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Earth Crystal Apothecary Crystal Essence Blends. Healing the world through the energy of crystals, Herbs, essential oils and education. You were meant to live a life of Joy, Peace, Passion and Abundance, crystal essences can help!

Crystal Essences remove the energetic and physical blocks that are getting in the way of you expressing at the highest level. Crystal Essences can heal the world one person at at time!

Mission: Earth Crystal Apothecary's mission is to share knowledge and information about the crystalline world. Crystals hold the message and gift of healing and we can tap into it Now! WE work in co-creation with crystal to benefit the world.

Operating as usual

What Is Your Resonance?

What Is Your Resonance? If you are looking for ways to create change in your life and your world, I offer classes, courses and individual sessions to help you clarify what you want for your life and the greater world around you.

At this time of year it is important to support your beingness. Your health and well-being would benefit from our Wellness Blend.
15% off when you mention this promotion!
email: [email protected] and request your bottle today! You will Love it!
What people are saying:
"Since using your Wellness Blend we have been able to stay well even while traveling, Love it!" Lidia Phoenix, AZ
""I have gotten sick every year with the flu and out of commission for a week or more, since using Wellness Blend I am recovering much faster and able to go back to work in a matter of a few days, Thank You!." Don, Los Angeles, CA



I Am Free!

Click%2520here%2520to%2520create%2520a%2520sub-title%2520for%2520your%2520post. We have been so conditioned to think that everything is happening externally of us therefor, are responding or reacting to that external stimulus.

Choice or Belief

Choice or Belief Lately I have been contemplating the formulation of our beliefs, how and why do we create beliefs that are, or may be, destructive to us?


Access+Freedom+Now! A bold statement I know, but very true.  Let's be honest...  Do you look at an event in your life as an event or do you look at it with judgement?  Judgements are anything that we filter through our past experience and label.

Being in the Flow

Being in the Flow

Let Life Flow

Let Life Flow

Joy, Freedom & Spring!

Joy, Freedom & Spring! Rain gently falls as early flowers begin to reveal their beauty, bringing renewed hope that Spring will return and with it new life!

It's All About LOVE!

It's All About LOVE! If you are looking for ways to create change in your life and the world, I offer classes, courses and individual sessions to help you to clarify what you want for your life and the greater world around you.

Let Life Unfold Joyfully!

Let Life Unfold Joyfully!

Be In the Moment of NOW!

Be In the Moment of NOW!

Body Awareness, Body Love!

Body Awareness, Body Love!

Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask

The Harvest moon is today and I have Special crystal essences soaking up the Rays and energies of the very special astrological occurrence. This is the Harvest Love Blend!

"Healing is an inside job. We must take the first steps in our healing by taking responsibility for our choices and then deciding that we can change our results by changing our outlook. We can heal our life, we can take back our power, we can transform our reality and live lives of complete well-being. Don't waste another minute in despair and pain. Learn how to heal yourself. You have the divine right to be healthy, happy and well."
Lorayne Evangelyn Ham

Today's ponderings...
Recently I was searching the web and started to look at Quarks, these tiny little particles that bleep in and out within the atom are at the center of the known univers!
Each new day we humans are learning more and more about where we live, who we are in relation to everything else and hopefully we will all soon realize that we are connected to everything else.
We are not alone, we are not islands unto ourselves and the same molecules that were breathed by the first life on earth are being breathed by me now!
I love being part of this amazing planet, part of all that is and I am glad that the quarks in me also exist in you!

CRYSTALS ver I on Vimeo

What could be better?

Do you know how crystals and transistor radios are similar? Would you like to know how to connect with crystals? Are you intrigued by the energy of crystals and want to know more? Our upcoming Crystal Master Certification course may be just what you have been looking for. Mention this post and receive $100.00 off at time of registration. Only a few spots left for the fall course.. Max 10 students! Call or email for additional information or to register for any of the current course listings. Visa and MasterCard accepted

Fall into New Beginnings!

Fall into New Beginnings! If you are looking for ways to create change in your life and the world, I offer classes, courses and individual sessions to help you to clarify what you want for your life and the greater world around you.

Summer has been a busy and joyful time at Earth Crystal Apothecary as it is when most our our Crystal "Mothers" are refreshed, renewed and refilled! We are almost ready to fill all our orders and move forward on our website Currently we only have our Rainbow Blend line of essences up but soon all of our wonderful crystal essences will be up for all to see!
They all feel like children that are ready to go out into the word and make their mark, And in truth that is what they are doing. As each crystal has its own personality so do each of these wonderful crystal essences. It has been and continues to be my joy to birth them into the world.
Now to sing them Lullabies, play Tibetan Bowls and love them completely!
Those of you who are parents understand, I'm sure...
Happy Monday to you all!

