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I help people master their mindset and message.

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Hey Houston friends!

I’m teaching a 2 hour in person event for local entrepreneurs, business owners And Message makers on how to launch a podcast in 2023!

Join us for a 2 hour podcast launch clinic Saturday, December 10th

Click on the bio link to enroll


Meet our event presenter/moderator for tomorrow’s event: Jay Sutton

Jay is a podcast producer and founder of Destroying Doubt Media, a Media Production Company dedicated to producing high-quality podcast content for business owners looking to launch, grow, and monetize their podcasts.

He has been in the audio/video industry for over 7 years, working in radio and television. He has been a producer & host for ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Florida. He has produced well over 400 radio, television, and podcast episodes combined.

Come and met Jay tomorrow at our event (Weds, Oct 19th)

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Meet one of our panelists:

Rita Bautista is the Founder + CEO of the Latina Podcasters Network and Latino Pods Network. Her love for podcasting began with the launch of her first podcast in 2019. After seeing the lack of representation in the podcast media space, Rita began to change the landscape of podcasting by bringing awareness to the Latinx Podcast

Talent in the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The podcasts on her
networks have 150K+ monthly downloads (2.5 million lifetime
downloads) and over 40+ podcasts in English, Spanish, and Spanglish by Latinas, Latinos, Latine, Latinx communities, and LGBTQ+ podcast hosts.

Rita will be part of an incredible podcasting all-star lineup next week (Wednesday, Oct 19th) to share his do’s and don’ts of podcasting.

Meet Rita in person and learn from one of Houston’s top podcasting professionals.

Don’t forget to register down below and donate what you can.

Thank you!!

With gratitude,
Founder of Pod Houston


Don’t invest your energy into the things that don’t light you up, instead focus and double down on building up your greatness!


Don't "just" fit people into your schedule. Do it with intention and make that time with them meaningful.


If you want to attract the audience, become the culture first.


Creators will become the entrepreneurs of the future.



Anytime we do something new and challenging, we discover new levels of ourselves we've never tapped into.

Like when Peter Parker first discovered he could climb walls and swing from building to building.

Or when Neo discovered he was a fighting kung-fu machine in the first Matrix movie. (I love that movie)

I recently bumped into a past client, Tom Fanara, a 65-year-old software designer/engineer and microservices specialist with over 20 years of experience.

Earlier this year, I helped Tom launch his podcast, where he shared his passion and love for microservices. I didn't even know what that was until I met Tom, so I learned a thing or two about that world. *side note*

Tom stopped me with a big smile and thanked me for helping him launch his podcast. He then mentioned that because of the podcast, he was able to deliver a crowd-pleasing presentation with confidence and articulation.

He credited his dedicated hours behind the podcast microphone as the main reason he felt so confident during his presentation.

He said, "Podcasting is why I was able to speak clearly and confidently. Thank you for showing me the world of Podcasting."

This lit me up with joy and gratitude because I was able to help someone free their voice and connect with their confidence.

This is much more than getting behind the mic, publishing content, and telling everyone, "Hey guys. I have a new podcast episode!" It got me thinking about the superpowers podcasting can unleash on people's lives.

Podcasting can teach us so much about our voice.

It can help us with confidence, articulation, storytelling, and using the beauty of voice to connect with our community.

I am constantly discovering the power of Podcasting, and I couldn't be more grateful/happier than to be able to help leaders, creatives, and business owners use voice to make a difference not only to the world but themselves.

With gratitude,


Good morning!

October is here.

So much to be excited and grateful about.

Sending you good vibes and love.

Photos from OZEAL's post 10/01/2022

Today is International Podcast Day 🎙

As a podcaster, podcast coach, and community leader, it's been a true honor to be a part of this amazing, supportive community.

I've had the opportunity to connect with so many talented and creative individuals.

I've been able to help other entrepreneurs and creatives launch their own podcasts.

I've organized over 100 events in the podcasting space, not to mention, our awesome Pod Houston: For Independent Podcasters community that continues to inspire me every day.

Cheers to all the podcasters out there who have the courage to commit to the mic and message. Our industry continues to grow and show the world how powerful our voice can be.

