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Fly Forward LLC provides services to businesses and individuals. Services are wide, from Accounting to Lifestyle and Business Coaching.

Simple. What do you Need? Each business is different. Each business owner is different. Let's get together and find out your strengths and weaknesses. Through active listening and thorough thought processes a plan of action can be made. Let's take an approach that considers all angles in order to find the best solutions for your business. Let's produces a strategy to make your ideas become reality, and turn your challenges into opportunities.

2019 Women's Wellness Retreat — Fly Forward LLC

The 2019 Annual Women's Wellness Retreat is happening in Destin Dec 6 - 8th! Space is limited, so register soon! We are staying at this amazing 7 Bd/5.5Ba vacation home on Scenic Hwy 98. It is going to be super duper packed with revamped workshops and I hope you can make it! I've got lots of fun things planned for us and I can't wait to see you all!
The Early Bird registration fee for the weekend (up to 3 nights with some meals provided!) is $119 through 11/18. Regular price is $139 thereafter. Check out this page for all the details: 2019 WOMEN’S WELLNESS RETREAT

6 Tips To Work Smarter, Not Harder - The Confused Millennial

“We spend so much of our lives doing it, it should be boosting our mood, elevating ourselves (and society), and moving toward the greater good.”
Use your GPS to work smarter!
(Goal - Purpose - Scope) I LOVE WORKING HARD! … said no one ever. TRUTH: I’d much rather work smarter, not harder. I see so many people running around saying how “busy” they are, but honestly, I don’t want to be busy. I don’t want to manifest that quality of life for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind....

How is everyone doing?! Comment below with something you worked hard for recently!

How is everyone doing?! Comment below with something you worked hard for recently!

[06/12/19]   100% accurate. Keeping cool under pressure is definitely a challenge. Having different opinions is 100% going to happen, with people you like, you don’t like, your family, work, and your friends. Stay open to it. You might learn something from them or even the situation. You might teach someone else something. You don’t have to change your opinion to learn something. Sometimes you might. I think it is good to practice healthy conflict. It helps you see more and grow; learning to control your emotional reactions and choice of words. No one is perfect at this. I feel this ultimately helps you increase your capacity to bring God’s light into the world.
Andrea Lee

Success = Stories to share. Many people who achieve success are happy to share their stories. They enjoy it and it can spark new energy for them; reflecting back on all the steps it took. It’s exciting. The tough things are easier to talk about when reflecting; sometimes even funny! Share your stories so that others may be inspired to create a story of their own. Encourage them to borrow parts of your story if it will help them to move forward. I’m happy to share my stories at any time. Just ask! 😊

Vacationing for two weeks can get expensive on the food front- which is why I always cook a lot. I pick easy dishes that don’t result in wasting a lot of groceries/random ingredients you won’t use in other cooking. Here’s a great Vacation friendly Breakfast (works for lunch or dinner too!)
Sausage, potatoes, mixed peppers. I add egg for Adam since I’m allergic. Throw some avocado, salsa, and sour cream for a delicious breakfast bowl!! Plus you can make enough to last a few days! Wa-la! 😁
Funcore Fitness
Andrea Lee

Like a present that never gets opened...

Is something holding you back from growing or making changes? Life is going to happen regardless, so why not make it happen the way you wish for? My coaching program can help you move things out of your way to accelerate your wishes. Do you fear and want change at the same time? It’s normal! We all do, but you can learn how to rise above the fear. It can become a fleck of dust instead of a heavy boulder sitting in front of you. So either the fear stays with no change, or you can remove the fear and experience the change.


Isn’t this the truth sometimes!! 🤣
Through my coaching program you’ll learn techniques and tools that help you take charge of your time and get more out of your day.

This is SO accurate...😂😂

Forgiving Someone who is Not Sorry is One of the Hardest Things to Do.

“because we have placed an expectation on them to behave in a way that meets our standards.”
Do you know where your standards come from? Sometimes they come from fear. Fear of not being cared for, fear of not being good enough , etc. We expect others to treat us how we want to be treated, but some are just not capable of it. Does this make us right and them wrong? This goes deep. My 12 week coaching program covers this. Learn how to see yourself and others in a new way. Lighten your load, and the unknown pressures you may place on others.
Fly Forward LLC Just because we forgive does not mean we automatically need to drop all boundaries and allow people the opportunity to

Let me help you focus on what you're good at.
[email protected]

What are your dreams and goals for 2019? Let me help you get there. From finances and wellness to career and business; I’ve got you! You’re meant to have the good stuff you think about! I’m booking individual and group coaching now for the new year! Look for workshop series dates coming soon! Message me for more info!

Feel and speak your life into action. You are meant to have all the good things!

