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Discipline is choosing what you want MOST over what you want NOW!

The purpose of this company is to help change lives and encourage people to change their life, and acheive their health goals. Whether that goal is to lose 200 pounds, or maybe just to tone up a little, Haneys Health and Fitness has a solution for you. If you are training for sport, or for competition, Haney's Health and Fitness will be the catalyst to help you achieve your goals and dreams!!

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You are your own worst critic.


“Even if we do decide to lift restrictions on certain industries after May 4, I want to emphasize that they will remain under Phase One guidelines that call for masks, social distancing, and limits on the size of gatherings.”



If you have AT&T phone service in Arkansas. You can’t call from your cell phone to a land line right now. You will get an error message. You can receive calls from a land line and can call mobile to mobile. But can’t call in to a land line. Spoke with AT&T and they hope to have it resolved within 24-72 hours.


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GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congratulations Tonya Lewis Curtsinger!


❤️💛 Giveaway Time!!! 💛❤️

We are there for you when you need us! Whether it be Water damage, fire damage, mold issues or even in need of roof repair! You can call us anytime day or night! We are there in the hard times and we also want to be there in the good! So we are doing this romantic give away package for a couple of love birds for Valentines Day! Simply follow these steps to enter:

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Simple as that! Drawing will be held at noon on Valentines Day!

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Day 6 crew! The weekends are tough! You’re out of your routine. There are ball games and bday parties. Travel and inconsistent schedules. I’m convinced that the difference between mediocre results and GREAT results is winning the weekend! A few steps to consider to help set yourself up for success on the weekends:
1- Prep your food Thursday or Friday night FOR the weekend.
2- Get your cardio in first thing in the morning both days if possible! (It helps keep the exercise routine going and helps set the tone for the weekend)
3- Take a moment Friday to visualize your weekend. Do you have a party to attend? Does your family eat out after church on Sundays? Either bring your food or take a moment to look over the menu and choose NOW what you will eat and do not stray from it!
4- KEEP DRINKING YOUR WATER!!! 💦 it will help when boredom cravings hit!
5- If you are feeling snacky keep a pack of gum handy and chew a piece of gum when you are hungry or another option is snacking on ice.

Stay strong this weekend challengers! YOU ARE IN CONTROL of what goes into your bodies! Choose wisely! 💪🏼👍🏼


If you look at the bottom you see my changes in weight/ muscle mass/ body fat % over a 20 week period. The latest InBody scan was done today. My emphasis was weight loss but I also took a product for 20 weeks known as RAD-140 I got from Your Total Fitness Shop. I believe this product helped me not only keep muscle mass but gain a little in the midst of trying to lose body fat. If my focus would have been to solely build muscle I believe my muscle gain numbers could have been much greater. Now I will cycle off of all products for 6-8 weeks and let my body reset before I experiment with another product! I’ll keep you posted!


Day 5/ 21 DC


What have you allowed in the past that has gotten you to this point with your health? Physical health. Mental health. Time to stop allowing some things that has happened in your past! Push forward and start creating some new behaviors that will change your life!

Photos from Haney's Health & Fitness's post 01/31/2020

Cost- $70 (a portion of all proceeds goes to support the LFC Christmas Mall!)
What’s included?
- Workout plans (men/ women/ gym and home)
- Video instruction on how to preform workouts
- Men’s and women’s diet plans
- Healthy delicious recipes
- Accountability group with daily check Ins
- weekly email accountability
- Open gym
- Prizes and discounts
- Intensifiers
- Works for all fitness/ health levels
- Tools and education you can take with you all year!

Message me to join or for more info!


Super proud of my friend and 21 Day Challenger Jamie! He committed to focus to the 21 DC plan and you can see the changes he had in just 21 short days! He told me he is motivated and may even join us again for the February challenge to see how far he can push himself! Join myself and Jamie and several others as we commit to a healthier 2020! We start THIS Monday, February 3rd! Message me to sign up or for more details!

Photos from Haney's Health & Fitness's post 01/30/2020

Just some of the delicious food enjoyed on the 21 Day Challenge! We have a culinary guru who has partnered with me to provide some of these tasty Easy to follow recipes and we have partnered to provide calorie and macro break downs! 😋
Message me for questions or to join! We start THIS Monday, February 3rd!

Photos from Haney's Health & Fitness's post 01/30/2020

What are you waiting on to make a change? Only today and tomorrow left to join the 21 Day Challenge! We Start THIS Monday February 3rd!
What’s Included- men’s and women’s workouts for gym and home
- meal plan options for men and women.
- private closed accountability group with others on this journey
- local open gym to meet other challengers and coach Mike
- Weekly results tracking and prize giveaways
- added workouts like Tummy Tightener and B***y Blitz
- works for all levels of health and fitness
- Cost only $70
- A portion of every registration goes to support local charity! (LFC Christmas Mall)
Message me TODAY to join or with more questions!


