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We’ve been working on a video series with The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi about the dangers of to***co and va**ng. Bradford, a baseball player at Tougaloo College, gives his advice on how to live a to***co-free life. Generation FREE
We are so excited to share the videos with did with The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi! One of their main initiatives is to warn teens and young adults of the dangers of ni****ne and va**ng. Check it out! Generation FREE
This is a PSA, Mississippi! Did you know that using va**ng devices can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to infectious diseases, like COVID-19? Watch this video PSA I made with Generation FREE to learn more! Let's break the habit, Mississippi!

Grenada Middle School Chargers Generation FREE Team--ChargingFREE! First meeting of the year. Thanks to Michelle Borho for being our guest speaker at our Health Council meeting today!

Join the convo // Get involved • #genfreems

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Don't let vaping be the main player in your life. You CAN have control over the things that affect your life.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to take back control.

Timeline photos 05/06/2022

You made it through the week and now it is time to relax and have some fun. Or, maybe find a movie to about? 😉

Timeline photos 05/06/2022

The end of the school year brings on many stressful situations such as exams and for some, graduation. The most important thing is how you deal with that stress. If you vape, it can make stress worse so it is important that you quit and try new coping techniques.

What’re some ways that you handle stress? Sound off in the comments below. You might help someone adopt a new coping skill.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to learn how to deal with stress while quitting the vape.

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📸: Youth Ambassador @advikaaanand

Don't get burned this summer. Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to learn how you can stave off cravings and get the confidence to quit!


Do you know why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated? It is a yearly celebration which commemorates the anniversary of Mexico's victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to get information on how to quit vaping and you can start your victory over the vape today.

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Quitting the vape is a hard decision and sometimes you might have setbacks and urges. However, the force is strong in you to fight the urges, and stay committed to the quitting process.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to get help from other Jedis like yourself who have beaten the dark force of vaping.

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International Firefighters’ Day is a way to say thank you to the world’s firefighters for all that they do to keep our communities safe, and the sacrifices they make everyday when battling fires.

How will you appreciate a firefighter today?


Good teachers help inspire creativity and are always willing to help when they can. One way to appreciate them is to not let your creativity be slowed by vaping.

What is a way you appreciate your teachers, leave a comment below.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to start your quit journey today.


Did you know that instead of picking up a vape to help with anxiety, you could do gardening and meditation. Gardening and meditation helps ease anxiety, can ease pain, gives you a source of Vitamin D and can improve sleep.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to find out more coping skills that help with stress and anxiety besides the vape.

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📸: Youth Ambassador @advikaaanand

You don't have to suffer through the anxiety of quitting. is here to help.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to learn how you can ease the stress of quitting.


Vaping can affect your skin through the release of chemicals in its vapor. Much like smoking it can create abnormal cells which can lead to cancer or melanoma.

Melanoma is a skin cancer that can be deadly if not treated. Protect yourself by wearing sunscreen, limiting sun exposure and regularly check your skin for abnormal moles.

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Trees help convert the world's carbon dioxide into oxygen so that we can be breathe and live. That is why it is important to make sure that our trees aren't destroyed or uprooted. Don't you want to be around for the long haul? So remember, plant a tree and save a life! Let's do our part to make Earth beautiful and bountiful.

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You made it to the weekend 🥳. How will you spend the weekend? Sleeping in, being creative, hanging with peers or making the decision to put down the vape?

Tell us about your weekend plans in the comments below!

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to get tips on how to begin your quit journey.

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Not all superheroes wear capes. You can become a hero to your family and peers by making the decision to quit vaping.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 and start your heroic journey to quitting the vape.


Do you know what day it is?........."Hump Day!" You are closer to the weekend than you were yesterday 😁

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to get encouraging texts to help you quit the vape!

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It's getting close to testing time in schools, so instead of picking up a vape, how about picking up some study tips.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to pick up more tips on how to quit vaping.

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Do you know about second and third hand smoke? Secondhand smoke affects the people around you as they can inhale the the vapor that you exhale from vaping. Thirdhand smoke is caused by the residue and chemicals that rests on surfaces. It can even affect your pets as they are likely to lick the residue and become ill.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to get tips on how you can quit and keep your peers and pets safe.

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Penguins work together for their safety and health.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to get assistance from people who will work with you to help you quit and be healthy.


Your genes play an important part in your journey of quitting. Understanding your DNA and health history can help you find the best information on how to quit vaping.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to get help on your quitting journey.



Happy Earth Day. One thing you can do this Earth Day to help the planet is to put down that vape.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to get information to quit and vaping. It will help your health and the environment as well.

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Vaping not only harms your body, it harms the environment as well.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to quit vaping and dispose of your vaping equipment the right way.

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Do you think media has had an impact on how you view vaping? Leave a comment below.

Show your impact and text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to get information about vaping and how to quit.


have a topic that you want to discuss? Leave a comment and it might be what we talk about later today or on an upcoming Thursday.

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Don't let vaping slow down your creative process.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to receive help with quitting the vape.

Photos from Generation FREE's post 04/20/2022

We want to take this time to shout out our youth ambassadors who have been working hard to advocate and educate about the dangers of vaping and how to quit.

If you are struggling, text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to get information on quitting.

Interested in becoming a youth ambassador? Click the link in our profile and we will be in touch!

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You found your support, next step is finding a quitting program!


Having a support group can help reduce feelings of loneliness and judgement.

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When ending the day, it's good to find ways to destress and debrief. One way is to do some meditation.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to find new ways to destress from the day, and put down the vape.

Timeline photos 04/18/2022

It doesn't matter how fast you run, as long as you make it to the finish line.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 for tips on how you can finish your quit journey strong.

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Happy Easter! Make happiness a habit, not vaping.

Text VAPEFREEMS to 88709 to learn how to stop vaping and start more positive habits.

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We want to hear from you! What are some topics do you think need to be talked about more or brought some attention to? We will have a new topic every Thursday so we can start a conversation and talk about it!

Leave a topic or suggestion in the comments for we can start the conversation next week 😀


Generation FREE™ is fueled by teens across the state that lets young people know that they are FREE to be whoever they want to be! Even the millions of dollars spent by Big To***co and Big V**e every year in the state of Mississippi (over $130.2 MILLION the last time we checked!) aren’t enough to stop teens like you. You’re going to display your FREEdom from the manipulation and masquerades of an industry that kills more than 400,000 people in the United States annually. It’s just how you roll.

Generation FREE™ aims to meet students where they are by creating and sharing meaningful and insightful messages that are clear to understand and spoken in a familiar tone. Over the past few years, we have watched our vast variety of social media channels flourish into a landing area for fact driven discovery and conversation. Our current #BREAKTHEHABIT campaign is no different. Each Advocacy team is empowered to create multiple PSA videos to inform about the harmful effects of va**ng and using e-cigarettes. We continue to highlight the peer-led activities and events, while also being able to provide them with a digital platform for advocacy.

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