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It began innocently enough. I had an empty picture frame to fill. The next thing I know I'm obsessed. Bold & Colorful Contemporary Paintings

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My next guest on Episode 7 of the Creative Contemplation Podcast is contemporary representational artist, . Trisha’s story is an inspiring one to me because she began her career later in life at the age of 44 and yet she has created a thriving practice & business. She is exclusively representing her own work and I think we can all learn a lot from Trisha. I am so grateful that she came on the podcast to talk about her work, her painting journey and what action items artists and creatives can add to their New Year’s resolutions to help make 2023 a banner year. Be sure to to listen to this episode so you don’t miss out! Available now everywhere you get your podcasts including Apple, Amazon Music, Google, Stitcher and Spotify as well as on my website (link in bio).


In Its Glory, 9"x12" oil on canvas, available -- click the white icon on the painting for more info and to link to my website.


Did you know ancient Celtics believed the fragrance of Lilacs was magical? They may be right. 😃
Pink Lilacs, 9"x12"


Hey, many of you probably don't know that I have partnered with an incredible art print supplier in Germany. I'm psyched. 😀 Just released -- 16"x20" Winter Sunshine Limited Edition print on heavy cotton textured Ilford art paper.
Because they are coming from Germany, they are only available through Dec 10th. (I don't want someone to order one and have it arrive after Christmas.)


A jalopy bounces over the cobblestones of a street festooned with "banderas," cut paper banners. Having fun is a way of life in San Miguel de Allende. There's always a party, Mariachis, fireworks or dancing, seemingly for no particular reason. These banderas are a common sight and express their joyful attitude.


Normally, I don’t post things until I’ve slept on it, but my husband said, “People like to see work in progress - post it!” The model is from , although you wouldn’t know it, lol. I changed her hair to red, moved her hand away from her face and put a blue dress on her. I was hankering to paint a figure coming out of a dark background and lose me some edges. 😋fun!


I wonder why I like the idea of laundry on the line so? Maybe it is because the clothes smell like the outdoors instead of dryer sheets. Maybe the clothes flapping in the breeze remind me of prayer flags. It’s a mystery.
“Fresh laundry” 16”x20”. comes framed with free shipping. Click the white icon on image for more info or to purchase.


After a day of plein air painting in Provence, we “Return to the Studio” to wash brushes and survey our work. I’ve been meaning to paint this memory for quite some time.


“A River Runs Through It”
I love creating commissioned work for hospitals. Not only do I love painting big (this one is 50”x40”), but I feel we are aligned in the goal of visually uplifting visitors through art. All the art in this Richmond, VA hospital features a river running through them -- what a beautiful theme!


A Piece of Italy

Italophiles, grab this colorful reminder of Italy! This super limited edition print is of a sight almost as common as sidewalk cafes, laundry hanging in the second story sunshine! Available for a limited time.


Painting of one of my favorite natural wonders — flowers! 🌸 “Better Together” 9"x12"


My grandson was given a yogurt drink as they were going out the door to daycare. Needless to say they were late. 🤣


“Made You Smile" will be in the Fall "Art at the Mill" show in Millwood, VA.


Making progress today! Do you think I need a selfie stick — or just longer arms! 🤣


If you're here, you probably LOVE ART as much as I do. I want to tell you about an art-centric social platform called MUSERO. You can use it on your desktop or download it from the app store.
A lot of great artists are on there and you can be, too. It's new and growing fast. New features are being added all the time. Hope to see you there!


Who says you can’t mix apples and oranges?
9”x12” oil on canvas panel


Arbor-covered, flower-lined steps beckon in Capri, Italy. 9"x12" oil on canvas panel.


The canvas was toned with a golden yellow to represent the light. You can see bits of it peaking through the tallest tree and in the grass. Some thick paint, palette knife work in the sky, near tree and foreground. “Summer Cottage” 12"x16"


Virginia Housing Announces “Power of Home” Digital Art Contest to Mark 50th Anniversary.

As part of celebrating our 50th anniversary, we are sponsoring a “Power of Home” digital art contest. The contest is open to all Virginians and will award a total of $20,000 to multiple winners across three categories – school-age students, adult amateurs and adult professionals.

The contest opens Monday, Aug. 1, 2022, and closes at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022.
For more visit


“If the wind does not serve, take to the oars.” I was thinking of this quote (by Walt Whitman) when I painted this. What it means to me. Keep your destination in mind. Sometimes the winds will be with you and your journey will be effortless. Other times, you need to take action. Be resourceful. There’s more than one way to get there.
“Life’s a Row Boat” 30”x24”, oil.


The Golden Hour -- late in the day, when the shadows are long and the light is particularly warm -- is an artist’s favorite time to paint. "Golden Hour Lotus," 30"x36".


This is the same spot as four posts back, the Brunswick boat launch, yet a strikingly different painting. It’s as Monet demonstrated when he painted more than 30 paintings of Rouen Cathedral — it’s not about the subject, but about light falling on the subject.


Just finished “Big Waves at Sunset!”
9”x12” oil


One of the first lilies to bloom at my friend’s pond. “Cool Day at the Pond”


Flowers symbolize the care and affection we hold for another. Whether they are given to congratulate or to console, we hold the recipient in our heart.
"Thinking of You" 16"x20."


A favorite spot, the Potomac boat launch in Brunswick MD. Most of what I liked about it has washed away, a reminder to seize the day!


Detail of a still life painted opaque over transparent paint. I really like the effect!


This little painting was hanging out in one of my wet panel carriers! Dome of La Concepcion, San Miguel de Allende.


I used to wish I could have peonies all year ‘round, but now I appreciate how they make May special, much like sour cherries in June and persimmons in November make those months special, too. These blooms are from my friend, Tom’s garden.
“Tom’s Peonies “, 16”x20” oil.


A gorgeous day to be plein air painting with the Washington Society of Landscape Painters in Waterford VA.


Charles bridge is named after Emperor Charles IV who commissioned the work to span the Vltava River in 1357. Boasting 30 sculptures and culminating in a large Gothic tower, it is emblematic of Prague.
Moon Over Charles Bridge, 36”x24”, oil on linen, commission.


I know what you’re going to say — now I’m painting, “cute.” The cuteness is in the bunny and not my fault. Hmmm, I did pick photos of the cutest ones though, so maybe it is my fault. 🤣


The Spring palette is so fresh and fun!
Spring Greens, 9” x12”


Happy Spring, everyone! A little painting celebrating my favorite season.


A commission of houses along a canal in Normandy. You can see the twinkling lights of an outdoor cafe in the back and small colorful boats moored near their homes. 16x20”.


“The Green Door” is loosely based on a weathered shed door in Italy where I used to teach. Oh, that green!
Available. Click the white icon on the image for price and link to it on my website.


On a painting trip in Europe, I asked a woman for permission to photograph her laundry on the line.

Perplexed, she asked, "Don't you have laundry where you're from?"

"Yes, of course," I explained "but often homeowners' rules prevent it from being hung outdoors. I want to paint it. I think the shapes and colors make a beautiful design."

"Sure, you can take a photo," she said smiling, but probably thinking, "Crazy American tourist!"

“Sun-Dried”, 18"x14", is new off the easel and available in my online store. Comes framed with free US shipping. Click the white icon on the image for price and website link.


When a surprise bouquet becomes the subject of a painting, I enjoy it twice. ❤️


A colorful Maine dingy.
“Big Buoy,” 16”x12”, oil on canvas, sold.

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