BFI- Firearms and Awareness Training

BFI- Firearms and Awareness Training


Andrea AZ'Queen Troy ....... get with Beau to schedule your classes!
Thank you Beau and Mark you both are extremely professional and patient. Beau came out on his Birthday to teach my wife Roxana Rivera the fundamentals of combat shooting. It was a great time highly recommend all of their classes specially private classes!
Thank you for a great lesson this past wknd, I'm so glad I talked my husband into doing the private class with me, we both thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. We plan on scheduling another one for me to get more comfortable.
Thank you Beau and Mark for your patience and understanding with us (me) 🙂.

"Democrats will ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. We will incentivize states to enact licensing requirements for owning fi****ms and 'red flag' laws that allow courts to temporarily remove guns from the possession of those who are a danger to themselves or others. We will pass legislation requiring that guns be safely stored in homes. And Democrats believe that gun companies should be held responsible for their products, just like any other business, and will prioritize repealing the law that shields gun manufacturers from civil liability." - 2020 Democratic Party Platform

This is so bogus. I am sick and tired of people wanting gun reform without even knowing what current legislation covers! Fully automatic weapons have been banned since 1934 --- so are they actually proposing to change the definition of assault weapon? Or find a way to enforce what is already there? States already have the authority to set red flag laws - what are they proposing that is any different? Incentivizing them to do so - what does this mean, and what incentive will they offer? The Gifford law prohibits the sale of a weapon without a lockable case - what more do they want regarding safe storage and where are they going to set the boundary for private property (currently set within your home) - so are they looking to repel these laws? The last one is a viable NEW proposal as manufacturers are currently shielded from liability -- but when you peel THAT onion, it then sets precedence to hold pharmaceutical manufacturers liable (etc.) and what is the likelihood that is going to happen???
Ladies, this was a post from my friend, Cassie, who lives in Chandler. She’s a young Mom of a 3 & 1 year old. She’s given me permission to post her story as a warning to others, please stay alert and know your surroundings!!! Stay safe

Paul and I were on a walk with the kids last night- I was with Raine 4-5 houses in front of Paul, who had Phoenix. I hear Paul scream my name, “Cassie!” I turned around just in time to see two speeding cars pull RIGHT NEXT TO ME AND RAINE. No one else was around in the neighborhood.

The car closest to me was put in park. I grabbed Raine, left my stroller (which was empty anyway) and slowly started backing into the drive way of the house I was in front of. The other car was still slowly moving (appeared to be waiting to see which way I’d run). I stared at the driver of the parked car. After about 5 seconds, he motioned for his buddy to keep going forward and they sped off.

Everything in me tells me they wanted my daughter. They probably thought I wasn’t with Paul and looked like an easy target. And then they thought I looked like I’d be a pain in the ass to fight because I wouldn’t take my eyes off of them. Regardless, my guardian angel was there and I’m grateful. I reported it.

Raine asked me “Mama, were those bad guys?” I replied, “Yeah, baby they were,” and went on to explain what to do if bad guys come at you again. It’s so heart breaking that we have to raise our kids in this sick world. When I put her to bed tonight she said, “You’re the best mom. Thank you a protectin me from the bad guys.” Hug them kiddos extra tight, folks. Our world can be so dark. We got lucky.
Hi guys! I finally got the fingerprints done and my paperwork sent off to process. How long does it take to process and do they notify you if receipt or approval?

Please advise! Thanks again!
Range day with Bernadette & Beau with Lipstick & Lead AZ on this very, very hot day. It was worth every drop of sweat! We learned so much under their careful leadership and guidance. If you’re in the local Southern Arizona area, I highly recommend Lipstick and Lead AZ for high quality, professional fire arm education! This is my third class, having previously completed their basic defensive class and Conceal Carry Certification class. I trust them so much, my son is taking classes with them now!
Thank you guys for a great session. Couldn't think of a better way to spend my day with my daughters learning the basics of fi****ms and the importance of keeping that watchful eye on our surroundings. Great Trainers and we highly recommend your services 👌
Thank you for the awesome carbine class today, alot of fun as always.
I can now afford your private class! Will be calling soon!

