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Hungarian Dance by Johannes Brahms...practice session sister duo Ananya and Sukanya
Sister duo..
Ananya practices while Sukanya helps out with duet portion! Thank you Ms Brenda for being an amazing music teacher.
We are giving away 10 Piano Footrests. Perfect for piano students whose feet don't rest firmly on the floor. Better hand position, better posture, less wiggling. More productive lessons, less student fatigue.
Click on the picture to enter to win a free footrest, and give us your thoughtful feedback. Teachers and parents of students are welcome.
Gold medalist recital Sonata-Sonatina 2017 with Ms. Brenda Buchanan
Gold medalist recital...Sonata-Sonatina 2017
[email protected]

Individualized music instruction and music therapy services for all ages (Schaumburg/Hoffman/Roselle)

Operating as usual

[06/11/21]   Summer Session started June 1 - but we still have a few lesson times open! Call or email if you would like to join in!

[04/23/21]   If you would like to post a review for Notes 88 Music Studio, please do so TODAY. Others would like to hear your story and your experience!

How to Help Your Child Learn Piano 03/31/2021

How to Help Your Child Learn Piano
Some great ideas on PRACTICING here !

How to Help Your Child Learn Piano Do you want your child to stay excited about practicing? Here are some great ways that you can help your child learn piano and have fun!

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Piano 03/31/2021

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Piano

10 Ways to take care of your PIANO

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Piano Looking for ways to take good care of your piano? Here are 10 important things to do to make sure that your piano sounds great for years.

How to Get Your Child Excited to Play an Instrument 03/01/2021

How to Get Your Child Excited to Play an Instrument

How to Get Your Child Excited to Play an Instrument From constructing homemade instruments to taking your child to live performance, here are a few ways to get your child excited about playing an instrument.

Six Tips for Making the Most of Your Piano Lessons 03/01/2021

Six Tips for Making the Most of Your Piano Lessons
Parents: This is for YOU

Six Tips for Making the Most of Your Piano Lessons From asking a lot of questions to staying on track with practicing, here are six tips for making the most of your piano lessons. 11/10/2020

A Musical Story...Wild Symphony by Dan Brown

A music teacher reads this new book for you by Dan Brown called Wild Symphony.
ENJOY!! Ms. Angela VDS Music Teacher


Music Therapy Hub

Have you heard about music therapy? Watch this video to get a snapshot of the profession. Don't forget to like, comment, and share to help spread the word! #musictherapyhub #musictherapyadvocacy

Follow Music Therapy Hub on Facebook and YouTube to learn more!


Music Therapy Hub

Music therapist, musician, music volunteer... We all use music but we use it differently to do different things. Check out this short video to see what is so unique and specialized about the training and work of a credentialed music therapist. #musictherapyhub #musictherapyadvocacy #mtbc


Great advice for all musicians!! 09/22/2020

Websites for Kids

Here is a link to MTNA's site which features excellent music resources for students. I recommend you check out these music games and other information! Today's music teachers are faced with new challenges: Students live in a fast-paced "wow-me" world; they are not necessarily motivated by intrinsic values, but rather seek to be entertained by something or someone. Oftentimes, computers fulfill this role, playing a large part in the lives of student...



Two of my students - big sis helping little sis with her piece!

Sister duo..
Ananya practices while Sukanya helps out with duet portion! Thank you Ms Brenda for being an amazing music teacher.


We The People: 2020 Independence Day Concert

A musical tribute well worth watching. I highly recommend this!

Celebrate the enduring values that make America strong, resilient and compassionate with an online Independence Day concert at Washington National Cathedral,...


FREE piano - near the studio - call 847-343-2871


Happy Summer !!

Here are some useful practice tips:

[05/25/20]   Amazing playlists of wonderful music FREE streaming - here: 05/25/2020

Steinway Streaming

Listen to THIS:
Bach for Kids!
and MORE at!/steinway/album.jsp?album_id=2403687 A musical tour of the western hemisphere illuminated by the TransAtlantic Ensemble and filled with visceral dance rhythms which spring to life with every touch of a key.


Our Virtual Spring Recital was a big hit and very successful! Thank you to all our young musicians playing the piano, drums, and flute!

Summer Session begins today and ends August 20. Sign up for some lessons at the same rate as Spring Semester! Contact us for more details - 04/12/2020

Music Maker . Games . peg + cat | PBS KIDS

PBS has music games for young kids - like this one :
Post "I know why" if you can answer my question - why does the pitch go HIGHER when you move the towers LOWER?

ALSO see for more FUN!

and 04/10/2020

Home - PTG Main Site

Students - check out - the Piano Technicians Guild - see their Student Resources for online music games, worksheets, activities, and videos! Also tips about caring for your piano.

[04/01/20]   Looking for some online music activities?


Parents: These pages show the contents (songs) contained in all the FUN Faber supplemental books! Ask your child which one they would like to have and order it (current Level)!


Music to disinfect your piano: Clair de Lune

I've been playing something that sounds much like this all week!! LOL

We have our 20-second handwashing song-- why not a song to play while we disinfect the piano?


The Circle of Fifths made clear

A GREAT and entertaining explanation of an important musical phenomenon ! In this video I explain Circle of Fifths and demonstrate some of its many uses in music composition. This video is part of a l... 12/30/2019

Notes88 Music Studio (piano, guitar, ukelele, voice, drums and woodwinds) on Google Spring Semester begins January 6, 2020 See the web site at for details! 12/15/2019

Notes88 Music Studio (piano, guitar, ukelele, voice, drums and woodwinds) on Google Spring Semester begins January 6, 2020 - Contact us for details!


This speaks for itself!


Vance Bollinger

My former student, Vance, playing Dolphin Dance at a gig - I'm so proud of him!

First, I want to say a big "thank you" to all who've liked my page! This one is for you. Also, those of you who know me know this is probably my favorite jazz standard, so I hope you enjoy! Recorded live July 11, 2019.


Our next Studio Community Service performance will be on Sunday, November 17, at 3:00 at Sunrise Senior Living in Schaumburg! Join us for a great music-making experience! 09/13/2019

Notes88 Music Studio (piano, guitar, ukelele, voice, drums and woodwinds) on Google

NOW OFFERING - Piano lessons and Flute lessons in our Palatine studio on Saturday mornings! CALL 217-246-7958 to reserve your time! NOW OFFERING piano and flute lessons in our Palatine location on Saturday mornings!!


Do you GET it??

School is starting back up. Advocate for music in our classrooms!

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Your Daily Dose Of Smiles

Talented and Amazing Choreography 😲😲🥰🥰


As we get ready for Fall Semester, parents may find this to be useful information: 07/16/2019

New photo added to shared album

Drum Camp !!

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Diya and Ms. B
Diya's composition
Spring Recital



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