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K - college biology tutoring & science camp Are you looking for a science camp experience in your home or classroom to foster positive interactions between children & nature?

Are you, or someone you love, struggling to master scientific concepts? I've developed "Little Acorns: Junior Science Explorer Summer Camp" & "Girls Heart Science: Science Exploration Camp for Middle School Girls" as well as "Science Camp: The Birthday Edition" for parties! Additionally I've been invited to Kindergarten teachers and Preschool parents to bring science camp experiences to the classroom. I'm an experienced teacher, tutor, scientist & graduate student. I've taught K-12th graders, college students & teachers in both formal & non-classroom settings. My strengths include engaging & tutoring students of all scientific backgrounds.

Mission: I believe in strengthening scientific literacy and fostering positive connections with nature.

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HCHS PTO Tutor Expo
Thursday, September 3 (Curriculum Night)
5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Hinsdale Central Cafeteria

Arrive early for Curriculum Night and not only find a better parking spot, take advantage of an opportunity to meet a variety of tutors. Both large vendors and independant tutors will be there to discuss a variety of services including: 1:1, small groups, subject specific (Math, Science, English), ACT/SAT prep, special ed. This event is an opportunity to do the research now and have a name handy should your child even benefit from a tutor.

Sponsored by the HC PTO Parent Network

hcpto.org 2014-15 Third Quarter Winners:April Tatro, Becky Wilcox, Myles Laffey, Michael Smith, Kristen Bronke, Gia Georgeow-Maniscalco, Kimberly Williams

Did you know bats are an amazing keystone species!? Just hanging out w the Brookfield Zoo KIDS (Kids Investigating Diverse Sciences) and our new friends from The Flying Fox Conservation Fund!


Learn To Love Science: Nesting Materials Inspired by Today's Temporary Spring Weather & Bird Songs!

Today was 61°F warm! An open-your-windows-and-listen-to-the-birds-sing warm! It's no secret, it's been winter! A record-making winter! And it's not over, because it's going to snow tomorrow night! So we took advantage of the day, took some inspiration from the birds, and made a little gift of nesting materials for our neighbors.



Learn To Love Science: Why Bill Nye The Science Guy is NOT Wasting His Time Debating the...

Watch the debate LIVE TONIGHT! (February 4, 2012) at 7-9:30 PM (ET) with a question/answer session beginning at 8:45 PM (ET) on www.billnye.com or on www.debatelive.org or debatelive.org/asl which includes ASL interpreters. Immediately following the debate, Bill and Ken will do an interview for Piers Morgan Live on CNN for a post-debate analysis, then MSNBC TV will interview Bill. If you can't watch it live, the recorded version will be available at debatelive.org until noon (ET), February 5, 2014; after that on the "Answers in Genesis" YouTube channel. Details at Answers in Genesis' press release and their FAQs. You can also buy a dvd and/or download of the debate. Make no mistake...I've already ordered mine!



Learn To Love Science: Why Bill Nye The Science Guy is NOT Wasting His Time Debating the...

Tomorrow's debate has been on my mind for days. For years I've been passionate about the concepts evolution and creation science. I've been seeing a lot of opinionated pieces online this week stating Bill Nye The Science Guy will be wasting his time debating Ken Ham, and I couldn't disagree more. And for the last three hours, I've been blogging about how proud I am that Bill has committed to an intelligently designed conversation about dishonest representations of facts and data.



This Awesome Ad, Set to the Beastie Boys, Is How to Get Girls to Become Engineers

Kudos to GoldieBlox and CEO Debbie Sterling for disrupting "the pink aisle and inspir[ing] the future generation of female engineers.” I don't think The Beastie Boys could be prouder of this use of "Girls!"

slate.com This is a stupendously awesome commercial from a toy company called GoldieBlox, which has developed a set of interactive books and games to “disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers.” The CEO, Debbie Sterling, studied engineering at Stanford, where she was dismaye...


Vote for the People's Choice Adventurer of the Year -- National Geographic

Wanna give credit where credit is due? Vote for Amy Freeman and Dave Freeman's phenomenonal work with The Wilderness Classroom.

adventure.nationalgeographic.com Vote every day for the People's Choice Adventurer of the Year nominee who you think best embodies the spirit of adventure. Featuring: Amy Freeman, Dave Freeman, JP Auclair, Diana Nyad, Adam Ondra, Stacy Bare, Nick Watson, Greg Long, Sarah Marquis, Kevin Pearce, Raphael Slawinski, Ian Welsted, Kilian...


Twitter / NutmegSomething: Thanks @USGS! Turns out it ...

Last week the ground shook under my feet...and it WAS an earthquake!

twitter.com Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favourite celebrities, and breaking news.


Twitter / NutmegSomething: MT from @HaileyLehrer "A deer ...

Flying squirrel frightens deer!

twitter.com Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favourite celebrities, and breaking news.


"Why do we do this? Because in the age of iPads and Netflix, we don’t want our kids to lose their sense of wonder and imagination. In a time when the answers to all the world’s questions are a web-search away, we want our kids to experience a little mystery. All it takes some time and energy, creativity, and a few plastic dinosaurs."

We've convinced our children that their plastic dinosaurs come alive while they sleep. Home of 'What the Dinosaurs Did At School' by Refe & Susan Tuma.


Geological Survey: Tremors in western suburbs likely from quarry blast

BLAST! Here at LTLS we felt the earth, quake, under our feet! The 3.7 shake that registered in Indian Head Park, IL at 12:35; depth 1.4km was from a quarry blast!

chicagotribune.com Blasting at a quarry sent tremors through the western suburbs shortly after noon today, causing buildings to shake and many people to believe they had been by hit a quake.