Mad love, respect and keep podcasting your message.



Make happiness a part of your purpose.


Being alive is what we have right now. Be grateful every moment you get to experience this fantastic voyage.


What's the best piece of career or business advice you've ever read or received?


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?


As someone who is an over thinker, my mentor once said, "Don't spend years for that first hour"

Let it land.

Hope this helps.


No matter the let down, just keep smiling and flow forward, even if that means taking it easy and giving your energy a rest.

CoachOzeal on TikTok 09/22/2022

CoachOzeal on TikTok

If you’re on TikTok, let’s rock

CoachOzeal on TikTok One superpower all podcasters have!


About to record 4 new podcast episodes!
Any episode topics I should cover?


What's ONE goal you would like to accomplish before the year is over?


If you can do what most people won't do, you will have what most people can't have.



Any time you feel down, turn up your sense of gratitude and appreciate you are ALIVE at this moment.


Being confident in what you do is simply being ready and mastering the art of repetition.
Keep putting in the reps👊🏼


Don’t be Afraid to go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is


Dear Creator,

You have everything you need to succeed.

Create and Share.


Saying "No" doesn't mean you're shutting the door on opportunity, it means you're empowering your ability to say "Yes!" to the right door to open.


Content is king.
Consistency is queen.


Good Morning, mi gente!

Walking and sharing something here with you.

Let's have a blissful week!


Create. Ship. Repeat.


The creator economy is exploding right now and as a creator, it's exciting to see so many creators emerging and building real businesses behind their mission.

Adobe published an insightful, data driven creator which was super interesting. A kew key takeaways:

Creators who make daily content and/or spend 10+ hours per week creating report being happiest overall.

Most creators (69%) and influencers (84%) say creating and sharing online content is a creative outlet they can’t find elsewhere.

One in two influencers say using social media or creating social content is more important to their mental health than listening to music (31%), exercising (30%) and going outside in nature (27%).

In the U.S. alone, the Creator Economy grew by 34 million new creators (40%). Brazil (+73 million new creators), South Korea (+11 million) and Spain (+10 million) also emerged as hot spots for creativity.

One in four people (23%) are creators contributing photography, videography, creative writing and more to online spaces including social media platforms and blogs.

Millennials represent 42% of the Creator Economy. By comparison, Gen Z represents 14%.

48% of creators are universally motivated by the same goal: freedom of expression. Less than one-third of creators (26%) are motivated by money.

Full study link down below 👇🏽

Send a message to learn more.



Hard lesson learned but no room to feel guilty for scheduling your priorities.

Shout out to Ryan Holiday for sharing this image.


There's no experts or "gurus" out there, don't believe the hype.

We're ALL figuring this thing out.

Continue to invest in yourself, define your message and ask yourself "What kind of impact do I want to make on the world?"

Focus on that.



Your difference is your superpower. "Better" than the next is a lie. You being who YOU are is what we want.


The more you take away, the more you can give to new experiences, opportunities and the things that bring you joy.


Did we rest or work today?


If I were king for the day…


Happiness is the greatest pursuit.


Good morning!

Hot and humid walk and talk…



I'm teaching a 2-hour, in person "Podcast Launch Workshop" Saturday, Sept 24th.

This event is limited to 10 people and it will be collaborative, interactive and super valuable.

We'll have Q&A, direct coaching and it'll be packed with everything you need to know to launch a successful podcast with a

👉🏼 Defined Brand
👉🏽 Community building strategy
👉🏽 Marketing strategy
👉🏼 Monetization strategy

It's only $97 dollars to secure your seat which is a steal considering my 1:1 coaching programs are at a higher..way higher price point 😎

So if you're in Houston and would like to launch a podcast to master and monetize your message.

Join me Sat, Sept 24th!

Link posted down below....


Good morning and happy Friday, my friend!

It’s been fun sharing content with you on this page all week. Thank you for following and your support.

I appreciate you.

I’ll be making a few tweaks on this page and pumping out more content. Stick around😎

And if there’s something specifically you would like me to share more of this week, comment down below 👇🏽

Have a great day!

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