CATESOL Capital Area Chapter

CATESOL Capital Area Chapter


Interested in studying and discussing how to help students with interrupted educations? The CATESOL Education Foundation still has openings for their K-12 Study Group. Don't worry about the deadline, simply apply. Go to and click on Grants.
TELL-IG Technology Enhanced Interest Group @ CATESOL State Conference
TELL-IG: Technology Enhanced Language Learning Interest Group @ CATESOL State Conference
Join CATESOL for its annual conference online. $50 for all CATESOL and other TESOL affiliate members, only $20-30 for students!

And -- exhibitor packages starting at $100 with live interaction with attendees throughout the conference

Zoom Teacher Basics for Learners on Computers and Phones (Wed Aug 5 at 4pm)
Would you like to develop greater capability and confidence using Zoom to teach students? In this hands-on workshop, teachers will be guided through the basics of using Zoom to teach, with comparisons of views from the host's (teacher's) and students’ perspectives, on a computer and an iPhone, in Basic and Pro versions. Images will illustrate functions of actions that are most useful in instruction, such as audio and video broadcasting, screen sharing, text chatting, breakout groups, and polling. Participants may practice acting as host. Steps for setting up aprofile as a Host will be outlined and suggested settings for working with studentswill be shared.
Presenter: Marsha Chan
CATESOL Summer Professional Development Coordinator, Web Manager, Interest Group Chair
The Call for Proposals for the 2020 State Conference is open -- deadline is July 31. I have had the pleasure of working with a number of CATESOLers since we have all had to shift instruction to online platforms. You folks rock!

Share your accomplishments, tips, caveats by presenting at CATESOL 2020!

CATESOL Capital Area Chapter represents ESL educators in and around the Sacramento area, hosting pro

CATESOL represents teachers of English language learners throughout California and Nevada, promoting excellence in education and providing high-quality professional development.

Operating as usual


Dear Facebook community,
CATESOL is proud to announce that the Research Writers (RW) Interest Group (IG) will be hosting a professional development workshop, “Action Research: Getting Your Feet Wet in Publishing Research (RW-IG)” on May 29th (10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PDT).

The session will provide an overview of what action research is and how to design and conduct such a study to examine your own teaching practices systematically and using the techniques of research, with the idea of drafting an article for publication.

Research Writers Interest Group Hosts:
Sonia Estima, Coordinator
Kara Mac Donald, Assistant Coordinator

Click on the URL to register:

Join us,
CATESOL Social Media


The CATESOL Spring Virtual Conference (May 7-8) explores the themes of transformation, inclusion, diversity, and engagement. Tune into the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) plenary panel on Friday, May 7th- 4:15-5 pm PDT and the DEI workshops on Saturday, May 8th -1:15-2:15 pm PDT.

May 7- 4:15-5 pm PDT
Social Justice Praxis – In and Beyond the Classroom
This panel seeks to explore how ESL/EFL educators may effectively engage in social justice praxis (Freire, 1970) - in and beyond the classroom. Panelists will design social justice curriculum, and equitable assessments that effectively place their students’ funds of knowledge (Espinoza, et al., 2021) at the epicenter of the classroom.

Socially Just Classrooms
Dr. Nancy Kwang Johnson, USC

This presentation advocates for the creation of Socially Just Classrooms, in which English language educators become aware and critical of oppressive practices by engaging in self-reflection and advocating for the eradication of biased practices. In socially just classrooms, the languages and cultures of minoritized communities are prioritized.

Equitable Assessment Model
Dr. Emmy Min, USC

The presenter introduces the Equity-minded Assessment Model, which includes six principles for teachers to use as a framework for creating and evaluating assessments: validity, reliability, practicality, authenticity, washback and equity, and justice and inclusion. This model can serve to make assessment processes more equitable, diverse and inclusive.

Integrating Language Skills, Practices, and Content in TESOL Lesson Planning
Dr. Jenifer Crawford, USC
Dr. Esther Gross, Hebrew Union College and
The Center for Educational Technology in Israel

Teachers and students in TESOL confront persistent racial, linguistic, economic, and social inequities in English language education. Many universities are striving to enact inclusive teaching that serves their diverse student body (Bensimon, 2005). This presentation offers a balanced approach that synthesizes language teaching research, theories, and practices to offer equitable strategies and tools for planning TESOL lessons and an exemplar university English as a Foreign Language lesson.

