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Thought is one of the most powerful forces in the universe; neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin uses this Facbook page inform, teach and inspire people.

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Sorry for the long absence. I was in the hospital a recovering from a viral infection. I am back now and will post regularly. Thanks for your patience.


PGS the Movie

Bill being interviewed on Cosmic Conversations in the US... 12/23/2017

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing

Sing your heart out this season! Singing brings joy to many people – but did you know that your passion for singing can lead to other surprising benefits? Consider all the health benefits of singing and you’ll never want to … 12/15/2017

PGS INTUITION – SMITH RAFAEL FILM CENTER IN PERSON: Bill Bennett, director Dr. Francesca McCartney, Founder, Academy of Intuition Medicine Dr. Dean Radin, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences 10/05/2017

Biomarker May Help Diagnose CTE During Life

A new method could potentially detect CTE in living patients, rather than post mortem.

CTE stands for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. This affects individuals who have repetitive brain trauma and causes extreme changes in behavior and the loss of cognitive function.

Athletes are mostly affected by this condition due to the constant physical activity and frequent concussions caused by most contact sports.

At Thought Genius, we work with individuals who suffer from traumatic brain injury, while CTE is not a curable condition, we are able to help those who suffer from TBI by using neurofeedback technology.
Visit thought to learn more about brain training! Until now, chronic traumatic encephalopathy could only be diagnosed post-mortem. Researchers have identified a potential biomarker that could help diagnose CTE during a person's lifetime.


Neuroscience News and Research

How incredible! 🧠💤🏅👩‍🔬

The Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine Awarded to Circadian Biologists.


Brainspan NeuroHealth Assessment Video

Happy Labor Day!

Thought Genius is offering the Brainspan™ Neurohealth™ Assessment for $150 through September 4th! Don't miss out on this deal!!

Thought Genius™ was founded on the belief that everyone has the ability to achieve higher states of consciousness. We are in the business of aiding others in...





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