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Ms. Love provides remote piano and flute lessons in Ashburn, VA, North Carolina and California. Her students have also placed in piano competitions.

Love's Music Lessons, LLC is the premier provider of piano lessons in the home in Ashburn and Leesburg (Lansdowne and River Creek). Love is a dedicated and passionate Loudoun County traveling piano teacher and Ashburn piano teacher. Love seeks serious students who are committed to transforming their artistic and technical skills at the piano to a higher level. Love's students are consistently hon

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#Caregiverforlife, organized by Shandra Love 01/09/2023

#Caregiverforlife, organized by Shandra Love

I will be hosting a live playing marathon on Wednesday, February 1st from 9am-5 pm on Facebook. Upcoming details will be posted in the following weeks. I am raising money towards medical assistance for my mother. Visit my gofundmepage at:

#Caregiverforlife, organized by Shandra Love Hi, my name is Shandra and I intend to provide in-home care for my mother, Winifred Musette Love. She … Shandra Love needs your support for


View Brahms, Romanze, Op. 118, No. 5


Brahms Romanze, Op. 118 No. 5


The Dark Horseman by William Grant Still performed by Ms. Shandra Love


A couple of days ago, I decided to launch a remote piano AND flute studio. My passion for piano lies in performing and teaching. Also, I lost most of my studio during the COVID pandemic. I have a few students, but I am looking to add more.

Please share this facebook website with friends and family. If you have reliable internet, I can teach you anywhere iin the world. I use Zoom and Skype.


About a month ago, I applied to Salem College in NC for a graduate certificate program in injury preventive keyboard technique. I spent a month preparing the application and getting the recommendation letters. I am happy to announce that I was accepted into the program. The program only accepts 15 students and I made the cut!

Ms. Love will be pursuing the program via distance learning and attending classes in NC. She will be working with renowned faculty from Eastman and medical professionals who specialize in piano related injuries. This certificate will enhance my piano training and aid my piano teaching!

Photos from Love's Piano and Flute Lessons's post 06/30/2019

It is official! Love's Music Lessons has become a co-founding partner for an international competition. See details below:

CAI International ™ Virtuoso Competition IV Winners | Concert Artists International ™ 03/05/2019

CAI International ™ Virtuoso Competition IV Winners | Concert Artists International ™

Wanted to congratulate my student Ann George for receiving "Honorable Mention" in the CAI International Virtuoso Competition IV. Contestants submit a video recording for selection to perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

See her name under Honorable Mention


Congratulations ANN!!!!!!

Watch the video on YouTube:

CAI International ™ Virtuoso Competition IV Winners | Concert Artists International ™


Found a unique ear training app that is by far one of the best for piano students and any type of musician looking to hone their aural skills. Visit:

The app allows you to adjust the speed and select intervals, chords and scales that are specific to your aural training level.


This past Sunday, October 21st, 2018, I witnessed expert playing by one of my younger students, Sloane. She is working on Gavotte by G.P. Telemann and she literally mastered the technique, sound and Baroque style in a little over a month.

Baroque music is so close to me because I play the flute and tounging and articulation is everything. When I heard Sloane play, I thought of the flute. The articulation was spot on and the sound was impeccable. The staccato notes were simply perfect. Not too short but detached as they need to be in the Baroque style. Sloane made my day. All the best to you Sloaneeeeee. I look forward to your awesome development on the piano. Keep up the hard work and don't ever stop practicing!

National Federation of Music Clubs 03/25/2018

National Federation of Music Clubs

National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) Spring Festival took place at Frost Middle School in Fairfax, VA on March 16-17, 2018. Each and every one of my student's received a "Superior" rating. Experience piano lessons from an experienced professional with over 15 years of private teaching and adjudication experience. Ms. Love provides private piano lessons in the home. For more information about the NFMC festival, go to

National Federation of Music Clubs Welcome to the National Federation of Music Clubs. Since our founding in 1898, NFMC has become the largest nonprofit organization in America to promote and support American music, performers and music education. As a grassroots organization working in communities throughout America, we provide music...