Creating an inclusive classroom: A language socialization perspective
Dr. Ekaterina Moore & Dr. Kimberly Ferrario, USC

The presentation discusses creating an inclusive classroom through a language socialization perspective. We suggest that in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual classroom, the use of explicit language socialization practices that attend to the students’ affective, individual and interpersonal domains contributes towards an equitable and inclusive classroom environment.

May 8 – DEI Workshops 1:15-2:15 pm PDT
Workshop #1
I am “mixed blood” honhyeol (나는 혼혈입니다):
Teaching Identity and Belongingness in a Socially Just Classroom (SJC)
Dr. Nancy Kwang Johnson, USC

In the context of the four domains of social justice, namely Identity, Diversity, Justice, and Action (Social Justice Standards, 2018), the workshop facilitator focuses on the Identity and Diversity domains for a Korean case study. Drawing upon the facilitator’s background as a racially mixed member of the Asian, African and Native American Diasporas, workshop participants will emerge with a lesson plan template for Identity and Diversity (Social Justice Standards, 2018).

Workshop #2
Integrating Language Skills, Practices, and Content in TESOL Lesson Planning
Dr. Jenifer Crawford, USC
Dr. Esther Gross, Hebrew Union College and
The Center for Educational Technology in Israel

This presentation offers a balanced approach that synthesizes language teaching research, theories, and practices to offer equitable strategies and tools for planning TESOL lessons. These strategies, tools, and examples provide support for teachers to plan to explore inequities in the sociopolitical (Nieto, 2009) and raciolinguistic (Alim, 2016) conditions of language and language learning with their students through lessons that integrate language skills, practices, and content. Presenters will share strategies, a lesson plan template for multiple TESOL contexts, and a lesson plan example from an adult EFL class.

Workshop #3
"An inclusive classroom culture: practices and approaches"
Dr. Ekaterina Moore and Dr. Kim Ferrario, USC

The workshop will discuss language socialization practices that language teachers in multi-lingual and multi-cultural classrooms can use to create an inclusive classroom. Implicit and explicit language socialization is discussed. We will focus on the use of explicit practices that attend to the students’ affective, individual, and interpersonal domains.

Click on the link to register:


CATESOL: CA & NV Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Dear Facebook,
Are you ready for Game Night? If so, be sure to save the date - October 10th 7-8 p.m.

Want to know the best part? The game is included in your CATESOL 2020 State Conference registration.

See you there?



Quite an impressive lineup for our state conference. Only $50 for members... register today!

Only 2 weeks left until CATESOL's premier event of the year! Register now for the CATESOL 2020 State Conference.

The purchase of one ticket gives you access to all FOUR days of conference events.


Just over a month until the State Confrence begins. Registration is open now!

Dear Facebook,
Good morning! We wanted to share that registration for the CATESOL 2020 State Conference is now open! Be sure to click on:

Also, click on the video for registration details:

CATESOL and other affiliate members can register for $50.

What's on the agenda, thus far? Outstanding featured speakers such as Ofelia Garcia, Stephen Krashen, Manny Manning, W***y Renandya, and Justin Shewell,

Questions? Email: [email protected]


CATESOL: CA & NV Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

This year, the state CATESOL conference is going to be online from October 8th to 11th. You can submit your proposal for the October conference now. You have until July 31st to submit your proposal.

Here are a few links for those either writing a presentation proposal or for those who can volunteer their time reviewing proposals:

Call for Proposals

Proposal Guidelines and Rubric

Call for Proposal Reviewers

Please keep watching this space for more information about conference, including registration!

The CATESOL 2020 State Conference committee is excited to announce that the Call for Proposals is now open! Submissions are due July 31, 2020. Please see the guidelines and rubric for more information


CATESOL: CA & NV Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Dear Facebook,
Hello! Hello! And how are you? CATESOL hopes that this message finds you well. Are you looking for adult educator resources? If so, check out the following links below.

Hope this helps,

PS - CATESOL wanted to make sure that you had these resources at your fingertips.😎


Today is the last day to register for tomorrow's virtual conference! Check out for the link. to registration.

If you've already registered, be sure to download the program/schedule at the link in the post below.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! CATESOL president, Susan Gaer, wants to make sure that you have all that you need to prepare for CATESOL’s first spring virtual conference on May 8 (1-6 p.m.) and May 9 (9 a.m. -2:10 p.m.). Towards that end, click on this link for the interactive program:

Be sure to register at and check out the video for a narrated tutorial.

Student member rate: $15. Student non-member rate: $30 (includes a free year of membership). CATESOL and TESOL affiliate member rate: $35. Non-member rate: $45.

