Regional Additive Manufacturing Partnership of Maryland - RAMP MD

Regional Additive Manufacturing Partnership of Maryland - RAMP MD


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I recommend people curious about additive manufacturing, business owners, and people already in the industry to check out RAMPMD. They're an awesome hub and an even greater group of people to network with to present and to connect to resources. I went to the mind blowing metal 3D printing symposium and now I can't wait to break into the industry.
Regional Additive Manufacturing Partnership of Maryland - RAMP MD to launch a new manufacturing apprenticeship program soon. Stay tuned for more details. #3dprinting #additivemanufacturing
June 20 -

(Regional Additive Manufacturing Partnership of Maryland - RAMP MD)

Established by the Maryland General Assembly, RAMP MD connects industry partners with Maryland's capabilities and resources in additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing represents a significant opportunity for the state of Maryland to be at the leading edge of a technology that is going to dramatically reshape how we live, work, and play. Some economists expect the additive manufacturing industry to grow to $21 billion within five years. RAMP MD was established in 2014 by the Maryland General Assembly to grow additive manufacturing in Maryl

Operating as usual


Senior capstone events taking place despite shutdown!

Harford County Public School's Senior Capstone tradition continues in spite of the shutdown! Capstone events will be held on line starting May 21 through May 28. Find the videos on their YouTube site at


The APGDiscovery Center – a soon-to-be-built science center in Harford County – is sharing science activities every day on their page. Go "like" the page to get daily updates. 👩‍🔬 11/26/2019

Wyss Institute Researchers Create a Fast Multimaterial 3D Printer - | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

"This time it is a 3D printing technique that could revolutionize the process of printing complex structures ... allows users to seamlessly switch between multiple different materials up to 50 times per second...." Researchers working at Harvard University‘s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering are quickly developing innovations to revolutionize the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, robotics and biotechnology. Just a few months back,... 11/25/2019

3D Printing Rockets in Outer Space? This Company's Going for It

"The Stargate owned by Relativity Space ... is arguably the largest metal 3D printing device in the world. Which makes sense: you need something pretty ambitious if your aim is to 3D print rockets capable of carrying over a ton of payload into space." Currently, it takes 12-18 months to build a new rocket from scratch in a process that often involves assembling over 100,000 components. 11/24/2019

Fitz Frames app designs unbreakable 3D printed glasses for kids

"Heidi launched Fitz Frames - a new app that designs 3D printed glasses for kids. Heidi's goal at Fitz is to make kids feel confident in their glasses - so they created an app that custom fits your child to glasses." Finally, glasses that fit and look great on your kid! Fitz Frames is a new app that designs 3D printed glasses for kids. 11/23/2019

Case Study: Global Distributor Uses Xometry DMLS to Deliver Custom Shading Systems

"In 2005, Jared Grodnitzky, grandson of Crown Shade’s founder, entered the business with a degree in Industrial Design and began harnessing 3D printing to design shade components that never before existed anywhere in the world...." This Baltimore-based, family-owned company turned to Xometry metal and plastic 3D printing to accelerate its custom shade division. 11/21/2019

BASF Doubles Down on 3D Printing, Buys Sculpteo - | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

“Together with Sculpteo, we are pursuing our goal of establishing additive manufacturing as a proven technology for industrial mass production.” BASF has really shaken up the 3D printing industry yet again by buying Sculpteo today. The German chemical giant has previously bought Dutch filament leader Innofill3D, launched a new brand... 11/21/2019

Air Force base has big plans for new 3-D printer

"The 60th Maintenance Squadron is the first field unit in the Air Force to be certified with an industrial-sized 3D printer that is authorized to produce nonstructural aircraft parts." The 60th Maintenance Squadron is the first field unit in the Air Force to be certified with an industrial-sized 3D printer. 11/20/2019

British inventor breaks his own world record zooming at 85 mph in jet-powered suit

"The suit has changed completely since he set the last record, and that it now is 'entirely 3D-printed, lighter, stronger and much smarter,' and that it gives the flyer the ability to fine-tune the power level mid-flight." He is Iron Man. Richard Browning breaks his own Guinness World Record in the 3D-printed suit.


