Tripoli North Carolina, Hurdle Mills, NC Video October 10, 2014, 12:00am

Videos by Tripoli North Carolina in Hurdle Mills. Safety through education promoting Math and Sciences in Rocket Design, testing and flight. Visitors

Propellant test with oversized nozzle

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Shop Safety talk. We need to do more of these

This is a slow motion of the flight. One small setback but we will keep going.

O-3345 Static Test
Static test of our O-3345 21773ns BV7 motor for our 1/2 Scale NIke Ajax!!

Paul actually has to do something now. I delivered the 16" Air Frame mandrel today. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

A day at the Burlington Maker Takeover. First full lift to vertical launch position. and I will say PERFECT...

full operation run for the lift unit. one small bit of fine tuning and she is ready to put rockets in the sky.

Test of the lift system. A few head scratching moments and it works beautifully..

Project Ajax is now online.

Propellant test with oversized nozzle

54mm motor test with new blend Sparky