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Hi There! I have an adorable girl named Lucrezia that is looking for a family in CT, MA or RI. She comes with her own money and insurance and is just looking to be a part of a family. Lucrezia loves music of all kinds and I was hoping to find a family that loves music too! (She will arrive to the USA this August 2021).
Can you help us in making dreams come true for Lucrezia? Please spread the word and share this post with your family and friends around our state!
We are a non-profit high school foreign exchange program sponsored by the US Department of State since 1999.
Exchange students across the globe marked THIS YEAR as their exchange year. For many, it’s the only chance they have.
Our students and host families are our top priority and we are following along closely with the recommendations issued by CDC, USDOS, federal, state, and local guidelines.
Thank you!
Would you mind spreading the word and share my post on your Facebook?
Remember Host families come in all shapes and sizes! -Empty nesters-single parents-couples that don't have children- families with older children - families with younger children!
Just listened to our first draft of "Breathe For Me" off album #2 and we are so happy! The new soundproofing in the studio is amazing and makes everything sound SO clear. Nate also altered the levels exactly how we envisioned. Can't wait to hear the finished product!
very cool space

Performance-oriented music lessons in drums, voice, and guitar. We also offer services in Live Sound

Patterson Studios began with a lesson taught in a West Haven basement in 2006. After a series of events that included a summer job at Camp Jam, the emergence of new students, and a meeting with a contractor named Ben... in spring of 2011 a garage on Patterson Road became what is now a facility for creativity, recording, and music. Students at Patterson Studios have auditioned for X Factor, America

Operating as usual

Photos from Dobas Music Studios's post 10/27/2022

Been away for a little while, and made a few adjustments in the studio.

A few more toys are on their way.

Norman, aka “the petite prince”  seems to be a fan of the birch, as the other kit has been busy Play Rocky horror picture show at SquareFoot theater.


Happy New Year!! 08/31/2018

HD VERSION " Bartender " performed by Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds LIVE Las Vegas 12/12/09

Great way to start the day.
2 guitars and a whole bunch of awesome ess! VIDEO NOTE: They NAIL the s*&% out of this song! The ending is shear perfection! I wanted to share my experience of my first Dave & Tim show I attended in La...


30 Seconds to Mars-Kings and Queens-Drum Cover

Back to the grind!!

One of the last videos completed before “the slump”. There is something really powerful about this song. Makes you think you can throw a ball a quarter of a mile!

I even had my school choir sing it. My favorite part of this video tho? of the comments a troll left: “I like the way Cobus holds his stick better, so no thanks!”

Hahah…what are some funny comments you have gotten or have read?

One of my favorite songs to play. A song which I do not own the rights too. I like this song so much, I even taught it to my school choir. That video can als...


Rush "Subdivisions" Drum Cover (Nate Dobas)

After a great twin-mas yesterday, I'm back to spam your feed with more drum videos.
With the upcoming Rush night, I wanted to post a video I did a while back. Studio was much different then (as you will see and hear). Some incredible video production by Mike Bevacqua.
This is Subdivisions. I used the "Show of Hands" version because I like the live vibe and the keyboard sounds better than the studio version.
Thankful for progress and change!

A classic Rush track from the album Signals. I do not own the material in this video. I do not play like Neil, nor will I ever. This is my take on this power... 07/25/2018

Great Hands for a Lifetime-Advanced-Tommy Igoe

Very proud of this one. Besides Alan Dawson’s Rudimental Ritual, there aren’t many snare exercises that allow you practice a majority of the rudiments in a “musical” way as this one does. Tommy Igoe’s “Great Hands for a lifetime” is a modern day rudimental ritual. Each level (there are 4) has it’s own set of challenges. Each level each adds more rudiments and increases the tempo.

As an extra “hair pull”, there is the 5 minute advanced warm up that is sure to challenge even the most seasoned players.

Enjoy! Here is the long awaited "part 3". This is the warm up I use before gigs and before practice sessions. I think this is a huge benefit to drummers as it has y...


Nate Dobas Gary Chaffee Sticking Patterns Study 12

Hello, folks!
A little practice out of the Stickings Book. This study uses applications of 4B, 6B, and 8B stickings. The studies are applications of stickings so they can be used musically.
The next step would be to put the accents on the kit. You can play the accents on the toms, then cymbals. You can also play the study over an ostinato.

Or, take individual measures and use them as fills. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

I hope you enjoy this...if not, that's ok too. Happy practicing!

