The Lacrosse Academy, Granville, OH Video July 9, 2018, 9:48pm

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Ready! Ready! Ready!

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Great ball movement here after dinner!

The future of @OOHSLacrosse is a 🧱 wall! Really ruining confidence of the shooters tonight!

More finishing


Lots of good finishing tonight

Want to be a good offensive player? Watch this. The smartest/best play comes from the only guy that doesn’t touch the ba...

Rory from @hilliard_bradley_hs put his long stick down to show the attack how to fake and finish strong!

‪2 man games! Offensive lacrosse is about communication, creating space, and finding matchups. ‬

Ready! Ready! Ready!

Great morning! Tennis Ball box finishing. Soft hands, cuts, snap from the ear!

The Lacrosse Academy loves to teach the game and we love to help instill values that lead to successful lives. One thing...

You haven't really experienced The Lacrosse Academy until you've heard Coach Douglas Bartlett's "Ready, ready, ready..."...

Coach Sraver explains offensive movement and creating space to Div I and II

The key in the tree
"The Key in a Tree" - Our highly resourceful counselors pull out all the stops to retrieve a camper's key that is stuck...