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Vendera Vocal Studio (Columbus, Ohio location). Vocal Strength Training with Jaime Vendera.

World renowned vocal coach, singer and world record holder, Jaime Vendera is now teaching in the Columbus, Ohio area. Jaime is known for his wineglass shattering voice as seen on more than 70 televisions shows worldwide, televisions shows including: *MythBusters *Superhuman Showdown *Dr. Oz. Jaime has created dozens of vocal training products for singers, including: *Raise Your Voice 1&2 (books) *The Ultimate Breathing Workout (book) *The Extreme Scream series (audio training series) The Beyond the Voice series (video training series) *Tuned XD (vocal training app for iPhone/iPad) Some of his clients include: *James LaBrie: Dream Theater *Dustin Bates (from Columbus): Starset *Eric Emery: Skyharbor Whether you wish to increase range, improve vocal stamina, or enhance vocal tone and power, Jaime can help you! Lesson pricing: 50-60 minute session- $125.00 Location: My Place Productions 1000 Taylor Station Road Suite G Gahanna, Ohio, 43230 To book a lesson, contact: Jaime Vendera 740-464-8275 [email protected]

I’d like to invite VVA members to join our new group at:

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Check out my latest interview with IK Multimedia:


I am sooooo proud of my student Jordan Mattacchione! Check out his latest song co-written by Sahaj Ticotin:


Just before the pandemic began we unveiled the KAGE in front of a packed house! It was an amazing night and we want to share it with you!

More live videos coming soon, this is RIPPLE!!!
🎥: WestArtVideo

This is what hard work does for the singer. So proud of my student, Cliff Stanton!

[02/28/20]   You’ve dreamed the dream of being onstage with thousands of adoring fans singing your lyrics back to you. You’ve dreamed of hearing your song on the radio. You’ve dreamed of music being more a career than a dream! Sadly, that’s where most dreamers stop. They live in the dream and rarely bother traveling the road of persistence and hard work that leads from dream to reality. It’s great to dream about being on stage, writing your song, and getting your music out to the masses. But, if all you do is put your own song on repeat in your head, or daydream about hitting the stage, never bothering to get it out of your creative mind because you’re paralyzed by the “ifs”, “whens”, “hows”, “whys”, and “whats”, that song, that performance will never turn from dream to reality.


[02/26/20]   Good morning singers!!

Who’s been working on what they learned at your lesson? I, personally have been doing the “Ultimate vocal stress release” found in Raise Your Voice every morning while in the shower. Hot water, steam, stretching, and vocalizing all at the same time! Who’d have thought (don’t slip and fall!! Ha). Along with spending some time working on the exercises Jaime gave me to work.

Monday was my first night off gigging in over 20 days but I went back at it last night. 3 hour show straight through with no break and still felt like I could keep going.

What have y’all been doing for your voice?


[02/25/20]   Jaime Vendera is a vocal coach, author of multiple books and products including, Raise Your Voice, The Ultimate Breathing Workout, Unleash Your Creative Mindset, Mind Over Music, the Extreme Scream Series, the Beyond the Voice video series, the Tuned XD vocal training app, and more.

He is also known for his glass-shattering voice, appearing on television shows in China, Japan, Europe, and in the US on Good Morning America, MythBusters, and Dr. Oz.

His unique method of vocal strength training focuses on vocal health and maintenance by focusing on developing the muscles that surround the vocal cords, which can expand vocal range, power, tone, and stamina.

Jaime’s approach is a combination of old-style opera, modern rock/pop techniques, and his own style as taught to him by Jim Gillette, Elizabeth Sabine, and Thomas Appel. This approach has proven effective for nearly 25 years to enhance vocal quality and maintain the singer’s voice on the stage and in the studio...By using a few simple techniques and exercises, results can be amazing, and through continuous application a singer can maintain the voice and prevent future vocal issues, avoiding voice loss.

