Fred Astaire Dance Studios - South Barrington

Fred Astaire Dance Studios - South Barrington


Friendship goals! Always dancing even when you’re not at your best. Your friends are there to help hold you up & support you! Thanks studio family!! #celebratingfriendship #southbarrington #fredastairestudios
Think dancing is healthy? When i started my TG were almost 300 :-)
Thanks for the great ballroom workout class Meg Spence Pro! Always gives us that extra boost towards being a better dancer & getting healthier in general. 🧘‍♀️🙏💕😊 big hugs & thanks fads sb!
Practice time 🤔
Thank you Caiden Kautzman!!

We are all about changing lives through dance! Our studio offers a wide range of lessons geared to fit each individual. The South Barrington studio is proud to offer the best of Ballroom & Latin Dance instruction.

Everything from Private Lessons, Group Lessons, as well as Social Dance Parties and Events. We are a major participator at the 4 local competitions/ dinner dances each year. Got two left feet? We specialize in teaching brand new students, giving them confidence, a sense of rhythm and a LOVE for dance!

Operating as usual


Daily obligations and responsibilities can get in the way of spending quality time together. Regularly scheduled dance lessons give you the opportunity to focus on each other and enjoy something that's just for the two of you. #couplesdancelessons #fredastairedancestudios #qualitytime #couplesgoals

September 2020, we welcome you! #fredastairedancestudios #september #school #hellofall

10 Best Online Dance Activities brings you #3! Join an Online Dance Party!

Hop onto Zoom with us and learn a special routine to a well known song and let's have a party! Comment with your favorite song and if we get 15 comments by 15 different people we will host an Online Dance Party!
#fredastairedancestudios #onlinedanceparty #10bestonlinedanceactivities #dancefamily

Fred Astaire Dance Studios - South Barrington's cover photo

Coming in Hot in the #2 spot! Do an Online Dance Lesson with Your Spouse!

Dance with your loved from from the safety and comfort of your living room for a sweet date night. Here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios we provide you with the best and most fun virtual education. Comment or Message us for more information!

#onlinedancelessons #fredastairedancestudios #10bestonlinedanceactivities #trendingonlinedances


"Dancers were said to be mad by those who could not hear the music. " - Unknown #fredastairedancestudios #schererville #danceclass #dancemusic

Dance is a chance to give yourselves little makeovers, inside and out. Dancing teaches you to move your body with more grace, rhythm and better posture. It can help you feel more confident, from the way you walk to the way you interact socially... what's sexier than confidence?
#couplesdancelessons #fredastairedancestudios #ballroomdance #top10reasons

Whether you're brand new ballroom dance students and social dancing for the first time, or seasoned dancers adding new steps to your repertoires, trying something new together keeps your relationship fresh and fun. It also gives you new things to talk about and experience together. #top10reasons #ballroomdance #couplesdancelessons #fredastaireadancestudios #trysomethingnew

Our goal at Fred Astaire Dance Studios - South Barrington is to keep you safe and healthy! We do this by taking the necessary safety precautions needed to protect every individual. All of our staff members wear masks, wash their hands between lessons, and all shared surfaces are sanitized regularly throughout the day. Don't forget- dancing can be a great immunity booster! We offer in-person lessons that are non-partnered at your request, as well as virtual dance lessons if you'd like to dance at home. Call us today at 847-310-8300 for any questions or concerns and we'll get you dancing in no time. Your safety, comfort, and FUN are our top priority!
#safeandhealthy #seizethemoment #carpediem #fredastairedancestudios #southbarrington


Dancing helps to reduce stress; many dancers say it helps them to enjoy the present moment, making the world melt away. Dancing with your sweetheart can inject a dose of fun into your lives, ultimately helping you to relax so you can cope with the demands of your daily lives. #reducestress #fredstairedancestudios #couplesdancelessons #dancelessonsforcouples #dancelessons #benfitsofdance

Happy Merengue Monday!

This is a bit of a read but totally worth it.
Both Haiti and the Dominican Republic claim Merengue as their own. According to Haitian lore, an earlier ruler of their country had a lame son who liked to dance. In order that this beloved prince would not feel self-conscious about his affliction, the entire populace took to dancing as though they all were lame. The Dominican’s version is that the dance originated at a fiesta that was given to honor a returning war hero. When the brave warrior rose to dance, he limped on his wounded left leg. Rather than make him feel self-conscious, all the men present favored their left legs as they danced.

