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BBC Toastmasters Club meets every Wednesday from 12:00 to 1:00 PM in Lecture Hall B, Library Building

A comfortable, supportive place to grow personally in communication and leadership.

Operating as usual


Come join us, Wednesdays at Noon Mountain Time; by Zoom or in person. You can contact us through FB Messenger or through our website -


Help us celebrate STARBUCKS this Wednesday, August 17th at 12 noon Mountain Time.
Contact us through FB Messenger or through our website -


Help us celebrate NATIONAL LAZY DAY this Wednesday, August 10th at 12 noon Mountain Time.
Contact us through FB Messenger or through our website -


Another GREAT meeting! Our theme today was "The Statue of Liberty" and Word of the Day- "Assimilate". Always a lot of fun with friends. Be sure to join us Wednesdays at 12 noon MT. Contact us through FB Messenger or through our website -


We had a lot of laughs in our meeting this week. The theme was "National All or Nothing Day" and boy, did we have a rousing "Table Topics" with our guest "Cha cha cha"; especially with the Word of the Day, "Resolute". Please join us every Wed at 12 noon. Contact us through FB Messenger or on our website -


We had a great meeting today with our Independence Day theme, "History of the U.S. Flag".
We also welcomed our newest member, Annette Krause who completed a new Pathways level project.
Annette, Great job and welcome aboard!!


😀Bill Robertson (international speech) and Linda Jackson (humorous speech) both took first place in the Area Contest on Saturday. Congratulations to both!!🥳🥳🥳


In today's meeting Steve took us on a hike through the years, reminding us of events that have happened on this day in history. Bill gave an inspiring speech titled: The Best You Can Be. Tammy led us through Table Topics with questions about various ways to trek (word of the day). We may not have burned a lot of calories, but we had a great time!


Today's meeting was led by Debbie who used her recent experience to give some advice on how to comfort others. Bill completed his active listening assignment by giving us pictures from which we gave a Table Topics speech which he followed with relevant comments. Linda's evaluation was a great lesson in active listening techniques. What a great way to spend an hour!


Today's delicious meeting was led by Toastmaster Linda who gave us some interesting facts and history about the beloved sandwich. Steve entertained us with a story about conquering a back road and escaping a fire with Diet 7-Up. Tim challenged us with table topics on various sandwich topics. We would love to have you join us at our next meeting on 11/10.


What a fun week this was! 😀On Saturday, Linda Newman Jackson won the area level Table Topics contest.👏🙌👏 In addition, the meeting today was great fun with Toastmaster Tammy sharing her fall favorites, Tim entertaining us as humorist 😂with a funny pig story, and a speech by Debbie entitled "Lessons Learned." We would 🥰LOVE🥰 to have you come visit and join the fun!


Wednesday was another fun meeting which included Toastmaster Tammy sharing fun facts about the Liberty Bell, Linda giving us Table Topics on various freedoms, and a speech from Pete! Feel welcomed to come join us on Wednesday for another fun meeting!


August 25 was our club level Tall Tales/Table Topics contest. And yes! We have two winners!!


This week was the time to 🤡clown🤡 around. Toastmaster Debbie shared some information about Clown Week. Bill did a great job as Table Topics Master, challenging us to come up with stories about pictures of various vehicles, both old and new.


Tammy reminded us of the joy of crafting and told us about some of the older crafts that are making a resurgence today. Linda taught us how to make a tall tales speech, and then included one in her speech - a speech within a speech! A fun time was had by all present. We would love to have you join us!


Another 😁 fun 😁 meeting today with Toastmaster Linda's theme of "What's on Your Bucket List?"
Cody gave the second edition of his speech "Communicating Differently," and Table Topics Master Mary gave us make-believe bucket list items to discuss.


Today's meeting focused on Shark Awareness Day. Toastmaster Debbie shared interesting facts about sharks, and Table Topics Master Linda challenged us with topics drawn from names of sharks. The word of the day was "ravenous." It was a fun meeting!


Today we had a fun meeting with the theme of FEAR NOT, chosen by our Toastmaster Bill. This was Bill's first time as Toastmaster in this club. Well done, Bill! Grammarian Linda chose TIMOROUS for the word of the day, and all Table Topics (led by Debbie) were about phobias. Cody gave an excellent speech about communication styles. It's always a pleasure to have meetings that are coordinated, educational and worthwhile.


CHANGING YOUR HABITS was the theme of the June 16th meeting, led by Debbie. Mary gave us a lot of food for thought with her speech about using SMART (usually used for setting goals) for coaching people. I love it when a speech gives me a lot of take-home value, and things to think about for a long time. Well done, Mary! Everyone got to participate in table topics. HABITUAL was the word of the day, and many people managed to weave it into their speeches. Worthwhile meeting!


Cody chose Rites of Passage for today's theme, and Tammy chose GUMPTION for the word of the day. Morgan gave a speech about her childhood, and we heard some stories and lessons learned. Well done, Morgan! Everyone present got to give 2 table topics about the summer and summer activities. Enjoyable meeting.


Debbie was Toastmaster today with the theme from the book The Fix by Dr. Alison Caldwell-Andrews. She reminded us of the importance of the 3 legs of health: diet, sleep, and exercise. Lots of impromptu volunteering made this a fun meeting!


Debbie was Toastmaster for today's meeting, and the theme was Elections - Club and US. Morgan chose CAUCUS for the word of the day. We learned a lot about the history of elections in the US. Fascinating! Mary led this all-table-topics meeting with election-related subjects for our impromptu speeches. Our newest member, Bill, was the humorist, and told a several "corny" jokes about farm animals. Great fun!