Jaime’s voice and techniques have been examined by top ENTs, including Dr. Arrick Forrest of Ohio State University and Turkish ENT/surgeon, Dr. Ilter Denizolgu, creator of the DoctorVOX device and DVT therapy, a system designed to warm up the voice more effectively, reduce vocal inflammation, and reverse vocal nodules.

Working with Dr. Denizoglu, Jaime developed The DoctorVOX Vocal Strength Training kit, aka, The VOX, which is used by touring artists worldwide. They also co-wrote the book, Rebalance Your Voice, a guide for proper use The VOX.

Jaime’s clients include singers from bands such as I Prevail, Dream Theater, Starset, Skyharbor, Bollywood singers, actors, vocal coaches, and doctors.

He also runs Vendera Vocal Academy,
(an online school for singers) and Vendera Publishing, and has conducted vocal workshops in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

His passion is teaching, always striving to help the singer make that breakthrough they never dreamed possible. When you come in for a lesson, bring an audio recorder to retain what you learned, because Jaime says, “I always shove four lessons into one.”

Studio Policy
● Studio rate is $150.00 per 45-minute session or $200.00 per hour.
● Current Columbus and Cincinnati students in good standing will receive discounted lessons at $125.00 per 45-minute session. Scheduling permitting, the lesson may run 60-minutes at no additional cost.
● Scheduling is currently set strictly upon the hour. If a student is late (10, 15 min., etc due to traffic, etc.) the lesson will not last past the next hour.
● Students will receive a $25.00 credit per new referral once the new student has booked and completed their first lesson.
● Students must cancel their lesson a minimum of 24 hours prior to the lesson. Students who cancel within 24 hours of lesson may be subject to full lesson rate ($150.00 per 45-minutes/$200 per 60 minutes)per future lessons, depending upon reason for cancellation.

Attention all Vendera Vocal Academy students:

As promised, we are expanding our monthly hangouts, many of which will feature my associate teachers. This Sunday, February 16th is the first official live vocal session hangout with Tiago Costa and Ryan Wall where they discuss strategies that will take your from practicing to performing on stage, whether it is busking on a street corner, a fun night out at a karaoke bar, or performing on stage with your band. You will definitely want to attend!!!

Jaime Vendera

Do you want a free voice consultation? Because I want to give you one!

I'm Jaime Vendera, author of the best-selling book on singing, Raise Your Voice. I have shattered glass with my voice on TV shows such as MythBusters, Good Morning America, and Dr. Oz.

My students include singers of bands such as
- I Prevail
- Dream Theater
- Starset
- Thriving Ivory/Midnight Cinema
- and many more!

I am now offering private in-person lessons in Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio.

Click the link on this post and you’ll be taken to a page where you can text me. Send me a text and we’ll schedule a 15-minute vocal consultation call. We can talk about your goals, any challenges you are facing, and what you want to improve with your voice.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click the link on this post and you can text me to schedule our free 15-minute vocal consultation call.

I’m Jaime Vendera, and I’ll see you in your first lesson!

Metal Falsetto: The Devil's Scream by Jaime Vendera (MP3)

I started playing in clubs at the age of 16 with a band called Flint. Some of my best friends came out of that band- Billy Massie, Tim Odle, Donnie Eubank, Gordy McPhail, and Rick Tolliver, a group of established musicians who believed in a teenaged kid who just wanted to play his synthesizer and sing a few tunes.

I was a junior in highschool and by my senior year we were a house band at a venue called, Southern Fever where we played many weeks from 9:15pm-2:00am Wednesday through Friday. Back in the day, it was strictly five 45-minute sets.

It was tough on me, I was an A/B student and I had to get home, go to sleep, (it’s tough to go to sleep after a gig) and get up to shower and be on the bus by 7:00am.

I had no vocal training at that time and I always woke up with a sore throat after a gig. I had no concept of vocal technique or warming up. Sometimes I couldn’t even talk in the morning at school. Even worse, many gig nights my voice just couldn’t take all the belting I was doing in order to sing along to Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi. So, I skipped a lot of high parts depending on how my voice felt.

However, I found a workaround; I discovered falsetto.

