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Listen, if I myself have to scale back on my spending due to the rising cost of inflation, why would I want to give you what money I was able to save (if any). So, that you may scale forward or continue to live a lifestyle that you are unable to afford, or sustain?

Brothers and sisters, we have to do better, not only by ourselves, but by others as well. I am not going to give you my last, so that you may continue to live an unsustainable lifestyle.

There is nothing wrong with helping those that are truly in need. However, be mindful of how the need was created by the person in need. Sometimes, you may actually just be supporting an individual's unsustainable lifestyle.

Also, sometimes, playing the "role" of someone in need, is a quick come up for some.

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So true


Yes, this is so true.


Today's message is about choice-

Always remember that you have a choice in everything that you do, now, you may not like the consequences of the choices at hand. However, you still have a choice, it is important that you remember that, moving forward in your life. Never, ever, allow someone to make you feel as if you do not have a choice. YOU, are a choice, so, why not choose that option ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sometimes, we are so caught up on trying to make things happen on our own, and thinking that the situation we are going through is so tough and not of God. That we can't see how God, is in that very situation, that we think is of the devil. Sometimes, God won't dress up your blessing as a blessing, he will dress it up as a miracle. To show you just how much he loves you, and how far he is willing to go for you. It is In that situation, that neither you or anyone else, can deny that was anything else, other than God.


One thing I want us all to do is, stop letting everyone and anyone pray over you. You don't know what these people are praying for or who their praying to. Just because someone appears to be of the same faith, doesn't mean that they are, and even if they are, you don't know their true intentions. When they say I am going to pray for you, I say okay, and ask them what about. If they choose to not share the details of their prayer, I simply say okay, thanks. I whisper under my breath, that I do not come into agreement with anything that this person is saying, and leave it at that. Because, you can't stop them from praying, however, you do not have to come into agreement with it.


When life gives you an opportunity for a break, take it! Don't worry about the things that you cannot control. Take the much needed break, and enjoy yourself. Go outside, enjoy the weather, go to a park, or just go and simply connect with nature. Whatever you do, make it fun! For what is work, without a little bit of play time?

Enjoy your day, my FB friends!


Being motivated by negative criticism, is great. However, being motivated by self is even better. You can use their jealousy for additional fuel, but not as your main source. Take it from someone that thrived in proving someone wrong. That will only get you so far, and once their silent, where does that leave you at? With self. The thing is, you are still dependent upon someone else's opinion of you, in order to do something great in your life. Understand, not every critic, is your enemy. Some, just want you to excell and be a better version of yourself. Only you can be the judge of that. Take this as food for thought, always check the motives and intentions behind every action, yes, both yours and theirs. You might be surprised at what you find out.

Again, do the work now, and don't worry about thanking me until later. ๐Ÿ˜


It is important that we all do our own research. When a person tells you something, it is wise to take it with a grain of salt. For even a prophet was deceived, by another prophet. We have all fallen short of our own standards. Yet, we still teardown others, when we haven't fully built ourselves back up. We all have an expiration date, so, why waste your precious time trying to tear someone else down? We are all trying to navigate this road, we are learning as we go. Stop holding on to hurt, that no longer serves you, instead, learn from it, and heal from it. Then, share your stories with others, that's what it's about (at least to me). For what good does knowledge do, if it is not shared with others, in some type of capacity? Love yourself my FB friends, because if you don't, who in the world on Earth will?

You all can thank me later. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Providing help and aid, are not the same as being a hindrance to someone, via trying to save them, when they are not ready to be saved. Clear your own issues out first.


You will never be enough, for someone who isn't enough for themselves. The same applies to you as well. Stop thinking that you can save everyone, no one could save you, when you were going through your own storm, or when you were doing your own thing. So, what makes you think that just because now you're healed, you can go out and save everyone else, when you are still dealing with your own survivors remorse?


We all have our own path, that we must walk down. Allow others to walk down their path in peace, sometimes holding on to people is actually hindering them, and not loving or saving them. We must all learn our own lessons, the way God intended for us to learn. Just like YOU, had to learn yours. Don't let your fear cause you to hinder someone else's growth.

You can thank me later ๐Ÿ˜Œ.


Everything that is happening to you, that may seem like the enemy, is not the enemy. It's actually God, propelling you into your future. Stop wasting time fighting against the wrong, you're never going to win against people that are determined to misunderstand you. Spend your time focusing on what God, has placed in your heart, and learning the lesson, that will bring you your blessing.

You can thank me later๐Ÿ˜‰


Dwight Don

It's important to understand that, "love" starts within. You can't truly love someone in a healthy way, if you don't love yourself. Having been there myself, I can speak from first hand experience, it won't work, nor will it last. Do the work on YOURSELF, take all of that energy and effort to try to love them, and put it towards yourself. You are deserving of that, and you are more precious than silver and gold. Always remember that.

Ase and So Mote It Be.


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