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We use Science fiction and comic book characters and stories to teach kids about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM).

Thank you to the PAST Foundation and Annalies for the opportunity to discuss my love of STEM Education and why it’s so important! Check it out when you get a chance!

This week on the Learning Unboxed podcast Annalies Corbin talks with Maurice Womack about how his company, OASIS, is Helping Kids Fall in Love with STEAM.

Maurice is the co-founder of OASIS, a STEAM learning company based in Columbus, Ohio. OASIS stands for Opening Access to STEAM in Informal Settings and has an emphasis on play and informal education.

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Meet the Davidsons—our hosts for this month’s Girl Genius! Tune in this Sunday, April 26th at 7pm! Meet the Davidsons—our hosts for this month’s Girl Genius! Tune in this Sunday, April 26th at 7pm! RSVP here: Jasilika is the pro...

STEAM Spotlight w/Dr. Ashanti Johnson-- The Mae Jemison of the Ocean!

Tune in with your family tonight as we interview the “Mae Jemison of the Ocean” Dr. Ashanti Johnson! 7:30pm EST. Dr. Ashanti Johnson is an international expert and highly accredited STEM speaker, profiled in Wikipedia, several STEM and textbooks and various other publications. She is also one of the first Afr...

Join us as we interview "The 'Mae Jemison' of the Ocean," Dr. Ashanti Johnson on April 22nd! Recognized at the White House by President Obama with a US Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring, Dr. Johnson is also one of the first African American female Chemical Oceanographers in the country. See you there! #STEAM

Only 18 spots available! We're teaming up with the Drone Racing League to bring virtual drone learning & racing to kids everywhere. Enroll in the DRL Academy today on Club OASIS and get a head start on the future of sports. The DRL Academy is where STE(A)M learning meets e-sports! #stem #stemed 🚀

Meet MarsCat, a robot cat with lots of love to give and room to grow #Robot #Engineering #Marscat #Robotics

Meet MarsCat, a robot cat with lots of love to give and room to grow "At CES 2020, one of the more well-represented gadget categories was definitely consumer robots — but none was more adorable than MarsCat, a new robo-pet from industrial robot startup Elephant Robotics." #Robot #Engineering #Marscat #Robotics

Derek Dixie: Beyonce's Music Director -Live Video Chat

Join us as we interview Beyonce's Music Director, Derek Dixie and learn about his incredible journey.
Grab the kids and tune in. It's going down tonight! RSVP to the live session using this event link, it will take you to the Event page: to 100 virtual seats, so please be sure to click the Cr...

Hour of Code: If This, Then That!

Tune in tonight! The Hour of Code is a monthly, online meetup where we explore the concepts and techniques of coding (or programming). It's inspired by the yearly, worldwide celebration of Hour of Code which happen...

Biography and Reddit Present: Super Soaker inventor Lonnie Johnson | Biography

We'll be interviewing him live on March 10th on Club OASIS (link in the comments). He was one of my engineering inspirations and his invention (Super Soaker) is one of the best selling toys of all-time.

What do the Super Soaker and the B-2 Stealth Bomber have in common? Biography and Reddit are back with another super-sized interview with inventor and nuclea...


Join us at Club OASIS for FREE STEM learning! Live classes, giveaways, and video chat interviews with STE(A)M "celebrities!" Join today! Club OASIS is a Mighty Network. Join us to share your tips, tricks and stories with other members.

The SIMPLR STEAM Playground's cover photo

The SIMPLR STEAM Playground's cover photo


Join us at Club OASIS for FREE STEM learning! Live classes, giveaways, and interviews with STEM "celebrities." Here's the link to join: Club OASIS is a Mighty Network. Join us to share your tips, tricks and stories with other members.

Free robot giveaway tonight! Link in the comments: Tune in for the announcement of our Club Project 2020! What is Club Project 2020? Well, Mr. Mo is a huge believer in project-based learning (PBL) as a means to prepare kids for the future of work and entrepreneurship. So, to ensure our members can engage in a meaningful project-based learning experience, Mr. Mo has identified a robust project that we (as a community) can ALL contribute. This project is intended to last the entire year and includes planning, design, prototyping, and completion.

