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My review for K-12 and VA Virtual Academy? Epic FAIL.

Sarah was supposed to attend all online education this year. I didn't want to take any chances that she might have to go back into a classroom and I didn't trust the school board not to force the issue so I began enrolling her July 11.

I submitted as much information as I could at the time given that the schools were closed for the Summer. I received an email in August that they were missing information. I logged into the Parent Portal... And they were not. They had yet to process one document that would then allow them to proceed with gathering the missing information. Information their system would not allow me to submit.

She was supposed to start September 1 but by the end of August, they still hadn't requested the information they insisted they had to get directly from the school. So let's push her start date to September 8. Okay.

September 7, we still have no information so I log in to the Parent Portal and discover that she is "not eligible". So I call and find out that her GPA from the prior year is not high enough. Ummm... She was in the hospital for the first month. On homebound for the rest of the semester and actually in class for 2 months. The good news is that she ONLY failed two classes. Surely there is an appeals process? Why yes. There is. Please submit her 8th grade transcript and a letter from the doctor explaining that she isn't developmentally delayed, she was too busy struggling to breathe to go to school. Okay. It took some time to get the Doctor's letter to them but we did.

Enrollment was closed September 10. At no time did we receive an email telling us that, since she'd been approved. We found out today. 12/1. We found out when we Googled the school because the only contact information we had was for K-12, not the school. We received no communication whatsoever about the appeal "because enrollment was already closed."

There aren't enough curse words in my vocabulary to express how angry I am. Now we go back to the regular public school for online education because NO she is NOT going back into the classroom until her doctor is satisfied that it is safe for her to do so.

I was told I could homeschool her. I'm a lot of things. I have many letters after my name. You know what I'm not? I'm not a TEACHER. My daughter needs to be prepared for what comes next and I know, with absolutely certainty, that I lack the skills to teach her what she needs for college. I can teach her to be a good person, to stand up for herself and others, to bathe regularly, to always vote, etc. I cannot teach her high school math, science, history, etc. I cannot teach her art or encourage her to sing or act.

Thanks K-12.com for NOTHING.
Virtual Sign Language Curriculum Available 🤟🏽
So proud of our 13 year old for being invited to the Junior Honor Society. Today he prepared his “About Me” slide. The dogs totally took over the picture but so much of what he loves is included in it. We are so happy about choosing K12!
Is there a group for LCs of 9th Graders? Thanks!
We are ready for school at our house
Curious to know if there is a side by side comparison of private verses public??? We just enrolled out 11th grader in public and considering switching to private but what are the differences?
Hello all we are joining this year are there any pages that we can also join?
What do I give my daughter's school as a mailing address for K12 International?
Hello, we are interested in your program for the summer term but haven't received answers to any of the emails we have sent over the last two weeks. We live internationally and email is the best method of correspondence for us. Can someone please respond to our messages?
I love teaching for iCademy. I have amazing students from all over the world!

K12 Private Academy is a fully accredited, U.S. diploma granting, private online school for grades K–12. Learn more at

Our individualized approach frees children to reach their potential. Here, students are liberated from rigid schedules, classes that move too fast or too slow, bullying, overcrowded classrooms, teaching to the test, and other factors that stand in the way of success. It starts with the award-winning curriculum from K12, America’s K–12 online education leader. We also surround you with an amazing s

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Register: http://ow.ly/8OKp50KZ9YG

Stride is excited to present a special session for Learning Coaches and parents of students enrolled in Stride K12-powered schools.

Over the past several years, bullying is a growing problem. Learn from Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson as she teaches parents how to identify bullying, how to stop the bullying cycle, and strategies for prevention.

This program is not medical treatment or therapy. Please consult with your medical provider for medical questions about you or your loved ones.

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It's not too late! Enrollment is still open at K12 PA for the 2022–2023 school year. There's still time to enroll and make this school year a success with full-time online school powered by Stride K12. Apply today>>http://ow.ly/xqi950L1nsf

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Welcome! It's the first day of school for our early October cohort students. We're glad you're here! Let us know where you're from!

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Click here to enter: http://ow.ly/Q1N350KZ9WU

Don’t miss your opportunity to win some fantastic prizes. The overall winner in each grade band will win a Canon camera and camera kit valued at $1,000. Registration will close at 5 PM (ET) on Friday, October 7th.