We had officer elections today! Our new officers:
President - Tammy
VP Ed - Linda
VP PR - Cody
VP Membership - Debbie
Treasurer - Tim
Secretary - Debbie
Sgt. at Arms - Steve

Congratulations to the new officers!


Today we celebrated National Limerick Day. Our Toastmaster, Debbie, regaled us with the history of Limericks, and she recited several Limericks she created herself. Morgan chose METER as the word of the day. We had 2 speeches: Tammy spoke about the Global Women's Leadership Network's strategy, and Cody spoke about Lasting Friendships. To top off the meeting, Bill led Table Topics about work, jobs, and careers. Excellent meeting!


Tammy led the May 5th meeting with the theme "May the 4th be with You". We learned lots of Star Wars trivia. We had 2 speakers: Morgan gave us part 2 of the Wisdom Teeth Extraction story. Bill gave his ice breaker. Linda led Table Topics, which explored contrasts (books/movies, dogs/cats, etc.) Fun meeting!


Debbie led our April 28th meeting, and chose Facing Fear for the theme. She gave several practical tips on dealing with our fears. Tim gave a speech, "Embrace Your Music." He spoke about how music has affected his entire life. Word of the Day was TIMOROUS (fearful). Mary presented fearful situations for our Table Topics. Creative meeting!


On April 21st we celebrated the jelly bean. Linda was Toastmaster. Did you know that Reagan had 7000 pounds of red, white, and blue jelly beans at his first inauguration? Did you know that jelly beans were the first candy in space? We learned a lot about this sweet treat. Debbie gave a speech about the lessons she has learned from competing in the club, area, and division Evaluation Speech Contests. Fun meeting! (and we all were hungry for jelly beans by the end!)


Mary was Toastmaster for today's meeting, and she chose Tax Day for the theme. She had lots of information about the history of income tax. We had two fabulous speeches today. Cody gave his contest speech, "Toes Over the Edge". Let's make sure we go to the contest on Saturday morning to cheer him on! Steve gave a speech which set us on an emotional rollercoaster, "The Sweetest Sounds".
Debbie evaluated Steve's speech, to practice for the contest this Saturday. (She is competing in the Evaluation speech contest)
Table Topics were 2 rounds of round-robin evaluations. One round for Cody's speech and one round for Debbie's evaluation speech.
It is such a pleasure to attend meetings with such positive energy! See you at the contest on Saturday!


Today's Toastmasters meeting was our FIRST HYBRID meeting. What fun to learn how to do new things! (Half of the people present were online and half in-person) Tammy was the Toastmaster and our theme was "History of the Telephone." Interesting subject! Linda chose COLLOQUY (a conversation, dialogue) for the Word of the Day. Mary gave a beautiful, heart-felt toast for her son, who will be graduating from high school next month. Tim led a fun array of telephone-related Table Topics.


Cody, our toastmaster, chose SPRING BREAK for the theme. We had 2 fabulous speeches today! Tammy ("The Beat Goes On") spoke about her love of dancing, and how it's always been a big part of her life. She danced during her speech!! Debbie ("Retreat!") told about how she is planning a women's retreat for her church, and how the leadership skills she is gaining in Toastmasters are helping her in this planning process. Tim led us in table topics about spring break. The meeting was a pleasure!


Happy St. Patrick's Day from BBC Toastmasters! Steve was the Toastmaster, and Mary gave us a wonderful word of the day: BEHOOVE - verb - to be necessary, proper, or advantageous. Linda and Steve gave speeches today. Linda completed Level 2 in her path. Table Topics were tall tales about St. Patrick's Day. It was a fun meeting, as usual!


Yesterday's contest was AMAZING !!

Our club had a great showing. ....And the winners are:

Evaluation contest - 1st place - Debbie
International contest - 1st place - Cody

It was a clean sweep! Congratulations!

Let's all support them on April 17th, when they go on to the Division Contest.


At today's meeting, we talked about TIME, a meeting theme chosen by our Toastmaster, Mary. Fascinating subject! We had two excellent speeches. Cody gave his contest speech - and we're excited to hear it again on Saturday! Tim gave his Ice Breaker speech. Congratulations on a well-done speech!


The March 3rd meeting was especially fun, with a theme of Dr. Seuss. Linda was toastmaster, and Cody created Table Topics to go with the theme. The highlight of the meeting was Mary's speech. She gave each of us a verbal hug, telling us what she admires about each of us, and how we have inspired her. We all left the meeting feeling warm and happy.


Contest Day!! We have two wonderful speakers, who will be competing in the area contest on March 13. Cody won the International Speech Contest, and Debbie won the Evaluation Speech Contest. Congratulations!


Some people wonder whether Toastmasters clubs are for making toasts or making toast. The February 17th meeting dealt with toast of both varieties. Tammy led the meeting, and she had lots of interesting information about toast (bread). The highlight of the meeting was a speech by Morgan about the fear of going to the dentist - we can all identify with this! Linda led Table Topics, and speakers got to choose whether to address a question about toast (with bread) or toasts (with a beverage). Debbie, our speech evaluator, added value to the meeting with her analysis of Morgan's speech. It was a valuable, fun meeting.


The February 10th meeting was led by Debbie, who chose LOVELY AS A TREE for the theme. Word of the Day was ARBOREAL, and most people were able to weave the word into their speaking. Tammy led Table Topics, and we had a variety of tree-related questions. Fun meeting! Great theme!


Steve was the Toastmaster, and he chose the theme: "Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind." REMINISCENCE was Morgan's word of the day. The entire meeting focused on our memories. In table topics, led by Mary, we heard stories about people's family vacations, childhood memories, aromas that trigger memories, and a lot more. We had a wonderful stroll down memory lane, with our many reminiscences.

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August 25 was our club level Tall Tales/Table Topics contest.  And yes!  We have two winners!!





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