All FREE. All virtual. Stop by the site to RSVP and to learn more about each!
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Top 10 Tech Toys for Christmas- 2019. Which one is your favorite? #stem #steam #weneedmore

Bring the STEAM Kids out!!!

Save your FREE spot for Tuesday, Dec. 10th at 7:30pm EST! Join us live as Mr. Mo and Dr. Womack interview Kai Frazier for our STEAM Spotlight! (Btw-- for those who tune in, we'll be giving away 2 Curated x Kai VR headsets)

Visit link to register:

Kai is a historian (B.A History) and innovative educator (M.Ed) passionate about utilizing technology to provide inclusive opportunities and increased accessibility in cultural institutions for students & young adults.

She is the founder & CEO of Curated x Kai, an award-winning virtual reality company which films inclusive VR field trips in museums and other cultural institutions. Through intense outreach, CxK delivers those experiences to students & young adults, including those in underserved communities.

She is an entrepreneur in residence at the Kapor Center for Social Impact. Her work has been featured in Forbes, NBC, the Steve Harvey Show & more!

STEM Toy Giveaway tonight if you tune in! It’s not the GoCube, lol.

Also, have your child have his/her Rubik’s Cube on hand as Mr. Mo reviews the most innovative Cube to date—the GoCube (no worries, though, if your child does not have a Rubik’s Cube; they’ll still enjoy watching)!!!

OASIS Live begins at 7:30pm EST tonight Wednesday, Nov. 20th via Zoom (an online videoconferencing platform). Sign up/or login here for the Zoom link:


Join us! OASIS is our online club (social network) exclusively for those interested in STEM learning. Connect with other parents, teachers, and kids interested in STEM activities, lessons, and friendships. 

We're doing our first FREE Tech & Touch at Parsons Library this Saturday, November 9th. Stop by anytime between 11am-12:30pm. Come and get hands-on with the Robomaster S1. Don't forget to bring the kids! LOL! #share #weneedmore #steam #stem


Hi everyone! It's been a while.
Please join us over at our new home! We have live lessons, giveaways, courses, and so much more. Hope to see you there. Here's the link to join: OASIS is our social network exclusively for those interested in STEM. Connect with other parents, teachers, and kids interested in STEM activities, lessons, and friendships. 

Looking forward to many more opportunities to work together @arthurmblankymca! #STEM #weneedmore

Check out our one-day, summer mini-camps. Each one will explore different emerging technologies that will impact your child's future.
They will run during the weeks of June 24th and July 29th.
Each one is only $55 and will be held from 9am-1:30pm.

Learn more at

3D printing played a major role in the costuming for Black Panther. We’ll learn more at A Week in Wakanda summer camp. #3dprinting #weneedmore #wakandanow

Company brings STEM programs to schools, opportunities to students

Check out the write-up in the Columbus Dispatch about OASIS and how our digital STEM labs are working to eradicate STEM deserts on a national level. They're being used in 15 locations including Lebron's I Promise school. #LetsWork #weneedmore #WakandaNow Sprawled on the classroom floor, the students organized hundreds of tiny robot pieces into color-coded piles at Champion Middle School.They studied

With OASIS (or Opening Access to STEAM in Informal Settings), we can make Wakanda a reality by teaching kids about the technologies of tomorrow to inspire them to create the future.

We're a mission-driven EdTech company focused on eradicating STEM deserts. Join us by using our OASIS labs in your community gathering spot. You'll be part of our mission to expose EVERY child to quality STEAM learning/experiences, no matter where they are. Visit our website for more details:

Grades 2-5 & Grades 6-8. A Week in Wakanda summer camp!

This year we'll have not one, but two camps--one for youth in Grades 2-5 & one for youth in Grades 6-8.

Spend a week in glorious Wakanda. Want to know more about the fictional ore, vibranium? Were you intrigued by the beautiful clothing being worn by Wakandans?

Want to learn more about their advanced modes of transportation? In this hybrid camp, we’ll learn and create around ALL of the things that make Wakanda such an aspirational idea--history, technology, fashion, and music. Your child will engage in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), 3D printing, metallurgy, textiles, drum-making, poetry, and so much more. Each day will have a different focus with plenty of hands-on maker activities as well as mental journeys to give historical context. Your child will leave with a deeper understanding of technology, history, and Afrofuturism and end the week with an African-inspired ceremony.