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As the school week begins, strive for continued success and remember that failures can be overcome.

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Listen now: http://ow.ly/MJ2p50KY4vG
Former Learning Coach Deslynn Mecham is back for Part 3 of K12's On Learning School Effectively @ Home series to share skills all parents and partners can use to help the learners in our homes.

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Students looking to explore topics outside of their academics will love the variety of online clubs for K–12 learners available at our school. http://ow.ly/gVUy50KVJmz

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As an accredited school, K12 Private Academy offers courses and a U.S. diploma accepted by schools, colleges, universities, and employers across the globe. Read more about our accreditation: http://ow.ly/yxx650KVJ6c

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Admission, benefits, tuition info here: http://ow.ly/U35050KVIOW

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Take a peek for yourself! http://ow.ly/APtl50KUBig

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No matter your age or educational level, become a lifelong learner!

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Listen now: http://ow.ly/uScV50KQHjO
Finding the motivation to get up and do something is a skill! In this episode of K12 On Learning, we discuss how to stay motivated in the schooling-at-home setting.

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Give your child a jump start on a career, college, or both! Learn how Stride Career Preps gives students the opportunity to explore their interests in a specific industry, college major, or career goal. http://ow.ly/Zn7250KQv9V

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Welcome! It's the first day of school for our mid-September cohort students. We're glad you're here! Let us know where you're from!

Dispelling the Top 5 Myths about Online Education - Learning Liftoff 09/20/2022

Dispelling the Top 5 Myths about Online Education - Learning Liftoff

Have you heard these myths about online learning? What other myths are circulating out there that you've proven wrong? http://ow.ly/QseL50KNQcU

Dispelling the Top 5 Myths about Online Education - Learning Liftoff The truth about some common misconceptions about online education.

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Meet our Student Advisor and learn more about this program: http://ow.ly/6uzs50KMKMi

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Whose Job is it anyway? Listen now! http://ow.ly/NNFZ50KKUT8

In Part 1 of our "Schooling Effectively @ Home" Series we discuss the value of developing a job description for the roles of parent/learning coach and student/child when schooling at home.

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Join us in showing support online students everywhere! Use the hashtag and answer the statement, "Online Learning has taught me to ____________!" Tag your friends to keep it going!

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Check out Stride Career Prep at http://ow.ly/OYWG50KFLLC
With Stride Career Prep, your student can prepare for college and their future career. Available to grades 6–12, this program gives students the opportunity to explore their interests in a specific industry, college major, or career goal.

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When we say you can school from the comfort of your home, this is what we're talking about. And oh yeah, you can ditch the uniform! Learn how our online school works at http://ow.ly/lPnA50KFLB0

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Today is YOUR day so make it matter!

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Listen now! http://ow.ly/KWia50KFvo8
A school year can be a bit chaotic. In this episode of K12 On Learning, we will cover key strategies for schooling effectively at home and motivating your student to excel.

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Socialization is important for online students.
Register now: http://ow.ly/QyEi50KFnrc
Join this exciting webinar, where you can discover how to get social with the Stride Esports League!

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Read all about us at http://ow.ly/VkzJ50Kzir1
At K12 Private Academy kids with chronic conditions can be successful with the flexibility of our online school. Teacher-led online classes are often recorded so that students can “attend” if they miss a session, or review all or part again, if needed.

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Welcome! It's the first day of school for our early September cohort students. We're glad you're here! Let us know where you're from!

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Stride Career Prep program provides early access to potential careers through unique elective courses. Learn more about this innovative program today. http://ow.ly/CkHH50KzigL

Labor Day: Why We Celebrate 09/05/2022

Labor Day: Why We Celebrate

In honor of “the social and economic achievements of American workers” we pause to celebrate Labor Day. Learn more about how this holiday came to be at http://ow.ly/agkA50Kzi3W

Labor Day: Why We Celebrate For many, Labor Day will simply mean a day off. But it's actually set aside in honor of “the social and economic achievements of American workers.”

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Check out our On Demand webinar and learn about the socialization opportunities available. http://ow.ly/E4sx50KyONJ

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Listen here: http://ow.ly/yir250Ky6e1

When children are struggling in school, it is crucial to find out why. In this episode of K12 On Learning, we share information about community support and resources!

