Little River Outdoor School, Floyd, VA Video September 29, 2021, 8:38pm

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A juvenile black rat snake friend

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Our friend George, the black rat snake. He’s been around this area longer than we have, and we get to hang out with him ...

We got to see our tree swallows houses in action today for the first time. So exciting!

Finding joy in every season. Part of being 100% outdoors all year round means returning to the same places over and over...

They use ropes and a hammock to create a safe body sledding area. This hill was way too steep to sled on so they figured...

We’ve started working towards our group goals and this month is knot tying. She mastered this square knot pretty quickly...

Moment of peace today singing and making candles

A juvenile black rat snake friend

We had some butterflies in our forest today. Pure joy.

We decided today that carving sticks is one of our favorite ways to relax

Getting accurate results meaning following directions and they did a great job.

The tiger swallowtail butterfly caterpillar