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Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 04/08/2024

Don’t we all want reassurance that our kids, with all their strange (and often annoying) behaviors, are “normal”?

It’s normal to spend the toddler years in survival mode, right?

It’s normal that my kids hate school and don’t want to do their homework, right?

And isn’t it normal for teenagers to slam doors, call you names, never look up from their phones, or always be in a mood?

Well, these behaviors might be common — common enough to make them seem normal.

But Maria Montessori defined “normalcy” in terms of healthy human development — not what was considered common in culture or society. This is “normal” the way a doctor might use it: meaning the absence of disease, or the presence of health.

Her vision of normal, healthy development looks slightly different from one stage to the next. But it looks nothing like what we consider to be “normal” today.

Learn about each developmental stage (and what your child needs to develop normally) in this week's issue of the Parenting Guide (see link in bio!).

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Summer learning loss is real, and that's especially true in higher grades.

But what’s the answer? Designing the perfect summer curriculum for our kids?

Thankfully, no.

We could force our children to spend their vacation doing math worksheets and reading Dostoevsky.

But if we do that, we’ll inadvertently teach them another lesson: how to hate learning.

So, to get your kids to stay sharp over the summer, you’re going to have to figure out how to make learning fun.

Which is where we come in — with activities to cover every subject this summer, from reading to math, check out our newsletter at the link in our bio!

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Your home can be set up intentionally, in a way that beckons your child to interact with it and participate in life — teaching them that the world is a fascinating place.

On the flip side, when your home is full of areas your child can’t go and things they can’t touch, the world can seem unwelcoming and scary.

The idea that the environment can support (or hinder) a child’s development came from Maria Montessori, whose innovative ideas on education have persisted for over a century — for good reason.

So, what makes the “Montessori environment” so special? And why does it matter?

You can find the answer in our latest Substack (see the link in our bio!)


Comment below and tell us where you want to see a Guidepost open up near you!

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 02/14/2024

Our campuses are BUZZING today with parents and students brining heartfelt gifts to the staff and guides excited to show their appreciation! If you dropped off your kids this morning at a Guidepost campus, it's likely you felt that buzz too! 😍

With over 140 Valentine's Day events this week, we have to showcase a few in honor of all the dedication and hard work the school leaders have shows to make these events happen. THANK YOU! WE APPRECIATE YOU! 🤗

If you felt the BUZZ today, drop a 🥰 in the comments.

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 02/13/2024

We celebrated across our network and our team did not disappoint! These images are courtesy of our Guidepost Montessori at Princeton Meadows campus in New Jersey. 🥁

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 02/13/2024

Tuesday Tips: Nurture Curiosity!

We believe in fostering a love for learning by encouraging open-ended exploration. Instead of limiting children to yes/no answers, ask questions that spark their imagination and critical thinking skills. 🧠💡

By delving into specific inquiries like "Why do you think...?" or "How did you...?", you empower your child to express themselves fully and engage deeply with the world around them. 🌍💭

Let's inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in our children today, one thoughtful question at a time! 🌟 Swipe for some ideas on open ended questions to ask.

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 02/12/2024

Our Mahwah, NJ campus is celebrating their amazing families this morning! We love to see it. 💙 Parent involvement, big or small, is the cornerstone of our ethos. Guidepost Montessori at Mahwah

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 02/09/2024

Explore our latest campus in Westfield, IN! 🥰 Introducing Guidepost Montessori at Spring Mill . Situated conveniently in Westfield, Indiana off W 176th Street, our campus provides a range of Montessori programs tailored for students from infancy through kindergarten.

To learn more about this campus or take a tour, visit them here:


A lot of you asked if we could talk about activities to promote mindful emotional regulation. Here are some ideas:

🛞Mindful Breathing with a Pinwheel:
Use a pinwheel to teach children about deep, mindful breathing. Instruct them to take slow, deep breaths, focusing on the movement of the pinwheel. Lovevery has a great kit with this included.

🐞Nature Sensory Tray:
Create a sensory tray with natural materials like sand, rocks, and shells. Encourage children to explore the textures mindfully, discussing how each one feels and connecting it to their emotions.

