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Vendera Vocal Studio is for all your voice-strengthening needs.

World renowned vocal coach, singer and world record holder, Jaime Vendera is now teaching in the Columbus, Ohio area. Jaime is known for his wineglass shattering voice as seen on more than 70 televisions shows worldwide, televisions shows including: *MythBusters *Superhuman Showdown *Dr. Oz. Jaime has created dozens of vocal training products for singers, including: *Raise Your Voice 1&2 (books) *The Ultimate Breathing Workout (book) *The Extreme Scream series (audio training series) The Beyond the Voice series (video training series) *Tuned XD (vocal training app for iPhone/iPad) Some of his clients include: *James LaBrie: Dream Theater *Dustin Bates (from Columbus): Starset *Eric Emery: Skyharbor Whether you wish to increase range, improve vocal stamina, or enhance vocal tone and power, Jaime can help you! Lesson pricing: 50-60 minute session- $125.00 Location: My Place Productions 1000 Taylor Station Road Suite G Gahanna, Ohio, 43230 To book a lesson, contact: Jaime Vendera 740-464-8275 [email protected]

Today we release the fifth product in the Extreme Scream/Rock&Metal line, Extreme Vocal Stamina. Vocal stamina is the ability to sing for long periods of time while maintaining superb vocal quality. In other words, to be able to start off great, and end the night (or session) even better - night after night after night, without your voice, becoming weak, or hoarse.

If you’ve ever felt vocally weak by the end of a short live set or a few takes into a recording session, lack of vocal stamina may be your problem. But, the good news is there’s a fix!

In this conversational and informative 1-on-1 vocal lesson, I break down the four steps to achieving Extreme Vocal Stamina, help get you on a daily routine to achieving your goals, and even dispel a few long-held voice myths! You'll learn how to condition your mind, body, AND voice to achieve vocal stamina in a way that's challenging yet fun.

But, vocal stamina isn’t just learned, it’s earned! As in all of my voice lessons, you'll be expected to put these techniques & teachings into practice every day to build up your stamina. This is what separates good singers from amazing singers...are you up for the challenge? Do you want to take your vocals to new heights? Then check out Extreme Vocal Stamina at

Store -

Hey friends, new website for is now up. Check out the new store. We've added the VenderaVOX Trainer AND two t-shirts to start to swag line! I started working with Jaime Vendera in December of 2018 after searching for a vocal coach and finding Jaime on YouTube. After watching some of his videos, I felt like his down to earth style would be a good fit, so I hired him for two Skype lessons.

[04/14/19]   Hey Columbus, Ohio friends, I will be at the Bookloft in German Village tomorrow from 1-5 autographing one of my latest books, Mind Over Music co-authored by Joe Vitale:)

Vendera Publishing author, Karisa DeLay will be autographing her latest book, A Journey to Eden.

You are also welcome to bring any other books that you own by us, like my book, Raise Your Voice, or Karis’s book, Crystal Gate.

We cannot wait to see you!!!

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Jaime Vendera

Well, it’s April 2nd in Europe, Australia, and Asia. So time to release my latest product! Told you it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke... FINALLY, a program I’ve had in the works for two years, is released this moment, exclusively this week at Singer’s Nation for 20% off!!! When I add this program to my website, this 20% discount is going away FOREVER. So, grab it while you can at 20% off!

So, what does my latest program cover??? VIBRATO

Check it out at

Use VENDERA20 for your 20% discount!!!

WHY create a program on vibrato? Because when I started my vocal journey, I was told that vibrato could NOT be learned; you either had it or you didn’t!


So, without further ado, welcome to the latest Extreme Scream MP3 lesson, Rock & Metal Vibrato, where you’ll learn how to add powerfully fluctuating, elongated notes to your songs for dramatic flair & powerful effect--just like legendary metal singers like Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Axl Rose (Guns & Roses), Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), and a slew of other metal masters.

In this exciting new lesson, I’m going to teach you a combination of metal vibrato techniques, including four types of vibrato- pitch, jaw, larynx, and stomach vibrato.

Range and power, although super important, will only get you so far. If you want to really stand out from other singers, you MUST master vibrato - and in this lesson, I will show you how to master it!

Pssssst- While the focus is rock & metal, this lesson works for ALL music styles, from pop to country to R&B....but as with all Extreme Scream lessons, we’re going to set your vibrato exercises to kicking’ rock & metal backing tracks to make learning vibrato fun and easy. This isn’t your typical rock vocal lesson. Not even close!

It’s time to separate your metal screams and wails from all other singers by becoming a metal vibrato master. Own your voice and own the stage today with the Rock & Metal Vocal Vibrato lesson!