In both countries for many generations, the Merengue was taught and danced with these back stories in mind. When couples got up to dance the Merengue, the man favored his left leg and the lady favored her right leg; while flexing their knees a bit more than usual and at the same time leaning the body slightly to the same side. Haitians and Dominicans alike refer to the Merengue as their “singing dance;” this is understandable when you consider the exhilarating brightness of the staccato rhythm. The Merengue is danced in place to Latin music.
#fredastairedancestudios #dance #merengue #latinmusic


Personalities shine through moves on the dance floor. Perhaps you see a more vulnerable side of your partner who is very outgoing. Or maybe you find that a little dancing brings out the goofy side of your reserved sweetheart. #top10 #relationshipgoals #fredastairedancestudios #powercouples #menshealth #womenshealth

NDC 2020: Welcome To The Jungle- A Teaser

We're just going to set this right here... #WEREBACK


National Dance Championships
November 2nd-6th, 2020
Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek
Orlando, FL

Ask your instructors, stay tuned here or visit for more info #ndc2020 #welcometothejungle #bestinballroom #dancesafely #fredastaire

MONDAY MOTIVATION! Brought to you by the Rumba.
Of the three styles of Rumba that were introduced to the United States, the Bolero-Rumba, the Son-Rumba and the Guaracha-Rumba, only the Bolero-Rumba (shortened to Bolero) and the Son-Rumba (shortened to Rumba) have survived the test of time. The Guaracha-Rumba quickly faded in popularity when the more exciting Mambo was introduced to Americans in the late 1940s. The Rumba is danced in place as the steps are quite compact. Although the Rumba is not danced with the same body contact that is used in smooth-style dances, there may be times when partnership looks and feels more attractive when a closer contact is felt. A smooth and subtle movement of the hips is characteristic of the Rumba.
#fredastairedancestudios #dance #rumba #keepcalm #ballroomdance #americanrhythm #latindance

Today we celebrate all our friendships made through Fred Astaire Dance Studios. The journey of dance always amazes us. We are able to connect to so many amazing people all around the world. We love our Fred Astaire Dance Studios-Illinois family and the community of supportive individuals we have the pleasure to be a part of. Shout out to all our friends. Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Long Grove Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Park Ridge Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Northbrook Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Mokena Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Burr Ridge Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Glen Ellyn Fred Astaire Dance Studio West Loop Fred Astaire Dance Studios - St. Charles #fredastairedancestudios #dance #nationalfriendshipday #friendshipgoals #ballroomdance

Happy first day of August! #august2020 #summer #fredastairedancestudios #southbarrington #dance

Big Stage Ballroom is back and you're invited to come watch! Mark your calendars for November 14th at 7:00 p.m. #bigstage2020 #bigstageballroom #showcase #fadsil #fredastairedancestudios

Fred Astaire Dance Studios-Illinois

Get out of the heat and into AC by starting your dance lessons today! Dance is a fun and exciting way to stay healthy and motivated. We are offering a Introductory Package for 1 Private Lesson and 1 Group Lesson for only $40! *By appointment only* #fredastairedancestudios #summerdays #summertimechi #dancelessons

Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Long Grove

You can truly say you are a dancer when you mistakenly refer to "and" as a number. Don't worry you're not alone, nor is it a bad thing!


Gentlemen, suit up and take your lady to a gala and twirl her around the dance floor; ladies get your sassy on and take your man out salsa dancing. The possibilities are endless! #datenight #top10 #dance #fredastairedancestudios #relationshipgoals #loveyourspouse

We Salsa dance on Monday! #MondayMotivation

Oozing with a sensuous style, Salsa has it all – passion, energy, and joy. As a dance form, Salsa has its origins in the Cuban Son and the Afro-Cuban dance, Rumba. As it relates to the popular music style, Salsa is continuously evolving, and new modern dance styles are associated and named according to the geographical areas that they are developed in. Some of the popular Salsa styles are Cuban, Columbian, Los Angeles, New York (or Eddie Torres Style), Palladium, Puerto Rican, Rueda, and On Clave.

In the early 1970s in New York City, several franchised and independent dance studios, sensing the popularity of the burgeoning dance form capitalized on the Salsa craze by developing a standardized curriculum in which to teach the dance to an eager public. Salsa taught in Fred Astaire Dance Studios is based on Mambo patterns, but danced on the “one.” Take the first step towards realizing your ballroom dance goals, at your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio! Contact us today, at Fred Astaire Dance Studios – and ask about our Introductory Offer just for new students! We’ll look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

#fredastairedancestudios #salsadancing #dancelessons #learntodance


We have waited so long to get back out on the competition floor and this time we are going to be joined by other Fred Astaire Studios outside our region. Who will be attending and/or participating? This incredible event takes place at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg on September 17th -19th. #dancesportchallenge #dsc2020 #fredastairedancestudios #dance #dancesport