I want to thank all of you who have "Liked" us on Facebook! What I do at Earth Crystal Apothecary and our educational branch, Earth Crystal Institute is an expression of Love for both crystals and for you the people who want to explore more and discover how we can work with crystals and our planet to make life here on this amazing rock more wonderful, joyful and harmonious. I wake up each day in awe of the gift of this journey. I hope you will continue to walk with me and all of the other fellow crystal travelers here at Earth Crystal Apothecary!

What if there were a way for you to Know, I mean really KNOW, how to connect with the crystalline world and find out exactly how each crystal and mineral wishes to work with you at any moment in time? There IS! Earth Crystal Institute the educational branch of Earth crystal Apothecary is starting the fall Crystal Master Certification Course in September to assist you in doing just that...
Crystals are powerful teachers and powerful healers!
to find out more go to our educational website for the course outline.

Went to a wonderful neighborhood Rock show yesterday and found some wonderful Jasper slabs that just had to come home and become teachers! This one fascinated me as it looked to me like an image of the night sky in the desert... I love finding new crystal friends to teach me and the students that come to learn, heal and transform.
Many of the stones become co-creators of the Crystal Essences! Here at Earth Crystal Apothecary no stone is left unturned! Ha!

Earth Crystal Institute

The Fall Session of "Crystal Master Certification" is starting on September 15th!
If you have always wanted to delve into crystals in a more profound way, develop skills and techniques to assist others in their healing and learn to deeply connect with the energy of crystals and stones then this course may be for you!
What students are saying about the course!
"I am so very happy that I enrolled in the Crystal Master Certification course. Being a Gemologist, I was trained to focus on the valuation of gems. However, I always felt there was something more to gems/crystals than physical beauty. My interests started to venture in to the metaphysical properties of gems. After many months, the pull to change my path became more persistent, and I decided to take the plunge and study Crystal Healing. I did a lot of research for a reputable school in the Seattle area and decided on the Earth Crystal Institute.
Lorayne is a wonderful teacher, and I have to say I am enjoying the course immensely. Not only am I training to be a Crystal Master, I’m learning more about myself through the power of crystals and meditation." Jacqueline, Olympia, WA
"If you are interested in stones and crystals and want to know how to use their energy for yourself or for others then you are in for a special treat with this class. Lorayne has a wealth of knowledge to share and the special gift of making learning fun!" Amy, Seattle, WA
to find out more about the course and to see the course outline go to... Energy Healing Crystal Mastery Education

August Enchantment!

August Enchantment! If you are looking for ways to create change in your life and the world, I offer classes, courses and individual sessions to help you to clarify what you want for your life and the greater world around you.

Summer Joy!

Summer Joy!

You can now find all 16 Earth Crystal Apothecary Rainbow Blends at East West Bookshop in Seattle, WA!
Next month the full line will be there, which includes Chakra Blends, Enlightenment Blends and Crystal Waters Water Enhancers!
Soon our blends will be in a store near YOU!

Going to talk with the buyer at East West Bookshop today and show her the new labels and wonderful new products like the Chakra blends, Rainbow Blends, Raised Consciousness blends and the new "mother" essences!
We are going wholesale as well as retail! Baby steps into the world, I love my life!

[05/06/13]   New labels for the Rainbow Crystal Essence Blends are here!
I am so thrilled with these little beauties, they are ready to show off their new image on the website... The shopping cart is not up but if you are interested you can always give me a ring... in the mean time check them out here!

Hello Crystal Lovers and all who connect with the Earth. Spring has finally fully arrived in the great Pacific North West and here at Earth Crystal Apothecary we are in full scale production of the next round of Crystal Essences. Interesting new ones like Herderite, Hollandite and Phenacite all of which work on the higher levels of consciousness.
Check out the launch of our sister website

let me know what you think of the new Logo...
It was created by Ann Fiser of Fiser Art Studios

The new logo is done! I am so excited! Now for the website, labels and moving into production!
Soon you will be able to find these little beauties at East West Bookshop in Seattle and on our website.
This is my test sample for the new bottle labels...

Timeline Photos

Went up to the Tulip fields in Washington state to see the abundant display of tulip varieties and their beautiful spread. I think the Crystal Charging garden will certainly need to have tulips!

Serpentine in it's form as asbestos crystals!
Whenever Serpentine is fibrous it is in its Chrysotile form. Asbestos is simply a term used for all crystalline structure which have high tensile strength and can be woven. asbestos belongs to two groups: serpentine (chrysotile) and amphibole (crocidolite, amosite, anthophyllite asbestos,
tremolite asbestos, and actinolite
These Crystalline structures are not to be feared just treated and handled with respect.
In ancient times Serpentine was considered a protection stone. It is a stone that can assist in moving stuck or stagnant energy and it holds Earth energy so is beneficial to healing the Earth and our connection to it.

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