Sostenuto Arts Polish Pottery

Sostenuto Arts Polish Pottery


Thank you so much Erin for the plate . It is perfect for my muffins. This pattern is even more beautiful in person. ♥️
Thank you Erin & Craig !!
Employed my mini-loaf pans for some banana bread. Also notice in the background, children’s artwork from our days at the American School of Warsaw with Erin. ♥️
Blueberry muffins for breakfast .
Time for cup of tea, and lemon poppyseed cake. Taste better on polish pottery.
Breakfast time. Zucchini bread with hot tea. Work from home has it perks
Hello. Please send me the link so I can make a purchase. Thank you.
Sostenuto Arts Polish Pottery @ work. This is how I'm surviving tax season 🥰
It’s a beautiful Sunday morning made even better with a couple of my favorite Polish Pottery pieces! Enjoying the everyday.💙
Erin I love my wooden eggs in my Waterford dish my parents gave me along with my Polish bunny and chick. I’m also ready for St. Patrick’s Day with my Lenox tree and trinkets!!! ❤️ 🐇🐥☘️
Ok finally got a succulent in my cracked egg!
I should've bought more hearts! 😄 My coworkers better appreciate this! 💝

Sostenuto Arts specializes in handmade and handpainted Polish pottery. Shop at or send us an email at [email protected]!

Sostenuto Arts specializes in handcrafted pottery stoneware that is hand-decorated by skilled artisans. All pieces are microwave, dishwasher, freezer & oven safe, and exceed FDA rules and regulations regarding food safety. All glazes are lead and cadmium free.

Mission: Sostenuto is a musical term that means "sustain". The Arts sustain and uplift societies worldwide.

Operating as usual

Beautiful photos of autumn in Wrocław - one of my favorite cities in Poland 🍁

Autumn in Wroclaw
By Janusz Krzeszowski

This beautiful city, called the "Polish Venice" is surrounded with canals and is dotted with more than 120 bridges that link 12 wonderful islands (among which the Cathedral island).

You will be seduced by the incredible charm of Wroclaw, the Market Square "Rynek", its two Town Halls, the Salt Market Square, the Flower Market, the beautiful University, the covered market, the fine architecture of the Centeniall Hall, the botanical garden.

You fancy a good lunch ? Have a break at "Piwnica Świdnicka": it is the oldest restaurant in the world! Walk around in "Ostrów Tumski", the oldest part of Wroclaw and fall under the spell of the historical city.

Take a closer look and watch carefully : Wroclaw is dotted with emblematic dwarves. They are all different! Try to find them all: there are 350 of them in the city and there are new ones every year!

Do not miss the opportunity to discover the best of Wroclaw, its inhabitants! They are warm and friendly and will share their love for their city and its hidden gems.

Wroclaw is THE European best destination 2018!
See more at

Photos Janusz Krzeszowski

So excited for our “Thankful for You Event” this week! 🍁 Come see us Thursday - Sunday and get ready for the upcoming holiday season! 🦃

Happy Sweetest Day! 💜

True! ❤️

Babciny fartuch ...

Fartuch ma chronić ubranie pod spodem, babcia zawsze miała kilka. Fartuch nosi się również dlatego, że łatwiej było wyprać fartuchy niż sukienki i na fartuszki zużywano mniej materiału. Ale wraz z tym, służył jako jedna łapka do usuwania gorącej patelni z pieca.
To było cudowne i bardzo praktyczne do suszenia dziecięcych łez. Do kurnika, fartuszek był używany do noszenia jajek.
Gdy przybyli goście, ten fartuch były idealną kryjówką dla nieśmiałych dzieci..
Te stare fartuchy wytarły wiele spoconych brwi, pochylonych nad gorącym piecem w upalne dni .
Z ogrodu przynosiła wszelkiego rodzaju warzywa.
Jesienią, fartuszek był pełny jabłek, które spadły z drzewa.

Kiedy kolacja była gotowa, babcia wychodziła na ganek, pomachała jedną ręką a druga była w kieszeni magicznego fartuszka, w którym zawsze był jakiś cukiereczek, a mężczyźni wiedzieli, że to czas, aby przyjść z pola na kolację.
To będzie długi czas, zanim ktoś wymyśli coś, co zastąpi fartuch, który ma wiele wspomnień ......... ❤😊🍎🍐🍏🍅🍬💕

Such a perfect Halloween 🎃 pumpkin! Drop a photo of pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns in the comments! Anyone carving pumpkins soon?

Beautiful! ❤️🇵🇱


Thank you for joining our live show last night supporting Smile Warsaw 🍁 If you missed the show, you can still purchase through today and the order will be included. We appreciate you!

Can’t wait for tonight! Shop beautiful Polish pottery and help us support Smile Warsaw at the same time! Tuesday night, 7pm EST 🍁

Excited for our live show tomorrow at 7pm EST supporting Smile Warsaw 👍 How many stars do you think there are on this piece that will be given?! We hope you’ll join us for a great show 😊 💫

The change of the seasons is so beautiful 🍁 and so is Polish pottery! Looking forward to our live show on Tuesday at 7pm EST!