As you prepare for the grand event, check out two interviews with Yvonne and David Freeman. 05/01/2020


Donna Brinton. Keith Folse. Yvonne and David Freeman. Stephen Krashen. Maggie Sokolik. Some of the top names in TESOL/ESL research and practice are staying at home, but connecting virtually with fellow professionals starting one week from today on Friday, May 8th and Saturday May 9th. Registration ends on the 7th. Visit for more information. Keeping your distance? Physical distance does not mean social distance. Reconnect with colleagues online! Friday, May 8: 1:00 – 6:00 pm  Saturday, May 9: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm


CATESOL: CA & NV Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. The CATESOL Board has extended the deadline for nominations! The new deadline is May 13, 2020 (at midnight).

Volunteering as a CATESOL Board member provides opportunities to:
• solidify professional networks
• advocate for your profession, colleagues and learners
• further your leadership skills and meet great people.

Need another reason to join the CATESOL Board? Check out
Susan’s favorite mantra.

So, if you would like to be considered for a position, click on this URL: For detailed description of positions, click:

Susan hopes to see you on the Board. For questions, send an email to Danielle Pelletier at: [email protected]


CATESOL: CA & NV Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Unfortunately because of the situation with COVID-19, all of the CATESOL regionals and other face-to-face events, including the one scheduled for May in Concord have been cancelled. But there's still an opportunity for TESOL professionals to meet and do some professional development online. CATESOL is having a virtual conference in just two weeks on May 8th. Registration is just $35 for members and some of the top TESOL writers and reserachers will be presenting..

Happy Earth Friday! We are two weeks away from
CATESOL’s first virtual conference (May 8: 1-5 pm;
Networking 5-6 pm and May 9: 9am-1pm). Go to Click on “2020 Spring Virtual
Conference” under “Upcoming Events.” Click on
“Register for this Event.” Take a glance at the partial
list of Featured Speakers. 01/30/2020

TESOL Advocacy Action Center TESOL Advocacy Action Center


More info about the Northern Regional in May...

Conference Website:


CCC Board of Governors Meeting | January 13, 2020 Part B

Kudos to several ESL faculty members from American River College who attended the California Community Colleges Board of Governors meeting last Monday in downtown Sacramento. They spoke on behalf of their colleagues and community college ESL students around the state regarding proposed regulations changes AB 705 will bring to community college ESL programs. In particular, they emphasized the need for valid assessment tools to correctly measure students' English levels as they enter community college ESL programs.

Discussion on the AB 705 item begins at 1:08:15 in the video and testimony from the ARC instructors begins a few minutes later at 1:11:36

The California Community Colleges Board of Governors sets policy and provides guidance for the 115 colleges that constitute the system. The 17-member board i... 01/17/2020

CATESOL 2020 Northern Regional Call for Proposals

It won't be long until this year's CATESOL Northern Regional Conference. The 2020 CATESOL Northern Regional will be held on May 9th at the Mt. Diablo Adult Education Center Concord Campus. We hope to have a strong turnout from our Capital Area members!

Proposals are being accepted from now through the end of February for presentations, workshops, research and poster presentations at the conference. Please fill out the Google Doc at if you are interested in presenting. 01/17/2020

CATESOL 2020 Volunteer Sign-Up: October 8-11, 2020, Pasadena, CA

It's not too early to start planning for the CATESOL Conference in Southern California! Consider becoming a volunteer at the 2020 Conference in Pasadena. Thank you for your interest in volunteering at our CATESOL 2020 Conference. Please complete the information below and we will be in touch as we get closer to the date.


Calling all TESOL grad students in the greater Sacramento area: the CATESOL Capital Area Chapter is ready to announce our Graduate Student Networking Lunch! It will be held Saturday, November 23rd at 12 p.m. at Elephant Bar on 1500 Arden Way in Sacramento, across from Arden Fair Mall.

The current leadership team will be on hand to discuss professional paths open to TESOL graduates in the U.S. and abroad, professional experiences with establishing a career in TESOL, and opportunities to become more involved with CATESOL. Pre-registration for the event is required at . Lunch is self-pay. but no minimum purchase is required.

Hope to see you there!


Are you a graduate student in an MA TESOL program or related field living in the Sacramento area? Are you wondering what opportunities are out there once you wrap up your degree?