Toys"R"Us 'Make All Their Wishes Come True' Launch TV Spot

Wrong. Bc what we SHOULD be promoting are enriching, positive interactions with the natural world. According to PRNess, Toys R Us "coordinated a carefully executed prank...As nearly 100 kids from local New York charities, including Big Brothers Big Sisters and The Boys & Girls Club, boarded a school bus for a field trip captained by Park Ranger Brad from "Meet the Trees Foundation," their lack of enthusiasm was written all over their youthful faces...[after 20 minutes they were told] that they were actually going to Toys"R"Us. The sheer excitement that ensued was nothing short of amazing."

Watch as Toys"R"Us surprises some lucky kids by letting them pick any toy in the store. Toys"R"Us is making wishes come true this holiday season. #WishinAcco...


And goodnight! "During sleep, cerebral spinal fluid is pumped around the brain, and flushes out waste products like a biological dishwasher."


Do you see squirrels!? Do you have an iPhone or Android!? Then you have what it takes to be a Citizen Scientist!!!


We don't know if Lions are ticklish, but this mom seems to join in the fun with her three playful Asiatic Lion cubs, born at Sweden’s Parken Zoo on July 18. Watch the video at http://bit.ly/16FxMPJ and at ZooBorns

Smallest canid species (in the world) babies!

Time for a ZooBorns classic: Fennec Foxes! These little newborns were recently photographed at Everland Zoo in Seoul, Korea, by zoo photographer In Cheryl Kim. Last year, we crunched the numbers and found that a Fennec Fox photo by In Cheryl Kim was the number one cutest picture featured on our website, single-handedly bringing 500,000 new visitors to ZooBorns.The Fennec Fox has since become our mascot.

See the story at ZooBorns for a link to our top 25 cutest photos ever: http://bit.ly/19xnC03

Autumnal behavioral enrichment!

The animals are ready to receive their tasty, nutritious pumpkins during Boo! at the Zoo! For schedule of Pumpkins to Animals, visit Boo! at the Zoo website: http://bit.ly/1dpIcUT.

Don't forget to stop & see the leaves changing color! It's kinda like not forgeting to stop & smell the roses...but with leaves not roses & your eyes not your nose. Unless you WANT to smell the leaves, and that's cool too.


46 Stunningly Creative Ads by Science World

"Learing about farts is still learning. Technically."

vancitybuzz.com Vancouverites all know how great of an attraction and museum Science World is. In recent years, in addition to its permanent exhibits and recent expansion, the museum has brought us […]


Three more rainbows - Chicago Weather Center Blog

Check out the picture of a spectrum of light reflected in the water droplets of the Earth's atmosphere from Learn To Love Science; Biology Tutoring & Science Camps's Michelle.



Thunderstorms possible headed in to weekend: Skilling full forecast

Michelle at Learn To Love Science; Biology Tutoring & Science Camps took a picture of the rainbow over Chicago today and Tom Skilling showed it on tonight's WGN News weather!

video.wgntv.com Thunderstorms possible headed in to weekend: Skilling full forecast

Learn To Love Science; Biology Tutoring & Science Camps's cover photo

Our new business cards are here!

Mascot Science (MascotScience) on Twitter

Follow our NBA playoff tweets where we use ecology and history to predict winners! https://twitter.com/MascotScience

twitter.com The latest from Mascot Science (@MascotScience). We use mascots during playoff seasons to explore natural history! From Learn To Love Science . Chicago


Pamela Gay - Google+ - One is the loneliest number. I'm tired of being a party of…

"Earlier tonight, I found out I am the only individual female scientist on Google+'s suggested people and pages in Science & Nature...It is time for greater inclusion, and it is up to you to make the difference. Find and recommend individual women in science." Pamela Gay

plus.google.com One is the loneliest number. I'm tired of being a party of one. I want community. Earlier tonight, I found out I am the only individual female scientist…

NASA - 12-21-2012 Just Another Day

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Since the beginnning of recorded time, there have been literally hundreds of thousands of predictions for the end of the world and we're still here."

nasa.gov NASA scientist explains why the world won't end in 2012.

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover

No photo or it didn't happen? Well lookee here, I'm casting a shadow on the ground in Mars' Gale crater.

[07/16/12]   LTLS is putting together our late-summer science camp curriculum! If you're in the Chicagoland area and you'd like your child & their friends to have a 3-5 day science camp experience in your (or my) backyard, email [email protected]! From angry bird water balloon physics, soil painting, and bug collections to strawberry dna extraction, nature walks, and solar-melted crayon-blocks!


NOVA Online | Fireworks! | PBS

Happy Forth of July!

pbs.org NOVA Online/Fireworks!

[06/09/12]   Summer school at College of DuPage Library starts Monday (as in the day after tomorrow)!!! Tutoring appointments are filling up; if you or someone you love is struggling with science (or general math), then LTLS can help!

[05/31/12]   It's time for summer school and summer vacation! Learn To Love Science is ready for summer school tutoring and summer vacation science camps!


Ramona Nibbles, Gerbil of the People

Thank you for being an ambassador of literacy (and science), Ramona Nibbles. Best of luck on your next adventure! Our condolences, Oak Park Public Library.

storify.com Ramona Nibbles, colloquially known as Ramona Nibblesmith, joined us in 2010 and brightened the days of many visitors to the Oak Park Public Library's children's area, until we lost her on March 25th, 2012.

Learn To Love Science; Biology Tutoring & Science Camps's cover photo

[02/26/12]   : LOOK UP!!! This weekend you just might see the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in our Solar System; the Moon, Earth's only natural satellite; and Venus, the second planet from the sun and after the Moon, the brightest natural object in our night sky.

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