Loving these towels and cards printed by American artists! 🎃 They are fun to add a pop of color for the different seasons. Anyone dressing up for Halloween?

Happy Friday! What are your plans this weekend?!
Open Thursday - Saturday 10-4 & Sunday 12-4
FB Live Tuesday at 7pm EST

Tomorrow we start our new days and hours! 🍁We are OPEN 10-4 with fun Halloween and fall designs, and a fresh new look 🦉 👀

Autumn, Poland, and pickles...all good things!

Time for Autumn pickles and village life
In beautiful images by: Kamila Rosińska

Pickles are a very important ingredient in Polish cuisine, as well as in that of other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
First one is Kapusta kiszona (sauerkraut).
Sauerkraut is made of shredded cabbage, which after salting is subjected to fermentation, resulting in a particular sour taste. It is possible to eat the sauerkraut 'in raw'. For example it can be served as salad with some meat dishes. However, in Poland (in general) it is often used as ingredient in some dishes – like bigos, croquettes or mushroom-cabbage pierogi.
Ogorki kiszone – Polish dill pickle – it is another one of the great things in Polish cuisine. The name 'ogorki kiszone' is usually translated into English as 'dill pickles', but you can also call them 'sour cucumbers', since a strong, sour taste is characteristic of them. It is sad, but you can't buy real, high quality Polish dill pickles in groceries, neither in US or UK, and not even in Poland. The majority of sour cucumbers available in shops is simply not tasty and in order to experience the real taste, one should go to Poland and try homemade dill pickles. And such homemade dill pickles are made from soil-grown cucumbers which are put into jars. Beds of dill, roots of horseradish and some cloves of garlic are then added. Other spices sometimes used are: bay leaves, grains of mustard and pepper, as well as cherry leaves, currant, grapes or oak. We pour water over the integrity, salt and shelf the jars for a few weeks.

Poles use dill pickles as an appetizers with many dishes. Polish dill pickles constitute a basic ingredient of cucumber soup and may be used as the addition to potatoes, sandwiches or as an ingredient of salads. Sometimes they are used as an appetizer for vodka and herring served in oil and onion.
See more at

Such beautiful, functional art. I fell in love with Polish pottery while teaching music in Poland. There is no better bakeware in the world! 🌾

The Granville Area Chamber of Commerce

Featured by Ohio Tourism and AAA: Our charming town is the perfect stop on a road trip. The small town hospitality is just what you need.

#ohiotourism #explorelickingcounty #lickingcounty #granvilleoh #charmingtowns

Photo credit: Chisolm Studios

Happy Sunday! Updates and a quick hello 😊

Happy Sunday! Soup mugs are great for chili, dips, snacks and toppings & ingredients while you cook! Which one is your favorite?

The mix & match adds beauty to a dining experience! We are excited to announce extended days and hours 🥳

Thursday 10-4
Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-4
Sunday 12-4

Enjoy our fantastic Polish pottery selection in person here in Central Ohio, with a strong customer base nationwide!

Soup & Oktoberfest are on our mind at the shop! We have some fun things for this weekend, stay tuned or come on over!🍁

We had fun painting pumpkins tonight - maybe the lady will deter the animal who is eating the corn 😂

These Succulent Christmas Trees Will Add a Festive Touch to Your Holiday Decor

Well ya don’t say...Cue the music 🎶 I think these are necessary for the shop this winter, just sayin!🤗 You'll want to put one on every table. 🎄

Another beautiful day! Thanks for a fun show last night. Enjoy the everyday...🍂

Welcome to the live show!

Thanks for joining us! Missed the show? Products can be viewed at 🎼

Looking a lot like fall around here! Looking forward to Facebook Live at 7pm EST!

Given the opportunity to go see one band, show or artist, who/what would it be? 🎶 See you tomorrow night at 7pm EST, someone will get this mug!

Yummy chocolate chip muffins made by my sister in law Rebecca! They are delicious! Who loves baking in Polish pottery?

🍁Polish autumn 🍂

Polish Autumn
by Maciej Dzwigala
* most photos taken in Ojcow National Park and Krakow surroundings (Srebrna Gora, Ojcow)

The Ojców National Park is located in the southern part of Poland, in the Malopolskie Voivodehsip, around 15km from Krakow, the former capital of Poland.

The area of the park is covered with picturesque limestone formations, which sometimes assume fancy shapes, like the monadnock, an isolated rock hill, called the Hercules' Club. The area is full of gorges up to 100 metres deep with a flat bottom and steep, often vertical sides. It also includes many valleys and ravines sculptured by water. Sandstone arches at the end of ravines are a characteristic rock formation of the Ojców National Park. The most famous of them is the Krakow's Gate, through which the trade route from Krakow to Silesia used to run.

