there! Willamette Humane Society PET Talks – Join us Thursday, April 9 6:00pm-8:00pm for a double feature, plus dessert! Pit Bull Paradox. These controversial dogs are not a recognized breed by the AKC and yet everyone seems to have an opinion about them. Come to this talk and enjoy an education about this remarkable dog type that occupies so many hearts and homes - and shelter kennels - across our nation. [ 252 more words. ]

Willamette Humane Society - Providing compassionate services to pets and people

I'm currently teaching at Willamette Humane and have a great lineup of fun classes called Naughty Dog and Gamers Group! Today in Gamers, we did a one-shot-wonder class called Hide-and Seek and it was a HUGE hit! What great fun the pet parents and dogs had! Check out our course listings, sign up online and join us! Thanks to the tireless, unyielding efforts of volunteers with Lost & Found Pets of Salem and Willamette Humane Society, Summer is found and in our care! Read about her inspiring story that brings hope to all who have lost, or will ever lose a pet. Continue reading →

Have you been wanting great training classes? We have it on good authority that the new instructors at WHS are pretty darn good.... ;)

New "Naughty Dog" classes start Saturday! We're helping BOUNCERS! If you missed taking the pre-requisite DogSmart class, you can jump in on the next session Sunday and be ready for the next Naughty Dog topic, in just 2 weeks! Join us and enjoy your dog more!

Dog Behavior and Training Classes Resuming - Willamette Humane Society

Check out our new group classes in partnership with Willamette Humane Society! Willamette Humane Society is very excited to announce that select dog behavior classes will resume on Saturdays and Sundays. See the new calendar!

Dog Training Classes - Willamette Humane Society

New classes coming soon through Willamette Humane Society - watch their training page and calendar! We are committed to using positive, rewards-based training methods to help dog owners build healthy relationships with their canine family members.

Association of Professional Dog Trainers

You CAN mark your calendar for APDT's National Train Your Dog Month 2015 Facebook chats!

Littermate Syndrome

I never recommend getting two puppies at once. Never. This is a few of the reasons why... Getting two dogs at the same time seems like a great idea. Dogs are social animals, and a dog who will be alone all day can easily turn to destructive behavior or become anxious. Two puppies can en...

Drop a ball at midnight... for your dog! :)

Happy New Years from your pals at the CCPDT! Now tell us from your dog's point of view #whydogslovenye

Doggone Safe: Holiday Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Keep the holidays HAPPY for everyone! This is an excellent list. Too many pet owners do not understand their dogs, and do not work to reduce risk of injury towards children.I used to work in boarding kennels, and we had one client who would book her dog in over Christmas because she didn't trust her dog with her grandchildren. Not only…

Looking for a great gift for a family? THIS. It is a great, fun game that teaches wonderful skills for dog-kid safe interactions. GET THIS! :)

Doggone Crazy! board game makes a great holiday gift for dog-loving kids. Learn how to speak dog, how to Be a Tree to make a dog go away, how to be safe around dogs. Fun and competitive!

I was lucky enough to be able to work with the inventor of this product, doing market research, prior to release. It really is quiet and reliable! This would make an excellent Christmas gift for the dog-nerd in your life. :)

Would you love a FREE PET TUTOR (R) for Christmas? We are granting your Holiday Wish. Enter a training scenario in our 12 day challenge and you will automatically be a grand prize finalist. On Friday the 19th of December we will draw the winner of a PET TUTOR(R).

Everyday we will award a $100 off to the best scenario entered.

Bonus: All entries will receive 12% off purchase.


Never allow your child to enter your dog's crate. The crate should be a safe place for a dog to relax, away from the family.

Get more tips and download our free ebook!

Excellent advice!

Get more tips and download our free ebook!


Remembering ALL the veterans today - and on this page, especially the 4-legged ones. Thank you, dogs, for your faithful service.

The real story of the Vietnam War - WAR DOGS- AMERICA'S FORGOTTEN HEROES I did managed to add this video to few K9 Units in the world.

How to prevent your child being bitten by the family dog

READ This if you are a parent, a dog owner, a grandparent, a dog lover, a kid, a kid lover, or even if you have even seen a dog. This is great! Every year, millions of children are bitten by dogs, and it usually involves a familiar dog. Here's why it often happens and how to prevent it at your house.

Love dogs? Find out about their origins, natural history of breeds, health and behavior in the Chemeketa Community College Canine Behavior and Health class -
The story of humans and dogs is the saga of the
greatest partnership between two species the world
has ever known. Explore how so many breeds were
developed and what special skills and senses dogs
employ. We’ll compare normal and abnormal canine
behavior, explore the canine lifecycle and development,
discuss strategies for optimizing canine health and
prepare you to administer basic emergency first aid
to your dog. This 6-hour, fast-paced course will bring
you to a new understanding and appreciation of your
friend, the dog. Reading, study and homework to be
completed outside of class is required.
Catherine Steinke 2–5 pm Fri 39746
Nov 7 & Nov 14 Willamette Humane Society $200 Registration available at this link:

[10/30/14]   The bottom line: Does your trainer get results? Do you enjoy your dog more because of your time with training? Is the chosen method changing unwanted behavior into the behaviors you want? Are you enjoying the process? Training should be both fun and fair. It should get results.

It’s All Fun and Games… | Animal Behavior Clinic

Is your dog getting bummed with all the "indoor weather" lately? If you don't like going out in the mist, try some of these great suggestions for getting busy, indoors! Dr. Pachel is fantastic. I had a recent appointment with him and was very pleased. I feel very hopeful with the new plan he's prescribed for me and my dog, and I appreciate having him as an ongoing support contact.

Kelly Gorman Dunbar's got it right - Training: "It’s about teaching the relevance of your requests in various situations. It’s about building habits, a history, and a relationship." Great article, below!

Standing Up for Your Dog

Don't do anything to your dog that makes you feel uncomfortable. Period. A dog trainer has been in business over 20 years. The first day of every new group class, whether for puppies or adults, he teaches his canine students the meaning of the word "no."...

Registration is now open for this 6-hour seminar:
Canine Body Language and Aggression

Is that a “guilty look?” Do dogs truly “bite out of
the blue?” Should you comfort your dog when he’s
afraid or will that reinforce his fear? During this 6-hour
class, you’ll learn how to read, interpret and transform
your dog’s emotions. Discover the subtle signs that
indicate stress, fear, and aggression. Learn strategies
for diffusing an aggressive encounter and understand
how you can prevent a dog attack. Through lecture,
discussion, photos and video, you’ll develop new skills
for reading dogs and acquire the ability to change a
dog’s panic into peace or to help him move from feisty
to friendly. Reading, studying and homework finished
outside of class time is required.

Textbook required; see book list page 2.
Catherine Steinke 2–5 pm Fri 39745
Oct 24 & Oct 31 Willamette Humane Society $200

Register through Chemeketa Community College - here's the program guide - the class is on page 23. I hope to see you there!

Tough Love: A Meditation on Dominance & Dogs

If you think you need to "Show your dog who's boss".. you'll probably think again after watching this video. :)

This 2012 documentary feature (produced by Anchorhold Films & Tower Hill Films) traces the history of the “alpha dog” concept from its origins in 1940’s wolf...

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