This is Gary study 12 from Gary Chaffee's Sticking Patterns Book. The study combines 4B, 6B and 8B groupings. I'm playing on the Reflexx practice pad...highl...


Luca killing some Huey Lewis. And he is LOVING hearing himself on recording.

What a great way to spend his lesson.
You record, you listen, you critique and you improve.

The new system is crystal clear.

We are excited!
Had to take out the, now you only hear drums.


And we are back!

Full day of lessons in the studio. Lessons practice and a recording session!


Working a little Tony Williams style up tempo ride playing. Push pull technique to help the 5 note variations.
Goal is 300 bpm. This is 280 ish. Striving for smaller motions too.

Gary has me working on “Miles Smiles” so this helps...kinda. Hahah.


Last vocal of the album being recorded...



Dobas Music Studios

Studio is "SHAKIN" as we speak!!

Metallic Shake gettin their groove on!

Metallic Shake in the studio!!!!


Metallic Shake in the studio!!!!


Fast Ricky killing it in the studio.

Bands, message us to rent the studio for your rehearsal.


Working some triplet linear phrases as I assemble the first draft of the upcoming Passing Strange CD!

Can not wait to share this with you...neither can they!!


Special thanks to Brooke Brady for her incredible work capturing the transformation of the studio.

Really excited for the upcoming year.


And in with the new!!

Thanks to Cliff and Vinnie at Amodio and Sons.


Out with the old...its as if the universe interjected and said: "Well, since you renovated the entire studio, lets go ahead and get you a new ductless system".

Out with the old...

Blower in the main unit is shot. Panasonic bought sanyo. Which means parts are no longer available.


Out with the old...

Blower in the main unit is shot. Panasonic bought sanyo. Which means parts are no longer available.


Studio Renovation

Super excited to post my first video from the re-done studio. Please share away! It's already been a productive summer in here. Recorded 2 bands in as many months. Can't wait to see what the fall brings. Message us for rates and availability.

This past summer I did a complete overhaul of my studio. I got rid of a TON of clutter, threw on some new paint and treated the room with close to 17 acousti...


Lucid Empire in the studio recording drums!!


Photo shoot at the studio, then recording session tonight. Life is good here at the studio. Got a project that needs recording? We record drum tracks, singer/songwriters and full bands.

Message us for rates.


Dobas Music Studios


Take the tour!! Lot of planning, work and bad assery.

The room is a 180 from where it was 6 months ago. Easy to move around, easy to record in and easy to be creative in.


Thanks again to the good folks at Real Traps who helped bring my vision to life.


Passing Strange in the studio laying down some sick vocals!!!
Listen to the INCREDIBLE difference in the sound using the bass traps as a make shift vocal "booth"

Recording continues this summer. CD drops soon!


Studio reno...done. The look is stunning. The room looks bigger.

I have no words to describe the sound. Professional, dry and NO annoying room echo/bleed. We are ready to record at the next level!!

We are so pleased with this transition. Thank you Bob Ambrose and all the folks at Real Traps!!


Its PAINTING day at the studio.
New bass traps arrive soon.
So stoked to have a TUNED room!!


Happy to be recording the band Passing Strange!


All clean and shiny!!


Before and after!


Attention Singers, guitarists and drummers: Are you looking to take your playing to the next level? Have you always wanted to play, but you tube videos aren't cutting it? Its never too late to start!

We are the place for you. Experienced staff, professional atmosphere are a few things that make Dobas Music Studios the studio for your family.

Call now to schedule your first lesson!


Happy to announce the addition of 2 new teachers at the studio!!

Jen Gadaree will be our new voice teacher.

Mark Garthwait will be our new guitar teacher.

Both are excellent teachers, musicians and people. They bring a wealth of experience and are an excellent addition to the staff at Dobas Music Studios.

Welcome aboard, Jen and Mark!!!


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos

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Working a little Tony Williams style up tempo ride playing.  Push pull technique to help the 5 note variations.Goal is 3...
Take the tour!!  Lot of planning, work and bad assery.The room is a 180 from where it was 6 months ago. Easy to move aro...
Happy to be recording the band Passing Strange!#DoinItLive
Shure PSM 900.That is all!#clarity#audioworksct#Shure
One of the students testing the newly acquired Sennheiser e935.#sennheiser
Wireless office!!
Heres a cool little app we use to aid in recording!The computer is controlled via ipad!!




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