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The bassoon studio of Gerik Fon-Revutzky.

[03/13/20]   Count as of now ... 3 (of 6) HS's on e-learning or no after school activities, so Skype lessons for them all, and Joliet Junior College joined the masses with an extended week of break to prep, followed by online teaching. At least I get to see much more of my kids! Let the games begin!

[01/31/20]   CONGRATULATIONS to studio members;

Andrew - ILMEA 1st chair Honors Orchestra
Elizabeth - ILMEA 1st chair Band


Oberlin Conservatory Faculty Profile: Katherine Jolly, Soprano

A fellow musician, and someone that I went to HS with! BRAVA!!!

Oberlin Conservatory Faculty Profile: Soprano Katherine Jolly focuses on physical and mental wellness in her teaching, using yoga, dance, and mindfulness exe...


Too true, though something quite different than a group of musicians come up with!

This happens even when given a starting note!


Saxton Rose Discusses the Rite of Spring Bassoon Solos

Some thoughts about the Rite of Spring Bassoon Solos, and a few tips, suggestions, and practice strategies for preparing them.


Good deal!

Pro tip: this also includes some very fashionable Barton Cane merchandise like t-shirts, water bottles and tote bags!!! 10/03/2019

» Scott Pool Masterclass

Here is a blog I wrote up about our recent masterclass with Scott Pool! On a crisp, rainy Saturday morning, September 21st, the Fon-Revutzky Studio held a masterclass with Scott Pool. Scott was kind enough to come give this masterclass during his Illinois recital tour. Scott is the bassoon professor at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, as well as being the Academy D...


A wonderful week at #IDRS2019! As always. The Moosmann booth had some wonderful visitors, and good laughs as always! See you next year in Iowa! 06/28/2019

Once You're My Student, You're Always My Student

So very true! I am happy to say that I maintain close ties to many former students, and love to hear from any that I haven't heard from in a while! You're always my students, and I'll continue to do whatever I can for you! Some students are now colleagues, and I couldn't be happier. I'll be there for you...if you need me.


Drum Sharing

... oops!

OMG! OMG! OMG!🙈😂😮😱😂


7:11 Polyrhythms

Now *this* is a rhythm!

This video teaches you exactly how to break down a 7 against 11 polyrhythm, and play it. Why? Because memes can be a way to musical aptitude. It should have ...


Got my copy! A big thank you to Frank Morelli for putting this new edition together! *Everybody* should get this edition now! Absolutely superb!


ORBI - Fight Fire With Fire

Amazing group!

ORBI - The Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments - Orbi plays a mix of symphonic rock, blues and even metal in a 'chamber music' setting. It's a ...


ORBI - Fight Fire With Fire

Amazing group!

ORBI - The Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments - Orbi plays a mix of symphonic rock, blues and even metal in a 'chamber music' setting. It's a ...

[12/21/18]   I have taught 1,183 lessons this year, and 68 classes of General Music at the college!!! -- 1 more day at the Midwest Band/Orch Clinic tomorrow, and I am OFF for the rest of the year!!!!!! 08/02/2018

Illinois Wesleyan: Eckley Scholar Explores the Logical Reasoning of Canines

A former student's latest project! BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Music and psychology double major Kate McHugh ’21 (Palatine, Illinois) is exploring the question of whether or not dogs have the capacity to use inductive reasoning through a series of experimental scenarios this summer.


My new Moosmann!!! A BIG Thank you to Bernd Moosmann & Justin Miller!!! It sounds as gorgeous as it looks!

[05/17/18]   Hello all, another mention that I am selling my Fox 201 bassoon, for $15,000. Feel free to share/forward, and contact me with any questions.

See pix and more info here: 05/12/2018

Someone called 911, but this man’s maple instrument wasn’t a gun. It was a bassoon.

Be careful where you practice! On the afternoon of April 5, after giving three lessons at his alma mater, Kenton Ridge High School,...


Play with a Pro

Such an amazing piece of music 🎶😚😍⭐🎶🎶
At – principal bassoon of the Concertgebouw Orchestra – Gustavo Nüñez teaches a 45 min masterclass on the Telemann Sonata.


Antenna TV

The talented Harry Anderson was a comedian, magician — and musician! Back in 1990, he performed "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" on Johnny Carson — with a bassoon. The audience loved it. Thanks for the memories, Harry.



Making music is amazing!!!

A look at the neurological wonders behind playing a musical instrument:


Classic FM


Classic FM

Excellent use of inexpensive instruments!

This is seriously amazing.

(via Seldom Sene)


How to make a Viola Tennis Racket

OK, so a student showed me this the other day, and I can't stop watching/laughing.

How to make a viola tennis racket... The ultimate viola joke Starring Graham Oppenheimer and Duncan Coates Directed by Tallulah de Castro-Gray Produced by Gr...


Bernd Moosmann GmbH

35 Jahre Firma Bernd Moosmann 01/19/2018

Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians List List of All Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians since 1900


Haha!... the sounds of silence.

(Thanks Emily Galicinao).


Bernd Moosmann GmbH

Berndt Moosmann talking about his bassoons!

An Interview with Bernd


Transposition methods...


Double Bass Blog

Excellent advice regarding advice!

Don't be afraid to ask for advice while searching for a college. Here are some ideas to ponder: 11/19/2017

Six Principles For Effective Practicing November 13, 2016, 9:07 AM · Here are six principles for effective practicing, with quotes from some of the best strings pedagogues of our times: cellist George Neikrug, and violinists Dorothy DeLay, Ivan Galamian, Gerald Fischbach and Charles Castleman.


Baltic Sea Philharmonic

Want to know how to master an audition? Here is some advice from our great woodwind coach and renowned solo bassoonist, Martin Kuuskmann: ‘The three things you need to focus on for your audition, aside from being able to move your fingers, are good rhythm, good tone, good intonation. Along comes your sense of musicality, sensitivity, flexibility as a musician.’ Meet Martin at the auditions for the Baltic Sea Philharmonic on 7 and 8 February 2018 in Tartu, Estonia. Apply now at

#beyondanorchestraladventure #balticsea #balticstates #balticseaphil #Baltic100 #Estonia #Estonia100 #audition #applynow #join #BAO #auditions #education #masterclass #orchestra #experience #oneceinalifetime #chance #musicianslife Kristjan Järvi Baltic Academies 11/12/2017

Musical instrument starter kits: everything you need to start learning

Thankfully no Bassoon on the list.


U of I Masterclass vid 4

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U of I Masterclass vid 4
U of I Masterclass vid 3
U of I Masterclass vid 2
U of I Masterclass vid 1
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