Stable at Stono Ferry

Stable at Stono Ferry


I live along the back fields There have been broken fencing down for weeks. Can we get it fixed please.
Just FYI 2018 PSJ schedule.
Where can I buy timothy or orchard hay near Edisto Island?
Stone Ferry Moms, return your thumb drives so I can load them up with the last two shows! Put them in the zip bag by the little Tack room! I will be out Thursday.
Congratulations are in order for Jane McCrae and Merritt and trainer Cyndi Simpson for their 1st and 2nd place finish in the $500.00 2' Derby!
Not a bad haul for two days of showing!

Boarding, lessons and showing. Leadline to Pony Finals!

Operating as usual

Photos from Stable at Stono Ferry's post 07/10/2023

Congratulations to Trix and Penelope-Grand Champions in Short Stirrup at Pony Spectacular

Training horses with rewards 12/12/2022

This is why no treats!

Training horses with rewards To accommodate a horse’s associative talents, provide the right rewards at the right time, and only for behavior you want to encourage.

5 Things Any Rider Can Do To Be Successful - The Plaid Horse Magazine 12/12/2022

5 Things Any Rider Can Do To Be Successful - The Plaid Horse Magazine Though natural born talent can provide you with great benefits in the show ring, this gift can only take you so far when it comes to overall success. Being a talented rider is important, but there are qualities that you can acquire that will allow you to perform to the best of your ability. Here are...


DID YOU KNOW? Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 PSJ wants to remind you why our December show is Special! All members of the PSJ get a free division at our December 9-11th show! This is only 1 of the many perks of being a member. ⭐️

Member forms can be found under the “POINTS” tab


It takes a village and we have a great one
Thank you Grant Eagon for repairing the irrigation pipe!

Spring Forward Challenge 04/11/2022

Spring Forward Challenge What is the Spring Forward Challenge? This challenge is meant to help motivate you, stay focused, and stay accountable as you work towards your own equestrian goals and dreams! You will be able to...



Let them be horses.

Turn them out, let them run.
Let them buck, let them leap, rather in the field than the arena, right?

Give them a herd, even a herd of two.
Let them be with other horses, what’s a life without friends?

Give them downtime, not just days off riding, but days to enjoy life.
Happy horses are trainable horses.

Take the rug off, let them feel the sun.
Let them roll in the mud, a little dirt never hurt anyone.

Escape the arena and explore, don’t stick to the well worn path.
The most beautiful places are usually found by accident.

Showing them how much you love them doesn’t have to come from buying expensive things.

You can buy every rug, all the boots, the best tack, wash them, groom them, feed them, put them in the best yard, with the best facilities and wrap them up in cotton wool, but one day you’ll realise the best thing you could possibly do...

.. is just let them be horses.


For all the riders who have not learned distances, here is a simple list.

What we do is to take a tape measure, and a roll of duct tape, and put a piece of tape at the edge of the barn aisle every 12 feet, until we run out of aisle.

Then, walk it, over and over, until we get four of our paces per piece of duct tape, in other words, each stride is three feet.

So, the math:

A one stride in and out is 24 feet, 6 for where you land, one 12 foot stride, 6 for where you take off.

2 strides=36 feet. 3 strides= 48 feet. 4 strides=60 feet. 5 strides=72 feet. Beyond five strides, many riders just ride off their eye.

Now, sure, not every horse lands in 6 exact feet, takes one or more exact 12 foot strides, and leaves the ground an exact 6 feet in front of the next fence, but that is the usual assumption that course builders use, so you need to learn it.

For gymnastics, like what Bert De Nemethy is doing in this picture, trot poles or cavaletti will be roughly 4 1/2 to 5 feet apart.

A bounce will be anywhere from 9-11 feet. A 1 stride, 18-20 feet. A 2 stride, 30 to maybe 33 feet. These distances are shorter, because the horse enters the line at a trot, not at a canter.

Any jumping rider who wants to get to be any good at the craft will spend hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours in a jump ring watching, studying, walking, setting jumps, learning all of this.

This intense interest ALWAYS differentiates the people who are serious from the dilettantes. It is absolutely your choice which you want to be.


On-site lease at Stable at Stono Ferry-the best large pony for WT-Crossrails. Safe and great teacher. Please PM if interested.

Stono Ferry Plantation 11/20/2021

Get your gear here:

Stono Ferry Plantation Besco Awards has been supplying quality awards and merchandise to our customers since 1982. We are the official supplier to Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. IEA,and Saddlebred Rescue. All designs are original artwork by Barbara Brannen Southgate and are exclusively for Besco Awards.

Photos from Stable at Stono Ferry's post 11/05/2021

Sunset at Highfields

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PSJ Mini Medal
Learning to canter
Ella and Winston jumping





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