Jay Shetty

We all have great potential within us

Fly Forward LLC's cover photo

Fly Forward LLC

Run the Lights! - Presented by Waterworks

I am sponsoring this very FUN RUN on 12/22 in Delaware, OH! This is an extremely unique event, the light show is otherwise only accessible by car. Runners can do 1 or 2 miles, or 5K through the entire course! I have FOUR (4) FREE entries up for grabs! All you need to do is go to connect with @flyforwardllc on Instagram and twitter, then comment below "DONE!" All will be entered into a drawing and announced Monday, 12/3. Event Information Date: December 22, 2018 Location: Alum Creek State Park / Butch Bando's Fantasy of Lights! Distance: 1, 1.5 or 2 miles, 5k Run or walk Start Time: 5AM - 1, 1.5 or 2 mile / 6AM - 5k Run NO PETS ALLOWED Early Registration ends 12/4 - register now and save! Run the Lights is limited t...

Love the Fly Forward shared workspace at Creekside in Gahanna. It’s so peaceful and inviting. I’ve got spots open. Hit me up while I’m in town till Wed for a personal tour!

I have an opening at my Creekside Gahanna shared workspace! Full-time designated desk or daily rates available! High speed WiFi, BW printing, coffee/tea, etc. Amazing location at the heart of Mill St. Contact me for questions or a tour! [email protected]

More details here:

As we chase dreams always remember we are here to serve one another and brighten lives wherever we are. Always search for ways to use your given gifts to help others.

Need a quite space for creative thought and work in the evenings or weekends? I have membership openings at my co-sharing workspace in Gahanna at Creekside. Great for side hustle on a business plan or college work. Working at home can be so distracting. I also have one monthly “all in” membership available (all day access with dedicated desk). Space is limited. Contact me to check it out! [email protected] 614-800-7028
Find details here:

Microsoft Store Easton Town Center - Columbus, OH

Our local Easton Microsoft Store has a couple free Linked In workshops this Saturday and next Monday. Register and join me! Shop the Microsoft Store in Columbus, OH today! Find store hours, contact information, deals, weekly calendar of events and directions.

Exciting News for 2018!

Exciting News for 2018! -

[11/28/17]   Project Based Part-Time Intern Position available to start immediately. Projects range from data entry/organization, light research/information gathering, Power Point presentation preparation, bookkeeping, and other administrative projects. Each project will be discussed with a completion timeframe. $12 per hour to start, at approximately 10-15 hours per week through February 2018. May result in ongoing Assistant position based on quality of work and personal fit. This is remote work and candidates need personal PC and internet. Please send resumes to: [email protected]

Corey Ellis

Let it be known that there is a clear difference, Be a leader!

[03/09/16]   Looking for Spring/Summer business major interns for Zink Foodservice in Westerville! Send your college kids my way and we will make them business pros! ;-) I especially want a no-nonsense Accounting major with a go-getter attitude that will report to ME! 😁 email resumes to: [email protected] or message me with questions!

Get ahead of the game by reducing the nonsense and cutting through the BS. (Bad Stuff! - excuses, negative vibes, lack of knowledge, - all of these are in your control).

Do you realize there are many people out there who think you are amazing? Chase those dreams! You have a bigger fan base than you know! Need a push to get started? I can help!

How many emotions do you experience in one day? Attempt to recognize the pattern of events that cause each one then ask yourself: "Does the way I am feeling benefit me or anyone else?" If so, continue the good patterns as much as possible!! If not, try to eliminate or change the patterns/events in your life that create the bad emotions. Being upset and sad is healthy for hearts to heal, but it shouldn't consume life completely. Ask for help from a friend or family if you feel like too many bad emotions come at you on a daily basis. Sometimes a different perspective or a small change in circumstances is all it takes.

[09/13/15]   Available full-time positions in the Westerville area:
1. Warehouse Coordinator (manages all inventory and daily shipments - works primarily solo)
2. Staff Accountant - Temp for three to six months or Temp to Permanent Hire. 1-3 years of Accounting experience required.
Email me! [email protected]

Isn't this the truth! I usually find myself somewhere on step 3 or above. Let positivity rain in you! Even when you feel like dark clouds are overhead.

Is it time to refresh your mind and regroup your thoughts on what you are supposed to be doing? Take some time for yourself if you get to feeling like this!

Happy July 4th! Have a great one!

Is your college grad looking for their first career opportunity? Are they prepared with an impressive resume and solid interviewing skills? If not, I can help! Message me for details or email me at: [email protected]

Are you doing what you love?

What are you going to do TODAY that will make you happy? I started with a great workout with friends, now I think I'll do some shopping!

Fly Forward LLC

Fly Forward LLC's cover photo

[06/15/15]   I am recruiting for a full-time entry level Staff Accountant position for one on my clients! If you know a recent college graduate or anyone else with a bachelor's degree in Accounting, message me!

Beach house, anyone? We aren't quite sure what ours looks like yet, but with committed goals we are getting closer to it! Sacrifice what you want now for what you really want later!

Need an Accountability Coach for LIFE GOALS? Time slips by and we find ourselves wishing we had done something a year ago. I can help! Whether it is financial, career, or personal development. We are more likely to DO something when we know someone else is watching and cheering us on! :-)

How is everyone doing?! Comment below with something you worked hard for recently!

It ALL starts with YOU. Are there changes you'd like to see this year in your business or personal finances/goals? I can help! :-)

Imagination leads to great ideas! Have you used yours lately?!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Gahanna?

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