Among its many benefits, dance is a fun activity to shake up your mundane routine. For Anti-Boredom Month we're offering new clients a special Introductory Dance Lesson Deal. This deal includes 1 Private Lesson and 1 Group Lesson for $40.00 Call to schedule today (847)-310-8300 #fredastairedancestudios #dancelessons #coupledancelessons #antiboredommonth


Having to communicate in a physical manner while dancing increases your ability to verbally communicate when you're not on the dance floor. Body language paired with spoken words is the complete recipe for couples wanting to improve styles of communication in their relationship. #bettercommunication #fredastairedancestudios #top10 #dance #physicalfitness

Monday Motivation, get swinging!

Eastern Swing or East Coast Swing (or just Swing), evolved from the Lindy Hop and is perhaps the most famous American folk dance. The best known forms of Swing include the Charleston, Black Bottom, and Shag. In the early 1940s, these forms consolidated into what was called the Lindy.

For many years, the better establishments frowned upon the wilder forms of Swing dancing because the acrobatics involved limited the number of people who could dance at one time. It is possible however, to do fine dancing in a relatively small area. There is no question that Swing is here to stay. In all parts of the country one can find dancers adding their own interpretations and changes to style. All dances, in order to survive, must be built up from a firm basic movement so that adlibbing and complete freedom of expression can be interpreted into the dance. Swing has these attributes. Swing dancing was revived in the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s by such bands as the Brian Setzer Orchestra and the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.
#swingdance #lindyhop #swingdancelessons #fredastairedancestudios #dancelessonsforcouples #couplesdancelessons

Dance Can Share Our Stories Across Borders & Generations

Wonderful read and so true! #dance #fredastairedancestudios #empathy As dancers, we know that more than just emotions and physical training go into dancing. Cultural knowledge gets passed on through music and dance, particularly for cultures with strong oral traditions. The gestures, stories and symbolisms, passed from generation to generation, and across borders, h....

Throwback Thursday!

Our "Crazy Hair Party" was a night to remember! #throwbackthursday #fredastairedancestudios #dancelessons #couplesdancelessons #party

Summer's here, and this is the year to add dance to your activities list. This month, we're offering new clients a special on our Introductory Dance Lesson Deal. This package includes 1 Private Lesson and 1 Group Lesson for $40. Call to schedule today (847)-310-8300 #dancelessons #fredastairedancestudios #summertimechi #calltoday


A leader and a follower are required in this partnership on the dance floor. Dancing teaches each of you to not only master your own steps, but also help your partner execute theirs. Two people moving in harmony to a rhythm is the result of cooperation. Teamwork makes the dream work. #teamwork #fredastairedancestudios #follow #lead #relationshipgoals

Happy Monday! Today is a great day Tango.

During the greatest period of the dance evolution in American history (1910-1914), the Tango made its first appearance. It was instantly a hit with the dance-conscious public for its intriguing, asymmetrical, and sophisticated patterns which added a touch of romance to the country’s dance consciousness. The Tango has no clearly defined origin: it may have originated in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, or Mexico, but it clearly descended from an early Spanish folk dance, the Milonga, and bears traces of Moorish and Arabic ancestry. The Tango first came to be known as such, early in the 20th century in Argentina. It was danced, however, under various names throughout all of Latin America.
#fredastairedancestudios #tango #mondaymotivation #tangomonday #ballroomdance #dancelessons

It's Friday and we are looking forward to the weekend. Our week has been full of laughter, exercise and relaxation. Thank you to every one of our clients who spent time with us this week. #fredastairedancestudios #ballroomdance

Throwback Thursday!

Did you know we had THEE Tony Dovolani teaching a Master Class at our studio?! Well we did and it was amazing. #throwbackthursday #memories #fredastairedancestudios #famousballroomdancers #dwts

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Dancing together is a fun way to spend time with your partner that allows both of you to pursue fitness goals like increasing strength and muscle tone while dropping a few pounds. Dance lessons and practice session can be comparable to gym workouts. #fredastaireadancestudios #exercise #fitcouples #relationshipsgoals #couplesdancelessons

Happy Monday! Keep calm and Waltz!
The Waltz dates back to the country folk dances of Bavaria, some 400 years ago, but was not introduced into “society” until 1812, when it made its appearance in English ballrooms. During the 16th century, it was simply danced as a round dance called the Volte. In most dance history books, it is often stated that the Volte made its first outside appearance in Italy, and then later on to France and Germany.

#waltz #fredastairedancestudios #ballroomdance #mondaymotivation

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Throwback Thursday!
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