Superhero Children

Superhero Children Project is a philosophy, science, movement and art centered mindfulness and self-awareness program for children ages 6-15.

The decisions made that create and shape our world today are quite often sided with money and power rather than 'right' action. People have become disconnected from their inner voice for making decisions based on the virtue of love rather than a fear of not enough. What’s more is those who do follow their inner knowing of right action feel disconnected from one another and unable to bring about r

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Joyce Dillon's Heart-Broken Open Zoom Grief Retreat 01/30/2021

Joyce Dillon's Heart-Broken Open Zoom Grief Retreat

Joyce Dillon's Heart-Broken Open Zoom Grief Retreat Joyce Dillon is a loss and grief nurse therapist, certified health and wellness coach, life purpose facilitator, a pioneer in energy medicine, and a creativity teacher. Joyce has studied loss and grief with wise elder Dr. Malidoma Some have been mentored by renowned loss and grief author and teache...

Timeline Photos 01/16/2021

Timeline Photos

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Timeline Photos 01/16/2021

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Sacred Dreams 04/25/2019

The ADHD Overdiagnosis Epidemic Is a Schooling Problem, Not a Child One | Kerry McDonald

Yep. I have treated this with incredible success.
The 1st step: Teaching these children that they are NOT BAD CHILDREN! They TRULY believe they are just bad. And begin to act accordingly.
2nd Step: Teach them what energy is. See, their brains are actually shaped differently and process info differently. If given the chance (through an unschooling approach) to focus on what THEY want to focus on, they can fine tune into their chosen activity with laser precision and accomplish genius level things others can not. So teach them what energy is, how it works and why they have more of it than others. Let them know they are not bad. They are special.
3rd step: Once they know about energy, they are ready to take responsibility for it. Teach them methods of focusing their energy to create beauty rather than chaos. THIS lights them up incredibly. They've been taught again and again and again they must turn it off or else. When they learn they are capable of using this energy, and are taught methods of calming and focus, the actual REAL child emerges in the most beautiful way.
It takes 2 semesters of the SHC Wizard Training classes, but it works energy time. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percent of very young children who were diagnosed with ADHD increased by more than 50 percent over a recent five-year period. 10/14/2018

1 Million Children Meditating For World Peace In Thailand Meditation only works for the individual with inner peace, not for greedy and corrupt people; they have no heart and no soul, nothing is going to happen but war from them.


BBC News Africa

"I draw women because they suffer a lot" - this is Sheillah, the 9 year-old Kenyan artist painting from the heart.


Indigo Moons


Superhero Children's cover photo


**There is space for Only 8 students so register early**
Thursdays 4:00-4:45pm Sept 6-Dec13
301 E. 5th St in the Historic Heights $350/semester
ages 7-14

The Superhero Children Program Presents:
Wizard Training 101- a philosophy, science, meditation & art based class teaching students to connect to their hearts for:

*developing a healthy self-esteem
*learning to respond to bullying in a healthy and positive way
*taking responsibility for their own behavior and how they create their world
*discovering the beauty in the things that make them unique to learn to celebrate them rather than hide them
*using breathing techniques to become more centered in the moment to make healthy heart-centered choices

visit for more information and to register your child



This special needs superhero group is the representation many kids need to see.


Extraordinary People

This amazing kid has turned a subway platform into his therapy office


BBC News

These babies are tackling bullying at school (via BBC World Hacks)


Daily Vibes

Practice the pause.



Boy, he makes a pointe. Via 60 Second Docs


BBC London

Mindfulness according to 6 and 7-year-olds...

(Best enjoyed with the sound on 😇) (Via. BBC Family & Education News)



Pakistan's Iron Lady Muniba Mazari will tell you why failure is an option, but giving up is not

To watch the full video in HD or to embed it on your website, go here:


Jay Shetty

Don't limit a child's potential! Please share this!

[07/24/17]   Just a heads up for those interested... Beginning September, I'm offering a 6week 2hr Self-Awareness and Authenticity Life Skills class for adults for $275. Classes will be held from 4-6pm on Saturdays. You will be learning to see yourself and the world in a new way, with wonder and excitement, while learning to create an Authentic life and to let go of self-sabotaging Co-dependent behavior patterns. Students will also learn visualized breathing techniques such as the Grounding Breath, Heart Breath, and Elephant Meditation for calm and focus to give you tools to use to keep you centered in the moment. This class will be a prerequisite for the upcoming Authenticity Group Meetings that will follow after. I haven't yet created the advert, but since there is only space for 6 students in each class, I figured I would give you all an early heads up to reserve your space now.


BBC London

Mindfulness according to 6 and 7-year-olds...

(Best enjoyed with the sound on 😇) (Via. BBC Family & Education News) 05/08/2017

How Society Kills Our Creativity – In A Breathtaking Award-Winning Short Film If you relate with a sense of having your true self shunned by the society we live in, this one’s for you! And if you have kids on top of that, it will really hit home.



"If you listen to people, you won't live."

- Taraji P. Henson


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David Wolfe

This School Ditched Detention For Meditation And It Has Worked Wonders (Holistic Life Foundation, Inc.)


The Law Of Attraction

Love yourself.