I am currently offering summer flute lessons for those students interested in honing their skills over the summer and preparing for Loudoun County District Band auditions. Lessons are given in 35-minute, 45-minute and one hour increments. Prices are as follows:

$45-35-minute lesson

$60-45-minute lesson

$75-60-minute lesson

Payment is due in advance for the entire month. Books are included in the rate to cover French urtext edition which range in price from $30-50.

Students will get to experience a flute teacher with a BA in flute performance from UCLA who has worked with Zubin Mehta, Placido Domingo, Jeffrey Khaner, Michel Debost and a host of other professionals.

Untitled album 03/02/2017

My talented students....November 2016


I have been busy organizing the fall 2014-2015 teaching schedule. Summer is generally a time for rest and relaxation, but not for piano teachers who have a busy studio. My summer is spent preparing and planning for the upcoming year. Right now, I am preparing students for National Guild Auditions, NFMC Spring Festival and NVMTA Sonata Festival. Many of my students participate in all three events, so it is important to select a program that can be performed throughout the year. My summer is spent researching a variety of piano music and selecting pieces that will help my students grow as a musician. Ultimately, I want my students to develop a love for music that will last a lifetime.


Today, I gave a fantastic lesson about phrasing. My piano student Nikhil is perfecting a beautiful waltz by Schubert. Schubert's music is so delicate and ethereal. Whenever I teach phrasing, I actually sing the melodic line so that my students can feel the sense of direction in a phrase. All of those sight-singing classes now come in handy.

Somehow, I have to get my piano students to play piano as if they were singing. I asked my student to show me the climax and/or high point of the phrase. In one passage, I noted that Schubert highlighted an octave, which should be brought out. That is noteworthy! Every day I strive to get them to play past the notes and to capture the essence and beauty of music! Today was one of my best teaching days!


I am currently in the process of organizing the fall schedule and making sure students who want to participate in upcoming festivals are well prepared.


Currently, I have been organizing my summer and fall schedule. I am happy to report that I am booked for the summer, which is unusual. I am also nearly booked for the fall which makes me proud. The calls just keep rolling in and that makes me so very proud!


Students in my studio recital played off the map today! I was so proud of them! The piano was amazing and I could hear every single note. It was an watch them incorporate everything I told them.

Timeline photos 05/31/2014

Studio Recital is today. So excited to see so many wonderful students of mine perform in a great venue.


Today, I participated as a judge in the Sonata/Sonatina Festival held at George Mason University. It was an honor and privilege to hear some of the most talented piano students in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties.

I heard a nine year old student perform a Haydn Sonata. It was absolutely amazing. She played with such skill and artistry that it was hard to believe she was only nine years old.

After listening to everyone, I realize that being a judge is not easy. There were 765 students who participated in the event and only about 100 would proceed to the second round. Out of that, only 40 would probably be selected for the honors recital.


This week, I am preparing students for the Sonata/Sonatina Festival at George Mason University. While I can be strict on my students, I ultimately want them to learn more about music and become passionate about the pieces they are playing. I am meticulous about following every detail written in the music. I am hoping that everything turns out well.


This past weekend, I participated in the National Piano Playing Auditions sponsored by the National Guild of Piano Teachers (NGPT). Piano students who take piano lessons in Ashburn are encouraged to participate in this yearly event. The event was held in Leesburg, VA and I was proud to be a part of the event. I spent over 8 months preparing my students and I was stunned by their results. Every single student received nothing less than a Superior minus (comparable to an A-)

Congratulations are in order for the following students:

Akash -Superior

Ishan -Superior




Sarah-Superior Minus

Rhea-Superior Minus

Tara-Superior Minus

Timeline photos 05/07/2014

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 04/28/2014

Timeline photos


Today was Solo and Ensemble Festival in Fairfax County, District XI and District XII. I accompanied four students between Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th. I had three good experiences and one that was not so good. I am not going to let that one bad experience get me down, especially since the one judge was a washed up clarinetist from the 1980s who is living vicariously through his students and his wife. He is a nobody who is given opportunities to present himself in fashionable light because of his wife's expertise.

I keep this quote handy in my heart all the time. It doesn't matter what others think about you, it only matters if you think they are right. Borrowed from a famous movie, but true to the heart.




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