Note: Material will be differentiated for both grade bands. The camp for grades 6-8 will include an in-depth design and development component that will engage learners to imagine novel solutions that benefit their communities. This challenge will guide them through the process of imagining, designing, creating, and presenting their solution. The week will culminate in a presentation of their efforts to their classmates and parents.

We sold out last year so secure your spot early.

Learn more here:

What is OASIS?

What is OASIS (or Opening Access to STEAM in Informal Settings)? We’re on a mission to eradicate STEM deserts by making quality STEAM learning/experiences more accessible to ALL. Contact us for more info and check out our website at

The SIMPLR STEAM Playground's cover photo

The SIMPLR STEAM Playground

The SIMPLR STEAM Playground's cover photo

Mission accomplished!

Why Women Will Be Driving the Future of Tech—and How

Quote from article: "In 2012, the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) collaborated with Lockheed Martin to learn more about girls’ interest in STEM. What they found was that 74% of teenage girls [were] already interested in STEM." The CEO of SmartGurlz explains how gender diversity has changed the world we live in and will continue to do so.

Our History

Our story begins in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s when VHS tapes reigned supreme. Once school closed for the day, Maurice raced home to enjoy bootleg recordings of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Transformers with his father. It was in this “informal after-school setting” that Maurice discovered how engineering and technology could be used to drive the future. Maurice’s father used the characters, setting, and plot lines in these sci-fi stories to draw connections to the real world and more importantly, to show Maurice that he, too, could become an engineer. Along with his father, Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) in Star Trek and Arlo Pear (Richard Pryor) in Moving became his childhood heroes.

For these reasons, Maurice has devoted the last several years to helping young people develop that same passion and inspiration around all things STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Maurice’s pay-it-forward attitude began while teaching introductory engineering classes at Columbus State Community College in 2013. During this time, he noticed a disturbing pattern amongst his mostly twenty-something year-old students where many of them lacked one of the most fundamental components for success in engineering--passion. To help develop this in his students, Maurice mimicked the same approach as his father--to connect fictional characters like Iron Man to the engineering.

SIMPLR (which stood for sci-fi, imagination, making, pepakura, literacy, and rubik’s cube) was born shortly after and Maurice began bringing this same methodology to high school students in the form of four-hour labs (sessions). Maurice taught youth how to program R2D2-style robots, build lightsabers, fly drones, and more. Maurice soon discovered, however, that high school was even too late--that kids’ spatial intelligence needed to be developed much earlier. Therefore, in 2016, SIMPLR switched its focus to youth in grades K-8, and particularly those in underserved communities. It was also around this time that Erica went from full-time assistant professor at Otterbein University to full-time manager for SIMPLR. Erica’s background included English/literacy education, African American studies, and women’s studies, therefore, in this new role, Erica brought her extensive education to bear in continuing to create high-quality, standards-based, equity-oriented STEAM curricula.

In 2017, SIMPLR opened its first location in Gahanna, OH--the SIMPLR STEAM Playground-- with an emphasis on emerging technologies (or the technologies of the future)--drones, 3D printing, mixed reality, etc. Meanwhile, SIMPLR continued to teach its labs to youth in under-resourced areas across Columbus, OH. Fortunately, SIMPLR has been awarded close to $200K in grant funding from Battelle, Honda R&D, and AEP Ohio to support the development of our innovative STEAM curriculum. In partnership with several non-profit organizations, SIMPLR’s reach has grown to over 1500 youth.

Still, Maurice and Erica wondered if this approach was enough. How could SIMPLR maintain its hands-on, high-quality curriculum and reach more youth at the same time? That is when the idea for hands-on, online learning and a new mission came about: to eradicate STEM deserts through OASIS (or Opening Access to STEAM in Informal Settings). With OASIS, Maurice and Erica could now focus their efforts on scaling content to reach youth across the entire country.

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What is OASIS?
Driving the Airblock Modular Drone
Configuring the Airblock Modular Drone
Day 3 in Wakanda
Day 2 in Wakanda
#wakandaforever Day 1
Way to go, Jackson!!!






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