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Operating as usual


HIIT Workout‼️

HIIT workout benefits:
- burn a lot of calories in a short time
- Help you lose fat
- Improve oxygen consumption
- Helps build a healthier heart
- Increase metabolism

I thoroughly enjoy a HIIT workout, even though this one had me out of breath. These drills definitely get the body right.

Now accepting in person and virtual inquiries‼️‼️

The first step always begins with you‼️


4 plates, finally reached 4 plates…whew it’s been a while since I’ve hit 4 plates.

What goals do you guys have in fitness this week?



Tap into the latest interview with @cyon_podcast & Vitality2health, talking about health, fitness and how to better the community‼️


The time for change is now. Accepting virtual and in person clients 💪🏾💪🏾


Vitality2health first interview with CYON.

Sneak peek‼️ Full interview drops Friday. Spread the word and stay tuned.


The beautiful thing about the week before is that you can start anew in the upcoming week.

Sunday CHECK IN‼️‼️

Today is the perfect day to start fresh, prepare and get ready.

- Wash your crown
- Journal
- Meal prep for the week
- Set goals
- Set affirmations
- Meditate/Yoga— get your mind right
- Buy new plants lol

Whatever this Sunday means to you execute it.


Leg day‼️

Continue to show up everyday for yourself. Who got you better than you?? 💪🏾💪🏾


Natural Juices

What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we do in the gym‼️

Reach out if you’re interested in a natural juice. Menu will be provided!


Checking in 🗣🗣

Have y’all drank water today?
Have y’all eaten today?
How’s your smile?
When’s the last time you stretched?
When’s the last time you treated yourself?

Love thyself‼️ Continue checking in for yourself.



Everyone needs a starting point, helping hand and a dope hype man‼️ Accepting new clients.

Let’s start this journey together.


Push it push it‼️

Control your narrative. Our health and fitness begins with us.


Oh man 2/2/22, how are we so lucky to be able to experience this day??

First workout of February‼️

What goals are you setting for yourself this month?


It's now easier to send Vitality2Health a message. 01/26/2022

It's now easier to send Vitality2Health a message.

It's now easier to send Vitality2Health a message.

Photos from Vitality2Health's post 01/19/2022

Spread the word peeps‼️‼️ Personal trainer and natural juices at your service. Message me for info. Happy hump day.


I mean today is a great day for abs right?

What workout be testing your gangsta? Let me hear it.


It’s the time everyone’s been waiting for…a fresh start, a new year.

What goals are you brewing up??? What fitness goals do you have?? Change of lifestyle you have planned? What new health tips will you bring into the new year???

Whatever it is, don’t rush it. Take your time with these important decisions cause your mental and physical health needs it.

Photos from Vitality2Health's post 12/21/2021

How good you feel about yourself matters.

You gotta go hard for yourself at all times and let the results speak for itself.

Never give up ✅
Keep pushing forward ✅
Take deep breaths ✅
Stay humble ✅
Believe in yourself ✅

☀️ ♥️


Quick quick. Burn burn burn. Quick quick. Heart rate UP and it’s stuck 😂

Fun times creating drills that keep these legs and arms tone.


Whew! That outside workout will get you right every time.

Wherever you are in your workout journey do not give up on yourself. Keep pushing forward.

Accepting new clients for in person and virtual training ✅✅

‼️ 🌮



Quick, intense workouts is what I love, keeps my heart rate elevated and my skin sweaty!

I like to come up with quick witty drills while in the gym!

If you like this one save it, tag it! Make it yours and burn baby burn.


Waking up this morning was granted to us so let’s get to our goals no matter what‼️

Whether you workout indoors or outside take a few breathes this morning and be grateful for whatever you can.

🎵: Lion Trap Beat


Risings to all you beautiful people‼️ Every journey has a start….so when does yours begin?

Don’t ever give up on yourself
Don’t ever give up on your potential
Don’t ever give up on your hungry


How do y’all start your mornings off?

Waking up is always a blessing in itself so starting the day off strong is important!

Take the first step with Vitality2health and let’s get to training.


If it could be ab and leg day, every day I’d be in bliss 😜

Come on!! How are you guys challenging yourself lately? How’s your focus? How’s your mental?

Ask yourself these questions often and see how the answers develop.


Training is everything. It’s the one time where sweating is an accomplishment and heavy breathing is a relief.

Continue to push yourself because you can break through a lot‼️ Proud of you @ms_multiskilled

TAKING ON NEW CLIENTS! Take the first step!


Weight vest training is always the hardest but most rewarding for me. I love the sweat and heaviness that comes from these drills.

How are you challenging yourself this week??


Your body and your mind is for you to take care of. So how are you doing it?

I feel and smell something in the air!! Something good is coming.

Taking on all new clients for in person training and virtual‼️ let’s go!



What gives you that ultimate accomplished feeling? That breathe of fresh air feeling?

Working out definitely does that for me. What does it for you?

We have another day to be physically and mentally stronger than we were before. Let’s getttt it‼️‼️


I found a new hobby that I love and I found a way to make a workout of it 😂

—Ab drills via roller skates.

What new hobby or exercise have you started/plan on starting this week???


Under construction.

But never forget...

Mental wellness don’t ever stop
Physical fitness don’t ever stop
Greatness is always on the way
Always think, how are you going to do better for yourself this week compared to the last????


As y’all can see this side of the gym is my favorite. Nobody be over here I don’t understand why. Lol

I can come up with numerous drills in this little section and I LOVE it.

How do you challenge yourself in the gym? Show me‼️



When you start to feel too comfortable, start mixing it up and challenging yourself differently.

If you feel the BURN it’s working‼️

Prisoner squats into jump squat with weights 🥵


I want it [_____________________________] this much, maybe more lol

How are we doing today????? Hope everyone is in peace and mental stability is on the UP.

Creating drills and exciting muscle captivating workouts is what vitality2health is made of and loves doing‼️‼️

Sign up with us, now accepting clients for virtual and in person training.


Working out the inner thigh has to be the trickiest muscle group to tackle, but I promise there’s some fire drills out there that can target these muscles.

Each drill in this video:
45 sec rotation
15 sec rest

- Crisscross jump in jacks
- In & Out Sumo Jump Squats
- Sumo Jump Squats
- Curtsy lunges
- Ice skates
Each drill can be done with or without weights.

💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥 Let’s go! Chisel these inner thighs.

Photos from Vitality2Health's post 07/23/2021

*Hits Harlem shake*

Spread the word fam and friends Vitality2health here to cater to all fitness and natural juice needs‼️‼️

Take the first step to getting healthy and fit with a personal trainer that won’t let you quit on yourself‼️

Enjoy natural juices that’s made with love and might make ya toes curl‼️

Letssss go.

Taking on new clients and available to make delicious juices for anyone.


Vacation time is over!! Back to the grind.

How’s everyone’s mindset been lately?
How are you keeping sane?

Fitness is more than losing weight or gaining muscles, it’s also about mental well-being and internal health.

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Push it push it‼️





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