"3D printing has tremendous potential in the oil and gas industry in delivering productivity gains, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company." 11/18/2019

Advancements in Bioprinting

"This system was able to make 'soft, water-based, biocompatible gels with intricate internal architecture.' In tests with the lung-like 3-D copy ... the tissues were able to withstand biological processes like blood flow and breathing." The advancement of medical technology offers a plethora of options for healthcare professionals and patients alike. New technologies and clinical trials are solving the way we treat diseases and interface with patients. Recent breakthroughs in three-dimensional printing (3-D) may have hit upon a sol... 11/17/2019

Bioprinting Living Cells Extremely Fast and at Very High Resolution in a 3D Printer

"Thanks to a special 'bio ink' for the 3D printer, cells can now be embedded in a 3D matrix printed with micrometer precision — at a printing speed of one meter per second, orders of magnitude faster than previously possible." With a new process developed at TU Wien (Vienna), living cells can be integrated into fine structures created in a 3D printer — extremely fast and with very high resolution. Tissue growth and the behavior of cells can be controlled and investigated particularly well by embedding the cells in a del... 11/16/2019

Radar Scans Reveal Ancient Human Footprint Embedded in Mammoth Track

"Doing so let them capture smaller tracks they didn’t know existed.... It also let them preserve the tracks in 3D imagery rather than excavating them, where they tend to quickly disintegrate unless cast." Tens of thousands of years ago, a human walked north at what is now White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. A large proboscidean, possibly a Columbian mammoth, later walked west, stepping onto one of the footprints left by the human. Soon after, a person—perhaps the same individual who had go... 11/15/2019

Big Dog, Jay Leno & Stratasys Collaborate in 3D Printing Parts for Hundreds of Classic Autos - | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

"'As a lover of classic cars, I’m always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible in creation and re-creation of these vehicles—and 3D printing is integral to this process,' said Jay Leno." Even if you weren’t a big “Tonight Show” fan, you are probably aware that Jay Leno loves cars—and especially the classics. He has been connected to 3D printing before, but... 11/14/2019

Generative Design and 3D Printing - 3DHeals

"Many designs from the generative design system with great performance data could not be manufactured in any other way but 3D printing." generative design in healthcare 3d printing and 3d bioprinting, artificial intelligence in design 11/13/2019

UNSW researcher is using 3D printing to simulate children's bones for surgeons

"Dr. Dunn was approached a few years ago by a Westmead Children’s Hospital surgeon to develop a material for 3D printing that simulates bone...." Artist Dr Kate Dunn has worked with ceramics, bronze casting, 3D printing of children’s bones, prosthetics and community development. It’s an unusual combination – even the artist says it is “disparate”. 11/12/2019

Liquid-in-liquid printing method could put 3D-printed organs in reach

"Once printing is finished, the shapes are set by adding polyvinyl alcohol to the inky portion of the structure. That means, the scientists say, that complex 3D-printed tissues made by including living cells in the ink could soon be within our grasp." New technique makes it easier to build stable “tissues” 11/11/2019

Living Skin with Blood Vessels Can Now be 3D Printed

"Once the Yale team grafted it onto a special type of mouse, the vessels from the skin printed by the Rensselaer team began to communicate and connect with the mouse’s own vessels." Biomedical engineers take a major step toward 3D printing skin grafts. 11/10/2019

Smart, affordable and accessible: Introducing the One Click Metal 3D printer

"The new metal 3D printer from One Click Metal will be presented for the first time at Formnext in Frankfurt from 19 to 22 November 2019." Born out of a simple question - why isn’t there an affordable metal 3D printer? – fresh German start-up One Click Metal is about to launch its first product onto the market. 11/09/2019

When Artificial Intelligence Meets 3D Printing - 3DHeals

Intelligent synopsis of the synergies between artificial intelligence, machine learning, and 3D printing, worth reading: "Some of the proposed ways AI can improve 3D printing include the following...." How can artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, artificial neural networks can improve medical 3D printing, computer vision, sensor 11/08/2019

Pittsburgh International Airport to begin construction of additive manufacturing hub in 2020

“Neighborhood 91 ... combines the region’s strength in additive manufacturing and advanced materials industries with the intellectual capital of its world-class research universities.” Pittsburgh International Airport and the University of Pittsburgh have joined forces to help make their locality a world leader in additive manufacturing. Neighbourhood 91 is a new concept the parties 11/07/2019

14-Year-Old Genius Solves Blind Spots

"Custom 3D-printed parts allowed her to perfectly align the projected image so that it seamlessly blends with what a driver sees through the passenger window and the windshield, essentially making the pillar invisible." Using some relatively inexpensive and readily available technology you can find at any well-stocked electronics store, Alaina Gassler, a 14-year-old inventor from West Grove, Pennsylvania, came up with a clever way to eliminate the blind spot created by the thick pillars on the side of a car’s win... 11/06/2019