🪨Emotion Stones:
Paint stones with different facial expressions representing various emotions. During circle time, children can pick a stone and share a time when they felt that emotion, fostering emotional awareness and expression.

🎧Mindful Listening Station:
Set up a quiet corner with headphones and calming music or nature sounds. Teach children to close their eyes and focus on listening mindfully, identifying different sounds.

🎨Peaceful Art Corner:
Provide art materials and encourage children to express their emotions through drawing or painting. Use this time for self-reflection and discussion about their creations.

👣Mindful Walking:
Take a mindful walk outdoors, encouraging children to pay attention to their steps, the sounds around them, and the sensation of the ground beneath their feet.

🫐Mindful Snack Time:
Encourage children to eat mindfully by engaging their senses. Discuss the taste, texture, and smell of the food. This fosters a connection between food and emotions.

📚Mindful Storytelling:
Read books that focus on emotions and mindfulness. Afterward, have a discussion about the characters' feelings and relate them to the children's own experiences.

Remember to tailor these activities to the age and developmental stage of the children, and always create a safe and supportive environment for their emotional exploration.

What else would you include?


We are happy to offer a Silent Journey to all current and prospective families. Visit are beautifully prepared classrooms for ages 16 months-6 years! Speak with experts in early childhood education, get engaged in montessori activities, and have a chance to make DIY play dough! This event is on Tuesday, January 30th from 4:30-5:30 pm. Invite your friends and family!

RSVP at:


Due to the snow accumulation and weather forecast, Guidepost Montessori at Herndon will be closed today, Friday, January 19th, 2024. Stay safe and warm!


Due to the predicted weather alert for tomorrow morning, Guidepost at Herndon will be operating on a 2-hour delay and opening at 9 am. There will be an updated provided by 6 am Friday, January 19th in the event we need to close. Stay safe and warm!

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 01/18/2024

Change can be hard for an adult, but as a child, it can feel like the end of the world as you know it. 😒 Change can bring about stress and anxiety which can manifest in many ways in those tiny bodies. 🫣That is why teaching children to adapt is a critical skill that will last their lifetime.

By integrating these 5 skills into the child’s learning environment and daily activities, you can support their development in a way that aligns with the Montessori philosophy while helping them become more adaptable to change. Swipe to see. 👉👉👉

Do you agree?


In light of the freezing temperatures and potentially hazardous road conditions, we will open at 9 am tomorrow, Wednesday, January 17th. Please drive safely and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Due to inclement weather, Guidepost Montessori at Herndon will be closed on Tuesday, January 16th. Stay safe and warm!

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 01/15/2024

Guidepost is growing! And we have 11,000+ families to thank for trusting us with their children. Our goal of mainstreaming Montessori and changing the education landscape is being realized with each and every location we open. 🩵

Swipe to see our campuses across the US to date. Drop a comment and tell us which location you’re enrolled in! Give a shout out to your campus 👇🏼


We hope everyone enjoys the snow day! Stay safe and warm. ⛄️❄️☃️

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🌟 Exploring Independence at Nido! 🌈 Our little ones at Nido enjoy a unique environment designed to foster their natural curiosity and independence. From their cozy floor beds, infants learn to navigate the world on their terms – rolling over and crawling freely without waiting at the crib’s edge.

During waking hours, our textured rugs become the perfect playground for observation. Imagine your bundle of joy surrounded by contrasting mobiles and full-length mirrors, discovering the beauty of their surroundings. Every moment is an opportunity for exploration and growth.

Our age-appropriate lessons, displayed on low shelves, invite them to crawl up and delve into a world of discovery. Nurturing independence from the start, we empower these young minds to engage with their environment, promoting a sense of autonomy and confidence.

At Nido, we believe in creating an environment where every movement, every exploration, is a step toward building a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Join us in celebrating the joy of discovery and the limitless potential within each precious moment! 🌱💕

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 01/08/2024

Continuing the conversation from last week, this week we are diving into Independence classroom. We have 4 programs in our classroom: Nido, Toddler, Children’s House and Elementary. Today, we dive into what independence means in our Toddler House Community.