Actually, I should rephrase to say that I “re-discovered falsetto” because I was already a huge Prince fan and knew all about falsetto.

But as I listened to bands like Britney Fox and King Diamond I began to notice the relationship. These singers were using a different tone than Motley Crue or Bon Jovi. They seemed to be wailing in the stratosphere and even adding massive amounts of grit to their voice without any issues.

Well, it just so happened that the song, Girlschool by Britney Fox became an MTV hit. The singer, Dean Dizzy Davidson sounded similar to one of my favorite singers, Tom Keifer of Cinderella.

I wanted to sound like Tom Keifer so bad, but he seemed way out of my ballpark. But, Girlschool seemed almost like a total muppet voice to me, something I could mimic because I could hear that Prince-like falsetto tone beneath all of Dean’s grit much easier than I heard it when Tom sang, Nobody’s Fool.

When the band suggested we try to add Girlschool I happily volunteered. Or maybe I suggested it... That’s way too many years ago to factually account for that memory, ha-ha.

So, we added Girlschool and it was a hit. Singing that song was also the beginning of developing my falsetto and even my grit! I felt like I’d finally figured out how to sing higher with less strain—- simply by using my falsetto.

I began using falsetto quite a bit, singing in bands with names like Pritty Wicked, Valhalla, and AMRA with other great friends like Matt Hoover, Keith Gilbert, Chuck Dailey, Christ Tackett...Go ahead and laugh at all the band names... it WAS the 80s:)

While my falsetto tone definitely wasn’t the same as my real voice, I noticed that the more I used falsetto, the more powerful it sounded.

So, I continued using it for years and even used falsetto to sing for another band called Chained Angel, which produced many fond memories and great friends, including Scott Stith (my songwriting partner to this day), Jeff Wright, David Noble, and Lonnie Winters.

From continuing to use falsetto as a staple for singing, I eventually realized that the gap between full voice and falsetto wasn't so huge..I soon learned to close that gap, and it simply happened by slowly learning how to bring my vocal cords closer together to narrow the glottis (the opening between the cords) as they vibrated to “enhance the tone” until they were close enough together to change that falsetto tone into my true, full voice.

This is why I use exercises like the Falsetto Slide
and Transcending Tone exercises- because falsetto work will strengthen the vocal muscles and lead to full voice production.

With that said, there IS a place for falsetto in singing. King Diamond, Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, Lenny Karvitz, Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind, and Fire, Jeff Buckley. John Mayer, Whitney Huston, and of course, Prince all used varying degrees of falsetto to color their songs.

In fact, I still love falsetto so much that I formed a band called Angel Fire East with one of my former students and co-vocal teachers, Ryan Wall. If you go to, you can hear us singing together on a demo for a song we’re currently recording called Fallen. For Angel Fire East, my vocal inspirations are Amy Lee of Evanescence and Prince.

There are also a few songs on there from my Vendera & Stith sessions. Listen to those harmonies and you will hear a blend of full voice and falsetto, which was done intentionally to tonally color the background parts.

So check those three songs out and you’ll hear that falsetto definitely has its place in music:)

So, here’s the kicker. My latest program, Metal Falsetto, is NOT just for those of you who want to sound like King Diamond. It will work for ANY style.

In fact, the falsetto building regimen in Metal Falsetto is very unique and can help anyone develop their falsetto, whether it is breathy or clean or considered “low falsetto” or “high falsetto”.

What? You’ve never heard of low or high falsetto? Not to worry; you’ll understand these concepts once you've listened to the program.

So, when you’re ready to master your falsetto, you can get you instant digital download of Metal Falsetto at:

Here’s to a more powerful falsetto and more power full voice!

Jaime Vendera Vocal Coach Jaime Vendera (Extreme Scream) explores the piercing, hypersonic falsetto vocal techniques of Black-Metal legend, King Diamond as well as other artists, such as Justin Hawkins of the Darkness. Learn 80s screams in the style of these legendary artists.