In the territory of the park, nearly 400 caves have been discovered, but experts suspect that there may be even 700 of them. The most famous one is the King Łokietek Cave, which is open to visitors. Its name originates from a legend about Polish King Władysław the Elbow-high [in Polish: Łokietek], who, it is claimed, sought cover from his enemy within the cave. The Ciemna [Dark] Cave can also be visited (but only with a guide).

The park also features the remains of the medieval castle in Ojców, constructed by Polish King Casimir the Great in the 14th century. This historical building is a part of the medieval system of fortifications consisting of more than ten castles and fortresses, which are now called the Trail of the Eagles' Nests. The name refers to the location of the castles, many of which nestle on top of rocks that are up to 30 metres high. This chain of fortifications also includes the castle in Pieskowa Skała, which has now taken the form of a stately Renaissance-era residence. It houses a museum, which is a regional branch of the Wawel Royal Castle National Art Collection.

You can contact Maciej to get prints of his artwork.

Beautiful pieces for your fall meals! 🍁 Open this weekend!

It’s lemon chicken orzo soup night! 🍋

Have a great day, and a little laugh to start it 🍁😊

[09/22/20]   Happy 1st day of fall! 🍁

Delicious! Has anyone been mushroom hunting?

Wild mushroom soup.
Read full recipe at travel.lovePoland Magazine:
It is our favourite soup which you can cook from fresh, frozen or dried wild, forest mushrooms. It smells wonderful and it is very filling. Mushroom soup is usually served on Christmas Eve, but it is a great idea for other seasons, especially for autumn chills. Most often it is prepared with pasta, but you can also serve it with potatoes. ou can cook this mushroom soup from fresh, frozen or dried mushrooms:
Fresh mushrooms: To make mushroom soup, you need 600 grams of forest mushrooms. These can include boletus, bay boletes, slippery jacks... If you are going to cook slippery jacks, remember that their caps need to be peeled. Rinse the mushrooms quickly and clean them. Cut them into smaller pieces.
Frozen mushrooms: 600 grams of frozen mushrooms should be defrosted naturally, then pour off any melted glaze and slice the mushrooms in the same way as the fresh ones.
Dried mushrooms: In the recipe, I suggest using up to 100 grams of dried mushrooms. Place the dried mushrooms in a narrow vessel and pour 500 ml of cold water. Cover with a lid and set aside to soak, preferably overnight.
Start heating a medium-sized pan. Place two tablespoons of delicate olive oil on it, or add vegetable oil (rice or grape seed) and two tablespoons of clarified butter (keep the third tablespoon for the roux).
Peel the large onion and chop it finely. Put in the pan. After 5 minutes of frying, also add three peeled and sliced garlic cloves. Immediately put all the mushrooms, cut into smaller pieces, into the pan. Fry all of these for 20 minutes. After this time, add a handful of chopped dill and a flat teaspoon of salt and pepper. Stir and take the pan off the heat.
Tip: In the case of dried mushrooms, only the mushrooms are put into the pan (without the soaking water. Save the water for later.) If necessary, cut the mushrooms into smaller pieces in advance.
While the onions with mushrooms are frying in the pan, you can start preparing the soup in a pot. Pour a litre i.e. four glasses of vegetable stock into a medium sized pot. This is the most common type of broth for this soup that I use. It is the least greasy. It is worth noting, however, that the mushroom soup also goes well with poultry and even beef broth.
Add peeled and diced carrots and potatoes to the boiling broth. Cook the soup on low (with the lid on) for 15 minutes. After this time, add the entire contents of the pan and a teaspoon of marjoram to the pot. After five minutes of cooking, it is time for the last stage - gentle whitening and thickening of the mushroom soup.
In the pan where you fried the mushrooms, put a tablespoon of butter, two tablespoons of thin soup from the pot and a tablespoon of wheat flour. Set the burner to low and mix everything until the flour is perfectly mixed with the butter and soup and starts foaming. Add also three tablespoons of 30% cream. Pour it all into a pot with a slightly simmering soup. After two minutes of cooking, you can turn off the heat.
Mushroom soup can also be whitened with 18% sour cream. In this case, be very careful not to let the cream boil over. It needs to be tempered by pouring a large amount of soup from the pot into a glass with cream. Pour the tempered cream very slowly into the soup pot. If you prefer mushroom soup with noodles, then skip the potatoes in the ingredients. Then cook about 100-150 grams of shell pasta or small twigs separately. Add the cooked pasta to the soup already poured on the plates.

A BEAUTIFUL weekend full of wonderful memories. Thank you to all who came to our festival. Corrin and Gary visited all the way from Iowa and brought Iowa Strong cookies and sunflowers. We were so happy to meet in you in person! Great to reconnect with so many of you this weekend. Thank you so much for your support! 🌻 Enjoy the everyday...

Happy Sunday my friends! Grab your coffee, it was a chilly one here this morning, but here comes the sun ☀️

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Welcome to the live show!
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Happy Weekend!





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