Music Go Round Gahanna, OH, Gahanna, OH Video March 30, 2019, 2:55pm

Videos by Music Go Round Gahanna, OH in Gahanna. We buy, sell, and trade used and new musical gear.

Come spend a rainy day with us!

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Come get yourself an acoustic guitar and play outside as Spring rolls in!

The quality of this video doesn’t do justice enough to the tone of this bass. Come in and play it in person. It’s a spectacular instrument.

Come spend a rainy day with us!

When the cymbals sound head to Music Go Round!

First come first serve on FREE gear!!!!

We just got in a whole fleet of flying V’s by Dean as well as a couple other classic Deans.

Yamaha Transacoustic, as played by RJ at the Ann Arbor Music Go Round. We have these at our store too. Go RJ!

When your batteries have exploded and corroded the contacts...

Using electrolysis to clean a super rusty bridge here at Music-Go-Round Gahanna. Bringing science into rock n’ roll!

These amazing little tube heads can fuel even the heaviest of rockers, even if it looks like a creamsicle!

Truly a crown jewel of heavy metal gear!

With the coldness comes the season of Metal!

Come shred on some of our brutal axes! As you can see we also have some nuclear weapons, like that WARHEAD, to take you on a trip to the the dark side. The heavy side!

This here be magic. It's a 2011 Gibson Les Paul 100 with G-Force tuners. A self tuning guitar! We have one in stock for $1299.99. Pretty neat.

Martin HD28VS
Matt Jago of Music Go Round and the Matt & Troy Band demoing the Martin HD28VS we have in our store. Super boomy, beautifully playing solid wood guitar. Like you would expect anything less from Martin.

Music Go Rounds Trevor Edge demos guitar through our recently acquired Rotosonic 705 Leslie cab modified for a line signal. Yours for $599.99.

Our general manager Danielle Kelly demoing the Yamaha Dtx-press IV with subwoofer and satellite speakers. It's only $699.99 for all that awesomeness. Matt Jago demoing our Musicman Stingray as well.

Fred on the Hammond B2 w/Leslie 122 Cabinet
Thanks to Fred who stopped in to check out the Hammond B2 w/Leslie 122 Cabinet and show us some of his skills! It's in the store now for $2899.99!

Motion Sound KBR-3D Demo
Here we have a Motion Sound KBR-3D. Its a rotary cab the fraction of the size of a Leslie. It has a tube pre and stereo outputs. You can put a mic each on both sides of the cab and get true stereo sound. The KBR-3D weighs only 70 pounds and fit in any size car, making it a practical gigging rotary cab for any keyboardist or guitarist. It retails at $1599.99 and we are selling it at Music Go Round Gahanna for $799.99. Here is Ben demoing it for you.

Walter on the accordion, this guy is great!

Matt Jago playing Nanyo bass at Music Go Round Columbus east
Matt getting nasty on our NANYO BASS w ACTIVE PREAMP. Our attentive audience was much appreciative. MATT = rediculous

Lawrence, the winner of the first PXD giveaway. Larry is a regular customer, beloved at both stores. He said he was actually in the market for a new metal guitar. Glad we could help Larry. Melanie Rose Music, come and get your guitar before we have to re-raffle.

This is what happens when we have nothing to do. Please help us keep busy and feed the needy by bringing in your guitar tomorrow and some canned food. We will restring your guitar for free, and you will be helping out your community.

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