[10/11/19]   One lesson slot left tomorrow at 1pm at my Columbus studio. PM me if you want to vocalize for an hour;)

Okay lead screamers. Check out my latest product. We've been working on these for quite some time and they're almost ready to release:

Get the special bundle price now before it disappears!

Today we release the fifth product in the Extreme Scream/Rock&Metal line, Extreme Vocal Stamina. Vocal stamina is the ability to sing for long periods of time while maintaining superb vocal quality. In other words, to be able to start off great, and end the night (or session) even better - night after night after night, without your voice, becoming weak, or hoarse.

If you’ve ever felt vocally weak by the end of a short live set or a few takes into a recording session, lack of vocal stamina may be your problem. But, the good news is there’s a fix!

In this conversational and informative 1-on-1 vocal lesson, I break down the four steps to achieving Extreme Vocal Stamina, help get you on a daily routine to achieving your goals, and even dispel a few long-held voice myths! You'll learn how to condition your mind, body, AND voice to achieve vocal stamina in a way that's challenging yet fun.

But, vocal stamina isn’t just learned, it’s earned! As in all of my voice lessons, you'll be expected to put these techniques & teachings into practice every day to build up your stamina. This is what separates good singers from amazing singers...are you up for the challenge? Do you want to take your vocals to new heights? Then check out Extreme Vocal Stamina at

Store -

Hey friends, new website for is now up. Check out the new store. We've added the VenderaVOX Trainer AND two t-shirts to start to swag line! I started working with Jaime Vendera in December of 2018 after searching for a vocal coach and finding Jaime on YouTube. After watching some of his videos, I felt like his down to earth style would be a good fit, so I hired him for two Skype lessons.

[04/14/19]   Hey Columbus, Ohio friends, I will be at the Bookloft in German Village tomorrow from 1-5 autographing one of my latest books, Mind Over Music co-authored by Joe Vitale:)

Vendera Publishing author, Karisa DeLay will be autographing her latest book, A Journey to Eden.

You are also welcome to bring any other books that you own by us, like my book, Raise Your Voice, or Karis’s book, Crystal Gate.

We cannot wait to see you!!!

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Countdown has started!

Only FOUR days left to get Rock & Metal Vibrato at 20% off at when you use the discount code- VENDERA20.

Hello singers,

Many of you have already grabbed your copy of my latest lesson, Rock & Metal Vibrato, which we released on yesterday.

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Keep rocking,

Jaime Vendera

Well, it’s April 2nd in Europe, Australia, and Asia. So time to release my latest product! Told you it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke... FINALLY, a program I’ve had in the works for two years, is released this moment, exclusively this week at Singer’s Nation for 20% off!!! When I add this program to my website, this 20% discount is going away FOREVER. So, grab it while you can at 20% off!

So, what does my latest program cover??? VIBRATO

Check it out at

Use VENDERA20 for your 20% discount!!!

WHY create a program on vibrato? Because when I started my vocal journey, I was told that vibrato could NOT be learned; you either had it or you didn’t!


So, without further ado, welcome to the latest Extreme Scream MP3 lesson, Rock & Metal Vibrato, where you’ll learn how to add powerfully fluctuating, elongated notes to your songs for dramatic flair & powerful effect--just like legendary metal singers like Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Axl Rose (Guns & Roses), Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), and a slew of other metal masters.

In this exciting new lesson, I’m going to teach you a combination of metal vibrato techniques, including four types of vibrato- pitch, jaw, larynx, and stomach vibrato.

Range and power, although super important, will only get you so far. If you want to really stand out from other singers, you MUST master vibrato - and in this lesson, I will show you how to master it!

Pssssst- While the focus is rock & metal, this lesson works for ALL music styles, from pop to country to R&B....but as with all Extreme Scream lessons, we’re going to set your vibrato exercises to kicking’ rock & metal backing tracks to make learning vibrato fun and easy. This isn’t your typical rock vocal lesson. Not even close!

It’s time to separate your metal screams and wails from all other singers by becoming a metal vibrato master. Own your voice and own the stage today with the Rock & Metal Vocal Vibrato lesson!

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