Ana's Art Haven Studio

The program incorporated introducing youth to art, literature, drama, and dance, which lead to an appointment as Fine Arts Editor for Entering Toledo magazine.

Ana Chapman is an artist from Texas, residing in the Houston area that pulls her inspiration from many years of travel as a traveling medical sales representative and manager. During her college years, she provided for the needs of herself and young daughter by selling her artworks to Northern dealerships, doctors, attorney offices, and various businesses and Ohio collectors. While at the Universi

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Incredible talent

N1M Charts 12/14/2022

N1M Charts

Part 2...
Left it on auto pilot.
Just checked back. Received beautiful reviews from all over the world, from people who typically don't even like Christian music, who are now coming to Christ, encouraging me to keep following the Lord and sharing Him....
And without any promotion on my part, ECHO OF THE FALL, from the musical FOREVER JUBILEE, jumped to #1 globally, across all genres. ( Over 19 million artists, over 99 million listeners ).
Jesse from the Rac Man Christian Radio shows, has been featuring my songs, which are heard nationally on several stations, AND
My song, GOD WITH US, is still in the finals in the UK Songwriting Contest ( includes 81 nations ). 9 songs went into the finals.
All I can say is, Thank You, my Dear Savior, for the timely encouragement and confirmation. And thanks to all of you. I pray you are continually blessed with the music as my only desire is to lift Yeshua up in this hour, with songs that are Word based, because the Word never returns void.
As the Lord once shared with me, " all the words of men combined, do not add up to a humph in the Kingdom of Heaven. "

N1M Charts

N1M Charts 12/14/2022

N1M Charts

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Any of you that follow my posts even a little bit, realize I have checked out recently. When the people that are closest to you are facing very serious, intensely prayer focused and life threatening or altering situations, including my own health.... It is hard to stay focused.
I do indeed, believe that I am called to share the truth of Yeshua 's love and His Word, " in Spiritual songs." Being used to save souls is as important to me as breathing.
And that was recently challenged by a man who has a song writing "mentoring" business, who told me the song, MY GOD, was trite and needed "a lot of work." (after listening to the first verse and half of the chorus).
The song that contains 17 Prophecies that are knit together and the Shikinah glory filled my living room when it was DELIVERED...he said was trite and needed work. (and for $12,000 and 8 sessions, he would teach me how to be a true writer.)
So, in the midst of every thing else going on, I felt kicked in the gut regarding my calling.

But then the Holy Spirit stepped into the situation.

I have been ignoring my my music and have left it on

N1M Charts

Cat And Lynx Become Inseparable Friends 12/02/2022

Cat And Lynx Become Inseparable Friends

Cat And Lynx Become Inseparable Friends An European Lynx had a feline friend who came to visit her everyday at the Leningrad (St Petersburg) Zoo, the oldest zoo in Russia. The calico cat bonded with the Lynx on the first day they met. They have been inseparable since. Now they are living together at the Zoo. According to the local people....

Amanda 'Blue' Leigh - Come And Dance With Me 11/08/2022

Amanda 'Blue' Leigh - Come And Dance With Me

You have to listen to this artist I just discovered! SOOO GOOD!!!

Amanda 'Blue' Leigh - Come And Dance With Me Film Director: Helena RautenbachArtist/Producer: Amanda Blue Robin Auld .Co-producer.Guitars/other. Roger Bashew .Co-producer.Keys/other Fancy Galada, Nhoza ...

Stuck In The Uncanny Valley Teaser Trailer by [Growing Up Autie] 11/05/2022

Stuck In The Uncanny Valley Teaser Trailer by [Growing Up Autie]

I truly believe that this project should be supported.

Stuck In The Uncanny Valley Teaser Trailer by [Growing Up Autie] I need your help to fund this short film about the Uncanny Valley as it pertains to the Autistic experience. I believe this theory explains the bullying, abu...

North Texas Treasure Hunters - Part 2 10/14/2022

North Texas Treasure Hunters - Part 2

Part two...enjoy watching!

North Texas Treasure Hunters - Part 2 North Texas Treasure Hunters is a feature length ntTV special told over the course of three thirty minute episodes. It follows the story of four college stud...

North Texas Treasure Hunters Episode 1 10/14/2022

North Texas Treasure Hunters Episode 1

Watch part one and two of this enjoyable film made at N. Tx University in Denton. Part three is in editing.

North Texas Treasure Hunters Episode 1 North Texas Treasure Hunters follows four college students, each at different phases of their college careers as they come together in search of one of UNT's...


Just submitted my music for airplay consideration on Kohala Radio, one of Hawaii's top independent radio stations!


Just submitted music to be featured in the new game, PLAYBOOK. Look for it on Steam, Oculus, and other game platforms. Check it out here:


My song A RESCUER, is #1 across ALL GENRES Globally for the third week on n1m, and my song MY GOD, is #2 across ALL GENRES Globally, moved from #3. Trying to get these songs onto ReverbNation yet even though they are in MP3 format, it keeps telling me it needs to be in MP3 format


Just added a video





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