When the child enters Toddler House, they enter a world of their own. They receive lessons on dressing themselves, grooming, food preparation, and, ultimately, toilet training. When the child accomplishes these tasks for themselves, you can see the spark in their eyes as well as the smile on their face.

Toddlerhood is a time when the child begins to realize they are a separate being from their guardian. They learn they can make decisions for themselves, such as when to eat or what lesson to work on. This gives them a sense of purpose and motivation. The daily routine of the classroom is the child’s first exposure to time management. They begin to understand that first they work, then go to the playground, then eat lunch, then nap, and then it is finally time to go home. This routine will serve them well in the elementary years when they have to manage their own time effectively.

Photo credits:

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 01/04/2024

While there are many truths parents have openly shared with us about how their child has thrived within the Guidepost community, we want to share the core values of knowledge, work, agency, and trade that come together to form the benevolent, aspirational culture that is common to every Guidepost classroom.

This culture is at once universally constant—the same whether you visit Guidepost at Foothill Ranch in California, at Hollywood Beach in Florida, or at Magnificent Mile in Chicago—and wholly singular—taking on the unique personality of the individual parents, guides, and children that form each particular community.

The end result of such a culture is more than children who learn to read, write, and think mathematically years ahead of their peers. The result is more even than children who can think, work, and succeed independently—and enjoy the process. The end result is children who can look across the span of their whole lives, work to understand the infinite texture of choices and paths open to them, and confidently craft a life that is good, purposeful, fully their own and fully lived.

This is the mission, the vision, and the advantage of Guidepost Montessori—and we can’t wait for you to join us.

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 01/03/2024

At Guidepost, our values lead us to help each child cultivate A love of:

🤸leading her own life
🔗connecting with others

Swipe through to learn more about each of these pillars and leave your questions in the comments. These are the standards we hold ourselves to each and every day. Stay tuned for more about the advantages of enrolling at a Guidepost Montessori near you.


🚀 Ready to dive into 2024 with a splash? 💫 Join us as we kick off the year by unraveling the Magic of Guidepost! ✨ This week, we're delving deep into our mission, vision, and values—uncovering the standards that drive us every single day.

At Guidepost, our mission is crystal clear: guiding and empowering each child toward independence. Our vision? Seeing every child's potential fully realized, their mind activated, and their life lived to the fullest. 🌟 What does it take to craft a life, fully lived? Stay tuned as we explore the key elements that set the stage for success in academics, careers, friendships, and beyond.

Get ready for a week of inspiration and insight as we unravel the values that make Guidepost Montessori unique! 🌈


Traditional education isn’t working🫠

We spent 100+ hours creating an email course about the five biggest problems with traditional education, and how you can help your child:

💥Discover a love for learning at a young age
🚀Increase their confidence and independence
🎆Master skills years ahead of their peers in traditional setting (without any added “pressure”)

Want access? Click here:


The Binomial Cube

What is it?
*a box with eight wooden cubes and rectangular prisms painted in various colors.

The child is introduced to the name of the material. She carries the box to a table, removes the lid and places it at the corner of the box so that the doors of the box open around the lid. One at a time, she removes each piece from the box beginning with the piece closet to her on the top level. She proceeds to remove all the top level pieces moving from outside to inside. All the top level pieces are placed randomly and grouped together. Next, she removes all bottom pieces one at a time from outside to inside. All the bottom pieces are placed randomly and grouped together.

The child builds the cube inside the box starting with the big red cube from the bottom level being placed in the corner. After the bottom level is built out, she builds the top level starting with the red cube in the corner following the same pattern as the bottom level. If the cube was built completely, the doors will close.

Why do we do it?
*shows the pattern in plane dimension
*prepares for mathematics
*prepares for the cube of the binomial
*prepares for cubed root
*introduces to algebra
*prepares for the proof of the formula: (a + b)3


❄️ Join us for our Hot Cocoa Mingle and Gift Making workshop!

