Kate Deriso Integrated Healing

Kate Deriso  Integrated Healing


Stopped in for my first Rossiter session today. It was hard work but I think the results are going to be amazing. I can wait to work through my next barre class with increased flexibility. Kate always makes me feel better. ❤️
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Thank you for the invite and add! We hope you will join us for Festival next August in Las Vegas!!

I help people feel at ease and aligned in their Body & Soul.

Operating as usual


New, clearly defined policies for Integrated Healing Studio.....
1. Heads up for the Holidays.....Gift certificates will have an expiration date of 60 days from date of purchase.
{Virginia State Law on gift certificates. 59.1-531}
2. Packages are no longer available. {this has been phased out over the last 6 months as people continue to complete sessions they have already paid for}.


Y’all!!! Please take the time to listen to full post on this. I feel it is super important as many of us are still healing from religious trauma.
Jesus was a yogi. Jesus was a witch. Jesus was /is so much more than the
Church would ever allow him to be.


My Holy Fire III Reiki Levels 1&2 is now approved for Continuing Education Credits for Massage Therapists!!!


OPULENCE :: It is time to lead.
After a weekend of leading 3 amazing women through the Holy Fire 🔥 Reiki Master training….I sat down to hammer out the details of my Reiki Mentorship program…this is the card I pulled.
It is time for me to be the light so that I can guide others.
My daily Reiki prayer…
“Guide me and heal me so that I may be of service to others”.


This is TRUTH!!


Reiki for your migraine


Today I am putting the final touches on a new Reiki offering.
This is something that Spirit has been nagging me to do for several weeks now and it is finally coming together with clarity.
The Spirit Release Process to release Negative Energy, Negative Thought Forms, & to Cut Cords.
How to know if this is something that is right for you….
1. You felt an immediate YES when you read this.
2. You feel stuck in a negative thought pattern that is keeping you from your Authentic Self.
3. You feel stuck energetically & physically.
4. You don’t quite feel like yourself…ungrounded, unbalanced, disconnected.
This is new offer is a virtual appointment via Zoom only.


Cold water face plunge for glowing skin and stress reduction.


What an incredible way to learn and experience Reiki! From the comfort of your own home.
I have gone through Reiki training twice now. My first Master training in 2003 was in person. My second Master training along with Karuna training took all of 2021. That training was on line. .
Which one did I like better?… Hands down I liked the online training better.
I was so comfortable in my room. I connected deeply with the Reiki energy because I was so comfortable AND what surprised me the most was how deeply I connected with my classmates. I loved it so much!
Isn’t it time for you to connect and up level your energy, your healing, and service to others?!
Join me in November to start your journey!


Trying out a new post workout recovery drink. And of course infusing it with ALL the Reiki!


What happens between clients.


Have you ever felt not quite yourself?
Like there is an energy that is influencing you that you're not quite sure of?
Feel lethargic and out of sorts for no particular reason?
Sometimes that can be a spirit attachment, an energy attachment, or even a psychic attack made upon you either intentional or unintentional.
There is a technique that is taught in the Reiki Master Training called The Spirit Release Technique. I did it on myself a couple of weeks ago when I was feeling off and not myself. It made a HUGE difference for me. I felt immediate relief! Like a huge weight had been lifted. I felt free and safe to be me again.
I did this Spirit Release Technique for a Reiki client last week and it made a huge impact for her too!

Mindfully Unplugging... even for a little bit. 07/14/2022

Mindfully Unplugging... even for a little bit.

New blog post!

Mindfully Unplugging... even for a little bit. I try so hard to practice what I preach. I tell my clients to unplug from social media, spend time outside as much as possible, take time to do something they love, do something creative. And yet, when ever I find myself with a day off, I spend it making myself slightly crazy trying to figure out wh...

Photos from Kate Deriso  Integrated Healing's post 07/01/2022

Summer Reiki Training/ Certification Schedule is up!
These are for in person trainings in Herndon at the clinic.
If you are interested in training with me online, please let me know as I am working on scheduling the online classes


I have pretty much all of the Energy Givers that are on this list.
BUT… I still have a few too many of the energy takers.
Overthinking and People Pleasing I definitely have to work on.
Now I know what I need to work on in my self Reiki sessions!
How about you?
Where are you with the energy givers and takers?

