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We provide Life and Business Coaching for those who are looking to make a meaningful change in their life. What makes you feel alive? Who are the positive influences in your life?

What drives you to be the best you? What is your definition of success? What are your short and long term goals? Do you live with regrets? The answers to these questions could be clues to a more sustainable life for you and the people around you. If you are feeling stuck in your everyday life, it could be that the story you have been told about "success" and maybe what you should want isn't really

Operating as usual


Yes! Life begins when you start living outside your comfort zone.


Happy Monday!!! Today I want to talk about growth and change and how it can be scary.....and we all move at our own pace. Be patient with those you know who are struggling with change.....vulnerability takes courage and strength!!!! Small steps, are still steps!


It’s Friday, y’all! As much as we all look forward to this day( unless you work weekends lol).....there is a message that shines so true.....stop waiting for a day, an event or time to be happy where you are........ with what you have! Here’s to a great day! ❤️


Hey y'all! Some changes are underway at my Coaching company.....Centered Minds Coaching....and I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!.I look forward to rolling out new logos, podcasts and posts that will help bring my passion to help others to social media! If you can please visit, share and encourage my page that would be so great!!!! Please feel free to reach out with any questions.......thanks so much!!!! #newchapter #biggerandbetter #lifesaboutchange


It's made it this far.....keep it up, but make it count!



Everything, the good the bad, the ugly and the fkin terrifying.



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Blue Jean Lady


Rebecca Cooper, Author

Let 'em break through the dang roof, loves.

via Erin Van Vuren 😘


The Best Quotes ever Written


Rebecca Cooper, Author

Be your OWN hero today. ❤️


Let us help you learn to silence your over active mind with self talk and get a great nights sleep!


Don't compare yourself to others!


A tribute on this day to a great man with a great heart! I love this quote it says so much in so little words. We all can do great things in our own way......go on with this day and be great!


Even if it's a tip toe, take the step


It's never too late!!! Call us today to start your new path!


Be yourself and embrace it!


Don't make yourself a prisoner.


Good morning world!!! Let's all change our thoughts starting now and have a fabulous day!!!!


Let us help you change how you look at things!


Good morning!! Let's have a great attitude to face any problem that comes our way today!


Find that positive thought and make peace at the end of your night! Good night world. 💤💤💤


Life coaching can help you set goals to keep you thinking positively!


Let us help you from the inside out!


It's never to late to "turn around"

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Let's not be afraid to fly.......oh the possibilities. 😊


It takes YOU to step up to make the change! Call us today and we can help guide you along the way! Make 2016 the year for you!


Well all need to stop dwelling, but instead start seeing what is to come!

[01/06/16]   There are a lot of changes coming here in 2016! As you may have noticed, we have under gone a major revamp and even a name change!!! Keep checking back for even more exciting new things headed this way.


Centered Minds Coaching


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Hi! I’m Casey. Coach. Mom. Warrior. Encourager.


As people all muddle through life, raising kids, trying to excel in careers, being good spouses, and keeping up homes, they often lose sight of who they are and what they need to continue to give to each aspect of life in a healthy, positive way.

It's through coaching you can change your course, learn not to sweat the small stuff and set the DAMN boundaries that are needed to be the best self you can! Yes, y’all I said DAMN……. sometimes you just have to tell it how it is!





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