New printer produces 3D holograms - Times of India

Full parallax holograms reconstruct an object so that it is .. Science News: A printer capable of producing digital 3D holograms with a high level of detail and realistic colour has been developed by researchers. The printer wi 11/05/2019

Copper3D Releases First of Its Kind Anti-Bacterial PLA Material | All3DP

"Copper3D explains that over 40% of amputees suffer from dermic disorders from their 3D printed prostheses due to a high bacterial burden in the devices.... Copper3D believes antibacterial medical devices can change this and benefit the entire industry." Copper3D, the Chilean/US company, announced a new anti-bacterial PLA material that could be used in prostheses to prevent bacterial infections. 11/04/2019

Fabbaloo on Twitter

"They can deposit multiple layers of carbon fiber tape in different directions to optimize strength. Even better, the continuous carbon fiber could be combined with ... a variety of high-power engineering materials .... " “What? Desktop Metal Is Doing Desktop Plastic? #3DPrinting #AdditiveManufacturing” 11/02/2019

What Does A Real Chocolate Maker Think of 3D Printed Chocolate?

"Chocolate 3D printer configurations are often built by non-chefs that perhaps have less understanding of taste challenges, and therefore I always wondered whether 3D printing is a technology that is suited for edible products...." We’ve seen chocolate 3D printers, but is this something that should be done? We asked an actual chocolate maker for thoughts on 3D printed chocolate. 11/01/2019

MiniFactory Announces Aarni, A Way To See Inside 3D Prints

"'The visualization makes sure that you don’t miss anything and first time in FFF technology, you can see inside the printed part.' Their video shows how it works...." Is it possible to know what happened inside a completed 3D print? Yes, you can with Minifactory’s Aarni quality control tool. 10/31/2019

GE Signs 5-year Agreement With DOE To Improve 3D Printing

"The five-year cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) focuses on processes, materials and software to drive broader adoption of additive manufacturing technology." GE Additive , a subsidiary of GE Aviation with test facilities in West Chester, is making aircraft engine parts so complex that better 3D printers are 10/31/2019

Eye on the Economy: An Interactive Look at Maryland and the Regional Economy in September 2019 - Engage TU

"To make more sense of what’s happening with Maryland’s employment numbers, we’ve embedded our new tool: the Mid-Atlantic Regional Employment Workbook. This dashboard allows you to examine 29 different industries ...." Eye on the Economy is the trusted source for data and analysis of Maryland's economy and employment numbers provided by RESI of Towson University. 10/30/2019

Now You Can 3D-Print Yourself in an Afternoon

"Northwestern University researchers have developed a new 3D printer that can print an object the size of an adult human in just a couple of hours." HARP technology can tackle single large parts or many different small parts at once. 10/29/2019

How to get past paywalls and read scientific studies

"Even if you find a paper that's hidden behind a paid subscription, there are ways to get it for free—and we're not talking about piracy. Often, the study you're looking for may be freely, legally available elsewhere, if you know how to find it." Popular Science stories often link directly to scientific studies. You can get all the information you need from the articles themselves, and even more from these links, but if you get the urge to investigate further—perhaps to see the data for yourself—you'll want to read the study first-hand. ... 10/28/2019

3D-printing puts prosthetics within reach

"These days, the engineer-turned-social entrepreneur can be found in an expansive warehouse on Phillip Island – 140 kilometres southeast of Melbourne – making 3D-printed prosthetic limbs, which he sends to people all over the world, for free." Trying on a $1 million bionic arm set social entrepreneur Mat Bowtell on a mission to create cheap and accessible prosthetics using 3D printing. 10/27/2019

3-D Printed Leg Designed To Help Injured Owl At Walnut Creek Animal Hospital

"The first prototype looked more like a bird foot, but it kept getting snagged. So the designers switched to a concept similar to the 'blades' worn by Olympic para-athletes." At the Lindsay Wildlife Experience rehabilitation hospital in Walnut Creek, an extraordinary effort is underway using cutting-edge technology to help a badly injured owl to live a more normal life. 10/26/2019

Why the future of digital manufacturing will be one-click

"To increase 3D printer use, the software has to meet both need and demand. The only way forward is through one-click printing via an online, cloud-based platform." Despite major developments in technology, 3D printing still intimidates many newer users. Many of the assumptions regarding 3D printing are steeped in confusion about its uses, popularity, and price. Consumers often view 3D printers as million-dollar devices when, in reality, consumer-grade tech cos...





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