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RMCLE Living Ethics School


RMCLE Living Ethics School is having their annual fall festival on October 27! School tours are also given during the festival if you are interested.
There is a video on my timeline about the "indoor generation" that I would love to share with you but I can't seem to figure out how! It's so powerful and the exact reason why kiddo's in your school are so much better off than all the others!
I would love to teach Alaina CURSIVE...does anyone know of a good resource for this?? She can never read my cards to her! lol
Lorna Goldsmith
I am so grateful, beyond description for this school.
Bright, amazing children learning and growing in a loving and safe environment. Where running is encouraged throughout the day and singing songs with their teacher is a daily activity instead of a weekly class.

So many things that didn't sit right with me about public school don't exist here- they are free of questioning their importance or worth and I am beyond grateful to see my children thriving past the ability to act on command. They feel a sense of pride and value.
Anyone who has walked this journey with me knows my struggle to help my children cope through things that are more mature than they are. How resilient and wonderful they are!
I'm not wanting to sound judgmental, only so humbled that we found a place so perfect for us!!
We are moving forward with plans to add a junior high school! Inspired Learning Academy will serve grades 7-9 and extend the Living Ethics philosophy to early adolescence by teaching self-directed learning using agile tools for productivity and by incorporating student life coaching for successful outcomes. Spread the word! Like the Inspired Learning Academy FB page to show support and follow it to keep up-to-date. (Website coming soon... ) https://www.facebook.com/InspiredLearningAcademy/
I want you present my book The Theory of the Divine Magic. It's in Russian yet.
The book reflects the theosophical vision and living ethics wisdom.
In time I plan to publish it in English. It's already translated, but still need a lot of editing and proofreading.
Let the force be with you!

dont child labor laws forbid this
Great TED talk!


Nature- Community- Heart
Living Ethics School of Fairview, Tx offers your child an organic, nurturing and joyful learning environment that parallels the philosophies of the greatest thinkers in education.

Operating as usual

Photos from RMCLE Living Ethics School's post 05/25/2019

Last day of school 😥 We ❤️ you Vicki!!!!!

Photos from RMCLE Living Ethics School's post 05/19/2019

Thank you 🙏🏻 to all who showed up and shared their love and appreciation to Vicki and the school! It was wonderful to see many faces old and new. Vicki was glowing with happiness 💓😊✨She also wanted to remind all that the doors will be open to anyone who would like to join her for Summer Solstice on June 22. It will be an event where we will be harvesting the vegetables that Vicki and the children had planted this year. Event time will be posted here again soon.


Farewell gathering will be in the main building if the weather is bad.
See you there!


Bring a dish to share! Or share healthy snacks! Lay out your picnic blankets or lawn chairs and chill with the LES crew 😎 We currently have about 30 indicating ‘going’ on FB, and few families attending who aren’t on FB.
***Leave in comments what you’re planning on bringing


We would like to get a general head count. Please click 'going' if you can make it to the Farewell Fest on May 18!



If you can't make it on this date (we understand it overlaps with GEMUN), Vicki invites you to attend our annual harvest day on Saturday, June 22.

🌳Living Ethics School, formerly known as Robert Muller School, is closing it’s doors after 30+years. We are turning our annual May Festival into a farewell gathering where we hope to see alumni, teachers, and others who were part of the RMCLE family in the past. Join us for a warm gathering around the front yard with some food, music, and singing. Potluck food is welcomed! Let’s send our love ❤️ and appreciation 🙏🏻 to Vicki and the school grounds for decades of service, care, and nurturing.

Location: 340 Country Club Rd. Fairview
Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019
Time: 10:00am-2:00pm

The Augur's View: A Speculative Fiction Adventure (New Earth Chronicles Book 1) 03/13/2019

The Augur's View: A Speculative Fiction Adventure (New Earth Chronicles Book 1)

Congratulations to Vicki (Living Ethics School founder) for getting her first adult fiction book published!! The Augur’s View: A Speculative Fiction Adventure under pen name Victoria Lehrer is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be officially released on April 1st.

