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Videos by Parkers Playhouse in Harrisonville. Parker's Playhouse has been providing quality child care services since 2003.

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Silas is ready to roll into the weekend 🎉

Happy Grandparents Day on Sunday to all of our wonderful grandparents! The kids have been practicing this little poem fo...

“I’m a Little Snowman” song!

Christmas song #1 for the season! Be watching for our next one later this week!

The kids are doing a great job with saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning! Our helper of the day gets to hold ou...

Surprise after nap today!

Music time with the bean bags!

The kids are so proud of the new song they learned today! Hope you all enjoy listening to them sing ‘The Sun is Shining ...

The kids did an awesome job singing the 2 songs they have been working on this past week for their Grandparents!