Soul Mama

Students often come to me with an accepted identity as being 'the bad kid'. It's usually the student who has been labeled with ADHD. After years of being told to stop doing this or that by frustrated teachers, always getting in trouble for their over the top energy... They just submit to the roll. It isn't until half way through the second semester of the Superhero Children class that they finally realize that they have the power to choose how they will show up in the moment, the power to direct that incredible energy into positive avenues to create a different experience, that they finally let go and love and accept themselves just as they are. Rerouting and healing that belief of being 'bad' takes holding space for them again and again and reminding them that they get to choose, holding them responsible for their behavior while also giving them tools for focusing all of that incredible energy... The structure of the school system is not shaped for children. It's shaped for order. And most children will not fit the mold. And they begin to believe they're is something wrong with them. And they then create an entire world based on something being wrong with them. Instead, see the value in the uniqueness of every child. Did you know that children with ADHD process information differently than other children? Their brains are even shaped differently. And, when allowed to focus that energy on something they are passionate about, they can focus with laser point attention on that one thing they love better than other people can. It's a Superhero skill. See them. Find out what makes them light up and give them permission to go for it and be fully themselves. They will create something amazing. By criticizing them and trying to make them different than they are, rather than leading them to be their fullest selves, you deny the world of a person who could create something magnificent. We are all created perfectly in every detail to bring beauty to this world. It's by loving and celebrating our uniqueness that unhealthy behaviors fall away so that our greatest potential can step forward.

WATCH: Chen Miller is an extraordinary teacher in Israel. Hear her show how words can shift a child's self image. Share her story and help the education system for all children.

---> If you believe in helping others, you will love Soul Mama -- so like our page right now!



Making the impossible possible, watch how this young genius is solving one of the biggest environmental disasters of our time.

Learn more and The Ocean Cleanup


The Second Principle of the Superhero Children Project: We are the creators of our world and are SOLELY responsible for the quality of our own experience.


1st Principle of the Superhero Children Project: We are conscious electromagnetic bodies of water capable of receiving, storing and transmitting information... AND THAT IS AMAZING!!! 11/09/2016 11/02/2016

Discover the Control Dramas – Celestine Vision

Most everyone you encounter( including yourself) has a fail safe control drama they tend to slip into when in a statue of low energy. The Superhero Children concept of the Donut Eaters describes how we tend to take energy from others when we don't know how out just forget to build it ourselves.

Here is a list of 4 control dramas with a list of articles to read for learning how to counter them in an energetically healthy way. Have fun with this! Try to see how many dramas you can diffuse in one day and share them with us here to let us know how it works! CREATING A SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPRelationships…When they are healthy and balanced, they can be life-giving and energizing. A supportive relationship, founded in love, whether it is romantic or friendship based, can offer an invigorating level of companionship and life-long support. In a balanced re...


Maria Montessori

"Unless we teach our children peace, someone else will teach them violence." -Colman McCarthy


The Mind Unleashed

This so works!!!

This is the coolest thing I've heard in a week!



Superhero Training Levels 1 and 2 are now available for private groups!

Taught as a 5 class workshop, these classes are available for private groups of up to 6 students (more students can be included in some cases.) It is best if classes occur at least twice per week to maintain the momentum of the material, although they can be scheduled to occur once a week for 5 weeks

Learning this material with a group of friends and siblings is a dynamic way to incorporate the lessons with the support and understanding of peers. Please see the class descriptions below.

Group workshop - $750 - Up to 6 students per group
(Divided amongst 6 students, the cost is $125 per student)

Includes a 30 minute private session with Alexis Moore for each student to help guide them through the lessons. Also includes email updates to the Superhero Parents with a summary of what was learned in each class, links to videos or directions for home experiments and 'Questions for Pondering' designed to include the entire family in the learning experience. It is very helpful for parents to learn and implement the material along with their Superhero Children.

Level 1: Planting Seeds for Self-Awareness -
A conceptual introduction to our truest selves and to the facinating world in which we live

This 5 session workshop will use conceptual quantum physics, visual meditation, breathing exercises, scientific experiments, journaling and philosophical 'pondering' to give a crash course in understanding who we are, how we interact with ourselves and others, and how we can take responsibility for creating the world around us. Students will learn concepts such as what it means that our bodies are filled with water, a malleable crystal, that the Earth's surface is 80% silicon crystal, that our thoughts and emotions can be measured and that they have been scientifically proven to alter the molecular structure of water molecules and many many other fascinating ideas.

We will discuss the concepts philosophically, perform scientific experiments to learn more about the world around us, watch videos to learn the hard science behind these concepts and create visual representation of our conclusions in our journals. We will also learn breathing exercises and visualized meditations to explore the abilities of our own inner vision and learn ways to slow down an over active body, draw strength when we feel insecure and find the answers to our questions by tapping into the vast information we each have within us.

A private mini-session for each student is also included in this workshop.

This course is designed to awaken the inner superhero and prepare them for Superhero Training- Level 2.

Contact Alexis for more information or to register your child for the workshop.

Level 2: As Above So Below -
Integrating conceptual knowledge with inner knowing

This 5 session workshop will delve much deeper into the bigger concepts introduced in Level 1 and will guide students to implement the concepts of self-awareness and inner-guidance into their daily lives.

A private mini-session is also included in this course.

Contact Alexis for more information or to schedule a group workshop.


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