Joyful Heart Dance & Movement

Joyful Heart Dance & Movement


Joyful Heart Dance Online saves you time and money!

They offer on-demand dance classes ready for your schedule and time frame. The online program is a fraction of the price for Dance Studio Classes! At less than $20/ month and offering over 16 different Class styles, it is chock full of value that the whole family can join in! Styles include ballet, fitness dance, cheer, ballroom, creative movement for toddlers, and more. Visit Joyful Heart Dance & Movement or for all the details.
I have called and left a message and also sent an email. I haven't heard back from anyone. :(. We are interested in starting a class in the west valley. Please contact me when you can!! Susan

Online Dance Program-Family-friendly, faith based & affordable- All Styles + Teacher Certification Come Sing, Move, & Play With Us!

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Creative Movement, Cheer, Beginning Breaking, Ballroom

Music & Movement
Fast-Paced & Action-Packed! Instruments, bean bags, parachute, scarves, bubbles
Learn finger plays, action songs, stories & games
All Ages

Operating as usual


Our fall classes begin in September!


Another recital day in the books!!

So proud of these dancers!

The pure innocence, joy and beauty of girls dancing for Gods glory! ❤️🤩


I’m so proud of this sweet student of mine!

Her determination to nail skills and grow in her technique is inspiring! And she’s super sweet!

I’m blessed to work with such amazing children and families! ❤️🥰🤩🙌🏻

In person studio classes

join our online dance program!
See you on the dance floor - aka your living room!


No dance this week- my father in law is in the hospital with Covid and not doing well
We appreciate your prayers!


It’s time for Suzy snowflake to make her appearance again in our mini dance classes!!

join our in studio or online dance program!
See you on the dance floor -
aka your living room!
Studio classes


In person classes Start up again this Wednesday! We are so excited to dance together!

If you’ve been looking for a family friendly dance option come check us out! Our classes are held on Wednesdays.

Visit www.joyful
To see the schedule!


Happy New Year! 2021 we welcome you and are expecting lots of joy, fun and dancing!!!

join our online dance program!
See you on the dance floor - aka your living room!


March of the wooden soldiers!
Nutcracker music playing!

join our online dance program!
See you on the dance floor - aka your living room!


Learning Pas de chat
The step of the cat!

join our in studio or online dance program!
See you on the dance floor - aka your living room!


Jordan Matter Photography

Oh this video! She’s a beautiful dancer! I’m so proud of her!!

Can you watch this video without crying and being inspired?!

I couldn’t!


This Teen Ballerina is Challenging Stereotypes About Dancers' Bodies!


It finally feels like fall! And I’m so excited!!

join our online dance program!
See you on the dance floor - aka your living room!


Ready for 4 dance classes today! ❤️😁

join our studio classes in Glendale az or our online dance program!

See you on the dance floor - aka your living room!


Ballet fun! Discussing what animals we like the way they move.

Movement message-
Moving is fun, it brings joy!


Joyful Heart Dance & Movement

Fun this am with Tap Combos.

Video in stories ❤️👍🏻


Fun Tap Sounds in this combo!

Fun this am with Tap Combos.

Video in stories ❤️👍🏻


Fun Tap sounds in this combo!

Fun this am with Tap Combos.

Video in stories ❤️👍🏻


So fun!

Ballerina Fun!


Ballerina Fun!


Got dance shoes?!

Dance Shoe and Dance clothes sale! Details coming!


Costumes galore! Sale upcoming!
My mom has graciously been storing a room’s worth of costumes, accessories, and props for me!

I brought them to my home and am sorting through them!

So many great gems that my girls are enjoying trying on! 😁😉😍

I have leotards and dance shoes of all sizes -

Big dance shoe and clothing sale upcoming!! 🙌🏻


Rockin the coffee grinder!


Dance class fun! I love getting photos from our dancers! ❤️😁

Little Ballerinas!


New Dance Season! ❤️😁


I’m excited for all the dancers I’m going to be working with this week as we start up in studio classes!

We have a few spaces left!


10 am ages 3-5

1:45 pm ages 6 and up

4:15 pm ages 6 and up


Why Joyful Heart Dance?

Learn the benefits of Dance Class and what sets Joyful Heart Dance apart!


So excited for in person classes to begin next week!

It’s not too late to join in the fun!!
Hip hop,
Creative Movement


I’m excited to be an ESA approved vendor for Arizona families!

Reach out and I will let you know how to get registered for our classes beginning September 30th!

Schedule link in comments ❤️👍🏻😁

Come dance with us!

Family friendly, age appropriate classes

Ballet, jazz, hip hop, breakdancing,


I can’t watch another second of just this dance clip 😮😳🤢🤮
It’s bad, really bad, terribly really. Watch a clip and see how your stomach turns. And how your heart aches.

Cuties on Netflix

The objectification and sexualization of children in the dance world - is so blatant, sad, and sickening to me.

With the Netflix documentary and it’s surprising backlash- at least more light is being shed on this

There is a blatant war on the innocence of our children!!

As a dance teacher I can tell you how difficult it is to find modest recital costumes. The catalogs are filled with pictures of costumes overly inappropriate and mildly. An insidious sewn curve of material here and there to make the costume more “feminine” more adult, more curvy.

I grew up dancing- it wasn’t this bad in the 80s and 90s, but for sure I regret going along with the flow of my high school dance team.

We danced seductively to suggestive music and no one said anything.

My heart mourns those actions I took part in, so I resolved to do better for my daughters and offer a dance program that promotes modest dance- family friendly moves music and costumes.
And joyful heart dance began out of wanting something different than this... what you now see on Netflix.

Parents have other options for dance classes. We don’t have to settle for the destruction of our children’s innocence in the name of dance education.

It’s ok to say this isn’t ok!


Ballet classes starting later this month!

Come join us in person or online!

+ jazz, hip hop, creative movement etc


Pencil Turn!

Learn this fun Jazz dance step!


Family friendly in person
Dance classes starting up soon!

We continue to have our online programming option as well!

Ballet, hip hop, jazz, creative movement

Visit us at


Have you been looking for a Dance Program that aligns with your family values?

You want your child to learn dance in a fun, encouraging way that doesn't take away from the family schedule or bank account.

We may just be a perfect match for your family!

We offer both In Studio and Online Class options!

We are so excited that our In studio Dance classes are starting up soon!

Ages 3 and up
Hip hop - Breakdancing
Creative Movement
Moms fitness dance class
Music & Movement

Glendale Az
Near 67th ave and bell

We also have our online dance program on going 👍🏻

Our program is family friendly-
with music and moves that match your family values

Faith based curriculum

Click Link for the Details on our In Person Classes to see why hundreds of families have chosen to dance with us!

Online Program Info:

Videos (show all)

Fun Tap Sounds in this combo!
Fun Tap sounds in this combo!
Rockin the coffee grinder!
Why Joyful Heart Dance?
Pencil Turn!
Joyful heart dance steps: changement
Zoom with the minis. Leaping over our bunnies! #onlinedanceclass#familyfriendlydance#christiandance#glendaledance#homesc...
How to do a pivot turn❤️🤩
Spinning Saturday: Pirouette Turns
Such a joy to see my little dancers on zoom this week! I’m thankful for technology like this!! How about you?!#familyfri...
Learn a new step! The step of the cat! Pas De Chat




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