Photos from Kate Deriso  Integrated Healing's post 06/07/2022

Before and After.
I know it might not look like a whole lot, but the feeling was significant for my client.
Check out the Right Shoulder. Notice how in the second photo, the shoulder is closer to the table. That is only 5 min of working on it.
Maybe about an inch. But her overhead range of motion was more like 25-30 degrees improvement!
Physical :: pec major, pec minor, sub scapularis, triceps, lats, scalenes.
Bowen and

Energetic :: Throat chakra balancing needed. (Checked with amazing copper pendulum from ).
Blue lace agate held in L hand during session.

Throat chakra tuning fork 185.25 Hz at the throat and sternum.
Next time, more than just 5 minutes on the shoulders! Just imagine what will happen with 30 min!!!
I love my job.


Oohhh!!!! Look!!!!
is having a giveaway!!
Advanced Crystal layouts!
I am currently in her Crystal Class and learning SO much about crystal healing and the science behind it.
If you are into crystals and healing go check it out and follow her!


So I did a thing. Something that is beneficial for ME AND beneficial for my clients. Bottomline is that I just want to learn more, heal myself, and help heal others.
I am taking a Crystal Healer Class! Now I get to learn and understand the science behind using crystals for healing.
This is some really cool stuff!
It makes me wish I paid more attention in my science classes and even took a physics class. Oh well.... it is never too late to learn!
I plan on sharing goodies with you all! Stay tuned if you are interested .

Photos from Kate Deriso  Integrated Healing's post 05/29/2022

So, who takes care of me?

I do.
But not always very well or consistently.
Healers of the world…hear me now!….please take care of yourself so you can continue to care for others!
This is our life path and calling. We must remain resilient and vibrant!!
If you are a Reiki practitioner don’t forget to Reiki your food at all times. !
Orange calcite with my eggs and rose quartz with my blueberries. And yes, I will eat ALL of them today. .


working on Jerneese’s lateral line.
When was the last time you had bodywork that focused on your lateral line?
Typically, massage focuses on the back and whatever specific area of discomfort you have.
SO much of people’s back pain can be relieved when working on lateral line and glutes.
Today is day 3 of SRT training. Loving this work!
Today is more lateral line and side lying work.
I can’t wait to get my hands on my clients next week!


That’s me on the table with my leg over Lori’s back. Lucy is standing at the head of the table.
While it may look silly 😝 that my leg is over Lori’s back, it is one of the most incredible feelings!
This is day one of training.
My legs and hips and low back haven’t felt this good in months!!!
My clients are going to LOVE 💕 this!!!!
and I will be the first SRT trained therapists in VA!
Lori is in Boone,NC.


Today's PSA ...

Things to look for in a massage therapist / bodyworker…

-The therapist is willing to talk with you prior to your appointment to answer your questions
-The therapist encourages communication and feedback on the pressure being used during your session
-Prior to your first session, the massage therapist should tell you what to expect during your session and explain why they are doing what they are doing.

Red flags to look out for…

- The therapist tells you that you have to suffer through the pain
- The therapist dismisses your concerns saying not to worry about it because they have “x years” of experience
- The therapist tries to talk to you about your trauma in any way or process emotions
- The therapist does not adjust the pressure after you have made a request for them to lighten up.

Just some nuggets of wisdom that you might find helpful. More to come.


A frozen shoulder is SO much more than your shoulder...

It is a nervous system that has experienced trauma...physical, energetic, and emotional.
It is FEAR. Fear of not being able to move, not being able to do your job.
It is FRUSTRATION. Frustration at not being able to reach for something, wash your hair, fasten a bra, put a shirt on.
It is ANGER. Anger with being limited, with not being fully yourself, with having to ask for help.

All of these issues are part of your pain experience.

What is the solution?....
Be willing to address and work through not only the physical, but the emotions and energy of your pain and restrictions.
YOU are an incredibly dynamic, energetic, holy, electric, being of LIGHT! When you embrace and work with this, your healing process will amplify.