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Registration closes September 6th for our Stride Enrichment Programs! Seats are limited, so don’t miss out on the fun!
Click the link below to browse your options and register today!

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Parent Resource page: http://ow.ly/wfHn50KvArI

We’re here to support you through your child’s educational journey. Explore our tools and resources, and contact us if you have any questions along the way.

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Let those old homework hassles be a thing of the past. Learn how online school really works at http://ow.ly/3Avq50KvAg3

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K12 Private Academy serves elementary, middle and high school students from near and far. Learn how you can take advantage of remote learning: http://ow.ly/rvge50KtYnb

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Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Take your ideas to the next level. Enroll in our Entrepreneurship Program today. http://ow.ly/XPBZ50Kt16v

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Listen now! http://ow.ly/wik850Kt18r

In this episode of K12 On Learning, discover how lifelong learning, and support from a success coach, can help high school students prepare for academic and professional success.

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Stop the insanity of endless rider pick up lines and even longer bus rides. Enroll today! http://ow.ly/qYEx50Krcaw

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No need for Hall Passes here! Let's keep focused on academics. http://ow.ly/s3oY50KrblN

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Do you love photography? The Stride National Photography Competition is now open to all K–12 students across the country !
Creativity has no limits, so this year there is no theme. The overall winner in each grade band will win a Canon camera and camera kit valued at $1,000.
Click the link below to enter for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

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Students at K12 Private Academy are able to school at the time that works best for them. Let us tell you more!
Use our Live Chat or call us at 855.653.4141.
Visit us at http://ow.ly/9CY850KqpFU


US Diploma

Through our international programs, students from countries outside of the United States can earn a U.S. diploma. http://ow.ly/B5en50KphZ4

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The pandemic and school security issues have forced many people to RETHINK school. In this episode of K12 On Learning, we share five things to RETHINK when schooling online. http://ow.ly/JN5x50KmWhG

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When COVID began, we didn't know it would be like this either! If it concerns you too, learn more about the options of our online school today. http://ow.ly/xecu50KjSU0

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Welcome! It's the first day of school for our mid-August cohort students. We're glad you're here! Let us know where you're from!

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Whatever your concerns, K12 Private Academy offers students a safe learning environment. Read more about our full-time enrollment benefits at http://ow.ly/Fm4b50KjSP6.


Stride Enrichment Programs

Registration is now open for our Stride Enrichment Programs!
Want to develop a mobile app? Create your very own animated story book? How about starting your own podcast? There's something for everyone! Click the link below to browse your options and register today! http://ow.ly/ou0L50KipeE

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At K12 Private Academy, you can learn from any where, at any time! We define "remote learning"! Catch a glimpse of the unique spirit that characterizes our school at http://ow.ly/MeTi50KjRq7

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Fall Enrichment programs open next week for registration!
Stride is offering more than 20 programs for all ages—even adults! Topics include animation story telling with Story Maker®, video game design for Minecraft®, podcasting, robotics, CPR, fitness, web design, and so much more!
Mark your calendars and come back next week to sign up!

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Listen here: http://ow.ly/RCZo50KioyF

In this episode of K12 On Learning, host Heidi Higgins takes a final look at summer and tips on what families and students can focus on how to get the most out of summer and early fall!

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Learn about the advantages of online learning for your child: http://ow.ly/pspN50KfsKS

You might be wondering if it’s safe for our children to return to school with the different variants on the rise. Or, whether remote learning options might be a better choice. Learn more about what we offer today!

Welcome to the New K12 Private Academy!

We are proud to announce our new name and logo! Yes, you read correctly. Our new image better reflects our modern online learning approach, energetic student and teacher community around the world, and our award-winning curriculum from K12.

But do not worry. We will continue to provide a high-quality online learning experience to our growing US-based and international students while inspiring them to attain their highest potential.

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US Diploma
Stride Enrichment Programs
In this episode of K12 On Learning, a UI/UX Designer and father sheds light on how to navigate raising kids with complex...
Students can remain enrolled in their own school while taking career-focused electives online at home or anywhere they h...
With flexible start dates and enrollment options, you're in the driver's seat. http://ow.ly/Bz8S50K8e7y
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Role of Parent in Online Education
Anywhere in the World!
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