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This page is for anyone who has ever had Mr. O as student or athlete from Yuma, Portland, Glendale o


Hey everyone.

If you haven't found me yet on my personal page, please do so. I want to keep this page active, but I'm also not very good at it.


Updated picture:

This is Hailey. She just finished two years of prekindergarten at the high school. She will be going into the same Spanish immersion program as Samuelsen. She is really musically inclined (dancing and singing).

She is a great daughter, sister and friend.


Updated picture:

This is Samuelsen. He is going into 2nd grade. He is currently enrolled in a Spanish immersion program. He also tried a few sports and did well his first year in wrestling. He is also very artistic.
He is a great son, brother and friend.


Updated picture:

This is Thomas III. He is going into 5th grade. He decided to play trombone, but he really wants to learn percussion too. He also has a pretty good voice. He has tried a couple of sports, but nothing has stuck yet.
He is a great son, brother and friend.


Updated picture:

This is my wife Bethany and I. We were married on August 1st, 2009 (8-1-9). We are going on almost 12 years of marriage. We celebrate the first of each month by going to Sonic. It was the first meal we ate as a married couple.


So, let's play catch up... Where are you at now? What have you done? What are you doing now?


So I'm posting again as I was just informed that this page has 7 new likes.

Aren't most of my former students now adults? You could find me on Facebook if you choose.


Mr. O's cover photo


My last post was August 2017. Ive been teaching/ coaching since 2006. It did not garner much attention and no conversation was sparked. Should I keep this page open?


Wow, my page picture is old. I feel like I should update it. I feel like I should post on here more. I feel like you all should post of here more....


So by the end of the year I will have been married for over 7 years and have three kids. A 5 year old, a 3 year old and a 1 year old. 2 boys and a girl.


Bass Players United


So after posting the picture of Hailey I realized there are people on this page I am not friends with on Facebook, so this is late notice....
We will coming through Yuma for a very short time on Saturday the 18th at about 9 am. We will be stopping to eat at Donut Ave on 4th Ave if you would like to stop by and say hi and meet the family.


Hailey has a smile 05/11/2016

Most Valuable Teacher

Hey guys I could use this money for the coming year. We just purchased a new curtain and would now like to purchase come good quality chairs for our classroom at Peoria elementary. The D-backs Most Valuable Teacher Award supports the everyday heroes in our schools that are shaping the future for our community and our kids.


Photos from Mr. O's post


Hey everyone. Do you think this page should remain up? We do not have much interaction on here and most, if not everyone is an adult now. Thoughts?


Had a great time in Yuma! So much has changed, yet so much remains the same. Sorry we weren't able to get together, but I want to know how every is doing and what has changed with you. I know some of you still need to find me on facebook.


And I have had some of the best ever!

Band director bonus - an awesome Team!


Guess who is coming through Yuma next Thursday?


I used these in college for ear training. They work great

Useful for ear training and sight-reading!


Hey everyone. I hope that you are having a fantanstic year. As I get ready to close in on my tenth year of teaching, I have a question for you. I'm not fishing for compliments, just sheer honesty. Do you feel that the time I was your teacher prepared you properly for your next step of life musically? Whether it was high school or college or whatever. Don't have to be specific, just yes or no. My feelings won't be hurt. I just need some honesty.


Eric Whitacre

Mwah ha ha. (Thanks Elise Tiell Kurbat).


Tone Deaf Comics

Facial Expressions of a Middle School Band Student

Please share this comic. Thanks!

Also, support Tone Deaf Comics by donating at least just $1 a month at 02/23/2015

Kickass kids cover Led Zeppelin songs on xylophones! Here’s a delightful video of the Louisville Leopard Percussionists during rehearsal sessions for their cover versions of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir,” “The Ocean,” and “Immigrant Song.” Even though this video was posted to YouTube back in November 2014 (with hardly any views), it’s finally getting th… 02/23/2015

Nunez first girl to win a state title Destiny Nunez has been getting backhanded compliments since she first placed at the Arkansas wrestling state tournament two years ago.


How many timea did we play it like this?

The American national anthem from a percussionist's point of view.


Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Dedicated to clarinetists especially our very own Alan Kay.



Hey everyone. New school year is off to a bang. Another year teaching band. Another year loving my job. I am coaching volleyball and then plan on coaching wrestling again. How is everyone doing thus far? who is heading off to college or the military?


It'sfreedom day! Be safe have fun make some pretty lights to some great music


Mr. O's cover photo 06/10/2014

Amazing Photos: Wrestler Carries His Brother Sports fans are likely familiar with the "put the team on your back" expression, but what Hunter Gandee did over the weekend takes that concept to a new level. 05/23/2014

CLOVER: Clover High honors new military recruits | Education | Lake Wylie Pilot

Congrats to a great student..Trent! God be with you as you keep us safe. Clover High School recognized 12 graduating students on Monday by holding its first Military Signing Day. Three of the students have appointments to prestigious U.S. military academies. 05/22/2014

22 Things You Need To Know About Yuma Before You Move There

Congrats emily! You may know Yuma as a rest stop between Phoenix and San Diego, but there’s a lot more happening in this city of extremes than you’d know just passing through.





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