Keep watching this space as the CATESOL Capital Area Chapter is in the middle of planning a social event in mid-November for those looking to get into ESL careers. As part of our efforts to expand our chapter, we are planning an informal get-together in Sacramento between TESOL students and some members of our chapter board - all ESL professionals with years of experience in the field. Specific details will be posted soon. We hope to see you there!


Take a look at the Plenary Speakers who will present at the CATESOL Annual Conference in San Jose!

Conference Plenary Speakers


Hotels are still available near the convention center but you need to book soon for the convention rate...

We're one month away from the start of CATESOL 2019! Make sure to register soon and especially reserve your hotel room before September 13 for the conference rate: More info about the conference and our Oct 3 Advocacy event:


CATESOL Memberleap Portal Introduction

A helpful video for those who are not sure about how to use the new Memberleap Portal...

This session will show CATESOL members, new and old, how to access the Memberleap portal, new in 2019. You'll learn how to update your profile, ensure that y... 09/02/2019

Advocacy Event | Conference

This Thursday afternoon pre-conference event is a good opportunity to learn how we ESL instructors, can do things outside the classroom to advocate for our language learners and our programs.

There will be plenaries on federal and state advocacy and four breakout sessions: Advocacy Skill Building for the TESOL Professional and three others based on levels taught (K-12, Adult Ed and Community College). $120, which includes all materials and a beverage break, payable through Annual Conference registration website. (You do not have to register for the conference to attend this pre-conference event! Once on the website, you can select only this event.)


We at the CATESOL Capital Area Chapter hope all of our members are having a relaxing Labor Day Weekend.

Just a reminder that the 2019 CATESOL Conference in San Jose is just a month away! The weekend of October 3-6 will be a perfect opportunity to meet with colleagues from around the state and beyond to talk about best practices, discuss research and some of the issues ESL programs at all levels face in California.

You have just two more weeks to qualify for the early CATESOL member registration rate of $270 ($190 students, $345 non-members) From September 20th to the conference member registration is $305.

Visit registration and more information. We hope to see you there!


Have a safe Labor Day weekend! When we return in September, don't forget to register for the Annual Conference at a reduced rate by September 19. More information at the Annual Conference website:


Plans for CATESOL's 50th Annual Conference, "Honoring the Past and Inspiring the Future," are moving forward! The Annual Conference will take place from October 3 to 6 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Please take a look at the CATESOL Annual Conference website for up-to-date conference information, including the conference schedule-at-a-glance:

On the website, you'll find information about a special pre-conference institute on advocacy, ways to secure funding to attend, and hotel information. Register early before July 17 to pay a reduced rate: 05/29/2019

CATESOL 2019 Annual Conference Proposal Submission Form

Capital Area colleagues! Just a reminder that proposals for the 50th Annual CATESOL Conference this October in San Jose are still being accepted! Submissions must be received by this Friday, May 31st! For more information, visit the Proposal Submission form at CATESOL at 50: Honoring the Past & Inspiring the Future October 3-6 in San Jose, California Deadline: Friday, May 31 The CATESOL 2019 Annual Conference Committee is now accepting proposals. The conference dates are October 3-6, 2019, in San Jose, California. If you would like to be a presenter, plea... 05/03/2019


Just a friendly reminder that it's not too late to register for the CATESOL Northern Regional Conference coming up a week from this Saturday on May 11th at the Petaluma campus of Santa Rosa Junior College. Visit for more information and registration The CATESOL Education Foundation offers 3 stipends for part-time teachers or graduate-level TESOL students every year to each CATESOL Regional. The amount is $150 per approved applicant. We pay out $75 up front for registration and mileage. Then after volunteering at the conference and writing a ref...


Proposals for the 50th Annual CATESOL Conference this October in San Jose are still being accepted! Submissions must be received by May 31st. For more information, visit the Proposal Submission form at 04/22/2019

Expression of Interest for Election to CATESOL Board of Directors 2019

Please consider becoming a statewide leader in our field. To be eligible, you must be a current member of CATESOL. **Some board positions may have additional eligibility requirements. Nominations close April 20, 2019


CATESOL: CA & NV Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

For the entire months of April and May we are launching an APPRECIATION DRIVE. Here is how it works.
If you're a CURRENT member, renew NOW (regardless of when your membership expires) and get the next year for only $60 rather than $75.
Or RENEW for 2 years for only $100 rather than $130!
If you're not a member yet, become a NEW MEMBER at these same rates.


We hope a lot of our Capital Area members will be able to make it!

in San Jose - it's our organization's 50th anniversary! Come celebrate with us!

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