Beginner Fi****ms and Concealed Carry Permit classes taught by knowledgeable and experienced NRA cer

Operating as usual


Always remember. A firearm is like a screwdriver. It's a great tool to have when you need one but not always practical or necessary to get the job done.


Facts don't lie


Happy New Years everyone. I hope it is blessed.


There are wolves, there are sheep and then there are those who protect the flock. Which will you choose to be.


Merry Christmas from BFI to you and your family. We hope your day is filled with love and laughter.


Will the DD-214 of those refusing the vaccine still reflect an Honorable Discharge?


Hey everyone. I've decided to start doing a weekly or bi-weekly facebook live broadcast to discuss different topics but I need some ideas. Comment below on topics you think we should discuss. I'll do the first broadcast next week.


That's one way to fix stupid.

Practicing Safety in Crowds During the Holiday Season 12/07/2021

Practicing Safety in Crowds During the Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, crowds and crowding will be an issue. Take a moment to read these 5 tips and make your holiday a safer one.

Practicing Safety in Crowds During the Holiday Season Practicing Safety in Crowds During the Holiday Season. Two major tragedies occurred in crowded places the past month


Hi everyone. There comes a time in every business where you have to ask yourself a simple question. "Is what I'm doing working" If the answer is no, you have to re-invent yourself and that is what we are doing. In the hopes of adding self defense services and peace of mind to a wider market, we are changing the name of the business and extending services to a wider range of students.
While we will continue to offer ladies only classes, we will also be offering classes for men as well as co-ed classes and concealed carry classes (all of the courses are available in classroom form as well as private classes for individuals and groups)
We are also introducing a new shooting platform designed for close quarter encounters that has proven highly effective in various theatres and situations.
Please note that nothing will change with the site except the name and services offered. we will keep the website and the email as well as the phone number the same as it always has been.
We sincerely hope that you understand and will continue to support us as we strive to create effective and confident defenders from all walks of life.


Happy Thanksgiving from BFI. We hope that your day is full of blessings and joy.

Get Your CCW / Permit to Carry 11/09/2021

Get Your CCW / Permit to Carry

Im happy to announce that I will be working with this group on a part time basis as a CCW instructor.

Get Your CCW / Permit to Carry Qualify with just one class!


New tip of the week on Parking Garage safety. Feel free to share it if you think it could help someone!


Confucius say...🤣🤣


3 reasons women should consider Self-Defense classes.


Tip of the week ladies. Ill do another one next Sunday :)


This statement has never been as true as it is today.


It's nearing midnight and your lounging on the couch. Behind you is a door leading from the kitchen to the back patio and you can see the front door from where you are laying. Suddenly there is a knock. You sit up in alarm and out of the corner of your eye, you see a shadow move on the back porch. Just at that moment the knocking on the front door gets louder and more aggressive. What would you do? Where is the main threat and where should you place your attention first?


When checking in to a hotel, consider picking a room on a higher floor. In a study done with career burglars, many indicated that they were not willing to climb above three stories for fear of heights or of being exposed.


It only takes a criminal 7 seconds to choose a victim and can often be decided by something as simple as the way you walk. A quick pace with lengthy strides indicates a sense of hurry or fear which could equal distraction making you an easy target.


L&L is now offering CCW classes to businesses and groups. With everyone's busy schedule it can be difficult to find time to take a class so allow us to make it easier by coming to you! Simply contact us to set up a date and time for your business or group and we will come to your location to teach the class (fingerprinting included). We cover all of Arizona.


Hey everyone. If you plan on attending the online C.A.R. introduction class on the 25th, please put attending so I can look for you. Thanks :)


Hi everyone. Just wanted to touch base and say that even though things are crazy right now. I'm still available to answer questions and will be renewing classes in Tucson in October. You can also feel free to PM me anytime :).


Notice: July 24th event has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Please keep watching for new events as we post them. Thank you.




61% of counties in America have now declared themselves as 2nd Amendment sanctuaries. Clearly, the lines are being drawn.

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