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Helping busy people improve body composition, move better, eat better. Whether at a crowded gym, ho

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You don't have to meal prep every meal for the week to get results. If you are on that level already. Great!


1st video is more eccentric leg to lower 2 to push up. Eccentric overload is an advanced technique that taps into more muscle fibers, increases strength and fatigues the muscles. The other video is a leg extension variation easier on the knees.


Eat Less Move More?
Eat less move more is often the mantra for losing weight in mainstream society. It may not be that simple and taken far it might be detrimental. Do you know you need to eat less?
Eating less can cause hunger, cravings, and low energy.
Exercising more can cause increased hunger, cravings, and low energy. Put them together and it can lead to slower metabolism, sugar & salt cravings. Numbers are awesome for sure but your metabolism isn’t just calculations.
It is probably best not to make dramatic changes to both at once. Beginners should focus on eating better and exercising consistently and progressively. More experienced lifters might maximize one of the two variables and adjust from there. Just things to consider.


1. Apple cider vinegar before bed could lower fasting blood glucose as much as 4-6% the next morning.

2. Eating cooked cauliflower & broccoli daily can inhibit something called myostatin, helping muscles grow past their potential

3. Add 5 grams of non dutched cacao to coffee to add a more cognitive affect and lessen potential anxiety effects

4. Boiling rice in water mixed with coconut oil converts it into something called a resistance starch. Putting it into the refrigerator for around 12 hours reduces the overall calorie content.

5. Chicken skin only adds around 50 calories and the fat in it 55% monounsaturated.


Protein Spiking
You buy a protein supplement that says 25 grams per serving but it might only be about 15 grams of quality protein.
Protein content is measured by nitrogen levels. Faulty or incomplete proteins can be used to push the nitrogen levels up thus giving faulty protein numbers. They use cheap fillers and count stuff like taurine, glycine, glutamine, creatine as protein. This allows for cost reduction.
Class action lawsuits were filed against a few companies in 2015. I do know the companies lawyered up to actually fight against having to be more genuine about the true protein content.
What to do?
Look out for proprietary blends instead of listing the amount of each ingredient individually although this is more of a yellow than a red flag. The BCAA content should be about 25% of the whey content, for instance 6.25 grams per 25 grams of whey count.
Obviously you don’t want to overpay, but don’t buy it just because it's cheapest. In my opinion, go to nutrition stores, health stores, or buy online directly from the company if possible.
In my years of observing this, it doesn’t appear to be the norm. That's good. Get most of your protein from food, but it's fine to use shakes or bars to fill in missing gaps in your nutrition.


Culprit #1 Too focused on body composition
Culprit #2 relying on motivation instead of developing consistency
Culprit #3 busy schedule 😞
Ideas for improvement :

1.Break big goals into smaller goals
2.Decide how many days you can reasonably train without it draining your life, be realistic.
3.Be more specific! Don't just say " I'll eat better", say I'll eat start by preparing my lunches for the week and add more protein to them.
4.Motivation is inconsistent and you don't control your body comp week to week. Gains tend to zigzag instead of linear progression. It's easier to build strength, conditioning, mobility etc... The great thing is this will lead to the body improvements!





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