Fall in love with each place we visit. Because we are worth to experience every bit of it!

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Fusion of Peruvian and Japanese! This place have authentic Peruvian drinks. Of all had wonderful time with a friend❤️


self esteem
Most of the time people judge wrongly. Please find your self esteem, it’s so important for one’s life. Following will create high self esteem in you.
1. Conscious living
2. Self-acceptance
3. Self-assertiveness
4. Practicing personal integrity
5. Purposeful living


After a desert travel Relax!


Snow got Kian! ❄️🌨️


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Love is a beautiful thing. You should have a beautiful heart to love. When you have a heart full of love everything around gets magical! Find a moment to call your loved ones and tell them how much you love them. Spend quality time with them. Of all ‘LOVE YOURSELF FIRST’ to love everyone around you! Because TIME is of the ESSENCE and every moment is precious. LIVE LOVE LAUGH…no matter what keep these 3 L s in your everyday life.


Why do we sit down, close our eyes and pray? Why do we believe dreams come true when we pray?
Subconscious mind is a very interesting thing. Whatever we think at our third eye center goes into subconscious brain. So when we pray, we close our eyes and think so deeply and strongly-all the positive thoughts that we want to happen goes into our subconscious mind. Once the thoughts are in the subconscious mind- it will make sure to find ways, create ideas for this thought to happen. Remember "Thoughts always become actions".
If we meditate 10 mins before we start our day for the things to happen, it would be so much easier.


Why do we travel?
Inspire to get out and travel by yourself, with your family, kids, friends, or loved ones. Learning new world and culture through local eyes, putting down roots, adventures, activities, make amazing new friends, connect with local influencers, having pure experiences, fall in love with each place you visit. Because we are worth to experience every bit of it! Travel is the best way to learn about yourself and the world around you. It gains new level of love, courage and empathy towards others. Discovering yourself, your dreams and desires, finding lot more to you than eyes can see…open up your mind...Its a magical journey of self discovery." Leave your fears behind! You have all the freedom in the world to love passionately. Connection creates Love, and together we are UNSTOPPABLE.


Recently heard this very interesting topic from one of my friend. It’s highly important to learn “How to make friends and how to unfriend a toxic person”. In Mahabharata Abhimanyu death occurs during the war because - he knows how to go into chakra-vyuha but he doesn’t know how to come out. So I am telling you, We people or parents always guide the young how to go in, how to get it, how to make it happen, but we always forget to guide them how to come out, how to get out or how to deal with something negative. For example, coming out of a bad job or a toxic relationship or negative situations. That’s why we always suffer coming out of these things. Please be MINDFUL and relieve yourself from toxicity 🙏


Paris is an amazing place, vibrant culture, expressive people, thoughtful paintings, tapestry and sculptures.
I met passionate French chef today who said in France they believe cooking is an art! ❤️ I learnt how they maintain relationships, how important art is for them, tasted best cheeses and crepes, how energetic and artistic French people are! It is so important for them to sit and eat at the dinner table together to make relationships, friends and create connectivity between people and so we see great paintings are eating dinner together. French eat small quantities of food. They make amazing cheese. They have almost 350 variety of cheeses!🙀


What is SUCCESS?
Success is NOT
how much you earn
how expensive stuff u bought
what a big house or big car you got
Success is YOU
making a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in people’s lives…

how many people did u make a difference? How many smiles did u get today?
Start with one small thing a day.. that small thing can create millions of ripples!!


Always hangout with positive minded people who don't put you down.
As they also carry positive energy it helps to create abundant energy for greater good.
Hanging out with negative minded people never help you grow.
Be around people....
Whose senses lit up seeing you.
Who really know your worth.
Whom you can share your real self.
With whom you find peace.
Who really loves you for who and what you are!
Who really enjoys your company.
Who can share real values with you.

Choose wisely! (Don’t ever waste a single second)


If you are in Mexico, don’t miss taking a massage on the beach- it’s absolutely therapeutic with the nice and warm breeze, sound of ocean waves, beautiful views, smell of ocean and a perfect deep tissue massage. If I could, I will do this forever! This is a happy place!!

Photos from TravelHumans's post 01/09/2023

Harmonizing mind, body and soul through Chakra alignment—->
This technique is ancient yet really amazing!
There are seven major chakras in the human body. Every chakra has its own significance. We can align the chakras with singing bowls and that helps you be in an amazing state which it’s very hard to explain but could feel ample of it. You feel so light, humble like flying in the sky. When all chakras are aligned and balanced energy flows freely. It helps control your energy in the right path.Remember to stay around positive people who carry positive energies.


Take that first step you are so waiting to do, don’t look back, feel the power of NOW. Because GOOD people don’t make history BRAVE people make HISTORY!


Just look how vast the ocean is! We are so minute on this gigantic earth! We came from earth and go into earth. Remember to be down to earth and humble during the part of our time on earth. Choose love ❤️ because every moment we are living is precious.


This place is on Los Mu***os beach!! In the night it lights up with lots of people and festive environment during weekends!lots of restaurants and shopping around!! Totally worth visiting to learn and enjoy more Mexican culture.


Last night we crashed into Mexican wedding on the beach and ….they are super welcoming and loving! We all danced together and partied a lot. They look so much like Indians. People around the world are always get confused for Mexicans and Indians. Learned bits of Spanish. Their weddings are very similar like Indians with full of energy and emotions. Here little different than Asia - the groom cries because he wont live in his moms home anymore and leaving to a home with a new lady(wife). Love you Mexico!!❤️❤️❤️


3 year old Kriv’ full paragliding video and see how excited he is!


Moms and Dads—-> Always remember
Happy mom = Happy kids
Have a great day everyone❤️


“We never want a perfect kid, we always want a happy kid ❤️”. A happy kid can make impossible things to be possible! Love can make things happier than ever. Always choose to LOVE. Happy Birthday KRIV ❤️❤️❤️


Kian’s reply for his homework! 🤦‍♀️😂🤣


Popits popits! It’s all about popits! Varieties of popits!! So much fun for kids!!


In Best pizza and brew, San Diego! Garlic knots are our favorite! Yum!🤤

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