I had the privilege of reading one of her first drafts of the book and found it very intriguing with great characters. I can’t wait to read the final version! Apparently, some experts agree and the book has received three 5-star reviews so far. Here is one of them:
“This novel is a strong opening to a promising series that marks the author apart as one to watch. Victoria Lehrer is a great storyteller and she succeeds in creating different levels in the story, with a complex plot that is packed with action and surprising moments. The characters are elaborately developed. The plot is enriched by covert activities and intrigue. There is a powerful sense of mystery—secrets hidden in ancient manuscripts and other worlds to explore. The Augur’s View is exciting, featuring an imaginary setting that goes far beyond the world we know.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews (5 STARS)

Check it out: https://www.amazon.com/Augurs-View-Speculative-Adventure-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B07P3LNFQR/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=The+Augur%27s+view&qid=1552486551&s=gateway&sr=8-1

The Augur's View: A Speculative Fiction Adventure (New Earth Chronicles Book 1) When the Solar Flash jolted Earth and spawned storms, most panicked, but a few with jolted genomes spawned their own storms and seized their opportunity.“This novel is a strong opening to a promising series that marks the author apart as one to watch. Victoria Lehrer is a great storyteller...

Timeline photos 01/30/2019

Inspired Learning Academy, a secondary school for self-directed learners, have been housed at LES for their first two years. Now they are ready to launch their own space for the 2019-20 school year! For those who agree that teens should THRIVE✨at school, please purchase this student designed T-shirt and support their fundraiser❤️ Link is provided in the post.

Please consider purchasing a student-designed T-shirt to support Inspired Learning Academy as we look for a new learning space ❤️ 4 color choices! Link to purchase: https://www.bonfire.com/inspired-learning-academy-fundraiser/


Please contribute to our school this holiday season by selecting Center for Living Ethics as your preferred charity at smile.amazon.com!


All we need is a big pile of leaves to bring smiles and laughter 😆🍂💕


A beautiful fall day 🍂 We did a gratitude circle and ended with a healthy, yummy potluck 😋


Support our school by shopping at smile.amazon.com and select Center for Living Ethics as your charity of choice! It works the same as a normal amazon order.

Photos from RMCLE Living Ethics School's post 10/27/2018

🧚🏻‍♂️ Fairy Forest decorated by our students with pumpkin houses 🧚🏻‍♀️

Photos from RMCLE Living Ethics School's post 10/27/2018

We had a wonderful gathering at 🍁Fall Festival 🍂today!


Getting ready for the 🍁Fall Festival 🍂 It’s this Saturday from 10am-2pm! Bring your family and friends and enjoy the day surrounded by nature and healthy goods!


Save the date for our 🍁Fall Festival 🍂coming up on October 27! We will have PAINTING and COLORING tables, and simple CRAFTS - making yarn pumpkins, spider webs, fall leaf wreaths. Enjoy GAMES, an ADVENTURE SCAVENGER HUNT, and a BOUNCE HOUSE! Walk through a 🧚‍♀️fairy forest display of pumpkin houses💕 We'll have vendors selling essential oils, health supplements, handmade crafts, micro greens, nutritious food, healthy sweets, chair massages and more!!!


Creative writing happening at all levels 📝


Our annual Fall Festival is coming up on October 27, 2018. We are accepting applications for vendors who sale holistic services and products. Nutritious food booths are welcomed too. Please email us at [email protected] or message us if you are interested.


This is very true. It is so unfortunate and sad to see 😢 If we take away the children’s love of learning, surround them with restrictions, and measure them with numbers, how can they ever thrive and shine their true potential?

This is a great quote!


Chickens being loved by little ones 🐔💕


A few days left to register for the a la carte classes! Although most of the classes are for ages 12+, the IMPROV COMEDY class taught by Valarie Atwood from 🎭 Arts & Minds is for kids ages 10+.