21 Day Challenge Testimony! This girl did amazing! Even cold turkey quit smoking too! Don’t miss out as we throw it back one more time starting THIS Monday, Feb 3rd! Message me to register now or with questions! Only $70 and a portion of all proceeds goes to help support a local charity called the LFC Christmas Mall! Get healthy and help your community!


Crazy to think what just 21 Days of dedication can do! This challenger lost just shy of 18 pounds in 21 Days! Most of her family did it as well. Her husband lost 20, daughter lost 13 and daughters boyfriend lost 15! Love seeing families commit to getting healthy together! We start our February challenge THIS coming Monday the 3rd! This will be our last challenge of the year, so get in now if you want to do it! Message me with questions or details on how to sign up!


Client Paola Nicole Serrano shares in our group after the January 21 DC! You did awesome!

Paola- “So proud of myself (and y’all) for completing this challenge. Even though the scale didn’t move, I can tell by the pics that my body has changed (and it’s still changing). That’s why it is so important to focus on those non-scale victories ! My goal for this challenge was to start working out and tone (especially after loosing 30lbs on keto diet and had lots of lose skin) and this challenge definitely helped me with that ! I feel stronger and more motivated than ever! Can’t wait to see what the next 21 day challenge will do for me ! 💕”


Details- The 21 Day Challenge is coming back one last time in February! We start THIS Monday, February 3rd! If you’d like to register Send me a message and I’ll get you registered. Registration is happening NOW!
What’s provided- The Original and 21 DC remix workouts and meal plans. Coach Mike (Me guiding/ directing/ answering questions the whole way) At least 1 if not 2 Open gyms in fayetteville, AR. Weekly weigh ins and accountability and results tracking. Fun prizes and giveaways from vendors and sponsors like Your Total Fitness Shop. If you are new to the challenge feel free to reach out with further questions! Once you have registered I’ll get you added to the closed FB group where you will have access to the workouts/ meal plans and we will officially start February 3rd!
Cost- $70 (A portion of the cost will be donated directly to the LFC Christmas Mall to help purchase gifts for families in need in our community) message me for payment options/ questions! For each friend you refer you will get $10 off or paid back if you already paid!


Kobe Bryant. A legend! A family man to sweet daughters and a husband to a beautiful wife. RIP Kobe and his 13 year old Daughter Gianna! Prayers for your wife and family as they go through this devastating time.


My updated 21 Day Challenge numbers.
BC- Before Challenge AC- After Challenge
BC Weight- 223.3 AC Weight- 218.3 (-5 pounds)
BC Muscle- 109.8 AC Muscle- 110.2 (+0.4 pounds)
BC BF%- 15.4% AC BF%- 13.3% (-2.1%)

I haven’t been perfect. But I’ve been solid. And I’m happy with these results! Especially if you look back where I was in September. I know if I stay the course these numbers will continue to improve. Hoping to be at 11.3% BF or lower after the Feb Challenge and I hope to get to below 10% before summer. A goal of at least 9.9%!


Ok! I got the green light! 🚦We will be doing ONE more challenge! We have a one week break and we start Monday, Feb 3rd! You can go ahead and pay now to get registered for only $70! I strongly encourage you to get others to join! A portion of all proceeds will go to the Christmas Mall 🎄I will also pay YOU a $10 💵 referral fee for each new challenger you send to me! I’ll pay it back via the platform you pay me on! Message me for payment platforms accepted! Please register by no later than this next Friday January 31st!


We had a great open gym tonight! Free samples given out, gift cards won, great conversation getting to know other challengers and a nice little sweat at the end! 💪🏼


Day 11



Leg Day underway!


This is from one of our current 21 Day Challengers. This is his InBody test after week. He messaged me disappointed that he GAINED 1.3 pounds of scale weight his first week. Then he sent me his InBody test to reveal this. There is more happening and this is why I LOVE the InBody test. It tells the FULL story. Let me break it down.

He gained 1.3 pounds in one week.
He also gained 3.5 pounds of muscle in one week
He also lost 2% Body Fat in one week which is 4.1 pounds of Body Fat lost.

With water fluctuation it caused his scale weight to be UP 1.3 pounds! But he actually lost 4.1 pounds of Fat while GAINING 3.5 pounds of muscle!

What he thought was a disappointment was actually one of the best single weeks I’ve ever seen as far as positive body change! Don’t let the scale be the only measurement you use! If you are able to go get an InBody test done, GO GET IT DONE! If you aren’t local look for an InBody, a bod pod, hydrostatic weighting or something. Worst case scenario use the scale, measurements and pictures to tell the story! Give it time and stay consistent and watch yourself transform! Great job to this guy and to several others who had phenomenal results for just 1 week! I’m a proud coach!


Intrinsic motivation means you're working out because it makes you feel good—both physically and emotionally. Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, means you're dragging your feet to the gym on a Sunday afternoon in order to slim down for your upcoming high school reunion.

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