FINALLY, my latest book, Rebalance Your Voice has been sent off to my printing company. This book covers how I inspired DoctorVOX to create new products, which ultimately lead to the VenderaVOX trainer; these products are now used on tour and in the studio by singers from bands like Starbreaker, I Prevail, XYZ, Skyharbor, Starset, Dream Theater, and so many more. This 100-page book also explains how to use the VenderaVOX Trainer kit and covers my new "Vocal Weightlifting" method for building amazing vocal strength.

We are only shipping out 50 kits and only to singers in the US for our initial launch...and over a dozen have already been pre-ordered. This first batch is $179.00 with free shipping and once the product has sold 50 units, we will open to worldwide distribution at $189.00 plus shipping.

The VenderaVOX Trainer is THE ultimate toolkit for warming up and rebalancing your voice in record time. It is what I have been using to regain my voice after my glass shattering accident in Tokyo, Japan, which lead to vocal nerve damage (a subject I cover in the book).

Without the VenderaVOX Trainer, I would not have been able to sing FALLEN, my new single by my band, Angel Fire East. What? Haven't heard it? Check out the Angel Fire East interview in Episode #65 at The song is at the very end of the podcast.

The VenderaVOX Trainer Kit will include:




*14" LaxVox tube

*Blue lanyard

*VenderaVOX T-shirt

*Autographed copy of Rebalance Your Voice

Also included with the book will be a member's section with bonus training videos.

If you have previously placed your order, the kits are scheduled to be shipped by mid-April.

If you wish to purchase your VenderaVOX Trainer kit, go to:

Get ready to warm up faster and easier than ever before and build amazing vocal strength in the process!

Jaime Vendera

Psssst- I also have a new Extreme Scream product launching Tuesday, April 2nd;)

PSSSSSSSST- Order your VenderaVOX Trainer kit at:

Grab yours before they run out!

Remember to specify your T-shirt size when asked:)

65: Fallen, New Song by Angel Fire East — Sing Better Fast! |

Hey friends, I’ve just launched a new band with Ryan Wall called ANGEL FIRE EAST. The first single, FALLEN is featured at the end of podcast #65 on the SingBetterFast website. In this podcast, we discuss where I got the name (from my all-time favorite author, Terry Brooks)and the direction of the songs for this upcoming album. The song is only featured at the end of the podcast and won’t be released until we launch the album. Check out the interview and song at the end: NEW song by Angel Fire East, a new musical project from Jaime Vendera and Ryan Wall! Learn about the inspiration for the song, the songwriting proces

Heeeeeyyyyy singers:)

Guess what?? Many singers have requested it, and many have been waiting with anticipation and excitement for MONTHS...

It's finally here!!! The FREE trial of the Vendera Vocal Academy!

The trial comes with a BUNCH of stuff, including:
*Two 2-on-2 Voice Lessons
*Two Live Group Training Sessions (plus downloadable audio recordings)
*Two Motivated Vocalist Newsletters
*Selected highlights from some of my books
*The Five Essential Elements To Becoming An Amazing Singer video series

And you get it all, for free!

To get all of these resources and start singing better, just go sign up for the free trial at

And while you're there, you'll probably notice that our website is looking a little snazzier too:)

Enjoy the trial!

The "Glass-Shatterer"
Author of Raise Your Voice, and too many other books to count
Creator of the Vendera Vocal Academy
Co-Host of the Sing Better Fast Podcast
Contributor to the Motivated Vocalist Newsletter I had four Skype lessons with Jaime Vendera during my Thriving Ivory days, then performed on the Carson Daly show before hitting the road again. During the show, I could not believe how easy it was for me to sing. It was like the songs floated out of me. My vocal range and stamina greatly improved o...

Events N More

Hello singers, please help me share this amazing news! I am coming to Mumbai, India for my Vocal Strength workshop, March 16th. Share this video with all your friends:)

Are you ready to experience an extremely unique Vocal Strengthening workshop!
Wondering what's the workshop about?
Let's hear it from Jaime Vendera himself!

Tickets only on Bookmyshow:

#BeyondVoiceExperience #VocalStrength #EnhanceYourVoice #eventsnmore #enmproductions

Events N More

Something AMAZING is happening in Mumbai, India on March 16th!!!

Mark your calendars and freeze the date for March 16th, 2019 as we present a "Vocal Boot camp" like never before.

Take a short sneak peek in this video and start imagining your #BeyondVoiceexperience...

Stay tuned and explore the unique experiences available at each of our stages and begin planning the details of an incredible vocal regime.

No copyright infringement intended.

#VocalStrength #EnhanceYourVoice

Singers, friends, music lovers, and fans of true singing, here’s a very special interview with icon, Tony Harnell. Mr. Harnell is known for his angelic voice and superb songwriting work with TNT, Westworld, Mercury Train, the Wildflowers, to name but a few of his projects.

In this interview, Tony shares all things “voice” by looking back over the span of his amazing career and discussing his approach to vocal technique that has maintained and continually improved his voice for decades. Tony’s skills as one of the best and most influential singers is most evident on his latest release, “Dysphoria” with his band, Starbreaker.