Registration closes this Friday! Check out all the after school classes offered at Inspired Learning Academy! Allow your teen to flex her mind with a win-win debate class, explore his inner self with yoga for teens, or boost her confidence with improv comedy. Our self-directed philosophy encourages students to guide themselves through curiosity, passion, and inspiration.


We had students current, old, and new in “Saltwater Songs”, a production by Read, Play, Love. Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Register now! Kidokinetics is coming to Living Ethics School on Wednesdays 3:15-4:00pm for an afterschool sports/fitness class for grades 2-6. $48/month, no registration fee, starting September 5. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A LIVING ETHICS STUDENT TO JOIN CLASS. https://kidokineticsdallas.allplayers.com/gamefit-inspired-learning#

This fitness program is designed to provide young children the ability to explore the wonderful world of sports and fitness in a non-competitive environment. Each of our programs are focused on key skill development areas which include gross motor skills, forward/backward movement, crossing the mid-line, self-confidence and coordination. The program introduces new activities each week to stimulate interest while maintaining our core mission which is to ensure each child is having fun, participating and learning about the broad world of sports and fitness.


Ms. Vicki is offering her HarmoniTales TEACHING STORY to homeschoolers ages 9-12! Our first block will begin 8/28 Tues/Thurs 11:00-12:00. Your child is also welcomed to join us 30min. before class for some outdoor time in nature! For registration and more info. visit: https://inspiredlearningacademy.org/classes/elem-harmonitales/

Vicki Johnston founded the Living Ethics School, authored two books on education, created the HarmoniTales curriculum series for K-6th grades, and now offers a Heart-Centered Educator Certification program for teachers. Her TEACHING STORY offers a unit study on history alongside with art - children will be painting or drawing the artwork that represents each chapter, while story is being read to them.


Living Ethics School is opening up Ms. Vicki's HarmoniTales Teaching Story class to homeschoolers ages 9-12! This first block will cover the history and culture of China. Listen to the enchanting story, while working on art that goes along with it. Space is limited. For registration and more details, please visit website: https://inspiredlearningacademy.org/classes/elem-harmonitales/


We are at the Plano Family Expo from 10-4 today! Bring your kids and come say hi!


Join us this Sunday at the Plano Family Expo! It’s a fun, FREE, family event from 10am-5pm, packed with activities, performances, bounce houses, trampolines, and give-aways! All INDOORS! Stop by our Self-Directed Learning booth and challenge yourself to think outside the 📦.

10:00: Starting Ceremony
10:15: Laser tag hall opens up
10:30: Trampoline Jump away begins
10:30: Gym opens up, Bounce house ready to go!!!
12:00: Elmo and Cookie Monster
1:00: Camp Gladiator - family Fitness fun
1:15: Ryli Dylan Music
1:30: Texas Youth Ballet Conservatory
1:45 : Raffle give away
2:00 : Martial Arts performance by Roser Martial Arts center Plano
2:15 : Fashion Show London Molan Accessories
2:30 : Texas Youth Ballet Conservatory
2:45 : Raffle give away
3:00 : Medieval Times
3:30 : Raffle give away

Plano Family Expo - Visit Plano 07/16/2018

Plano Family Expo - Visit Plano

Come join a free event this Sunday at the Plano Event Center! Both LES and ILA will be represented under the North Texas Progressive Schools Association - NTXPS.

Plano Family Expo - Visit Plano Come and enjoy interactive family activities, informative and educational lectures, classes geared towards families and fun, family services near you, community networking, performances, Competitions with awards presentation Entertainment, parent pampering and MORE! This event is designed to bring t...


Outdoor Preschools

We spend lots of time outdoors at LES for all these reasons!

Photos from Inspired Learning Academy's post 06/26/2018

Photos from Inspired Learning Academy's post

Our School

Nature- Community- Heart
Living Ethics School of Fairview, Tx offers your child an organic, nurturing and joyful learning environment that parallels the philosophies of the greatest thinkers in education. We value the whole child - body, mind, and soul. Children are given the space and opportunity to thrive in a rich environment, allowing them to explore their true nature and potential.

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