📅 Date: December 15
⏰ Time: 5-6 pm
📍 Location: Guidepost Montessori at Herndon
🚗 Address: 13251 Woodland Park Rd, Herndon, VA 20171

☕Experience a delightful winter day filled with hot cocoa, creative gift-making, and mingling with other families.

🌟Plus, an exclusive offer❣️ Enroll by January and enjoy discounted deposit and application fees!

🚀RSVP and secure your spot today:

🥰Don't miss this unique opportunity for family fun. Create lasting memories with us this holiday season!


Join us for hot cocoa and gift making! Lets start off the winter season with warmth and fun! ❄️❄️❄️☕☕☕


We are thankful for all the families at Guidepost Montessori at Laurel Oak and honored to hear how these families feel about that campus. Join the campaign and tag us in your videos sharing why you are this season. 💙

To find a campus near you, visit the link in our bio to book a tour.


Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder to reflect on what we are all thankful for. 🫶 We are thankful for the families who trust us every day with their capable children and we are loving all the sentiments these families have shared with us this season. Thank you to the families at Guidepost Montessori at Museum Mile in this video for your lovely words. 💙

If you're a and feel inclined to share why you're thankful, use the hashtag and we will repost your videos. 🚀

If you're looking for a new school where you child will thrive, find a school near you and book a tour 👉


Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

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One-to-one correspondence is a key skill in learning the foundation of numbers. In the Montessori pedagogy, the concept of learning to count is segmented into two parts, concreate and abstract. First, children will learn about quantity, the concrete understanding of value, by counting materials they can touch, feel, and collect. Next, the child would learn about the symbol which is the abstract concept. These two skills are introduced and practiced independently, then at the right time, are combined together into one lesson where the quantity meets it's abstract formation, the symbol. This is where the one-to-one correspondence comes into play, knowing the value and it's perfect match in abstraction. It's not just about counting to 10, but to know and understand each quantity and their individual symbol.


Children in a Montessori class have tremendous freedom—to move, explore and be inspired by the environment, to choose which fascinating materials to work on and how long to persist, and to decide whether to work independently or in a small group for any given activity. 🩵

Guidepost guides work meticulously to make this freedom possible and worthwhile—all to best serve the child’s growth and to unlock their potential. 🎯

The Role Of The Montessori Guide:

✨Prepare a beautiful, orderly environment that supports a child’s independence and captivates their interest
✨Observe each child closely to understand their developmental progress and needs
✨Offer individual or small-group presentations to connect children with materials, build vocabulary, and assess their progress
✨Foster each child’s ability to concentrate, persist, and pursue mastery
✨Inspire children to love learning, apply effort to interesting work, and become the author of their lives.

🚀Give your child an education in an environment where they can flourish. Now enrolling across the network. Visit us online and find a school near you:


Happy Festival of Lights!

Photos from Guidepost Montessori's post 11/10/2023

We sat down with one of our outstanding Toddler Lead Guides to discuss the activities she creates in her toddler classroom and that parents can also do at home. These fun materials and activities will keep your toddler happily engaged for a long time—all while she develops fine motor control, expands her vocabulary, and learns practical skills.

To see all 10+ activities, check out Ms. Natalie's blog post:

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Herndon?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

We’re Open and Offer Emergency Child Care for Essential Workers

Guidepost Montessori at Herndon is now offering Emergency Care for Essential Workers (ECEW) to “essential workers” seeking child care services during the COVID-19 crisis so that they can remain focused on their critical work. The program will be offered to families within and outside the Guidepost network. Care will be provided for children ages 8 weeks-6 years in small group cohorts (10 students per classroom) on-site at our existing locations, or within the existing infrastructure on-site within medical facilities and their surrounding properties.

The employees within my organization need care. How can we get involved?
There are a number of offerings at various levels of involvement available to your organization. Bring your employees to us.

  • Employees find care at a Guidepost school. Provide a co-branded flyer to your employees with information and next steps so they can reserve a spot at your nearest Guidepost school.

  • Reserve “bulk seats” at a Guidepost school. As an employer, reserve or pre-purchase a set number of seats at (or buy out in total) a Guidepost school. Discounts available for 10+ seats reserved.
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