Client asks me, “do many of your clients get the face lymphatic drainage?”
Me: “More of them are starting to. They really like it after they experience it. “
Client: Good! ‘Cause that stuff really works!… I can’t believe how much better my neck feels…and you didn’t have to do any digging into my muscles!… I love it!.”

I love my job.


This sweet little bird flew into our window and was pretty stunned.
I picked him up and held him while I did Reiki on him.
It was neat to watch him begging to watch my hand as I drew the reiki healing symbols over him.
They totally know what is going on.
He stayed with me for about 15 min and then flew away to live his best life.

Photos from Kate Deriso  Integrated Healing's post 04/30/2022

I am so behind in posting some really cool stuff!!!
These two photos are a before and after a Holy Fire 🔥 Reiki attunement.
The aura photographs were taken 20 minutes apart from each other.
Reiki changes you wether you realize it or not. And it is always for the better!

Reiki Training | katederiso 04/23/2022

Reiki Training | katederiso

In Person Holy Fire Reiki Levels 1&2
May 14 & 15

Reiki Training | katederiso Offering in depth Reiki Training both in person and on line


What happens in a session?
The threads of the Mind, Body, and Spirit are woven back together into the magnificent tapestry that makes you feel whole, grounded, and connected.
It’s not just about the muscles. And never should be.
It’s about…
the muscles
the nervous system
the lymphatic system
the subtle energy system
the auric field
the chakras
Feeling connected to yourself and others
Feeling seen
Feeling heard
It is an honor and privilege to assist people on this journey.
Guide me and heal me so that I may be of service to others.


Ohhhh….. Sessions at the studio are really taking a step up!
Integrating ALL they body systems into one healing session really takes the healing process to the next level.
Physical & Energetic systems must be addressed for a fully comprehensive approach to healing.
Today’s session for migraine…. Vibrational Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Bowenwork, Chakra balance with crystals.


Goldstone on my 3rd eye to stay calm and stabilize emotions.
Amazonite on my throat for harmonious communication.
Golden Healer on my heart to access the highest vibration of light.
Replenishing myself on an energetic and cellular level.
15 minutes meditation while listening to hemisync to balance my brain.

Guide me and heal me so that I may be of service to others.


Starting small with changes….just 1% of any kind of change per week = dramatic changes your life.
These changes can be in your health habits, thinking habits, behaviors, etc…. But this slow incremental way of change makes things successful!

Photos from Kate Deriso  Integrated Healing's post 03/23/2022

Just the right amount of…
Vibrational Sound Healing.
HolyFire Reiki.
SRT :: Neurofascial Stretching.
Working on down-regulating the nervous system into parasympathetic, toning the Vagus Nerve, and reducing the pain and discomfort from a Lyme flare and post Covid symptoms.


Limited Edition Spring Equinox Aura Elixirs are ready!


Just a Sunday of Human Design / Akashic Record readings.
I only I do a few of these a month. I like to spend a few hours ahead of time prepping and taking notes for my clients before we sit down and go over everything.


Oh my gosh. It has been way too long since I have posted anything here in the gram.
I had been nice to have a break but there is no way I could leave this wonderful platform.
I have met some amazing people here that I never would have found.

This is just a nice photo of my client receiving some crystal therapy, Sound healing, and Bowen therapy.

The world is in a hot mess and we still have to take care of ourselves and others. Stress and trauma are real and need to be healed.


I just started doing these 60second Reels of distance Reiki for those who need/want some good energy in their life.
I didn’t quite realize what an impact it would have.
I am grateful and humbled.
Every day in my morning meditation I say the prayer, “guide me and heal me so that I may be of service to others “.
I would love to know if there is anything you would like some distance reiki healing on?
Put it in the comments and I will make you a Reiki Reel !

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Y’all!!! Please take the time to listen to @faithstreng full post on this.  I feel it is super important as many of us a...
This is TRUTH!!
Reiki for your migraine
Cold water face plunge for glowing skin and stress reduction.
Trying out a new post workout recovery drink. And of course infusing it with ALL the Reiki!
What happens between clients.
Oohhh!!!! Look!!!!@hibiscusmoon is having a giveaway!!Advanced Crystal layouts!.I am currently in her Crystal Class and ...
Starting small with changes….just 1% of any kind of change per week = dramatic changes your life. .These changes can be ...





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