This interview will offer insight into what it takes to find your own voice and grow as a singer:

[10/19/18]   Heads up singers, I’ll be back at My Place Productions in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, November 17th. Private message me to book your lesson.

Something New is Going to Happen

[08/12/18]   Looking for a booking agent/handler in the Columbus area to handle booking my voice lessons. I am too swamped to schedule lessons and do the networking. But, I really enjoy teaching at My Place Productions, (Ross Davis) so I am willing to spend a little more time screaming and singing with all of the local banshee natives;)

PM me if interested and this is your area of expertise.

Special One-Time Broadcast!

Hey singers,

Our broadcast was a hit! We got so many positive messages about what we talked about!

We're taking the video down soon, so be sure to watch the replay while it's still up:

Check it out :)

Your favorite glass-shattering vocal coach,
Jaime Vendera Author of Raise Your Voice, Raise Your Voice 2: The Advanced Manual, The Ultimate Breathing Workout, Vocal RESET, The Ultimate Vocal Workout Diary, and many more.

Duh, duh, duh, Mind Over Music is here!!!

Get your Kindle version at

Get your print copy at

PLEASE don’t forget to email me at [email protected] to receive your free eBooks, Can I Really Sing Higher? and Can I Really Sing with a Cold? (books 1&2 from my “40 Questions” series) as my gift to you for supporting this new book release.

As well, once you review Mind Over Music on Amazon, and contact me to show me a link to your review, I will send you my eBook, Unleash Your Creative Mindset just for helping me by reviewing Mind Over Music.

Remember, the free eBooks will only be available until 11:59.59 on June 7th, this offer will end. So grab your copy to receive your free eBooks while you can.

Enjoy the book! Time to get your music out of you. Mind Over Music can help!!!

Jaime Vendera I had four Skype lessons with Jaime Vendera during my Thriving Ivory days, then performed on the Carson Daly show before hitting the road again. During the show, I could not believe how easy it was for me to sing. It was like the songs floated out of me. My vocal range and stamina greatly improved o...

Hey musicians,

I wanted to remind you that Mind Over Music will be released tomorrow, June 1st. Just to recap, this book came about because of a successful friend of mine named Joe Vitale. Over the last few years, Joe went from musical beginner to having 15 albums recorded.

In Mind Over Music, you’ll discover:

*How to identify your own “Musical Fire"
*A simple method to re-ignite your passion for creativity, whether that’s singing, art, or your business
*How to create a “driving force” for your passions so you unlock your natural motivation to sing, play, write, and create!
*My unique method to overcoming “writer’s block” (he has an unconventional but powerful approach!)
*and finally, how to get up out of your chair and bring your gifts to the world… quickly!

Some of you have already pre-ordered the Kindle version at and have already emailed me with your proof of pre-order at [email protected], to receive your free eBooks, Can I Really Sing Higher? and Can I Really Sing with a Cold? (books 1&2 from my “40 Questions” series) as my personal “Thank you” gift to you.

I am also humbled that my pre-order friends have offered to review the book after reading. Yes, my offer still stands. Once you review Mind Over Music on Amazon, and contact me to show me a link to your review, I am also sending you my eBook, Unleash Your Creative Mindset, for free as another token of my appreciation.

I’ve also heard the requests for the print version. I am approving the proof at 12am Friday June 1st, so it will be live that day! Yes, my free eBook offer applies to both print and Kindle. I plan to leave this offer open for one week. At 11:59.59 on June 7th, this offer will end. So grab your copy to receive your free eBooks while you can.

Tomorrow I will send you the link to the print version once it is live. Thanks in advance for your help and support in skyrocketing this book of the Amazon charts!

Pssssst- I also want to remind all of you about the FREE vocal workshop in Columbus, Ohio on Monday June 4th. This workshop will be conducted by Dr. Ilter Denizoglu ( We will be covering how to use the DoctorVox, pocketVox, and MaskVox devices. Don’t own one? No worries; I’ve just been informed that we will have some free products to pass out. (I am here in Philadelphia at a vocal conference with Dr. Denizoglu as we speak.)

So, I hope to see as many faces at the workshop as possible. And to answer some emails I have received. Yes, I will sign any books, pictures, even a wine glass (as one fan has emailed to ask me) that you bring to the workshop. For those of you who personally know me, I feel silly signing these things, because, well, I’m just “Jaime”, ha-ha. But, with that said, I am always touched when I am asked to sign copies of my books and happy to do so:)

Thanks for reading my long-winded post. My brain is insane handling this book launch while also working with DoctorVox.

Jaime Vendera I had four Skype lessons with Jaime Vendera during my Thriving Ivory days, then performed on the Carson Daly show before hitting the road again. During the show, I could not believe how easy it was for me to sing. It was like the songs floated out of me. My vocal range and stamina greatly improved o...

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